I’m old enough to remember when the BBC took a very sympathetic line to the old USSR. But things have changed and the BBC now leads the charge against Putin. They have worked themselves up into a frenzy over the resignation of General Flynn, delighted that a scalp has been obtained so early on in the life of the Trump administration. They aren’t bothered about how it came to be that Flynn was hung out to dry by Obama era operatives still within the US intelligence services – the “Deep State’ as some refer to it. No, the BBC angle is that Trump is colluding with Putin in ways that they can’t quite work out, and so endless hours are being given to examining the issue.  Russia IS the BBC bogey-man, the nation that they would quite like us to go to war – and their visceral hatred of Putin shows,

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  1. Jerry Owen says:

    As Trump and Spicer both comment, ‘why are there so many illegal leaks’, why is the media not asking that question?
    Trump made a big mistake in getting rid of G. Flynn, he has for the first time shown that he is concerned what the media peddle, has he forgotten he became POTOS ‘despite’ the media? He has to appoint exactly who he wants at all costs and ignore the ‘deep state’ and it’s covert operations. The simple fact is that if the media are ignored they have absolutely no power I thought Trump knew this unless he actually does know something we don’t. Paul Joseph Watson at ‘Info wars’ on YT has a bit on this.
    The left see this as a huge scalp, and the momentum is with them at the moment taking Trump’s ill thought out/executed travel ban into account as well. I really hope this isn’t a portent of things to come.

    Totally OT but Spicer upon entering the ‘WH press room’ last night.. ‘Happy valentines, ( pause ) I can feel the love here!’. Priceless!


    • Grant says:


      Yes. Trump and his people should just ignore the hostile media, including the BBC. Just boycott them. And the same would apply in the UK if the politicians had the balls to do it.


      • tarien says:

        Oh how synical I have become, when I say that I’m not certain about our politicians boycotting the BBC, because I really am not certain I trust any one of them-my anger is just about being controlled, as long as Mrs May et al get on with Britain leaving the EU and that there will be no terrible surprises waiting in store for us. Having lived & worked in Europe the prospect of France, Italy, & Holland leaving the EU will see it crumble, although I think that France may try and search for a resolution to enable them to still remain part of the EU-I doubt that those French I know would not but definitely prefer a clean break.


  2. Alicia Sinclair says:

    I have trust in Trump.
    Surely playing the long game here if he`s got any sense.
    The man is a PT Barnum master of the media and-like Farage-has tipped them out of their DIY proctology classes by just BEING there!
    Remember Maos “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom” notion-where the Chinese were invited to criticise his government. And then he liquidated all those who spoke out.
    Trump of course is not in that game-but those Alinsky tactics of the Left are well known to Bannon, Miller etc.
    And-as with Kuennsberg-Trumps team are checking the rope bridge and to see who the saps are-as opposed to the sappers.
    So I like to think…great theatre-did any of us ever dream that there`d be such bonfires of liberal vanity both sides of the pond at one and the same time. God HATES the Left-and the BBC especially.


    • Expat John says:

      “DIY proctology classes”
      Priceless, Alicia.


    • NCBBC says:

      You have a point.

      Pres Trump has to get all his appointments in place first. Specially the Supreme court.Once that is done , an enhanced immigration ban, specially of Muslims will be put in place.

      So too, the leakers at the CIA, FBI. They will be tried, and sent to jail, unless they have fled to Russia.


  3. Far Horizons says:

    Yes the Trump – Putin relationship is the only game in town this week with the BBC. Last week it was the NHS and elderly old white folk jamming the system up.
    The BBC have an axe to grind against Russia since they sorted out Aleppo in quick time doing away with their (BBC) nightly reports of the under siege “rebels”. The silence is deafening from the BBC on the Russian/Turkish peace deal which is holding without any initial input from the St. Obama and Kerry team. Putin has out foxed and out performed these yesterday men. BTW what is happening in Mosul? Not a word from the BBC – is there any progress – where is Jeremy Bowen with his sage mutterings and hand wringing?


