You have to hand it to the BBC, they do have chutzpah! How else to explain them doing their level best to portray notorious race hustler Diane Abbott as a role model for women entering politics?

Women may be deterred from entering politics because of abuse suffered by female MPs, Diane Abbott says. The shadow home secretary said she was speaking out about her own experiences after recently receiving a series of threats and insults. Last week Brexit secretary David Davis was branded “sexist” for reportedly sending a text saying he would not hug Ms Abbott because he was “not blind”.

Now to be fair, David Davis was wrong to say what he did. I don’t believe that a blind person would want to hug the odious Abbott, not for her looks but for her vile political views.  The BBC may be seeking to confer Sainthood on Abbott but I am convinced the more she speaks the more she destroys Labour.

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60 Responses to OH DIANE….

  1. Spider says:

    Apparently Mr Corbin likes a cuddle with Dianne. Everybody needs somebody, as Mr Mercury said.


    • peterthegreat says:

      Spider – yes but not that badly, surely.


    • Shapster says:

      Yes Spider I’ve read the same and I even saw them described as one time ‘lovers’ – now there’s a dreadful violation of a poetic, romantic word.. Perhaps it’s the perfect inspiration for a Hollywood romantic true-life blockbuster where the camera slowly moves up the stairs teasing us with lingering shots of Di’s passionately discarded Jimmy Choos, nylons, bullet bra, French k.n.ickers….
      Good Lord….quick, poke my minds eye out….!


      • taffman says:

        Do you mind!
        Me and the lads are having our night shift food break.
        Croeso. Welcome to this site of freedom of speech 🙂


  2. quisquose says:

    I’m looking forward to her visiting Barnsley to tell the folk there that they are wrong and she is right.


  3. Grant says:

    Daily Mail reports that Labour are to send Diane Rabbit and John McDonnell to ” Brexit heartlands ” to “take back control from UKIP “. Don’t know if the BBC have reported this yet. You couldn’t make it up ! Nigel must be quaking in his boots .


  4. Grant says:

    Just to make it clear , my loathing of the gorgeous Diane has nothing to do with her sex or having black skin.


  5. Cassandra says:



    • Grant says:


      Thanks for the photo. I think I am going to skip lunch today. We all know that Rabbit is a racist , but why is she never charged by the police ? She should be prosecuted.


    • peterthegreat says:

      Tad racist I’d have thought Cassandra. Oh hang on, blacks can never be racist can they.


    • vesnadog says:

      Imagine if Diane worked for the BBC – in my opinion she would be absolutely delighted to know how few White People actually work there!

      I turn the TV on in the morning and yet another Asian/black TV presenter pops-up before my very eyes! When will it all end?


      • Dystopian says:

        “When will it all end?”

        Probably never…time to look at real estate in Hungary me thinks. Get in early before the rush.


    • Dystopian says:

      Well how about a kiss Mr Davis?


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Yup, it’s absolutely terrible that a European Country, that is the Continent of Europe and not the wannabe United States of Europe, is full of white people who, incidentally, are the original indigenous people of that Continent.

      It’s a bit like complaining that the problem in South Africa is not immigration, the problem in South Africa is black people. But, of course, by making that suggestion Abbott would immediately demand I be hanged, drawn and quartered as a despicably Racist Fascist.

      Why does that good old Horrifically White British saying, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or would that be considered racist too?


    • AngryAl says:


      I don’t think I saw a reply to this being a legit poster etc ?
      Was this something that DA (Duck’s Arse ??) actually said, along with the other posters please ?
      I know this site has a refreshingly none PC way of looking at life but if this is true, along with the poster further down, I can’t believe she was allowed to get away with it .
      Can someone let me know if this is indeed, real please.
      Much appreciated


  6. tarien says:

    Well Cassandra this seems to be indicative of so many coloured people somewhow rising to power which of course none of them would consider that, most of what they enjoy socially or otherwise is from the hundreds of years it took the ‘white people’ to develop-having worked in West Africa for a while, I’m not surprised that Africa is in such a mess, which with so much given by nature to it, Africa should be absolutely self sufficient in every way, never having to depend on handouts from elsewhere of which most through corruption rarely ends up where it is most needed. Sick of the BBC shoving such people and their gripes into our faces, and making sure that wherever possible a multicultural element is thrown onto our TV screens. Miserable old git? Yes perhaps I am, sorry.


