Sinister Orwellian Steamroller

The BBC is flooding the schedules with programmes designed to educate us about how unpleasant and stupid we are to vote for Trump or Brexit.  I don’t think there is a programme that in some shape or form does not have such  veiled and sinister messages implanted within either deriding and mocking Trump or scaremongering about Brexit.  Switch on the TV or radio anytime at random and you can almost guarantee Trump/Brexit being maligned and undermined.

On Saturday on ‘Inside Out London’ [Any coincidence that the logo for this programme is Islamically inspired?] we had the smug and right-on Matthew Wright introducing a programme on alleged discrimination against Muslims [another one of those subjects the BBC fills the airwaves with, when it’s not telling us how wonderful Isam is] with the thought that thank goodness for Trump because his racism puts it back in the news agenda.  Wright was telling us how Muslims are discriminated in the jobs market.  How does he know?  Because a Muslim academic tells him so.  An academic who says he himself is discriminated against and he has developed a test to prove it…and naturally he does so.  Might suggest the opposite is true…Muslims get preferential treatment.  The trick is to have some useful idiot plant some bombs in the name of Islam, claim they were driven to it by anti-Muslim discrimination, then claim that Muslims themselves are the real victims of the bombs…..politicians panic and the likes of the BBC work as the propaganda arm of the Islamists and promote the narrative that Muslims are the victims of British society…everyone then panders to this narrative and you get an Islamist like Warsi placed as Chair of the Tory Party.  So like the 1930’s.

Trump came up again this morning in a highly disrespectful and insulting manner as the BBC trailed ‘The Life Scientific’ by saying you might think Trump was mentally ill but that would be insulting to the mentally ill. This was on the prime-time Today show….astonishing that they think it appropriate not only to insult the President of the United States but to do so by using ‘mental health’ as an insult….so the ‘mentally ill’ are now figures of hate and abuse for the BBC?  It is remarkable how the BBC’s employees think they have a licence to so casually insult and abuse Trump in such a contemptuous manner, a manner they would never dream of using for Obama or Merkel.  It’s outright prejudice from our supposedly gold standard news outlet.

Brexit is also the de rigeur subject to link to in any programme…preferably in as negative and derogatory a tone as possible.  The standard form is to link Brexit to the 1930’s or Fascism or the Far Right.  I haven’t listened to much of the BBC’s ‘Brexit: A guide for the perplexed’ but I don’t think I’m missing much as it seems just to be the usual excuse for scaremongering and generating hate against Leave voters who were described in yet another sly attack on Brexit as being ‘people who will rise up against the elite and beat ‘the Other’ to death’ .  Leave voters apparently fear change and such fears were inflamed by the nasty rhetoric of polticians and journalists [naturally pro-Brexit ones…the Remain camp’s lies and alarmism never gets mentioned].  We are informed that Parliament has no idea what the hell it has let itself in for by voting for Brexit.  All those EU regulations will have to go and we just can’t cope [er…no, they don’t have to go].  Apparently Ministers will invoke ‘Henry VIII’ clauses and bypass Parliament using statutory instruments to avoid scrutiny and trash laws as they like…this [Brexit], we are told, is very, very dangerous.   But the EU laws do not have to go, they can remain in force until government decides they need to be amended….there is no rush..,.if they work, they work.  The BBC is just inventing problems as it tries to generate alarm and fear about Brexit.

I’m sure you have read a bit about the BBC’s James Purnell’s comments on the future of the BBC and how it will ‘reinvent’ itself…mostly it seems by rewriting history and denigrating Britain…so no change there then.

Facts, accuracy, truth, seem to have been abandoned in favour of ’empathy’ and manipulating the news so as not to offend anyone….so again no change there then…

 There’s no canon, no set texts, nobody is handing down tablets of stone. It’s about working out what we want from life, and learning the empathy that, as Peter Bazalgette argued recently, “is the glue that enables families, communities and countries to function in a civil and civilised manner”.

So much for this laughably pompous and ridiculous comment…

Fake news is a serious concern but we should not be too despondent because today’s media is also the greatest educational resource the world has ever seen.

The BBC is the biggest peddler of fake news in the world…it criticises Russia’s alleged nterference in the US election [by publishing genuine and inconveniently ‘sensitive’ emails on Clinto and Co] and yet the BBC has an enormous budget from government to broadcast propaganda to countries it thinks are in need of its help in toppling those leaders and regimes it sees as ‘unBBC’ in an exercise of soft power….such as er…Russia.

