Feeling the Luvvies’ Pain


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So we’re all agreed, Trump stole the US election and Brexit was won on a lie…but who is to blame, who can we point the finger at, who is the guilty man or men?

The BBC knows…it was the Russians….no!  It was the sinister underground network of neo-Nazis on the web…no!!! It was the sheer ignorance, stupidity, bigotry and prejudice of Leave voters…no!!! no!!! no!!! It was a sinister underground network of big data crunchers who harvest our most private thoughts and targeted their propaganda at us shaped and personalised in order to manipulate, to ‘hack’, our votes?

Hacking the Vote

Highly sophisticated techniques to ‘micro-target’ voters, using personal data and demographics have been credited with contributing to the recent outcomes of both the Brexit vote in the UK and Donald Trump’s victory in America.

For the BBC there must be some conspiracy somewhere…no right -thinking person could ever vote for Trump or Brexit therefore it must all be some sort of fix, the US election rigged and Brexit stolen by lies.  Talk about fake news…this is our supposedly most prestigious news and current affairs broadcaster, the gold standard, and yet it’s no better than any of the dodgy conspiracy sites and youtube channels that proliferate on the net….the BBC conveniently forgets that the Left, and the BBC, has tried to rig elections by playing the race card….the identity politics, the ‘multiculturalism’, the apartheid, that has been so damaging and divisive in Britain…so targeting groups and interests is nothing new…..this is just the BBC inventing an issue and blaming it on the Right when it has for so long been the Left’s favourite game.

People voted for Trump and Brexit because they were fed up being ruled by dickheads like you at the BBC…arrogant, contemptuous, sneering, superior, condescending and all too willing to pay yourselves large, massive, amounts of money taken with menaces from people far less well off…..and to add insult to injury usng the billions stolen to force-feed us fake news and hear ourselves abused and slandered by you and our voices silenced and censured.

Look at this…just yesterday we were asking where is the BBC’s takedown of left-wing fake news and low and behold today we have the BBC’s tentative attempt at such a takedown…or not…

The rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news

Sounds promising doesn’t it?  But wait, don’t get too excited, this is the very partisan, anti-Trump BBC we’re talking about here.  Yes we’re told it’s not just the rather ‘uneducated’ filth on the Right who consume and spread fake news, the Left do as well.  But wait….whilst the Right are stupid and ignorant, and are being misled by that sinister underground cabal of neo-Nazis who are manufacturing all this fake news, the Left are merely victims of their own emotions…they are scared, overwhelmed by the Trumpian and Brexit steamroller, worried about the future because it just can’t ever be good can it?…They only share the fake news, not due to a deliberate attempt to fool and mislead people, not some Machiavellian plot to subvert the news and steal elections, but because they are so emotional and want to share their grief and concerns with like-minded souls so that they can unite to fight this evil….

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“Many people on the left right now are feeling overwhelmed and fearful and unsure of what’s going to happen next. While they’re scrolling through their information feeds at speed on small mobile phones their critical functions are not kicking in, and they’re seeing information that makes them feel immediately connected with other people who think similarly to them. And without doing the usual checks that they would do, they’re sharing and very quickly passing on similarly false and problematic content that we were seeing before the election.”

Brooke Binkowski, who is managing editor at Snopes website, warns newsreaders to stay aware of the emotions they feel when consuming content.

“If you are a newsreader or someone who likes reading news but you don’t know immediately what may or may not be fake, ask yourself by reading the headline, what emotions do I feel? Am I really angry, scared, frustrated, do I want to share this to tell everybody what’s going on? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then check your sources.”

Yes that’s right kids, if you’re left-wing you can excuse your dissemination of fake news by claiming you have PTSD and need a shoulder to cry on whilst the Righties are just evil bastards plotting the downfall of civilisation as we know it.

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Good old BBC…must be the shock of Brexit and Trump that makes you spread so much junk news around the airwaves….it’s all a nightmare right?  It can’t possibly get any worse!


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14 Responses to Feeling the Luvvies’ Pain

  1. Mice Height says:

    Delingpole’s latest podcast with Martin Durkin, of ‘Brexit The Movie’ and ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’, covers similar ground, as well as the mindset behind the sanctimonious snobs that infest the BBC, academia, and most of the public sector..



