Blankety Blank

The BBC’s mind has gone blank…all is a blur…thankfully…forgetfulness is a quality that preserves their dignity.

I was somewhat surprised to hear the BBC castigating the newspapers on ‘You and Yours’ for being full of stories of food prices rocketing due to Brexit.  Surprised because this has been a favourite BBC narrative since the referendum…food prices would rocket and we’d all starve…#DuetoBrexit.

I was also surprised to hear that the present 2.6% rise in wages is considered a low rate of rise by the BBC…after having spent years telling  us Austerity was killing the economy and that wages were stagnating  because of it.  Although 2.6%, a considerable rise on what was happening over the last few years, is considered ‘low’ by the BBC they think a fall in the wage rate rise, from 2.7 to that 2.6% is a  significant sign of impending doom.  Odd that…a comparatively large rise is low but a miniscule fall is significant.  Only on the BBC.  And I note the BBC today was repeatedly broadcasting some thinktank’s claim that we are being impoverished by inflation as wages aren’t keeping up…so inflation is what, 1.8%?, and wages are rising 2.6%……maybe my maths is bad but I’m sure 2.6 is more than 1.8….yep, the BBC even confirms that, and negates its own reports on the same subject…Wages grew faster than the rate of inflation at the end of 2016, official figures show.’

Also odd that no one at the BBC seems to have noticed that whilst Obama moaned about the Russians spying on the US, the US has no problem spying on the Russian ambassador..and Mike Flynn [Who is a disaffected Democrat“I grew up as a Democrat in a very strong Democratic family, but I will tell you that Democratic party that exists in this country is not the Democratic Party that I grew up around in my upbringing,” he said. “I vote for leaders.”]

Curious US intelligence is unconcerned about the Clintons being funded by the Saudis…whom documents suggest were behind 9/11 and who back ISIS now…or about the economic war that Saudis declared on the US when it tried to close down the US fracking industry and end cheap oil in order to keep its dominance of the oil and gas market.

Curious the BBC is so concerned about the Russians hacking our own democracy and yet are unconcerned about the billions the Saudis pour into this country in order to influence our politicians, media, influential thinkers and educators as well as funding Islamic fundamentalism within the Muslim community in the UK.

Oh for the days when it was ‘Better to be Red than dead’…now the BBC prefers ‘Better Muhammed than dead’.  Not quite so catchy but it’ll do.





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14 Responses to Blankety Blank

  1. Kaiser says:

    As an un-educated brexit voter how come all this hypocrisy is blindingly fookin obvious, and yet all those oh so educated remainers cant see any of it


    • taffman says:

      Are the ‘so called’ educated remainers really that educated ?
      Most people over the age of forty went directly into work , ‘The University of Life’ . Whereas the ‘snowflakes’ went to ‘Uni’ to have a good time and have their brains stuffed full of lefty pap.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      There are none so blind as those who will not see.


  2. Number 7 says:

    An interesting comment from Conservative Woman.

    “In response to David Keighley’s BBC Watch: New Labour stooge takes the sword to Western civilisation, Colonel Mustard wrote:

    Purnell was a grubby little nonentity in New Labour. Another over-promoted PPE ex-wonk like Byrne. After New Labour he slithered back into IPPR then took a chance at Mayor of London, but failed. He then hung his hat on a David Miliband leadership, failing there too.

    However, he became the overpaid (£295k pa) BBC Director of Strategy in 2013 (with plenty of unsavoury political baggage) and was once BBC Head of Corporate Planning before trying and failing at politics. So the BBC-lefty politician revolving door is alive and well. What this article misses is that the blatant bias of the BBC has become more brazen in step with Purnell’s recent progress through the organisation and he is a creature of Blair with plenty of experience of tainting the apolitical with Fabian dogma.”

    I certainly couldn’t put it better myself.


  3. Nibor says:

    A little while back , the BBC , Guardian and other liberal left were hailing the End Of Cheap Food .

    With food not being so cheap , the libtards opined , we would think more about it and where it was sourced , transported , packaged , consumed and wasted . We would probably vote for the Green Party . And become vegans .
    The effect this would have on people with low incomes wasn’t mentioned , but I always think the BBC and it’s like would prefer to live in the thirties , depression era where they could champion the lot of the poor in a romantic way .It must be a great disappointment that working class people can afford food , cars and international travel to the Beeboids . Perhaps that’s why they champion race and gender issues , but as minority ethnics progress and don’t need patronising the BBC need new victim groups to extoll . Step forward the LGBTIS&M – LTIAMB which is lesbian trapped in a mans body .


    • JimS says:

      Raising food prices is a running theme of The Food Programme. Their dream world would be where a BBC presenter could retire to a smallholding with six named chickens whose sale would replace their annual salary!

      They don’t realise, being arts graduates, that production volume and production cost have an inverse relationship, a high demand for a product increases production volume which leads to lower costs. Product demand is related to population, more people, more food, or they starve.

      The BBC’s solution will be to flood the country with immigrants to hand rear the hens in backyards, (the fields having been replaced by houses), and to pay increased benefits to ‘the poor’ so that they can afford to eat. This will be paid for by taxes on Google and Facebook, who, by then, will have no personnel or offices in the UK and no tax liability.


      • Jerry Owen says:

        Had to laugh at your post, we bought four chickens last year and they are named. They are my wife’s ‘pets’ as it were however one is mine, a little Bantam I named ‘Brexit’ as we just happened to buy them the day after the referendum. The cost to date including a large pen, a coop, food, initial chicken cost, medicines, and food approx £600.00. For us at the moment I dread to think what each egg costs us, certainly way more than the supermarkets.
        The supermarkets screw farmers for their produce. I was never asked if I wanted chickens at five pounds each, I would pay ten if it meant a decent life for them, the difference between 5 and 10 is peanuts when you think it will feed four. Likewise milk, I would pay double if it meant the security and growth of our farming industry. Home produce may cost more however it leads ultimately to a wealthier more homogenous society.


  4. Jerry Owen says:

    ‘South Today’ last night, first two articles, Brexit and yes the NHS.
    We were told the lie that hate crimes had increased due to Brexit, we were further told that the hate crimes are to spike ( a curious word they always use ) even more when article 50 is enacted.
    This is pure speculation based on no evidence whatsoever just like all their other speculations which turn out to be fake.
    They just don’t get it in that they are insulting over ‘half’ the voters in the referendum, that’s a really good business model isn’t it ( but we pay for it of course )? Just like all the American companies coming out against Trump. Imagine being a shareholder in any of these companies and being told that they are going to insult 65 million voters, utter madness such is the unhinged mental state of the left that they will risk their own companies and shareholders interests.


    • Guest Who says:

      They didn’t wangle a Diss Da Don in the top three? BBC South Today slipping bigly.


  5. Alex Feltham says:

    Better raghead than dead?


  6. StewGreen says:

    Forgetfulness ? No BBC=PNN
    Propaganda Not News
    … For them yesterday’s headlines were for yesterday’s propaganda purposes.
    … So don’t apply for today’s propaganda purposes.


  7. StewGreen says:

    You forgot to mention they made no big deal about Saint Obama hacking Merkel’s phone.


  8. 60022Mallard says:

    You may like to note that the pay rise figure is more than the train fare rise in January.

    I do not recall the BBC clarifying that little aspect when they ran the annual protests by the “usual suspects” at stations at the beginning of January. I believe they like to compare the rises with inflation when it suits!