Purnell goes on…

…after solving the meaning of life and the future of the world, we’ll turn to civilisation. Well, Civilisations — inspired by Kenneth Clark’s seminal documentary series, but in many ways the opposite of the original. Rather than a single view of civilisation, we will have three presenters. Rather than looking at Western civilisation, we will look at many, and question the very concept of civilisation.

Naturally at least two strands will be Islam and Black Africa with the line that both are innocent victims of White oppression.  The presenters will use the programme to launch an all out attack on the West whilst painting a picture of incredible and beautiful native cultures languishing under the brutal colonial whiphand.

You can get a taste of what is to come by looking at this week’s ‘Book of the Week’…’The Age of Anger’ by Pankaj Mishra…You can get an idea of his thinking here…any wonder why the BBC gives him airtime?….The BBC’s favourite whipping boys…..Trump, Brexit, Nationalism, Hindus….

In a ground-breaking new analysis, Pankaj Mishra traces the tangled roots of hatreds and nationalisms across the world.

Inspired by Hindu nationalists in his own country, the rise of the so-called Islamic State, the emergence of Donald Trump as a candidate for President, as well as Brexit, the author attempts to re-examine the divided modern world.

Mishra himself explains…

How can we explain the origins of the great wave of paranoid hatreds that seem inescapable in our close-knit world – from American ‘shooters’ and ISIS to Trump, from a rise in vengeful nationalism across the world to racism and misogyny on social media?

So Trump, Brexit, mass murderers and ISIS…all one and the same.

Mishra is apparently a self-proclaimed Buddhist but one who loves Islam and proselytises relentlessly for it whilst demonising Hindus and anyone who criticises Islam…again so BBC.

Here’s what the site ‘Butterflies and Wheels’ says about Mishra’s attack on one he describes as the anti-Islam  ‘Enlightenment fundamentalist’ Ayaan Hirsi Ali…

It’s ugly, nasty, bullying, innuendo-laden stuff…. patronizing clueless nonsense.

That’s in fact pretty much a description of his ‘Book of the Week’ in which we are told the ‘white supremacist’ Trump and Brexit are the end result of the rise in racism and the Far Right fueled by foaming-at-the-mouth demagogues,  telling us that ‘It is a moment for thinkers such as Sigmund Freud, who warned in 1915 that the “primitive, savage and evil impulses of mankind have not vanished in any individual”, but are simply waiting for the opportunity to show themselves again.’

I thought people just voted to leave the undemocratic, autocratic EU…who knew eh?  Primitive, savage and evil bastards? Well I never did.

Yep…just a foretaste of what the BBC is planning to use your licence money for, to propagate its anti-white, anti-Western, anti-Brexit, anti-Trump messages.

The BBC’s message is one of hate, it’s divisive and dangerous.  If the same messages were being said about Muslims and Islam the BBC would be up in arms…instead it peddles its own racism, prejudice and hate against Leave voters and whites.


“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”



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38 Responses to Sinister Orwellian Steamroller

  1. petebogtrott says:

    Funny our politicians cant see the harm the BBC does to its self and the country.Look into everything and it seems the powers at be want this country to fail whilst lining their pockets.The only way would be to cut funding for the BBC by bringing in subscription and a basic £50 telly tax and to cut MP’s pay.


  2. Doublethinker says:

    The Rethian mission statement of the BBC , Educate, Inform and Entertain , has been interpreted increasingly liberally by the current day BBC. They now only inform us of things they want us to know so as to reinforce their liberal left narrative, they only educate us according to a particular set of liberal left views, and all forms of entertainment are used to push their liberal left world view.
    I seldom watch BBC entertainment or history programmes because I am sick to death at having their view thrust down my throat and it is all so predictable that it is extremely boring. As to their news service it is a parody of what news should be in a democracy, it completely lacks any balance , there is no view permitted other than the liberal left one. If the BBC were a fully commercial operation this would be perfectly acceptable , those who wished to be bored to death could subscribe to a diet of leftist tripe every day, those who don’t like tripe would be free not to subscribe. For a state funded broadcaster in a democracy the BBC ‘s overwhelming leftist bias is completely unacceptable . We live with a state broadcaster that really does have much in common with Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      I believe that the entire Leftist media has lost its collective mind.

      Brexit and Trump seems to have delivered such an existential shock to their cosy kumbaya worldview that they have gone into Emergency Mode, the kind of stress response our ancestors felt when a tiger leapt out of the jungle at them. Fight or flight. All blood sent to the muscles, rational thought suspended.

