“Never stop speaking out, never accept the distortions, never accept the lies & never give up”



The problem with Leave voters, and there is a problem, is that they just don’t understand.  It’s not their fault of course, it’s just that they haven’t the mental capacity to understand the world around them, what’s good for them,  they just aren’t educated enough…they’re dumb f**ks really.

So says the BBC…

The BBC has obtained a more localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June.

This information provides much greater depth and detail in explaining the pattern of how the UK voted. The key findings are:

  • The data confirms previous indications that local results were strongly associated with the educational attainment of voters – populations with lower qualifications were significantly more likely to vote Leave.

  • The level of education had a higher correlation with the voting pattern than any other major demographic measure from the census


We have looked at this slur from the BBC before but Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times quotes the author of ‘The Black Swan’, Nicholas Taleb, on the subject of useful, if intelligent, idiots…

‘The IYI [Intellectual Yet Idiot] pathologises others for things he doesn’t understand without realising it is his understanding that may be limtied.  He thinks people should act according to their interests, and he knows their interests, particularly if they are…[the] English non-crisp-vowel class who voted for Brexit.  When plebeians do something that makes sense to them, but not to him, the IYI uses the term ‘uneducated’.

Lawson finishes….‘Dear BBC: award that man the Reith Lectures’

Of course it was the ‘intelligentsia’ who were most attracted to the delights of communism and Fascism….and now the EU and Islam.



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44 Responses to EUreeka

  1. Lucy Pevensey says:

    “The BBC has obtained a more localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June.”

    And why might the BBC be obtaining this detailed information? Still desperately combing through every minute detail in order to find something, anything that could be used to delegitimise the referendum result? I want a licence refund.


    • robj44 says:

      I work in our local Polling Station during election and referendum processes and cannot believe that Local Authorities can possibly know the education attainments of their voters. The voters list only gives details of addresses.

      Therefore the BBC is producing (and promoting) fake news.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Ten facts that could explain the illogical conclusions of the BBC:

        (1) The uneducated are less likely to vote
        (2) The young are less likely to vote
        (3) People in poor areas are less likely to vote
        (4) The majority of Tories voted for Brexit
        (5) Tories live in areas with better Schools
        (6) The majority of Labour voters voted to Remain
        (7) There is no evidence that Tories are richer than Labour voters, because they are less well educated. The probable explanation for this illogical conclusion would be that Labour voters are more likely to be subject to propaganda (well educated), while Tories are more likely to have an old fashioned non-progressive education (Uneducated)
        (8) Intelligent Working class white people who where self-educated about the governance of the European Union, must have voted for Brexit
        (9) Unintelligent Middle class people who were educated by pro-EU propaganda must have voted to Remain
        (10) Daily Mail and Express readers are more informed about the Governance of the European Union


  2. Pullyourselftogether says:

    I voted to leave the then Common Market in 1975 – I was 19 yrs old then and had an overwhelming feeling of domination – I felt uncomfortable.
    I have put up and shut up for 41 years and seen how our country has evolved into what it is today. I knew exactly what I was voting for on the 23rd of June last year. To gain control back for our country from the EU which is primarily controlled. by Germany! A country our forefathers fought against. I am not ‘educated’ in the true sense of the word so I probably fall demographically within the ‘uneducated’ region of the UK.
    I still have enough lifetime knowledge to understand without doubt how the EU has destroyed our industries and taken away our independence and I am sick to death of leftie luvvies telling people like me that I don’t have a clue!
    They can all eff off.


    • Dogger Bank says:

      I voted in 1975 to stay in the Common Market. I, along with the rest of the voting public, was lied to by those pushing for a vote to stay in. I was wrong and regretted my decision for many years. It was only the efforts of Nigel Farage and other like-minded individuals that enabled me to reverse the disastrous decision I made that day. Sometimes understanding the value of political liberty and the freedoms and responsibilities that come with it takes a while to gestate. Once bitten, twice shy.


      • frankiepuss says:

        Sums up my history exactly. I naively voted for what I thought was free trade. Roy Jenkins, Ted Heath et al not only lied through their teeth. They knew that if the prospect of a European super-state was put to the electorate it would have been rejected out of hand. So they lied and deceived and after 40 years I was delighted to be able to vote LEAVE.

        Of course the real reason I voted leave is because I am a thick, ill-educated racist.


    • johnnythefish says:

      I still have enough lifetime knowledge to understand without doubt how the EU has destroyed our industries and taken away our independence ….

      Absolutely bang on the nail. Most people were voting from experience, whether it’s working classes seeing their jobs, housing and even towns commandeered by Eastern Europeans, voters who have seen their democracy devalued by treaty after treaty and government by unelected fat cats, those who are sick and tired of the likes of Merkel, Juncker and Hollande treating us with contempt, anyone who can see the injustice of a Romanian Big Issue seller qualifying for housing benefit whilst they their own are out of a job and getting next to nothing….

