I was on RT news and did not miss the target!

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33 Responses to BBC = FAKE NEWS

  1. Alex says:

    Good stuff, David. There goes your invite to next Sunday’s Big Questions. 😎


  2. johnnythefish says:

    Excellent. Say it clearly, say it often. Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the unashamed bias of this subversive, taxpayer-funded mouthpiece of the authoritarian Left.


  3. Grant says:

    David, well done ! Succinct and to the point. RT gave you a fair platform. The BBC or CNN would never have done that. Maybe Al Jazeera would.

    Every day the BBC sinks lower.


  4. GCooper says:

    At the risk of sounding like a sycophant, well done, DV!

    Who ever thought we’d be watching Russian TV to get some semblance of balance?


  5. soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

    I have just up voted each of the four of you to reiterate my support for the sentiment. Good work Mr. V.


  6. Lucy Pevensey says:


    ….and what’s up with Jeremy Corbyn blowing the whistle? I didn’t see that coming.


  7. JosF says:

    Who would I trust less

    #1 The BBC or

    #2 Jeremy Corbyn

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


    • Demon says:

      JosF, I would trust the BBC less than Corbyn. He is openly crazy, whereas the BBC pretend they’re not.


  8. AngryAl says:

    Well done David and eloquently put.
    It worries me that people will think filters via FaceAche and Google, will actually filter ‘fake news’.
    It is a nefarious, simplistic way to feed the populace biased news.
    We need more ‘free-thinkers’ in this world and see the biased that is presented to them on a daily basis and ideally, the BBC to be shutdown.
    As a minimum the licence revoked or the ability, in this day and age, to request that the BBC signals are not transmitted to your box !!!


  9. boohanna says:

    Dissing the BBC on RT Mr Vance?

    I accuse you of being in the pay of Putin. His nefarious tentacles of doom are everywhere.


  10. Demon says:

    David Vance hits nail on head several times. I salute you sir, hats off to you.


  11. Cranmer says:

    Good point about the ‘liberal snowflakes’ who will no doubt be used to assess what is or is not ‘fake news’. I also liked your tactful response about RT giving an ‘alternative viewpoint’; of course, RT has its biases like every news channel, but at least it is not pretending to be impartial.


  12. Demon says:

    To be fair to the RT journo, he asked potentially difficult questions (it’s his job) but did not shout over the answers as the Beeboids do to interviewees whose opinions they hate but can’t argue against. He gave you plenty of time to make your points and behaved as a proper interviewer should. Well done him too.


  13. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The difference between RT News & BBC News is that (apart from some pro-Muslim waffle) RT is largely biased in favour of Russia. Imagine that! The Russians plugging for the Russian team. How refreshing it would be if the British BC was biased in favour of it’s own population or government. I know they shouldn’t be biased at all but if I had a choice I’d rather not hear the continual attempted sabotage. I have to respect the Russians for respecting themselves.


    • Grant says:


      I don’t follow RT much , but have been impressed when I have. Far superior to the BBC (that is not saying much ), as are France 24, Al Jazeera, and others I can mention. Purely in terms of news reporting, the BBC is very third rate. As for the bias, don’t get me started !


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      You have hit the nail on the head. My moment of epiphany was during the Falklands War, when the BBC were using phrases like ‘The British say this…’ and ‘The British have allegedly…’ and ‘The British forces say they have…’. This language might be understandable on the World Service, but for the domestic news it should have been ‘We have…’ and ‘Our forces have…’. A little bit of patriotism is not inappropriate in times of war and does not have to border on jingoism, either.


  14. taffman says:

    Its time our swamp was drained.


    • JosF says:

      taffman, I have found that in my 60 years on this planet that the UK has many swamps that need draining such as the house of lords and the house of commons, the education system, The Guardian, The universities and associated intelligensia etc etc but the two most important swamps that are in immediate need of draining are

      #1 The BBC

      #2 The labour party

      Both these two swamps are decades past their “use by” dates and utterly unfit for purpose and have done incalculable damage to the UK, Its civilization and its people. So the sooner the BBC and the labour party are disposed off the better.


  15. Deborah says:

    Well done David, and as someone else said here, how refreshing that you were actually able to speak and not aggressively talked over.


  16. wronged says:

    Well done, well done, well done.

    ‘The BBC report the news from different shades of the Left’

    How very true.

    The trouble is, is that the left and the BBC are currently trying to destroy Teresa May’s ongoing work on future trade deals with their continued criticism of Trump/Brexit and anything pro British.


  17. Framer says:

    Russia Today is on the turn. Although it is right to say they are pro-Russian (unlike the BBC) their major purpose is to sew discord amongst their western critics.
    Their secondary purpose is to do down any and every Sunni Moslem country.
    Since Trump and the rise of populism in Europe they are switching to attacking left wing radicals and progressives in the west who are hysterical (like the BBC) about Trump and the others.