    • peterthegreat says:

      Tarien don’t apologise for being Miserable, it’s the only rational response to bibistan of any sane person.


    • Grant says:


      Quite agree with you about Africa. I live in Gambia, where there is some hope under the new President. But, I am damping down Gambian friends’ optimism in case they get disappointed.

      The problem is not just misrule, war and corruption, it is the inability of most Africans to work together as a team to make life better for all. I have never come across the levels of selfishness and jealousy that I have seen in Africa. That said, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else ! And the best of them are the best in the world.

      I would give my services free to help the BBC make a documentary about the realities in Africa, but it would never happen. The realities do not fit in with the BBC’s narrow-minded prejudices.


      • tarien says:

        Thanks Grant, yes I agree with the issue of misrule, war and corruption, the latter being in my own experience simply mind boggling-indeed I would subscribe to your statement-‘And the best of them are the best in the world,’ as I have also found, but most of those followed a Christian ethic & values where those that follow the teachings of Islam did little to improve the society they lived in & with those whom they lived amongst. As we perhaps both agree what a terrible shame and an insult to Africa that it supports so many woes.


      • richard D says:

        I spent a couple of months in Southern Africa at the end of last year. In certain sectors (e.g. growth sectors like Tourism and Hospitality), employers choose to specifically not use South African labour, but prefer to use workers from Zimbabwe, Botswana, etc. They are reliable, hard-working, trustworthy and honest….attributes the employers do not apply to their own countrymen. The result is not that black South Africans try even harder, they seem to just sit back and blame their lack of employment prospects on Zimbabweans and Batswana, and anyone else but themselves. People, like Zimbabweans, having fled from Mugabe’s depredations, are regularly set upon, their accommodation burnt out, their kids attacked, etc., because the locals are being told that their jobs are being stolen from them.

        I observed a small-ish construction project whilst on the south coast over a period of days. South African workers arrived at about 9:30 a.m., laid around until 10 a.m., worked until 11 a.m., had a coffee break, worked again till noon, had a long lunch break, then worked again till around 2 p.m., had another coffee break, worked again for a bit, and then started packing up around 3:30 pm, and were all off-site by 4 p.m. I asked why this was allowed, and why the manager didn’t get control of the situation. I was told that what would happen if he opened his mouth was that the workers would phone the local Union reps, who would contact their reps in COSATU (Confederation of South African Trades Unions) who would contact their ANC counterparts in government, whereupon the local MP would call the manager and tell him that, if he carried on in such a fashion, his trading licence would simply be revoked…. immediately.

        Add this sort of attitude to the total corruption in the country, and you can see a potentially irreversible decline setting in. Sadly.


  7. peterthegreat says:

    Here’s all you need to know about third world politics:

    1) Trash your own country / continent.

    2) Move to a civilised country, legally or otherwise.

    3) Demand asylum / welfare / special rights and privileges.

    4) Bleat on endlessly about waycism at every opportunity, aided and abetted by yuman rights lawyers and bibistan.

    5) Reduce said civilised country to third world mess. (This last stage is as yet incomplete but well underway.)

    6) Find a new country to repeat the process. But hurry up, they’re becoming scarce.


  8. DElfman says:

    Does anyone still listen to her?.

    Diane Abbott lost every shred of credability when she sent her son to a private school.

    Having spent years decrying them , demanding that private schools be phased out and Comprehensives for all , she proved herself to be giant hippocrite at the first hurdle. (but she’s certainly not the only trot to fail this particular test)


  9. John Bull says:

    I am sure the people of Stoke will look forward to Diane Abbott telling them what is good for them and telling them they are too White.


  10. DJ says:

    Note the obnoxious subtext too: Fat Diane is ‘speaking out’ but when ordinary people answer back, that’s ‘abuse’. In so far as it is premised on a distinction between speech from the elite (brilliant insights) and that from the common rabble (vile filth), the BBC’s position is fundamentally fascistic.


