Incoming V Encumbants

As with Donald T. Trump anyone coming in to drain the swamp had better watch out…the inhabitants of the swamp won’t take it lying down.

There’s going to be a new editor for the Today programme and already she’s shaking things up and disturbing the entrenched orthodox…

BBC slaps down new Today programme editor over pledge to open Thought for the Day to humanists

The new editor of the Today programme has been rebuked by the BBC before taking up her post over a pledge to open up Thought for the Day to humanists.

Sarah Sands, who will join the show later this year, said that the religious slot, which airs at around 7.45am, should surely “also include humanists”, because religion was “robust enough to have challengers”.

But a BBC spokesman said that Ms Sands, the current editor of the Evening Standard, would not have any say over the daily broadcast, which is overseen by the corporation’s religion department, and that there were “no plans” to change its format.

In a piece in the Financial Times Ms Sands wrote: “This slot, it seems to me, is about the meaning of life, so the title hardly does it justice. It is much, much more than platitudes about Jesus and Brexit, balanced now and then with a view from another faith.

“And if this is about profound faith, surely we should also include humanists? I admire religion and believe it is robust enough to have challengers. I wonder what the listeners think of this.”

To me the interesting comment is not on Thought for the Day but is the one about Brexit…is this a hint that she may change the Today show approach to Brexit…and actually introduce more balanced reporting on the subject?

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22 Responses to Incoming V Encumbants

  1. chrisH says:

    Shifty Sands!
    Whispering Sands?
    Let me count the nicknames…yet MORE comedy gold given to us by the liberal left and their insistence on these crazy set up stage names.
    Think David Willey was the first….

    As to the “Draining The Swamp” stuff.
    Good old Dynorod Donald has made a spiffing start…to witness the Bear Pit, the Pig Pen of Pulchritude as the reptiles slithered over each other to catch Trumps tiddlers at the Press call today was an eye opener.
    Talk about “dignity” and “demeaning the office”…the Press hounds were on heat and Trump hosed them down something good….

    The likes of Gorka, Malloch and the gorgeous Kelly Ann Coulter-Conways will surely get even BETTER in torturing the likes of poor Evan Davis and his CNN placemats…hugely enjoyed Gorka get Davis`s sad scalp tonight but didn`t think it worth the empty feather…so he stitched it back on before he squelched over to Steve Richards lap for a cry and a cuddle.
    Nuttall surely will blast them into orbit next week-if anything, hope he goes even MORE offensive that Trump-THIS will ensure his victory.
    Gloves off lads…Crick and Snow are hog tied scum in need of a bike parked up their jacksies…


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘…crazy set up stage names. Think David Willey was the first…’

      I give you Ben Bland newly minted beta male of BBC Business Live. Oh for the days of Roger Melly – now there was a man on the telly


    • kane says:

      The Today prog and Newsnight are being made a laughing stock, their crude left wing bias beyond belief but then what of the BBC itself? Did anyone see Al-Beeb’s excitable lefty Jon Sopel get owned by President Trump in his conference? Sopel’s question was predictably the party line about Trump’s tewwible order banning mass murderers and rapists from America, temporarily. SOPEL: “Jon Sopel BBC” TRUMP: (with heavy sarcasm) “Yes , we know who YOU are”. SOPEL: (stuttering but stung by Trump into making a riposte) “BBC, Impartial, fair and free” a statement that immediately had many of the assembled foreign journalists openly tittering. TRUMP: “Sure, we know, just like CNN”. More tittering from the press corps. Did any of this appear in any of the BBC bulletins (impartially informing us about an “unhinged” Trump)? I don’t really need need to answer that but just how far can the Lefties running the Beeb (for details read the BBC chapter in 2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent) (Amazon and Kindle 100% 5 star reviews) push it before the slipping mask falls off completely.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Is there a chance that the BBC might be steered back to sanity ?
    In the same way it got into the insanity it is now.

    It’d be like correcting the course of an oil tanker.


  3. AsISeeIt says:

    This new BBC idea about the religious slot no longing being religious is interesting. Perhaps once in a while Match of the Day could feature teams of people sitting on sofas watching telly for 90 minutes. I respect Football and it is surely strong enough to sustain a bit of competition.


    • Far Horizons says:

      Or Songs of Praise from the Jolly Sailors pub on Karioke night just before last orders……..


  4. JimS says:

    The first time I heard the ‘drain the swamp’ phrase was as part of the American expresion, “When you are up to your neck in alligators it is difficult to remember that you were trying to drain the swamp”.