      All invisible to the BBC, who have a very long and very narrow furrow to plough.


  3. John Standley says:

    Have they considered the possibility that the “more educated” classes are also susceptible to leftist group-think and actually aren’t thinking for them selves?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      “more educated” could mean people who have been at University for twenty years.

      Intelligent students pass through University in a flash, and then continue to self-educate themselves after leaving University. While I know of students who are still at University while approaching forty. These would be the uneducatable “more educated” left-wing morons who dominate University politics, and unthinkingly follow the consensus of the crowd.

      These people would have been the foot soldiers of the Remain camp.

      So the University self-educated types would vote for Brexit throughout Britain, but the uneducatable types would be concentrated in Remain voting areas.


  4. Mickster66 says:

    As Milo points out, so many leave University these days, more stupid than before they entered.


    • Scroblene says:

      Luckily, I don’t get much of the news from the BBC any more, I’d rather read it from the real internet presence, usually starting here.

      I suppose it is a bit lazy, just clicking on clips provided by excellent posters here, but isn’t it much more interesting, especially as there is no need to listen to the drivel of the autocue-readers, dribbling innuendo and spite at every turn! I was amazed to see some ‘interviewer’ who left the beeb and joined the other station, ATV or something, try and unnerve Nigel Farage in such a petulant, childish way, it was embarrassing! It was at that moment, that I realised that I hadn’t watched anything on a commercial channel here for about three years and counting! And I still can’t remember her name either, which is so pleasant!

      I will try harder to post actual examples of bBeeb’s bias, but as it only comes from dull Rhod Sharp on r5, it won’t amount to much…


  5. 60022Mallard says:

    I do wonder how the BBC so definitely associate “education” with where you live.

    I believe education in the sense they use it refers to those with a degree. In 1972 when I left school about 60% of my grammar school cohort went on to university – so 15% of the population? In 2016 about 50% go on to “higher” education with grade inflated qualifications.

    Ergo those areas with more young voters will tend to be educated and those with more elderly voters will tend to be uneducated. Polls post referendum indicated that the younger you were the more likely you were to have voted remain, and vice versa, so the average age of a population in a ward could be just as a good an indicator as “education” – but that would not fit the BBC “line”.

    P.S. I went on, as many did to do professional examinations externally rather than to university so I am not sure if I count as “educated” or not in the eyes of the BBC!


    • ToobiWan says:

      When the likes of the bBBC use the word “educated” they actually mean indoctrinated. Our schools, colleges and universities gave up on providing on education a long time ago.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      A further point is that I wonder if a similar analysis would indicate that Labour have been voted in by such uneducated people.

      Does anyone think the BBC would tell us?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I have always regarded myself as self-educated, even at University. In fact self-Education is at the core of gaining a Phd, and the self-educated types can only get more and more educated as they get older and older.

      So an explanation for Brexit voters in white working class areas would be a correlation with age, due to self education.


  6. Grant says:

    How does the BBC measure the “educational attainment of voters ” ? Voters were not necessarily educated in the same places they were living when they voted.


  7. gb123 says:

    How are they getting such a breakdown from a secret ballot?
    Do they have a miraculous capability of working out from a pencil cross on a ballot, if they could see them, the age and educational background of everyone who voted and who they voted for?

    Based on geographical ward locations and massive assumptions? Such as “oop north” = working class = low education = stupid leaver! (there are some pretty big educational institutes outside London that the BBC may not know about e.g. Durham in the top 10).

    Or it is the result of exit polls or follow up surveys which only show those willing to participate? Look where that got them in the real referendum.

    Also, the caveats in the BBC spreadsheet: “Important caveat: In the case of many wards, some postal votes were mixed in prior to counting.
    This is indicated by P in the relevant column, with NP for ‘No postals’, and a ? where the position is unclear.
    Figures which include postal votes cannot be treated as exact.
    However broad patterns can still be identified in the data.” In other words we don’t have the results, or will not show the results, from most of the country but we guess based on our prejudice that the result of a ward shows what people think.

    By the way some big areas such as Manchester, most of Kent, Essex, Staffordshire have no figures. Really exact “science is settled” stuff.

    The comments after the article show at least some people are not being fooled.


    • Grant says:


      Exactly. The BBC are the world leaders in Fake News.


      • gb123 says:

        Agree, I think they get their analysts from the first year of a primary school lesson in statistics. The result is the first attempt waiting for teacher to mark it.


    • Spacemonkey says:

      They are getting the information from the census of 2011. Section 25 page 9 asks about academic qualifications. In other words they are using data 5 years out of date.