      I can see no other explanation for the clueless thrashing around of every outlet from the BBC to MSNBC. They’ve lost the plot.


  3. Bones says:

    It is my opinion that one reason for the delayed Article 50 has been to give BBC and other organisations time to get their narrative programmes in place. The referendum wasn’t supposed to have the leave result so BBC et al didn’t have their stories in place. Now all these months later the narrative drip drip ‘information’ has gained momentum in even the most benign places.


    • DElfman says:

      I thinks its more about nulling the referendum vote altogether.

      and they are cutting it close…..

      From March 31st 2017 – Article 50 will be subject to a Qualified Majority Vote (QMV)…that is to say, we will have to persuade a total of 14 EU Member States to support our decision to leave.

      section 4 :the council.

      If the Lords drag it out into April…then we wont be leaving.


      • Grant says:


        So what ? Just ignore it and stop paying into the EU. What can they do ? Sweet FA. Trade War ? They will lose.


      • Wild Bill says:

        If we don’t leave then there really will be protests!


        • Cranmer says:

          I don’t think even the House of Lords would be stupid enough to say to the people of the United Kingdom, ‘Awfully sorry, we can’t leave the EU, because the EU won’t let us.’


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      When listening to the news whilst the counting was going on during the US Presidential Elections it soon became obvious that the bBBC had already stocked up with the Champaign with the corks ready to pop for the moment Billary Clinton was announced as the winner.

      By the time Fox News were broadcasting that Trump was already approaching 140 confirmed Electoral College Votes and within striking distance of a winning total, whilst Clinton was already well behind and with little chance of catching up the BBC were still informing us that it was a close race with Trump having less than 100 votes with Clinton close behind.

      I can’t believe that in this day and age Transatlantic communications is still so slow that the bBBC were not aware of the actual facts so I must conclude that they simply refused to accept what was happening before their eyes and that they went into some kind of complete denial mode hoping that some miracle would make it all go away and that their absolute conviction in a massive Clinton win would somehow miraculously appear.

      I hope that, unlike in 1997 when the BBC buried itself in empties, the Champaign had been ordered Sale or Return, unless that is they drank it all to drown their sorrows.


      • taffman says:

        Amounderness Lad
        They still had the stockpile left over from the Great Brexit Vote.
        There should be a job lot going cheap somewhere ?


  4. Jerry Owen says:

    Yes. that is an Islamic inspired logo, of that there is no question.
    We are coming up to a year since the vote to leave the EU believe it or not, and the BBC are still obsessed about it on a daily if not hourly basis taking radio into account, the woes of brexit have failed to materialize, polls show more people than ever ‘just want to get on with it’.
    There is one fundamental problem the left have always had, they may infest the media, the arts, the law, the educational systems, the charities, etc. But the one thing they have never been able to infest is the minds of humans, naturally humans are ‘individually/family’ minded ( not pack herds like the left ) and they are also naturally ‘conservative minded’. This is why fascism/communism of the left ( or allegedly right as I don’t view Hitler as right wing ) has never actually lasted for any great length of time historically before being thrown off by revolt or war.
    Take Brexit Trump and the last GE, the left were on the streets causing violence intimidation and public damage, where were the naturally ‘conservative’ minded people.. they were at home, job ( voting ) done and getting on with their lives, families and jobs, individuality and self determination and public decency at it’s best. And of course no backlash whatsoever against those in the establishment or on the streets who continually push, prod, and poke back at us, for me we are showing libertarianism at it’s best and most decent in the face of organized adversity.
    The BBC has been on a losing streak, it’s entire reason for existence is fundamentally flawed, yes it has had it’s successes such as pretty much ‘normalizing sexual perversion’, but in the big scheme of things such as Brexit a tory ( nominally) government and of course Trump they seem to be destined for failure.
    The only recourse they and the establishment have, is doing away with parliamentary democracy, once they do this, they have ultimately lost.


    • Wild Bill says:

      And don’t forget that the Right are not allowed to protest, the EDL for example were blocked at almost every turn, and if a protest of the Right does happen the Left wing groups always turn up to turn it into a fight, #Hope not Hate’ my arse!


