Those Evil F***ing Jews

The BBC are up to their old tricks again, vilifying the ‘Israelis’ and blaming them for all the violence in the world.

FOOC visited Lebanon where we are told everyone is getting along famously now, Muslim and Christian living in a wonderful multicultural utopia.  Just one fly in the ointment…those Jews across the border.

After several heartwarming tales of mutual respect and cooperation and Muslim/Christian knees-ups, the piece finished with a comment about a memorial for 28 dead…’many of them children‘, killed by Israeli bombs.  Now why did the BBC feel the need to mention that?  Thousands have died in Lebanon from all sorts of atrocities…and yet the BBC rounds off a report with a comment targeting the Jews.

Anyone wonder where Mel Gibson got the idea that the Jews were the origin of all the wars in the world?  Does he watch the BBC?

Others have a less rosy view of what is happening in Lebanon…  ‘My enemy’s enemy’….

Demonstrations and clashes in Lebanon in recent weeks reflect significant changes in the nature of Muslim-Christian relations in that country. Current developments increasingly involve alliances between important Christian and Muslim groups. Tragically, however, the new-found Muslim-Christian cooperation is part of current conflict within Lebanon rather than involving efforts for increased stability and peace in the country.

In the current tensions, however, the basic conflicts are between Sunnis and Shi’is, with Christians forming some alliances with groups on both sides of the current battles. The battle lines in Beirut reflect the changing conflict. Anthony Shadid notes that the “line of separation between Sunnis and Shiites” is roughly the same as the “Green Line” separating Muslim and Christian combatants in the old civil war. (Washington Post, 27 January 2007). In the new struggle, large Christian groups have joined with their old rivals, the Sunnis, in supporting the Siniora government, while a controversial Christian former militia leader and presidential aspirant, Michel Aoun, has joined forces with Hizbullah in opposing the current government.

Or this on a similar note….

This unlikely alliance between Christians and Hezbollah is a far cry from the adversarial relationship depicted between the two groups in the region.

According to the IB Times report, however, the alliance is one of convenience. Hezbollah is Iran’s strongest proxy in that area of Lebanon and has been a key factor in keeping President Bashar Assad’s regime in power after four years of the Syrian war. Protecting Ras Baalbek is a priority for the group because losing it to ISIS would put the surrounding Shiite towns under direct threat.

As a result, Hezbollah has invested heavily in sustaining the relationship with Christians.


The BBC told us the new accord was because they were all tired of fighting…seems that the new accord is all about fighting, they’re not tired at all, they just have more urgent priorities and different people to kill.  Good old BBC, spinning away as always…more fake news.



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3 Responses to Those Evil F***ing Jews

  1. Lucy Pevensey says:



  2. NCBBC says:

    Israel – one place in the ME, still safe for Christians. It used to be Syria as well, but Islam friendly Obama was keen to bring Syria under Saudi Wahhabi control.


  3. deegee says:

    I guess Diana Darke wasn’t interested in the apartheid conditions Lebanon provides for the Palestinian residents of Tyre.