      But what is really telling is that they looked for this correlation in the first place. It is a well documented effect that if one looks for a particular answer one will generally find it. The BBC, being all inclusive, obviously thought people voting leave were “un-educated” ( sounds so much more inclusive than fu*$ing thick ) and so went looking for data to back this up. Lo and behold they found the data they were looking for. Just another example of the BBC’s utter contempt for the people of this country.


      • Grant says:


        Yes , 5 years out of date. In any case , how can they link it to which way individuals voted in the referendum ? Just more Fake News from the BBC.


        • Spacemonkey says:

          They can’t, they can only say regions which voted leave have a lower standard of educational achievement than areas which voted to remain.

          It’s interesting to note the census recognizes practical qualifications like NVQs as well as academic ones, however I’d bet my left nut the BBC only looked at the number of university graduates and ignored the qualified tradesmen. Obviously it is far better to have a first class degree in Harry Potter Studies ( I kid you not ) than a C&G in electrical and electronic engineering.


  8. Nibor says:

    Here we go , marching towards the People Are Too Stupid To Vote We Need Our Type To Run The Country from the BBC and Guardian . Spearheaded by the Now Show and News Quiz .

    I would put it the other way , Beeboids are too stupid for higher education the media studies courses forces out from their tiny minds other more rational and independent thoughts .


    • Kaiser says:

      yes I completely agree how can some northerner uneducated like wot i is possibly know wots best for me, after all ive just about managed to hold down an IT job for 35 years never been unemployed and am so stupid ive got 34years in my pension plan, so what the fuck would i know, any way have to go now the whippet needs walking.


  9. Nibor says:

    As Grant pointed out , many if not most people were educated in other areas to which they live now . I suppose BBC staff think everyone North is born and brought up in the same terrace street near t’ mill and before going oot for pint put voting flat cap on head and put cross in box , eh chuck ?

    But there is one section of the population that tend to live around the same area of their parents and grandparents , they seem to live in places like Bradford , Birmingham and other ghettoes . They begin with M and end in uslims .


    • Lobster says:

      Nibor – I don’t know about living in the same area, I thought they all lived in the same bloody 15 bedroom house


      • Grant says:


        Maybe the Islam-obsessed BBC could research into which way muslims voted and compare it with “educational attainment “.


    • petebogtrott says:

      And of course there is no link between the rise in handouts and the rise in one section of the population who will never work ,have 3 times the amount of children,get every help under the sun, have first dibs on new houses,can do no wrong.The list goes on and on. Read 2030 by david vincent its all there,this country is fxxkxd big time.


  10. In The Real World says:

    This should be a link to the BBCs “voter analysis “.
    If you look at it, it is from less than half the country , & the analysis is from 1 in 9 wards .
    So it actually means that in less than 5% of the voting areas they are claiming the voters are better educated .

    Just more fake news from the fake news BBC


    • Grant says:

      In the Real World,

      Complete and total Fake News from the BBC. I would love to see the raw data, but can’t bothered. This is pure invention and simply propaganda masquerading as news. The upside is that the more of this crap that the BBC spew out, the less credibility they have, that is if they have any left at all.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I wonder if the selected five percent was comparing Labour areas in the north of England that voted for Brexit, with Tory areas in the south of England that voted to Remain. Avoiding the 95 percent in, Labour areas that voted Remain, and Tory areas that voted for Brexit.

      The BBC is known to have received many complaints from the North-East of England from people who complain about the BBC running up to the North-East for negative social interest stories. The BBC has just done this again with its report on Prisons.

      The reason for this is that any other area of England would pose a problem for the editor. The North-East of England has the lowest number of ethnics in the inner-city areas of England, which means editing out ethnics is much easier for the BBC editing team. Although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can be even easier for the editor, the BBC regards these areas as one hundred percent ethnic non-English areas.


  11. EUTV says:

    I spend an awful lot of time following the subject of the EU. My wife says far too much!

    I am 55 years old and can recall real history and age gives you wisdom. If it’s not true then why do people show any interest in the opinion of older and former politicians?

    My point is that having a degree in Biology or ‘The Arts’ or even rocket science does not give the 20 something student instant wisdom on any other subject.

    Are we really to believe if you spend hours, weeks and months studying Fashion Design the EU becomes oh so easy to understand?

    You can even argue that a degree in politics won’t give you clarity on the EU as you’ve already decided it’s merit as per your political view!


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Art, Drama, Philosophy, Media, Humanities, Languages and other qualifications for Middle-class morons interested in Leisure pursuits, are the qualifications of the uneducated people employed by the BBC.

      Science, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy are the qualifications of the educated.

      A PhD in Political Geography, with a study of the governance of the European Union, would be a better educated supporter of UKIP than me.


