Going bananas about racism in sport

“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”


Try chucking a banana onto the pitch at a football match when a  black player appears and see the BBC’s reaction….just a laugh, just a bit o’banter?  Think not.

Try putting on an anti-English advert for the Six Nations and the BBC thinks that’s all just a bit of a laugh, so much of a laugh that Emma Barnett wheeled in not one, but two comedians to tell us how stupid we all are to get upset…just a bit of banter innit?! Poshboy Jack Whitehall told us it was all a joke and that people just love taking offence, especially if it is the BBC.  Welsh comedian [guess what he thinks] said he wasn’t offended [uhhh??…He’s Welsh, why would he be offended at insulting the English?]..the problem, he went on, was just some self-righteous do-gooder complaining…it was the lunatic fringe kicking in, but it was just great banter.

Emma Barnett thought maybe we are getting more easily offended now.  Maybe Barnett will have our national treasure, comedian Lenny Henry, telling us a bit of banana chucking is just  great banter…people are so easily offended these days.

I await with interest the BBC’s trailer for its next programme on Islam, sure to be in the pipeline [along with 21 other such programmes]…will we have Christians being asked ‘What’s good about Islam’ and looking bemused and lost for words?  Doubt that.

The problem with the advert is not the advert in itself but the BBC’s hypocrisy…and its usual default position of thinking it is OK to be racist to white people, or English people, or to attack Christianity, or to smear Leave voters as stupid whilst not applying the same standards to other races, religions or political groups.





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16 Responses to Going bananas about racism in sport

  1. embolden says:

    “What’s good about England?” Well the answer was on the pitch, that and the Barnett formula.

    Now about all these gay footballers………


    • Dogger Bank says:

      And we defeated them in the best way possible; just when they were thinking they had beaten us. England now have a reservoir of determination that took years to find and develop to become the best team in the Northern hemisphere. The rest are miles behind.

      In a similar vein, I note that the BBC had a piece on the French skipper whose grandparents left Spain for France during the Civil War. The gist of course was that all immigrants are good and add to their adopted country.

      The BBC never miss a trick.


  2. Kaiser says:

    personally the thing that offends me most is hypocrisy, hence im offended, you hit the nail right on the head.


    • Demon says:

      Thoroughly agree Kaiser. I remember all those years ago Anne Robinson got into heaps of trouble for making a bad joke at the Welsh. If a Welsh woman passed similar about the English then any complaining English people would be told to just accept it, and then they would be attacked for being too sensitive.

      In the old UK, when people showed respect for other people and their opinions, harmless banter was accepted. Any anti-English comment was allowed but the English made fun of everyone else too. We all got on so much better. There were always some who went too far, but on the whole banter was regarded as a bit of fun. Fun being one of the things the Cromwellian, puritanical left can’t abide.

      The Scottish Nazis have been very offended in the past but have no problem attacking the English because this is acceptable. I do feel that if they get on their high horses again we should call for the banning of the crap film Braveheart for racism and for being Fake History.


      • Swelter says:

        Trouble is Demon the modern Scots seem to think that Braveheart was a documentary.


        • Grant says:


          This modern Scot doesn’t. It is a crap film , not based on history and directed by a mental defective !


          • Swelter says:

            Apologies to you Grant.


            • Grant says:


              Accepted. I don’t know if Gibson worked any of his anti-semitism into Braveheart . I can’t remember. As I say , Mel Gibson is a mental defective.


              • Demon says:

                That’s why I distinguished between The Scottish Nazis (SNP) and the majority decent Scots like a good few on here.


  3. Aerfen says:

    “Anti – racism” IS killing humour this is the tragedy. The ad is mildly humorous – along with all the other mocking of religious/ethnic/national groups. The Globalist tendency have turned us into a joyless nation of Puritans

    ALL groups are should be mockable. Remember MR Bennets wise words to daughter Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice)?

    “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?”

    However it is a sad truth that we cannot allow ourselves to become the butt of everyone elses humour while we cannot derive satisfaction from return banter.


  4. Alex says:

    The BBC is a f******* disgrace. Did they do an advert returning the favour? You know, what’s good about Wales?

    I would like to see a similar advert on Islam… could you imagine the silence when asked ‘What’s good about Islam?’ Tumbleweed blowing in the wind etc…


    • Dadad says:

      What they can’t stand is you laughing at them; that’s always the best way to respond; it enrages them.

      They ‘don’t like it up em!’


  5. Wild Bill says:

    Remember the ‘Anyone but England’ shirts they used to sell in Scotchland at world cup time?


  6. Restroom Mole says:

    In a way, it’s a perverse form of racism in that the BBC appear to be suggesting that English people are tough enough to shrug off their barbs, whereas the other UK nations are so feeble and occupied by snowflakes that they need Aunty to put her big warm cuddly arms around them to protect them from any nasty words.
    Or perhaps not racism, as native Welsh Scots and Irish are the same race as native English, but rather a form of infantilisation?
    I don’t have the time and energy to write a complete list of what the English are good for, but I’ll start with the English language.


  7. RJ says:

    England will always have the Song of Patriotic Prejudice.


    • Demon says:

      That’s very clever from those two old lefties, one of my favourites of theirs. Of course, the joke is ultimately on the English themselves which, I believe, is missed by many.