    • Grant says:


      I have posted here before that the BBC still have not recovered from the fall of the Soviet Union. It turned their tiny little world upside down.

      Now their big problem is that the 3 most powerful men in the world, Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping are all very clever and certainly smarter than the dumbasses at the BBC !


  4. Far Horizons says:

    It’s in the interests of the massive US arms industry to paint Russia as the bogeyman and they have a lot of pulling power in Washington. I am amazed at how many US politicians still live in the past – “damn commies – we need to kick their ass” mentality.

    I think it’s time the TV license was scrapped and the BBC made to work for its keep in the real world.

    Also I just read the below piece by Tom Whelan which comes across as a balanced viewpoint- rare for their web site!


  5. EnglandExpects says:

    I know I’m going to part company with some on here, but I have no time for Putin. I think that the BBC’s coverage of the Flynn debacle was purely a result of anti-Trump obsessions. Putin is a menace to us, not as big as the USSR, but his agenda is very similar – to weaken and destabilise democratic countries wherever he can. We are extremely lucky that his gangster and crony capitalism and disrespect for the rule of law,which I think is much closer to fascism than communism, is so damaging to the Russian economy. This reduces but does not eliminate Russia’s ability to do harm in the world. It’s economy is only the size of Italy’s . Now that commodity prices are so low, the rearmament programme that Putin initiated about 10 years ago will become unaffordable . Like all murderous dictators, Putin will eventually come to a sticky end. I hope that his country does get a second chance to become truly democratic and adopt an economic model that allows all its people to prosper, not just those who bribe and fawn up to the regime.
    However, Putins ability to literally eliminate the opposition does not bode well for Russia’s future.


    • Grant says:


      There is no doubt that Putin is a far greater threat to Western democracy than Trump, whatever the BBC and Lefties would want us to believe. But he has to be dealt with somehow. Obama in his weakness and stupidity did nothing and emboldened Putin. I am pretty sure that Trump is aware of the problem and will have his own way of dealing with it. At least, I hope so !


  6. Rob in Cheshire says:

    The BBC and the rest of the leftist nexus were never in favour of Russia, they supported Soviet Socialism, which happened by chance of history to have taken control of Russia in 1917.

    Putin leads a Russia which is patriotic and Christian, two things anathema to the leftist establishment. Thus it makes perfect sense for the left wing MSM establishment to wish to forment a new cold war with Russia, just as they worked to undermine the West in the old cold war with the USSR.

    Trump wants good relations with Russia in our war with the common enemy, islamic terrorism. Trump is also a Christian and a patriot, and thus, like Putin, is everything the liberal left oppose.

    These leftists are so deranged, and consumed by hate for Trump, that they are quite ready to risk war with Russia as the price to get rid of Trump. The political assassination of General Flynn must show Trump that he is facing a dirty enemy in a dirty war. They do not play by the rules, and neither should he. The problem, as he must know, is that the last President who threatened to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” was John F. Kennedy, and they killed him.


    • EnglandExpects says:

      Putins role as a fascist style dictator is far more important than whether he is patriotic or Christian. Kennedy and other US Presidents realised that during the Cold War, a policy of containment was the way to deal with Soviet Russia, not outright war. I think that is also true of Putin. I want Ukraine, Georgia etc to remain out if his malign control. We should learn lessons from the past and not get sidetracked by equivalence based on patriotism and Christianity. If Putin wants to cooperate against IS so much the better but we cannot conceded our basic principles to obtain this. I have no time for Islam full stop, but that doesn’t lead me to being a Putin apologist. It’s our immigration policies that are primarily to blame for our Islam related problems.


      • embolden says:

        England Expects, the West has already “conceded our basic principles” to obtain Saudi and Qatari oil, and to sell arms to these Sharia states.

