It’s a mad, mad, mad world…except in North Korea


The BBC continues to portray Trump as mad, demented, crazed, bonkers, deluded, paranoid, insane, completely off his rocker…evidence?  None…but he does want to keep out illegal immigrants and Muslim terrorists…so he must be mad…yeah?.  However, Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, who has enemies killed in various ingenius and interesting ways, as well as starving his people into submission and wants to start a war with everyone… is apparently not mad, he’s very rational…oh he smokes and he’s a fatso but no-one’s perfect hey….

Is North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un rational?

Is Kim Jong-un rational? The new US ambassador to the United Nations thinks he is not. Nikki Haley said after North Korea’s simultaneous launch of four ballistic missiles: “This is not a rational person.” But is she right?

He seems to have personal issues, such as eating a lot – photographs show his bulging girth – and being a fairly heavy smoker.

But whatever these failings and foibles, is he actually irrational – which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “not logical or reasonable, not endowed with the power of reason”?

Scholars who study him think he is behaving very rationally, even with the purging and terrorising of those around him. Prof Andrei Lankov of Kookmin University in Seoul told the BBC: “He is perfectly rational. He sometimes overdoes it. He sometimes tends to apply excessive force…..he feels it’s better to overdo it. It’s better to kill nine loyal generals and one potential conspirator than to allow a conspirator to stay alive.”

“But he is rational…. If you don’t take my word for it, read Shakespeare.”

The North Korea that the BBC not so long ago told us was like Disneyland and everyone should visit….

We are witnessing an ‘ amazing stage, an incredible event….there is something here that these people have got, this system has got….the minders are really really wonderful…you only get to see what they want you to see but you really do get a sense of what life is like for Koreans…picnics and dances at the weekend….an element of Disney involved….it makes you appreciate just how different life could be from the life you lead at home….absolutely a thumbs up to go see one of the great spectacles of the world’

….although John Sweeney thought it was a Fascist state…an idea he put forth as the camera carefully hid the gigantic commie hammer and sickle on the side of a building….John Sweeney who deliberately put students in huge danger as he ‘infiltrated’ North Korea….Sweeney told us North Korea was…

‘A state that is more like Hitler’s Germany than any other state in the world, It is extraordinarily scary, dark and evil….. We maintain all of the students were aware of the risk.’

The BBC thought their story was worth putting the lives of the students at risk…

Here is the official voice of the BBC:

Defending the decision, BBC News head of programmes Ceri Thomas said: “This is an important piece of public interest journalism.” Asked whether that justified putting student lives at risk, he replied: “We think it does.”

Are you starting to think maybe Trump is the only rational one in the room?




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37 Responses to It’s a mad, mad, mad world…except in North Korea

  1. Grant says:

    On a website today, someone posted that Trump is the greatest threat to the world in history. It was a British Left Liberal. He also said that Trump will start WW3. Amazing !


    • Dystopian says:

      Yet he is the one wanting to get along with Russia…unlike most of the MSM and the Clintons.


      • Grant says:


        Yes. The power is with Russia, USA and China now. The rest are irrelevant. The Liberal Left have been left so far behind that they cannot keep up. The world has moved on and they are living in the past.


    • Old Goat says:

      Personally, I’m beginning to think that WW3 is long overdue, and the sooner we get stuck into it, the sooner sanity will return – or we will destroy humanity in the process. I think that either way, it amounts to much the same thing.


      • john in cheshire says:

        I’m not sure a world war will restore sanity to the world; we’ve had two of them and I’d say the world, or at least the western world, was increasingly more insane after each one.

        We do need to purge the West of collectivism but I’m not sure how we do it.


        • Alan says:

          Right terminolgy please…not collectivism but ‘globalisation’… irony that the new communism is driven by capitalism…then again Lenin always said capitalism and the money it made were vital for Communism to succeed….naturally capitalism would be done away with once communism was safely settled in and proving its worth.


      • maxincony says:

        Personally, I’m beginning to think that WW3 is long overdue, and the sooner we get stuck into it, the sooner sanity will return

        Yeah, right… let’s go completely insane to restore sanity. Kill to stop the killing. War to end war. Dupes like you, “Old Goat”, expressed exactly the same option prior to WW1.

        And that turned out so well didn’t it…


        • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

          What we actually need to do is light some candles, link arms and wail “give peace a chance” whilst the muzrats cut us to pieces.


          • Grant says:


            Spot on ! Maxiboy . Still waiting for your evidence of BBC Right wing bias. Oh and, on the subject of wars. Tell me where in the world they are happening now and why ?


            • Grant says:


              If you have time, why not put your hatred and lack of evidence to one side .

              My questions are simple .

              1. What are the main wars happening in the world today ?

              2. What evidence do you have of BBC right-wing bias ?


  2. maxincony says:

    Alan, when you are reduced to defending Donald Trump’s character flaws by comparing them to those of Kim Jong-un you’ve probably dug yourself as deep as you can go.