    It is good advice to never forget one’s objectives. The BBC’s bias goes a lot deeper than the froth and splashing of their alligators.


  5. Dave S says:

    Younger and ambitious men and women can see that the ancien regime has had it. The President ‘s press conference showed the old guard up for the hopeless fools they really are but I bet it went down well with those all over the West who have had it up to here with the Polly Toynbees and Nicky Campbells of the world.
    Times are really changing. Just like they did in the 50s and 60s so get used to it snowflakes.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Dave S, I sincerely hope you are right, though I’m not quite so optimistic as you. Still, with Brexit and Donald Trump, things have changed and there is much more cause for hope than, say, one year ago. Now for the French elections and the Netherlands, fingers crossed.


    • RJ says:

      Probably the most famous quote from Andrew Breitbart is: “Politics is downstream from culture”. I prefer his: “Fuck you. It’s war”. Trump and his team understand that.


  6. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    The BBC’s Jonny Diamond was angry with Trump’s accusations against the press on the R4 ‘TWATO’ intellectual flab-fest (presenter Mark Mardell, after ~ 13:30). You could hear the venom and hatred in his voice, the criticisms have clearly got to him, probably because he knows deep down that they are largely true. Why oh why are Sopel, Kay, Kuenssberg, Diamond and company so blind to their own bias?


    • Dave S says:

      When you have been bodysnatched it means you no longer think or feel like the rest of us. ignore them all. They even howl like they did in the film. look at the left students here and in the US.


  7. s.trubble says:

    The Trump “Press” conference………….that made my week.


    second up is Sopel, bBC

    “Who are you” ?
    Another beauty!
    Free fair and impartial, says Sopel
    Yeah Sure.

    You wonder if Donald will start vetting this lot know on a friend or foe basis.


    • Dystopian says:

      Never mind a ban on mainly Muslim countries he needs a ban on mainly bullshit reporters


  8. Northern Dreamer says:

    Professor Scott Lucas, Trump hater and Brexit hater, Guardian contributor and bBBC ‘goto’ guy for Trump bashing is at it again on Sky News. A long interview designed to allow him to pour forth all the bile and hate he has for President Trump, black female interviewer lapping it all up in a one sided wank-fest. It shows how Sky News is now as bad as bBBC and bC4. Shameful broadcasting.


    • Philip_2 says:

      When Murdoch completes his takeover of SKY I think there will be some re-ordering of journalists at Sky. The BBC must be pleased that it has acolytes but if your listing to the BBC (on Sky) then I vote for the Murdoch takeover here in the UK. (Murdoch had been prevented (by UK Mergers and Monopolies Commission – and possibly the EU) from owning both a major UK newspaper (The Times) and a UK TV station (which he was forced to sell and move to the US). Trying to mirror the BBC liberal tendency is a recipe to disaster for current Sky. That will only ensure it will be harder to ‘sell’ the original idea that it was ‘AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE BBC’ (when it was run by Murdoch) now its a poodle of the BBC employing its left overs (like Channel 4). It’s not something I would sign up for.


    • Far Horizons says:

      I think ITV Tom Bradby could teach the BBC a few things of being anti Trump.
      When he first took over as the presenter of the 10pm news I thought he brought some fresh and new way of presenting the news with the odd funny aside to cheer viewers up with of what could be a dull news item.
      Then last year during the POTUS election race until to date he has shown his MSM bias against Trump. Normally he starts with the same one liner “Just when you thought you have seen it all”. I normally switch off at the point before he goes over to his side kick Robert Moore in the US for the usual tripe – It would be nice to have a different viewpoint than the BBC – it’s called balance but I won’t hold my breath.
      Maybe this time next year if Trump turns out to be on a high with the normal hard working folk of the US then perhaps those further up the food chain at the BBC and ITV start thinking that their approach has to change as they are loosing viewers to reliable news outlets and heads roll.
      My yardstick is if the above folk and so called celebs are anti or bias against something or someone then that something or someone must be good and gets my vote.
      Have you noticed that these so called celebs develope a social and political conscience once they have trousered £3 million or more upwards?


  9. Martin Pinder says:



  10. NCBBC says:

    The inhabitants of the swamp live on government money. The best way to drain the swamp is to starve the critters.

    Pres Trump has a Republican Congress and Senate. He should start cutting expenditure for the swamp. I believe this is already in progress.