I’m alright Jack


The intelligence services all deny any involvement in mounting surveillance against Trump…it’s just impossible that Trump’s phones were tapped because that’s illegal as would be involving the UK…and we know they’d never do anything illegal…and yet Obama tapped Angela Merkel’s phone…and the intelligence services were, as they admit, trying to link Trump to the Russians…just how do they do that without tracking his every move?  Is it conceivable that they would allow a man who was supposedly in a conspiracy with the Russians to go unchecked?  Perhaps the intelligence services didn’t ask for a wiretap because the Democrat’s claim that Trump is linked to the Russians was complete bunkum and they are only going through the motions as they tell us an investigation is in progess…what other explanation can there be for, what would otherwise be, a serious dereliction of duty?…’former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s remark earlier this month that a paper compiled by the DNI, NSA, FBI, and CIA included “no evidence” of Trump associates’ collusion with Russia. Clapper said neither he nor the agencies had uncovered any “evidence of such collusion.”‘

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Or maybe they did ask for a wiretap…but the specific wording is being used to get around Trump’s assertion that ‘Obama authorised a wiretap on Trump himself’…the defence is saying it was a general wiretap of Trump’s associates...but not of the big cheese himself? [H/T Will Jones]…from the New York Times [19th Jan]...

One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House.

So Obama knew of the wiretap then…and must have approved of it…just as he did Merkel’s….ad he was using it to discredit Trump’s campaign.

The Today show brought on an Establishment sock puppet[08:10] to peddle the corporate narrative that Trump is spreading fake news and the intelligence services are paragons of virtue, whiter than white.  Naturally he also appeared in the Guardian peddling the same line.

He tells us about Trump’s claims…

Dangerous it is. The intelligence relationship between Britain and America is unique and precious. It is critical to our shared efforts to counter terrorism, Russian aggression, the cyber-attacks of China, the nuclear threat from North Korea and much else.

OK…might be more convincing if he hadn’t gone to the BBC and Guardian, the two organisations who have done most to undermine the Western intelligence and security services, who have worked relentlessly to undermine the Prevent anti-terrorist programme, who have supported and excused Muslim terrorists and have themselves both been complicit in promoting the Islamist narrative of Muslims under attack thus providing the anti-Western propaganda that is central to the Islamist’s recruitment drive.  The BBC and Guardian further the terrorist cause, Trump wants to stop the terrorists…and yet Trump is the danger?

Curious how the BBC is now so ready to believe the intelligence services when the BBC has spent the last 14 years telling us they are all lying criminals…the Iraq War, Guantanamo, rendition, water boarding, Snowden…now..all change…every word is gospel…as long as Trump is the target.

Of course ‘they’ were tapping his phone, steaming his mail open and putting a glass to the wall…might not have been the FBI but the US has a myriad of known and, less known, agencies and groups capable of doing that…off the record.  Inconceivable that rumours of links of the potential next POTUS to the old enemy were not being investigated to the full.

Again, funny how the BBC is completely uninterested in doing any investigative work or providing a counter argument to the Establishment one.





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  1. Will Jones says:

    President Trump should hold a news conference to apologize to President Obama and the American people for the charges leveled in his infamous tweet. He should explain that as a New Yorker he was still a reader of the New York Times and that on January 19th and 20th they published front page stories which sited several sources for the assertion that Trump Tower and several of his associates had been “wire tapped”, in connection with a probe of Russian involvement in the presidential campaign. Given that many other news sources echoed the story, he mistakenly belived that it was true.

    Now, since the intelligence community says it is not so, he must acknowledge that like many other Americans, he has been the victim of “fake news” disseminated by the New York Times. He should further assure the American people that he “won’t be fooled again”.


  2. Deborahanother says:

    I think he already explained at the press conference with Merkel, but no matter what he says they are going to twist it and make another piece of fake news out of it.Its getting ridiculous now.

    I watched a bit of the senate session with Comey still going on about the so called Russian connection. Given this is the guy who didnt prosecute Clinton but said she broke the law,I don’t believe a word he says.BBC of course lapping it up so long as it denigrates President Trump.

    I had no idea American politics was so corrupt and fixed .Talk about drain the swamp .More like a cess pit.


  3. StewGreen says:

    BBC doublespeak on TV News
    – There is no evidence that the intelligence services wiretapped Trump
    – Trump is under investigation for alliances with Russia
    Well you could say that amounts to the same thing, cos
    …..no evidence means you need to investigate
    ..AND you investigate cos you haven’t got enough evidence

    So Trump would phrase the BBC
    – There is no evidence that Trump has alliances with Russia
    – there’s investigation to see if the intelligence services have been wiretapping Trump


    • Scroblene says:

      Can you imagine lightweights like Sopel or Dymond trying to find out the truth?

      First they’d be told to piss off, and second they’d be told to piss off even further!

      How the hell can anyone make up such a stupid non-story, and expect reasonable citizens to think it was true! Of course there are spies out there, the bBeeb are supposed to be clever about this, but are woefully ignorant, or just plain lazy.

      Probably both; and also as they’re unable to talk to the US Authorities, they just piddle about with a few non-facts gleaned from a few bars and clubs when nobody cares what they think anyway.

      I certainly don’t.


      • Grant says:


        I have to pull you up on your language here. Totally outrageous. I would report you, but I cannot find the report button. Why not just say that these people are a bunch of effing wankers ?


    • ID says:


      Yes, it really just the usual BBC tactic of repetition of an unsubstantiated allegation ad nauseam until it seems credible. The wild goose chase looking for evidence is just icing on the cake. No evidence found. The suspicion remains in the public’s mind. Trump’s allegation is simply retaliation in kind. You can always find a media stooge or renegade spook to set up some wild confabulation. Interesting that Brexit was brought up at the hearing as serving Putin’s global strategy. Does anyone believe that Putin is scared by the EU?