      • Jerry Owen says:

        Wild Bill
        As far as I know it is only the EDL that has taken to street marching against ‘Islam’ and not others people’s demos. The old NF did similar stuff but the BNP possibly the largest ‘right wing’ of recent times ( debateable ) party never did demos at all.
        As I have posted elsewhere the ‘right’ simply are not organized in mass street stuff due to being in the main ‘individualists’ and ‘Libertarians’, unlike the rabid left who hunt in organized ( very much financially led ) packs.


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:
    As Paris burned over the weekend, Viktor Orban tells HIS people what the truth is.
    Does George Soros have a TV license I ask myself.
    WE get Corbyn-the Hungarians get Orban.
    They must really need this great man at this time-will pray for this pivotal state who knows what Ottomans did-and what they`ll do again to their great plains and people. But isn`t Trump right as ever-the liberal media refuse to tell us about Cologne, Montpelier and Budapest…even Manchester airport wannabe pipe bombers trying to get onto a plane there?
    Fake News, wall to wall.


    • johnnythefish says:

      At the end of a BBC piece on Hungary on the Today programme a couple of days ago, the reporter finished with the observation (paraphrased) ‘What hope is there for a united Europe when nations like Hungary are so divided?’

      They just can’t stop themselves – Leftie Tourettes.


  6. Right Angle says:

    “The BBC Nightmare” item below was initially inspired by an anecdote recounted by Lord Norman Tebbit decades ago. This is what I recall:

    Lord Tebbit was working on a programme for the BBC, so they apparently gave him a temporary office within the BBC itself.
    One day, the phone rang, and since there was no one around from the BBC, Lord Tebbit picked it up himself:
    “Good afternoon, BBC World at One, Lord Tebbit speaking. Could I help you?”
    Pause, then caller says, “Oh, come off it. Who are you really?”
    Lord Tebbit: “But it’s really me. Haven’t you heard? I have taken over the BBC.”
    (Cry of anguish and line goes dead).


    Prez Trump writes to PM Theresa May, eagerly offering to take care of the BBC for free. Processing … proc- after about 5 nanoseconds, The Donald gets fed up of waiting, and proceeds to fire off a nuclear missive to the BBC:

    Dear Snivellin’ Snowflakes,
    I have taken over the BBC.
    You have 24 hours to git outta Britain. The 17.4 million who voted for Brexit would be happy to give you a helping hand, or boot as the case may be.
    If necessary, I will personally pay for your passage to any of the following countries:
    In case you still have not understood:

    President Brexit
    On Behalf Of The Special Relationship


  7. ObiWan says:

    Then, of course, there is this…

    Drama series based on the novel by Len Deighton. It is 1941, and the Germans have won the Battle of Britain. Detective Douglas Archer finds himself working under the brutal SS in occupied London.

    Because when you’re the BBC and you’re casting around for something topical, something relevant, something resonant to broadcast to the masses, what’s more appropriate than to remind everyone just how dangerous Nazis are to us all?

    In truth, the Nazi Party has been dead and buried for 70 years. Their hideous ideology died along with them, but the way the left in general behaves you’d be forgiven for thinking there are armband-wearing brownshirts lurking around every corner ready to beat you up and start shipping you off to concentration camps.

    If the BBC wanted to be truthful, wanted to actually produce something of relevance, it could address today’s most evil and dangerous ideologies instead of chasing shadows. It could examine, for instance, what happens when a toxic right-wing political theology which promotes open racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, bigotry, rape and terrorism, and which murders, maims and intimidates its opponents into death or silence allies itself with misguided, narcissistic, virtue-signalling socialists in cultures antithetical to its own to create an atmosphere of misdirection and censure.

    It could, but of course it won’t. So Nazis it is, then.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      I myself am always happy to see the Nazi stuff regurgitated by the BBC etc.
      I always think that the lefty scum who pile up at things like Berkeley and Occupy rallies are the Brownshirts of these days.
      The Nazi hierarchy are the political elites at the BBC etc-without, of course the cold practice of their creed in physical terms like their stylish educated and oh-so-professional quislings at the BBC.Both are Socialist and Jew baiting-but the BBC are more International Rescue puppets like Miliband, not evil psychopaths like Heydrich.
      They have come again as One Volk , One Soviet EU puppets with Goebbels and Vygotsky manuals of media and language manipulations, hoping to medicate and therapise those not yet on board with their One World of Sport Love-In.
      Hitler ALSO made battalions out of Mufti followers in Palestine and Egypt to further his Balkans atrocities, But-in those days-the BBC did not try to differentiate between the Nazi and the German-there was a war on, no time to let the “nice Germans get a right of reply to Churchills bellicose and undiplomatic tweets”.
      THAT generation at least got Laurence Olivier to read it all in the peerless “World At War”-we`ll get Jamie Theakston…


      • RJ says:

        It’s a minor point, but I try to avoid the term “Nazi”. I prefer “National Socialist”. It annoys the people I like to annoy.