    • chrisH says:

      Agree 100% Framer.
      RT are partial and their agendas are oh-so-obvious.
      Wonder how ITV, Sky and RT have all turned into BBC-lite idiots in most of their programming…and sometimes the former two are even WORSE than the BBC.
      Is that the general nature of how hacks get onto their training courses, what they are rewarded to see and to say-or do they all end up at the BBC at some stage so are house trained suckups?
      Can`t just be Jeff Randall and Rod Liddle who kept a brain engaged can it?


      • JosF says:


        I once heard that Al-Guardian was going to start up a school for journalists, If that actually did happen one can just imagine the levels of leftard programming/propaganda/brainwashing that a journalist trained up at the Al-Guardian school of journalism then joining the BBC would produce. If you think it the levels of leftard B/S is bad enough now from the BBC and Al-Guardian are bad now it wouldnt bear thinking about


  18. chrisH says:

    Fake News huh?
    Heard Eddie Mair chewing the fat with John Sopel re the resignation of Mike Flynn.
    Sopel said that Flynn “broke the eleventh commandment that Moses brought down on a tablet of stone”-“Thou Shalt Not Get Caught”.
    No doubt that the BBC don`t mind offending Jews and Christians-but this is lies, lazy and it DOES matter.
    Would they DARE speak of the sixth pillar of Islam for example in such a louche and offhand manner.
    “Thou Shalt Not Get Caught” may WELL be a BBC maxim or axiom(Savile certainly lived up to it)-but there was NO eleventh commandment, and the BBC won`t care re the Mosaic traipses up and down the mountains with his stone/s in the Pentateuch/Torah…will they?


  19. Dystopian says:

    Well for all the doom and gloom pedalled by the BBC things aren’t looking too bad after all…

    Trevor Kavanagh….


  20. StewGreen says:

    BBC Trending just did a hit piece against Sputnik a Russian media corp in Edinburgh, which sells material to RT.
    It was total projection cos everything said applied MORE to the BBC rather than of course the less than pure RT.
    ‘A media operation set on destabilising the UK economy and west in general’
    Well, in that the BBC is the MONSTER to an RT mouse.

    The prog made a big deal of a pro Brexit Trump blogger hosted on the Sputnik News a mysterious Angus Gallagher ..
    Yeh maybe a pen-name for a Russian stooge or someone who can’t reveal themselves
    ..but is still read by practically no one
    He has a facebook page, but wouldn’t reply to BBC messages
    Well, BBC-Trending failed to mention one of his recent posts Jan 24 was BBC Unleashes Frantic Propaganda War on Russia AND America! (14 likes)

    Mike Wendling took care to claim the Russian gov funds the operation, that cos the gov funds RT and RT buys from Sputnik.
    I note that he didn’t mention that RT.TV has masses of ads, and also on the website.. So part of the funding comes from adverts.

    BBC Trending Blog Report
    Radio show which despite the title hardly mentioned NATO


    • StewGreen says:

      BBCTrending uses the same trick Tescos use of always double or triple placing items on the shelf , so your eyes hit it 3 times and the sales message sinks in.
      They Hype the anti-Sputnik story 3 times in a row both on Facebook and Twitter



      • StewGreen says:

        The Russian Embassy then sent a challenging rebuttal tweet


        • StewGreen says:

          Then Sputnik did their own big rebuttal

          I note of the 2 Biased Broadcasters only ONE routinely allows open comments on every blogpost..thus enabling rapid debunking.
          …It’s not the BBC


          • Philip_2 says:

            Isn’t it just odd Stew that we have to rely on another broadcaster outside our own country to find out what is really happening on our islands. It reminds me of the time that I uses to listen to ‘North Sea International’ (or Radio Luxembourg) in my teens to avoid the BBC monolith. Eventually the BBC launched its own ‘rock and pop’ station in Radio 1 (and employed the same DJ’s). As for radio it travels a lot farther than TV and the BBC is ‘by far’ the largest monopoly state funded broadcaster in the World (as in World Service) and it hates competition. The fake news is really about competition to the BBC. We now all realise that the BBC has been peddling bullshit for years and now we are starting to question it. The BBC cannot deny that it was and has been ‘infiltrated’ for many years by the hard left as a branch of ‘western liberalist militants’ of the world unite. Except the USSR is not there any more to welcome the old socialist comrades in arms. How times have changed. Its the BBC that have lost all the credibility at home.


  21. David Vance says:

    Thank you all for kind words! RT is fair, the BBC isn’t.
    I am not bothered if they ever invite me on again.


  22. NCBBC says:

    Great Stuff David. Calm, collected and withering.