  12. Stella2 says:

    I have an MA in modern languages and come at BBC bias from a base of logic and close attention to word selection. Simple logic applied to this Fake News shows that the BBC has finally undone itself and exposed the hypocrisy of their left-lib standpoint.

    The figures on which the conclusion is based are clearly flawed, in all the ways others have demonstrated above. The so-called News is therefore an exercise in attempting to support a propaganda position.

    The BBC insults “uneducated” and “poorer” voters yet constantly frames these same people as “the most vulnerable in society” when it suits them to score political points against Government policy. This clearly shows contempt for the least advantaged. The BBC and the Left are not speaking on their behalf as they so sanctimoniously claim – they habitually use this group of people for their own ends.

    What the BBC hive forgets is that we are all individuals. Indoctrination is not education. Mere money is not life experience. Learning is not wisdom. Poverty is not insurmountable. Evidence trumps “narrative”. The BBC tries to play lip-service to these radical ideas in their patronising programmes about “ordinary people” but the hive Marxism is too strong. With this disgusting example of Fake News the group-think has been exposed.

    The “Brexit voters are stupid” mantra is quite simply a calculated insult to all of us who didn’t fall for the lies. It must be helping millions more to see through the BBC. It seems to me extraordinary that the BBC can’t look at this logically and see what they are doing to their own credibility!


  13. chrisH says:

    I come to this site for fresh water because I just KNOW there`s an awful lot of clever people out there-and dangerously independently-minded for the liberal elite who many of us would once have fallen for, even BEEN one of them!
    Guilty as charged-so I`m mad as hell at the same mistakes befalling TODAYS equivalents.
    At least my university and post grad stuff was free.
    My kids have witnessed the cost of their £30,000 library cards, binge drinking, UKIP foaming and loathing-and “look it up online” when the “lecturer” can`t even speak English to the hundreds assembled as funky half millionaires usher them all in to get on telly. THAT`S what our “world class universities” are throwing onto the slippy floors by way of “education” and of “pastoral care”.
    These same public sector creeps THEN tell us why we should boycott Israel, hate Trump, scorn Brexit…as our kids top themselves, end up on Occupy marches or do the milkround to work at the BBC or MacDonalds-the latter is FAR more worthy than the former-but it ought not have ended like this.
    AS a former lefty idiot, I TOO know what the BBC are up to-and being a scientist, I`d not have known my linguistics, media confections and environmental stuff had it not been for the likes of Craig, Sue and all manner of Green experts that I find here at this site.
    From Copenhagen in 2009 through to Stoke in 2017…I thank you all.
    And these are great days as we watch the BBC commit hari kari with a letter opener.
    Ouanquers…as you might say Stella2!


    • Rick Bradford says:

      “Give us freedom!” shouted the student radicals of the 1960s, as they threw bricks at the police.

      “Give us safe spaces!” shouted the student radicals of the 2010s, as they threw bricks at the police.

      Students of the 1960s wanted to be allowed to become adults; now they want to be allowed to remain children.


  14. Stella2 says:

    Absolument, ChrisH – ouanquers sans pareil!


  15. Philip_2 says:

    Quite how the BBC ‘think’ that intelligent people didn’t vote for BREXIT is entirely False (fabricated) news. The Eurozone is doomed* It’s not simply about uncontrolled ‘immigration’ (as if that is excusable or understandabale – it isn’t) but also the main failures in supporting an antiquated French Agricultural policy of over inflating food and penalising (and closure) of the entire UK fisheries is another. However the main bone of contention is the Eurozone itself, and this is well documented by American writers over the past 20 years that the Eurozone is totally ‘unsustainable’ in it’s current form and will lead to (yet another) European Banking collapse and future austerity for those still in it (Greece, Spain and Italy) if they don’t get out, they never will. Although there are many other intellectual writers on this, the one recent voice with experience way above the BBC is Mervyn King (former Bank of England kingpin before Mark Carney moved in). In this article he states why the Eurozone will collapse (with or without us)… *


  16. Philip_2 says:

    Just like to add this TIMES article as featured in last TPA newsletter about the debt piled up by Gordon Brown and his predecessors. Whilst the BBC ‘mouth-off’ over how the NHS is ‘under-funded’ (they never state HOW the money could be better spent) it’s as if the NHS is a ‘perfect’ entity when we all know its cocked and partially rotten. And then the country is still in huge debt paying for the BBC, the same BBC (Labour luvvie) priviliges they enjoy today. Its we the taxpayers that have to pay for it all… The BBC prefer to avoid paying tax (or they can sponge off the EU to say how wonderful it is ‘over there’ in Euroland – it’s worse ‘over there’ and we don’t want to end up paying for that Eurozone cockup as well.

    The Times: ‘Public purse under increased pressure from spending cuts, warns IFS’ here:

    I just wish that meant the BBC is to suffer spending cuts by half, at least.