        Hence Islamic migration patterns to and increased Islamic influence in the West.


        • EnglandExpects says:

          While oil has such economic significance, we are always going to have a problem in dealing with Saudi. I’m afraid it’s realpolitik. Selling our arms to them is largely to help maintain our defence industries. Very few other countries around the world buy our products when they are strong armed by America or I’d guess, bribed by the French.
          There was less of a problem when Saudi wasn’t exporting Wahhabi ideology to Islamic communities around the world. Now it is doing that, we must aim to eliminate our dependence on Middle East oil. I think that, as the technology to do this comes into sight , we have huge opportunities to turn our backs on the Saudis and to consign our obsessions with the Middle East to the dustbin. I’m hoping we can just let it rot, as we mostly did in Ottoman times, prior to the early twentieth century. And we can turn all our efforts on eliminating Wahabbist Islam in the wider world and not have to worry about the Saudi reaction.
          We don’t face equivalent issues with Putin. His economy is small and he doesn’t have anything we need that is of existential importance. So as I said, it’s all about rigorous containment and we don’t need to see him as any kind of role model, quite the opposite.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:


            Russia does not pose any existential threat to the west, islam does.

            As far as I can see, Putin feels that Russia is being encircled by NATO, and does not like it. Georgia was pushing to join NATO, and Putin intervened to make sure they did not. Likewise, Ukraine seemed to be on a path to EU and NATO membership, and Russia faced losing its vast naval base on the Crimea. Again, Putin ensured this did not happen.

            I do not think Putin is a nice person, but he is rationally advancing the Russian national interest. The USA was naturally unhappy when the USSR put nuclear missiles in Cuba, but Russia was meant to be fine about Georgia and Ukraine joining NATO. It doesn’t work like that.

            The USSR was our enemy. Modern Russia is not. It is perfectly possible to envisage a modus vivendi with Russia, in which we combine to fight islamic terrorism. This is apparently unacceptable to our left wing elite, and to the US intelligence agencies. I am more worried about that than anything General Mike Flynn might have said to the Russian Ambassador.


    • NCBBC says:

      Its not the BBC, but the entire left lost a geographic base in the world – the USSR and all its satellites. Since then, they have infiltrated the civil service, universities, schools and churches.

      They were on the point of a complete takeover of the West, when to their complete surprise, Clinton was run over by the Trump train.

      They are now fighting tooth and nail, just to survive. Its going to get really bad, but I believe, that in Steve Bannon, Pres Trump has the right man.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Ahead of its time.

    Democratic re-voting by noisy mob.

    Two crazy old dears with hashtags… on a motorbike (Jez and Di go East on a moped)


  8. embolden says:

    The BBC reported from Northern Norway on R4 Today this morning. In the report one sentence really stood out for me though it was not emphasised and was submerged in a mass of verbiage.

    “Russia is developing oil fields in the Arctic region that reputedly hold reserves greater than Saudi Arabias reserves”.

    Now why does that news coincide with an upsurge in anti-Russian paranoia in the guise of “news stories” from inside President Trumps administration and elsewhere, Northern Norway for example?

    Who`s interest is served in fomenting enmity between Russia and the West? …….that’s right…….the Saudi interest…….the Islamic interest in keeping the West tied to Saudi and Qatari oil supplies and the Wahabbi “cultural exchange” that accompanies Islamic financial clout in the West.

    Come to think of it, whose interest is served in Green activists trying to prevent Russia from developing these oil fields on “environmental grounds” hmmmmm…yep… the Saudis and Qataris.

    No Wahabbi Oil in the West….no Wahabbi influence in the West. Can`t be that simple can it?

    (reposted, edited, from earlier today but seems relevant to this thread)


    • Wild Bill says:

      All the car manufacturers are working on electic cars, this is the future, in about 20 years petrol cars should be getting phased out,surely the demand for oil in huge quantities will almost disappear,the Saudis must be worried about this?