  11. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I notice that the BBC do not report the context, which is that Diane Abbott had just told David Davis to “fuck off”, in that charming way she has with words.

    BBC = Fake News.


    • Jagman84 says:

      The fact that he simply laughed at her was probably more damaging to her bloated ego.


  12. Lucy Pevensey says:

    As a woman I find this all this so-called feminist rubbish embarrassing. They love painting this picture that we are all defenceless weaklings under the thumb of crude male domination & we just can’t cope unless we hunt in packs. I’m not feeling particularly oppressed by men in in 2017. I do think I would feel entirely differently if I lived in a sacred Islamic enclave however & I wish the likes of Abbot would speak up about that.


    • Grant says:


      Well said ! And , of course Rabbit and her fellow Leftists will never speak out about the really serious abuse of women under Islam.


  13. manky codpiece says:

    Is the above photograph genuine,if so how could this be anything other than racism
    and why has it not been prosecuted.
    I am told that there has never been a prosecution of an ethnic minority for racism against a white person,is this true.


    • Grant says:


      I feel that photos like that are offensive, but I do not believe in censorship. This site is very lightly censored. However, I am not sure if I could stand seeing a photo of your codpiece on the same day as the fragrant Diana.

      I think you are right that no-one has been prosecuted for anti-white racism.


    • peterthegreat says:

      Manky only whitie can ever be waycist.

      POC can only ever be oppressed victims.



  14. Cassandra says:

    And there’s more!



    • Grant says:


      Blatant racism and thanks for spoiling my lunch.


    • Guest Who says:

      “Et voinut tehdä sitä” As some might say, as they try and save a Nigerian HIV health tourist.

      I do actually wonder if there are some at the BBC with a wicked sense of social media awareness, as where that has story above has appeared with comments enabled… it really hasn’t served the cause of Abottulism well.


      • Pullyourselftogether says:

        I agree with Lucy about us females being such defenceless weaklings and as for Abbott, unfortunately reminds me of a relative of mine who has used her gender and colour as a stepladder to where she is today. Abbott embarrasses me and wish she’d just belt up and shut up. She’s got a very cosy safe seat in Hackney – well hopefully not for much longer. She is the worst kind of racist.
        I can’t wait for her to descend on the people of Plymouth. My daughter lives there and it is a poor area. Low wages etc etc.
        I might have to visit with a placard or two! Labour don’t stand a chance.


        • Jeff says:

          “She’s got a very cosy safe seat in Hackney…” Very sadly that’s true. There are parts of our country where you could stick a red rosette on a horse’s arse and it would get elected.
          We all know what happened in Rotherham (even though it took the BBC a decade to report it!) How in the name of sanity could an electorate continue to support the very people that have not only ignored your pleas but have actively added to your plight? It beggars belief!
          I hate to say this, because I used to be one, but traditional Labour voters make Orwell’s sheep look like members of Mensa.


        • R P McMurphy says:

          Hope it goes well in Plymouth. Both she and McDonald are to venture into “working class brexit” areas to re-educate the working class, the North East is suggested. I must warn the lady when they go to Hartlepool, they have history.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Didn’t that win the ‘Photoshopped Image of the Year’ award?


  15. Jerry Owen says:

    Diane ‘Andreeew..Andreeew..’ Abbotomus has suffered abuse allegedly because she is sadly, Diane ‘Andreeew..’Andreeew..’ Abbotomus, and no other reason whatsoever. I think she is heavily involved in the Rowntree Trust, mentioned in another article on this site, apparently she can be found very often by the counter amongst the Curly Wurly’s!


  16. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Again with the wrong usage of “ethnic”. Ethnic families first? Who are Ethnics? Do whites have no ethnicity? Have they been stripped of that term which is common to all humans? More Orwellian Newspeak. My personal ethnic make up is English & Irish. Would Diane Abbot put my ethnic family first please?


  17. Cassandra says:

    This quickly generated and poorly executed photoshop might spoil your day even more.



    • johnnythefish says:

      That’s more realistic – brilliant.


    • Grant says:

      Thanks again Cassie !

      But it makes me wonder why the BBC do not explore the hatred and racist contempt that Arabs have for black people . Must be a documentary there, surely ?