        Sorry Richard, I’d posted this before I scrolled down to your 4.01 comment.


    • Cranmer says:

      What about making a TV series of Kingsley Amis’ ‘Russian Hide and Seek’, set in Britain 50 years after a successful invasion by soviet Russia, where the country has been reduced to a form of medieval serfdom?

      There’s also a good novel by Ted Allbeury about a soviet Russian invasion of the UK, and the first thing they do is abolish the trade unions.

      Somehow I don’t think the BBC will bother, unless it could be updated to show Putin in a bad light.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      How could a Right-wing person support a political party with the word “Socialist” in the name of their party? Hitler said “As National Socialists (Nazis) we see our program in our flag. In the red we see the social idea of the movement”

      I am sure that if we lost the war, Brexit would have been much more difficult to achieve. Canada would have inherited the Monarchy and the Commonwealth as well as the British Government in exile.

      But then if Russia still managed to win the war, then as Germany collapsed and the Russians entered France, I guess that the isolated German occupying forces in Britain would have preferred to surrender to Churchill, supported by invading Canadian forces, rather than wait for the Russians to invade.

      So then the whole of Europe except Britain, would have been united under a Soviet European Union, until it inevitably collapsed, as the eastern bit did in 1991, and as the western bit is doing now. But then Brexit would have been brought about by Canada in 1945.


  8. All Lives Matter says:

    Only in the deranged, backwards logic of a socialist could the UK voting to become the first country to leave the EU, and America voting for a political novice to overturn decades of uniparty policies and inaction, be described as people being fearful of change.


    • Expat John says:

      Totally and absolutely correct, ALM.
      I would suggest that after 40 years of change in one direction – towards a centralized, ossified, undemocratic and liberal-elitist dictatorship called the EU, people all over the continent have had enough.

      It’s change all right – just not in the direction the BBC would like.


      • Jerry Owen says:

        ALM – Expat John
        The BBC kept telling us day in day out that leaving the EU was a huge leap into the unknown. So, to re cap in BBC speak.. ‘a vote to leap into the unknown is a fear of change’. Orwell would be jealous of that one eh!


        • Stella2 says:

          “Only in the deranged, backwards logic of a socialist” – just so, ALM.

          How on earth can the people who voted to regain sovereignty from an anti-democratic, increasingly authoritarian Europe dominated by Berlin possibly be smeared as Fascists and Nazis?


  9. Deborah says:

    Yesterday I listened to a further five minutes of Pankraj Mishra’s Age of Anger on Radio 4. It is not just hatred and nationalisms that are tangled it is Mr Mishras’s explanations. In that 5 minutes he had travelled from the Middle Ages to Alexander the Great and Brexit, from the Middle East to the Indian sub continent to Britain and America. Statements were made with no supporting evidence, ideas were jumbled and said with no clear explanations. Maybe condensing his book into 15 minute segments didn’t work, and maybe he is just too excited that he wants all his ideas to be heard. But the overall effect is that it isn’t very good or comprehensible. I am not astupid woman (indeed I was invited to join the same organisation Richard Pindar belongs), but Mr Mishra just does not make sense. But it is obvious that he hates Trump, blames the West for Islamic Fundamentalism so it was obvious his work would feature on the BBC.


  10. Nibor says:

    All EU directives are passed by SI . No debate in Parliament about them .

    The remainers kept pointing out during the referendum campaign that if we pulled out there would be big changes . So the Brexiteers can’t be afraid of change , it is the remainers who are .


  11. Adezeroonie says:

    Can someone tell me why the BBC is not making a drama based on events in Rotherham? It would give lots of opportunities for actors from minorities, include all sorts of BBC-type villains (corrupt police officers, social workers, local government officials, etc) and deal with one of the most important issues of the twenty-first century.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Not allowed, might upset the ethnic minorities.


    • StewGreen says:

      Technically, cos of on going court cases.


    • ObiWan says:

      “…Can someone tell me why the BBC is not making a drama based on events in Rotherham?”

      Mainly because, as far as the BBC is concerned it didn’t happen.

