The BBC’s Hounding of British Troops


I listened with amazement, but no surprise, to John Humphrys attempting to blame the government for the witch-hunt against British troops by the likes of Phil Shiner.  Humphrys sententiously told us that ‘something had gone badly wrong‘ and that the government was surely complicit in this hounding of the troops.

The government certainly set up the inquiries but why?  The only reason such inquiries are deemed necessary is because of the likes of the BBC which puts enormous pressure on the government by its relentlessly negative reporting which always looks to find fault and blame and does so with a high moral tone demanding ‘justice’ and ‘human rights’.

But the real twist in the tale is of course that it is the BBC that is complicit in the witch-hunt and hounding of the troops that made them endure years of pressure and intense scrutiny and uncertainty.  For years the BBC reported Shiner’s claims as fact, as the truth, when they were a pack of lies.  This has had enormous consequences, not just on the lives of the troops, but on national security and on the radicalisation of Muslims as the BBC’s narrative that the war in Iraq was illegal, a war against Muslims and that ‘Britain’ has been committing war crimes against Muslims, fed into the Jihadists’ own narrative that they use to recruit more head chopping fanatics.  Thanks Lord Hall.

When the BBC hunts down British troops and does all it can to hinder a war effort whilst at the same time supporting and excusing Muslim terrorism something has gone badly wrong at the BBC.  Fix it or close it down.



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21 Responses to The BBC’s Hounding of British Troops

  1. taffman says:

    We are sending our brave forces to battle with an evil enemy at their ‘front’ and the ‘Human Rights’ lawyers and a pacifist liberal media at their ‘backs’.
    What chance have our soldiers got when they are fighting for their lives in the heat of battle with concern on their minds of vexatious lawyers defending the rights of a cruel enemy that has no truck with any ‘human rights’ at all?
    There is something ‘rotten’ going on .


  2. Diane-abbotts-penis says:

    They’ve done the same with veterans of Northern Ireland. Whilst scum like McGuiness swan around in a suit, ex soldiers in their 60s are dragged off to give evidence to enquiries.

    It’s a f*cking disgrace.


  3. Alex says:

    Sorry off topic. Came across the loathsome, opinionated and self-righteous leftie Rachael Shabi on the Marr show this morning. What a horrible woman. Anyone else think she is awful?


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Rachael Shabi Opinionated? Just because in her tiny little mind she speaks for everyone in the UK?

      She doesn’t want Trump to visit the UK, thus no one wants him to visit. That’s not arrogance, that is vapidity on a scale unseen outside the Guardian, for whom she writes and the BBC on which she appears in order to share her ludicrous ideas.


  4. Guest Who says:

    One day someone in government is going to have the brains, balls and historical learning to appreciate that caving in to the BBC to secure the BBC’s temporary support is a fool’s errand.


  5. Jerry Owen says:

    ‘Fix it or close it down’… it’s beyond repair, close it down.


  6. TruthSeeker says:

    Alan this recent radicalisation of Muslims you describe is largely imaginary.
    The Muzzzzie ****s did not create the worst human rights record in history and murder 800,000,000 Hindus in the last ten years. They have been radicalised since the half wit paedophile started hearing voices.

    Having been outthought, outproduced, outcreated and outfought in recent centuries by the developed West Muzzzies have been impotent. Impotent, angry at their impotence, angry, sullen, resentful, did I mention angry? Angry at their debased status.

    Angry because according to Allah they should already have been the lords of creation in the stone age (Izzzy calendar – last week).

    Allah has failed them. Perhaps, in their darkest hour they have doubts about the existence of Allah. They have no doubt about the existence of Western jet fighters and nuclear powered aircraft carriers, even if they cannot create their own. This makes them even more angry.

    Angry, angry, angry. Children of a primitive and ridiculed belief, which is its own witness to its failure and irrelevance in the present. This makes them angry, angry, did I mention angry? They only know one way to channel this anger. Destruction of the source of their impotence and irrelevance, that would be us. So we should be under no illusions about the destruction they would wreak upon us given the opportunity. Total and merciless, so we should retaliate first.

    AlBeeb were, as noted, totally behind the IRA and similar entities. Remember the Noraid marches which AlBeeb bent over backwards in their eagerness to publicise?
    British troops? Not even on the list.

    We can go further back in time. There are still Kenyans jumping up and down in UK courts demanding compensation for alleged atrocities during the illegal Mau Mau insurrection.
    We should tell these black racists to **** off. AlBeeb naturally believes all the blacks and none of our servicemen. The BBC loves and milks these claims and court cases in typical Shiner fashion.

    I am still waiting for the BBC to report on an instance of current genocide. The whites in South Africa are being systematically murdered with the encouragement of “their” “Government”. Seems like loveable Saint Nelson’s “peace and reconciliation” was just a commie ruse, no surprise to me.