  18. Chilleden says:

    If I ever did my job as badly as she does her, of course I would get abuse from my boss. Yet as a straight white male I cannot play the victim card and use it as a smokescreen to detract from my incompetence. Hath not a white man eyes? If you prick us do we not bleed?


    • Grant says:


      I am often tempted to wonder what the world today would be like if white males had never existed.


  19. s.trubble says:

    You wonder how much Ms Abbott has received over the years from her multitude of appearances in bBC television studios at Licence Tax payers expense.

    The editorial direction must have gone something like this…………

    “Give these hideously white cretins Diane Diane and more Diane…………”
    Give them it until they spew!!” By Order.


  20. Guest Who says:

    The BBC employee who has impartiality in his DNA and leaves his politics at the door, except when referring to Tory Health Secretaries, when not groping female staff bums, weighs in by telling one and all, views his own, that a ‘must read’ is Owen Jones:

    You know what, you two faced little Gollem ethics double… just like your nasty little ‘show’, I’ll pass.

    Guessing an FOI on when he and colleagues were less keen to bone up on other instances of political abuse would founder, as always, on the BBC’s ‘our hypocrisy is our secret’ exemption.


  21. Edward says:

    There are only 2 times in my life that I have felt on the verge of death.

    The first time was when I was around 7 years old and suffering an asthma attack before I was diagnosed as being asthmatic, and the second time when I “offended” someone who just happened to be black who was a regular customer of the shop I worked in on St. John’s Hill at Clapham Junction back in the day (1987).

    My message to Dianne Abbott would be that colour is not a tool you can use to negate any kind of social responsibility. That white people do not get away with murder. That criticism can – and most often is – colour-blind.




  22. Cassandra says:

    Remember when Abbott boasted to the Nigerian Guardian that she hosted her own political news show on BBC?

    No, well here’s a reminder…



    • Pullyourselftogether says:

      The most annoying fact is that DA is thick. She can’t reason any argument because she is stupid.
      How dreadful that someone like her has managed to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes and so far has got away with it. Must be because she’s black and female.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        I have a relative who overlapped with Abbott at Cambridge University. She thought Abbott was quite articulate and not stupid, for what that’s worth. The trouble is, Abbott has no need to demonstrate intelligence – or even to hide her own anti-White racism – because her Black identity usually gives her a free pass on the BBC and MSM in general.

        The same goes for David Lammy, whose performance on the Celebrity Mastermind show a few years ago showed how ignorant and slow-witted he is. These ‘ethnics’ may become intellectually flabby, if they were not so already, because they are seldom subjected to rigorous questioning, and almost anything goes if it fits into the victimhood narrative. When they are, e.g. the Andrew Neil questions to Abbott, the results are revealing and embarrassing.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          White people get two minutes to answer questions on Mastermind, so David Lammy must have expected he would receive at least four minutes, to make up for slavery and colonialism. It’s the least the racist BBC could have done for him.

          Black Mastermind Contenders Matter!


  23. Thoughtful says:


    Strange indeed that the BBC can report every time Donald Trump emits a mildly malodorous fart, but cannot report that Saudi has rid itself of 40,000 Pakis in just four months, nor the reason why.

    Abdullah Al-Sadoun, chairman of the security committee in the Saudi Arabian Shura Council, urged for tougher screening process of Pakistani nationals before they are allowed entry into the country.

    “Pakistan itself is plagued with terrorism due to its close proximity with Afghanistan. The Taliban extremist movement was itself born in Pakistan,” he warned.

    Al-Sadoun stressed that the religious and political beliefs of Pakistani nationals must be known to Saudi authorities before they are granted work or given entry into the kingdom

    So basically Saudi has banned entry to Paki nationals until they can put in place stricter vetting – exactly what Donald Trump has done, so why aren’t the BBC running this as headline news?


  24. Thoughtful says:

    Paris is on fire again after rioting tolerant loving lefties and their effnik mates go on a trashing & looting spree.


  25. Cassandra says:

    Gareth Snell, Labour’s candidate in the forthcoming Stoke by-election shares some interesting thoughts on Diane Abbott that the BBC has completely ignored.