  9. StewGreen says:

    I refer you to the comment I posted yesterday
    – BBC Trending just did a hit piece against Sputnik a Russian media corp in Edinburgh, which sells material to RT.
    It was total projection cos everything said applied MORE to the BBC rather than of course the less than pure RT.


  10. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Hang on, Vlad the Impostor isn’t exactly the the firm resister of Islam we had all hoped. Reputedly the “biggest mosque in Europe” was opened in Moscow in 2015. The ceremony was attended by President Vlad, Erdogan and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. The mosque was officially opened by Russian Grand Mufti Rawil Gaynetdin.

    I actually quite like the Russians but to say that Vlad is Christian might be a bit of a stretch. Putin is for the moment protecting the Russian Orthodox Church while simultaneously taking steps to drive smaller groups underground.(again) Only last year evangelism outside of churches was banned.

    I don’t expect these are the kinds of things that disturb the lefty establishment & I still think we should try to build bridges with the Russians. Vlad the Impostor will be more dangerous if he’s feeling isolated. We don’t want to encourage him to cosy up any further with Iran.


  11. RJ says:

    I have two problems with the idea that Putin has to be confronted. The first is that apart from the USA no member of NATO spends a serious amount of money on defense. We are one of the highest spenders at about 2% of GDP, as against a figure closer to 5% before Russia pulled out of eastern Europe. If western governments believed their own propaganda they would be increasing defense spending. The second, is that if Putin is so dangerous the EU would not have provoked him by deposing a democratically elected government in the Ukraine just becaue it preferred to be friendly with Russia rather than the EU.

    On the Trump/Flynn media storm I think the swamp creatures will come to regret their “victory”. Trump has known about the phone calls for weeks and so he and Pence didn’t have a problem with them. The issue was whether the Logan Act had been broken, because Flynn wasn’t yet in government when he spoke to the Russians. The FBI carried out an investigation and said the Act hadn’t been broken, at which point the Obama people in the CIA went to the media.

    Trump has had three weeks to plot his next move, but in the meantime:
    the Never Trump Republicans now know that this is war to the death and there can be no neutrals;
    Trump’s head of the CIA can use the leaks to have a major clear out of the Obama apointees:
    ordinary CIA staff will know that the Obama appointees are playing politics with the Agency;
    the FBI will be very unhappy at the media leaks overturning the result of the FBI investigation;
    the government can now make an issue of leaks undermining national security;
    the swamp dwellers have trashed the reputation of a highly respected general – in the event of civil disruption the army will back Trump;
    ordinary people (the deplorables) will start to wonder which files the CIA was afraid of Flynn seeing.

    I think Trump’s counter attack will be a classic – whatever form it takes.

    I don’t expect to see any of the above discussed on the BBC.


    • NCBBC says:

      Good points you raise.

      I too think that Pres Trump’s strategic advisor Steve Bannon, is drawing out the enemy in the open.


  12. Philip_2 says:

    So maybe the BBC now prefer the Saudi influence to the Russian influence (to which they were tuned to previously. What’s changed the BBC do you think?

    Saudi Arabia may be an officially recognised sponsor of international terrorism but it also has huge interests in London and (now) Manchester (where the BBC is based an rented out by a Saudi/Qatar conglomerate). I was recently reading the TELEGRAPH (business section) and was astounded how much money Saudi makes from Oil. They are selling ARAMCO and even at just 5% (in 2018) , its still worth 2.5 Trillions (at least that is what Saudi Arabia hope as its recently found itself losing its influence in America), The war in Yemen is also costly and then Iran is undercutting its prices. And they will eventually run out of Oil to sell.

    Is by far the largest Oil producing company in the World and the Saudi’s use that to ‘invest’ in London property big time. It is able to buy easily PR time publicity (BBC and MSM) but also a myriad of PR firms and legal advisors protecting its world wide and London assets. They are selling some of their stock (in 2018) on the London Stock exchange on what it cost to produce a barrel of Oil. (You may ask why it is so expensive here in the UK), but it gives us some independence of supply.