      BBC censors Trump supporter when he drops truth bomb about Islamic terrorism & Rotherham

      Truth bomb hits around the 8.5min mark…


      • johnnythefish says:

        ‘Come on Ryan, Ryan, Ryan – that is beneath you or I…..Actually no, that’s not true…..I’m not even going to engage in this conversation Ryan….It’s really beneath me and beneath you as well…’

        Says our BBC host to interviewee when he dares mention the ‘little white girls’ raped by Muslim gangs in Rotherham.

        My God.


      • johnnythefish says:

        P.S Obiwan, this is unbelievable even by the BBC’s Memory Hole standards – I’d repost it on the main thread to get a wider audience.

        An incredible denial by the BBC of actual, horrific, criminal events thus creating it’s own fake version.


      • NCBBC says:

        “Come on Ryan, Ryan, Ryan – that is beneath you or I….I do apologise for anything he says that might be offensive”

        Apologise to who – the thousands of girls raped by Muslims, in Rotherham alone.

        The Rotherham rapists are just a tip of the iceberg. The real figure is likely to be upward of 30,000, around England and Scotland. Assuming just ten Pakistani men in a gang to one girl, some 300,000 Pakistani Muslims were involved in the brutal serial gang rapes of young girls.

        This is not a crime but a war crime. Not just by Muslims, who are in fact invaders and colonisers, but by those who knew, and yet allowed it to happen.

        Islam is waging war on Christendom, so this amounts to a war crime. And the reason it has happened, is that Muslims view England as conquered territory, and therefore its women as fair booty for the victors. And tour leaders, particularly Labour, allowed it for electoral gain.
        And yet, such is nature of the treason, that there is no precedent for punishment of such a crime, as there is no parallel in history, anywhere or anytime.

        No wonder that the government is keen on burying this for ever. And to this end they have set up an investigation. But despite the high salaries payed to the judges, they have quit. The thought of prostituting themselves and their name, to carry such dirty work, was not worth the money they were getting.


  12. vesnadog says:

    “The BBC is flooding the schedules with programmes designed to educate us about how unpleasant and stupid we are to vote for Trump or Brexit.”

    And all this BBC lies about them being approached by faceless “Leave voters” telling those beloved BBC reporters that: if they had the referendum again they would vote to remain. All scare mongering elite trash!

    The result stands and they must man-up!


  13. Martin Pinder says:

    We don’t need all those EU regulations, we have Common or Case law in the UK, the law can simply be decided in the courts without even referring to Parliament, especially in the field of health & safety. The other EU countries don’t have this & so they have volumes of legislation thrown at them from on high & so they are used to it, we are not.


  14. NCBBC says:

    Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?
    The Yorkshire town where 1,400 girls have been sexually abused by Asian men is a byword for depravity – all because people wouldn’t rock the multicultural boat

    Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds

    The Battle of Britain:
    The Muslim Mass-Rape of British Women & Girls
    Spencer Quinn

    One of the primary challenges a reviewer faces when reading Peter McLoughlin’s Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal is remaining objective. The sex crimes that Mr. McLoughlin chronicles are so appalling, the perpetrators so unrepentant, and the cover-up so insidious and widespread, that becoming spitting mad while reading this book is a constant temptation.

    Mr. McLoughlin’s narrative begins in the late 1980s when Britain’s Sikh community began to realize what was going on. They spread the word among themselves and to the authorities and made it abundantly clear who the perps were (Muslim men) and who the victims were (in this case, Sikh schoolgirls). The police, of course did very little, which led the Sikhs to fend for themselves on the streets.

    Others began to notice in the 1990s. A charity called The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (CROP) focused on working with the victims and their families. It was CROP which initially produced the oft-quoted figure of 10,000 victims of these heinous crimes. Note that this meant 10,000 at any given time, not 10,000 total. Mr. McLoughlin writes:

    In the first edition of Easy Meat, we thought that the idea that CROP could mean that there were 10,000 victims each year was too shocking to be credible. But within 12 months of our book being first published, senior police officers stated their belief that there were ‘tens of thousands’ of victims each year in the UK.

    Yes. Each year. This is the war crime that the government funded BBC is payed to hide.


  15. NCBBC says:

    Or perhaps the BBC journo can take it up with Sikhs in Southall. But he better be careful. Sikhs are not PC.

    But the BBC does not like Sikhs – they are anti-Muslim for some strange reason. So are Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Christians, of all sorts of denominations. Its every bodys fault, according to the BBC. Muslims are just picked on by everyone, as they are so nice.