    • taffman says:

      Successive governments have sent our brave young lads to do their ‘dirty work’ for them and when they come back home with ‘blood on their hands’ accuse them of ‘human rights’ violations. While from the ‘comfort bubbles’ of their cosy metropolitan multi-culti offices in Londonistan, the legal vultures, Al Beeb and MSM pick over the bones of what our defenders of freedom ‘did or did not do’, while making split second decisions in the heat of battle.
      What is the human rights record of the Taliban and ISIS ? How many of them have been taken to The International Criminal Court?
      Time to look after our own .


      • Doublethinker says:

        The recent government behaviour towards our soldiers that you highlight is not dissimilar to the way the craven politicians treated RAF Bomber Command after the Second World War. The RAF devastated large areas of German cities in accordance with government policy. Then once the war was won and the threat of Hitler removed , those self same politicians blamed the RAF for carrying out the orders they , the politicians, had given them.
        Moving to the current day I think that the disgusting Shiner and others are a symptom of a sick liberal left society. As soon as the BBC or other pieces of the liberal left anti British industry start bleating about something Cameron et al wet themselves. Instead of defending our soldiers they jumped on the fashionable liberal bandwagon and sold them down the river. From what read I think that there are plenty of others who should put on trial with Shiner including civil serpents at the MOD. They all knew very well that most, perhaps all, of the allegations were false, yet they not only allowed , but actually connived , at the harassment of our soldiers for years and years. They should be made examples of and given stiff prison sentences .

        PS Taff
        Did you enjoy the game yesterday ?


        • taffman says:

          Don’t get me started. This hounding of our forces does not end with the air and land services , rememberer this ……….
          “The Belgrano sinking was the most controversial event of the Falklands War. Many people, both inside and outside the British Parliament said it was an unnecessary use of force – the ship was outside the exclusion zone and apparently sailing away from the Falklands. ”

          We were at war, defending our sovereign territory which had already been invaded .

          Yesterday’s match ?
          A good and exciting game. Both sides evenly matched and both fought with fire and passion. Wales made one or two silly decisions. The best side won.


        • TruthSeeker says:

          “stiff prison sentences”
          No, soft, flexible, sentences should be applied.
          Three strand, braided, shroud laid ..
          Shroud laid is best.


    • NCBBC says:

      Marine Steve Gern Talks About His Viral Video with OVER 44 MILLION VIEWS


  7. Fred Basset says:

    I was watching the Daily Politics a couple of weeks ago and Tom Newton-Dunn (political editor of The Sun) made an interesting comment. He was referring specifically to Northern Ireland but he mentioned that the British military were fastidious when it came to compiling records. This was in marked contrast to the IRA who recorded nothing. So it would be much easier for unscrupulous lawyers to go after British soldiers than members of the IRA. Records held at the National Archives are normally subject to the 30-year rule so most documents compiled before 1987 are freely available.


    • Steve Jones says:

      Fred Basset,
      Agree with you entirely. Another reason the BBC goes for targets like the military is because they know they are not putting themselves at risk. Were they to criticise a certain section of our society they would reap the whirlwind. When the day of reckoning comes I hope the BBC is left to defend itself.


  8. Alex Feltham says:

    The next war will be on Britain’s streets and based on its form we can expect the good old Beeb to be chastising our troops and endlessly giving the impression that they are psycho retards.

    This will only change when one day the BBC hails the new socialist/muslim coalition govt. Heaven will have arrived.


    • NCBBC says:

      Its not just terrorism, 99% of which emanates from the Religion of Peace, but every day persecution of minorities in the Muslim world.

      Even in the most moderate Muslim world, Muslims practice persecution of Christians on a day to day basis, with the Islamic law on its side.

      That is the awful truth. If the West practiced even 1% of the persecution that Muslims carry out on Christians in their own countries, there would be howls of anger from all sides.

      We cant carry on like this. If we do, our society will collapse from trying to achieve the impossible – restraint against continuing barbarity.


    • john in cheshire says:

      If we end up having to defend ourselves with violence; and it’s not that improbable; I suggest that the bbc, if it still exists, will be a focus of conflict because the devil worshippers and their running dogs will want to control the media just as much as the forces of righteousness. In which case, during the battle, many in the bbc hive are likely to get their just desserts.


  9. Richard Pinder says:

    ‘something had gone badly wrong‘ Yes, the foolish members of the Tory party continue to appease the Liberal Left-wing BBC

    For years the BBC reported Shiner’s claims as fact, as the truth, when they were a pack of lies.

    For years the BBC reported (1 to 10) as fact, as the truth, when they were a pack of lies.

    (1) Claims
    (2) Assumptions
    (3) Speculation
    (4) Guesses
    (5) Assertions
    (6) Presumptions
    (7) Opinions
    (8) Beliefs
    (9) Positive feedback
    (10) Fake News


  10. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    When is Phil Shyster going to be prosecuted for his lies and fraud? I don’t expect the bBBC to tell us.


  11. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Shiner was the BBC ‘go-to’ guy in all cases of allegations against British Service personnel in all the desert campaigns. Perhaps someone could compile a compilation of these reports which could then hopefully be used in a civil case by the accused army personnel against Shiner and by extension, the reporter who used their position to spread the falsehood.