    Also bare in mind that its UK and US technology that creates the infrastructure for the pumps and (as the technological input form the Arab world is minimal). The Saudis can easily afford to suppress the World Oil price (by pumping more Oil to make the cost of ‘Fracking’ more expensive in the US). A lot of the BBC ‘green’ rhetoric is partly due to the Saudi (PR) influence of trying to ensure we keep buying Saudi Oil. But we do have our own Oil (and as the US has proved) it can be cheap.

    Its almost symbiotic except for the fact that a part of Saudi Arabia wants to impose the same Islam that will make Europe (and the UK in particular) a poodle unless we develop our own Oil and Gas reserves (in Poole Dorset coast) and elsewhere off shore. We have the capability as we are winding down the North sea rigs, we should develop our offshore reserves. And this is being blocked by the same BBC Green blobs lobby as Fracking. At some point we have to ‘offend’ The Saudi trying to impose the same laws here as they have at home. Luckily Gambling, Horse racing and buying luxury property in London and prostitution (all illegal in Saudi) is something they can look forward to in London (they can afford it). The BBC is most compliant in NOT looking in this direction and actually is prepared to ‘promote’ Islam in this country as we all know (despite everything that makes us all queasy). Money talks. That is the reason why they can impose a kind of Sharia banking law on parts of London property, can influence UK University funding and sponsor the many Mosques springing up everywhere. Its all Saudi money…
    London property investment:
    Buying influence at Uk Universities (also applicable to US)

    We cannot get rid simply of ‘Oil’ (as the EU wants to impose or the simple Greens think) we will (and we are not that far off) from being too weak to oppose the Islamic ‘Sharia’ demands if we don’t find our own Oil and Gas supply and develop it. We cannot rely on wind-power to power ‘Electric cars’ without building an additional 20 Atomic power stations or equivalent power elsewhere fast and cheaply.

    And that means Oil or gas (not from Russia or Saudi), but sourced nearer Home where we don’t fall into either influence politically. It is possible but I have my doubts if anything will be built and we will continue to be literally ‘under the influence’ of Islam until we discover our industrial heritage and go out and extract our own Oil (which will help pay for Electric Cars ironically). I cannot help thinking this is the difficulty of criticizing Saudi Arabia when most of London is Saudi backed investments, including the BBC itself to remove anything ‘offensive’ from being reported as ‘news’. In some ways I prefer the RUSSIANS!


  13. DElfman says:

    The democrats try to brand Trump a traitor , for the sin of trying to talk with the Russians……

    While conveniently forgetting Bills $5million for a speach in Russia or the $145million the Clinton foundation took from a Russian company in gratuity for allowing them to buy 1/5 of the USAs uranium deposits.. (and btw greenlit by Obama)


  14. Lucy Pevensey says:

    I wasn’t sure where to mention this. It’s not BBC but now Russia Today news is at it with the white witch-hunting.
    On their Watching The Hawks program today.They are going with “White nationalism is growing faster than ISIS”. And whose opinion should we ask about this? Linda Sarsour. “our common enemy is white supremacy”
    This all starts a 17:28 (be prepared to be subjected to a clip of a shouting hijab)
    (I’ve always found that Tabitha Wallace quite annoying as an interviewer & think she would fit in well at the BBC.) She’s in full lecture mode here.


  15. Disgruntled of Enfield says:

    The BBC used to love the Russians when they were communists, they have never forgiven Putin for not being a Marxist
    Ever since they found out he wasn’t a Marxist they have hated him with a passion.


  16. Disgruntled of Enfield says:

    The BBC used to love the Russians when they were communists, they have never forgiven Putin for not being a Marxist
    Ever since they found out he wasn’t a Marxist they have hated him with a passion.