    • Grant says:

      Hey, Maxiboy !!! Nice to see you. Now, can you give us an example of Right-wing BBC bias ?


      • maxincony says:

        BBC bias? Isn’t that what this site pretends to be about?

        So far I’ve yet to see any evidence of such; just an obsessional stream of anti-muslim hatred. Too many “blacks” on TV and why don’t all those “gays” just keep quiet and know their place.

        This site isn’t about ‘bias’; it’s one long, endless moan about having to occasionally hear opinions that Vance & Alan don’t agree with.


        • Guest Who says:

          Has James Harding’s unit fact checked your claim?

          Perhaps professional courtesies interfered?

          Or maybe they were at home, asleep, with their families, as you roam at night.

          Questions, questions. Answers… Yet to be seen.


        • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

          Even though “gays”and “blacks” make up many of our contributors (and who cares about colour and sexual preference anyway)? Just admit your oxygen thieving identity politics are rapidly being ignored by most normal sane people.

          Oh, I wonder why people aren’t fans of Islam at the moment…I wonder why that could be?


          • Tomi says:

            “who cares about colour and sexual preference anyway”

            Oh, I’d say the proportion of racists, sexists and homophobes who outnumber what tiny proportion of Biased BBC’s commentariat are actually women, non-white and/or gay, to be honest.

            Still, I shall look out for you coming out with your “who cares” comment the next time Vance or Alan get on their ridiculously short-legged high horses about trans issues. Just like you did the last time, and the time before that. Oh, wait…


            • Number 6 says:

              Wait till ‘trans’ meets islam

              Then they’ll really have issues


            • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

              “Trans issues” clearly a Grauniad reader, the majority of the population couldn’t give a shit.


              • Tomi says:

                Diddums. That you believe you know what “the majority of the population” care about speaks volumes. You can’t even acknowledge that the self-styled “editor-in-chief” of this site quite obviously does, or he wouldn’t write posts about it.


                • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

                  But of course, you and your left wing storm troopers do?

                  Why don’t you go back to reading the Graun and whinging about Brexit, it’s nearly time for bed.


                  • Grant says:


                    The Trolls on this site seem to have an unhealthy obsession with David and Alan. Is it the love which dares not speak its name ?


                    • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

                      I don’t know much about David or Alan, and I don’t much care. I joined thIs site to read about and participate in discussions surrounding the outrageous lobbying and bias shown by our state funded media and the Islamic nightmare we are sleep walking into.

                      Tomi appears to have more of a thing for the site founders than I do, their problem not mine!


                  • Tomi says:

                    “But of course, you and your left wing storm troopers do?”

                    Have I claimed that? No, I have not.

                    But I do appreciate that the truth is far less important to you than telling everybody that you’re right. A common symptom among Biased BBC commenters, it seems.


                    • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

                      The truth? According to the BBC perhaps?

                      Tell me more!

                      Anyway, telling everyone you’re right is the preserve of the Left.


                    • Tomi says:

                      “Anyway, telling everyone you’re right is the preserve of the Left”

                      Either this site is infested with a load of left-wingers, then, or you just don’t bother reading the sanctimonious outpourings from your fellow travellers, or even the stuff you’ve come out with in all your previous personas.

                      Which, admittedly, is understandable. Who would want to read any of the drivel that some of these people come out with?


        • Grant says:


          So you admit that the BBC is not biased in favour of the political right ?


  3. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Dear Allan, I think you missed the angle that the BBC were pushing.

    As we all know the BBC hate Donald Trump and his administration. Everyone who is part of that administration the BBC will denigrate and throw lumps of brown stuff at them. So if a member of Trumps administration claimed that the grass was green and the sky was blue, the BBC will write a lengthy report, recruiting in “experts”, to “demonstrate”, the grass was in fact a yellowish sort of brown, and the sky was a greyish sort of steel. Then they will say, we told you so, the Trump administration is full of stupid and evil news fakers.

    With this in mind we can now reassess the BBC story. Nikki Haley, the new US ambassador to the United Nations, is part of the Trump administration. Hence the BBC must absolutely seek to destroy her and deny everything she says. If she says that mad Kim Jun-un is unrational, the BBC must absolutely spend British taxpayers money “proving” she is wrong. And unsurprisingly after their “analysis”, they “prove” she is wrong.


  4. Steve Jones says:

    Can anyone remember the correct technical term for someone who contributes less than nothing to the debate?


  5. Restroom Mole says:

    Oxygen thief?


  6. AlexM says:

    Think the point of the BBC article was missed. The question is not whether KJU is mad, but whether he is rational, and if he is rational, what does he want? The trouble is that even if he has rational behaviour, he may also be mad. All the supposedly rational behaviours in killing off potential rivals apply to western democracy, to the business world and even family relationships, but only a mad person would actually kill so many people.


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