    • Richard Pinder says:

      ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ was the last time you would have seen a documentary in which most of the scientists were causational Climate scientists.
      But its only fault now is that it is now ten years out of date and therefore does not include two of the most important developments in Climate science since this documentary was produced. (1) A new formula for calibrating Global warming on all Planetary atmospheres, which always works. And (2) The reason why the length of the Solar Cycle is not random, but predictable. Which produces answers for the correlation with Climate Change. Therefore we need an update of this documentary.
      It’s a bizarre case of BBC censorship creating an illusion amongst a sceptical public, that Climate science has not developed any answers to questions posed by intelligent members of the public.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I have just listened to this excellent pod cast. Thank you for recommending it.


  2. RJ says:

    The BBC will have to up its game if it wants credibility when finding excuses for the left spreading fake news. This week’s More or Less presented Stephan Lewandowsky as an expert on identifying fake stories – rather forgetting that he’s an expert on writing them.



    • Richard Pinder says:

      I remember that Lewandowsky was invited on to the BBC Radio 4 program “All in the Mind” about “Tackling Climate Change with Psychology“

      It seemed to be about, Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, Chair in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Bristol, who believes that Climate scientists who disagree with him on Climate science, should be classified with a “mental disorder”

      It meant that Lewandowsky and the University of Bristol have added Britain onto the list of countries that have: “Political abuse of psychiatry”


      Its probably why Solar Astronomers, Atmospheric Physicists and Meteorologists were banned from holding a Climate Science Conference on University property.
      So its not just environmental activists and left-wing politicians and journalists who are the enemies of causational climate scientists, but also soviet-type Professors of Cognitive Psychology.


  3. Scroblene says:

    Like many here, I usually click on Google News, just to get a feel for the headlines without having to battle through the various press buttons.

    Just recently, I’ve noticed on the top news items, that there is usually a piece from The Guardian, plus some clip from the bbc website shown, together with perhaps a couple of US rags like the NYT or Wapo.

    Being a sociable sort of chap, I don’t really want to read stuff from negatives and lefties, and have to find my news from outlets who aren’t whining and whingeing and incredibly boring.

    If Google, or any of you good people here, can let me know how to stop having to see that sort of defeatist rubbish coming onto my screen, I’d be delighted, and the drinks would be on me!

    As for luvvies stuff, I can control that with a few clicks, but not individual press drivel from tired old hacks who would be better off ‘reporting’ on parish council meetings.


    • NCBBC says:

      Please dont demean Parish councils. They are the way to go. Many councils dropped them, but Pariosh councils are the best way to keep decision making at the people level.

      In Switzerland, Parish councils or Gemeinde councils, are the norm.


      • Scroblene says:

        Point taken NC, although I wasn’t demeaning Parish Councils, only the sort of press people who are sent out to report on the activities. Let’s say then, County Councils, which is where most of the money is wasted, especially on salaries for ‘Chief Executives’, and also staff who move every two years having done nothing at all for the previous two years.

        Now the bbbc could make a huge story out of that, but funnily enough they don’t seem interested!

        Maybe the ‘business’ model is somewhat similar…


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    I think fake stories can be identified by the fact that they do not fit in with known facts.
    Fake stories such as the “Hockey Stick” and the “Pause Buster” are not supported by the known facts or scientific papers, before these events or after these events. Also, these facts are censored by the BBC, even when they are availably to scientists from the Met Office. The BBC relies on this censorship not being exposed by the right-wing media, or by people looking on Google Scholar.
    But this “Censorship Bubble” is only in a perfect condition for those who only read the Guardian or watch the BBC.
    And therefore only BBC/Guardian types actually believe BBC fake news.


  5. JosF says:

    Awh poor luvvies feeling the pain eh………..Here you are leftards and luvvies have this tube of Dr Zoidberger’s butthurt cream to ease your pain


  6. Jerry Owen says:

    Quotation marks are very important and I always look for them. So often the media accuse ‘right’ minded people of saying unpleasant stuff without quotation marks, which immediately tells you it is fake news. Other favourites of the media are phrases of ‘public outrage, widespread condemnation, calls for X to resign’. Invariably with no sources given.


    • Guest Who says:

      There’s an FOI I think on BBC use of “quotes”, either unanswered or refused.

      Like their sources who say (looking at you, Robinson), if directly challenged to substantiate they inevitably fall back on the ‘purposes of’ exemption.