Do You Fund Terrorism?


The BBC asks...How do fake news sites make money?

Curiously no mention of the licence fee that the BBC extorts from us.

The BBC was also reporting this week that our money, that is supposed to go to charities, is being used to fund terrorism as their advertising goes to ‘radical’ websites.

So does your money go to fund terrorism, or to fund Muslim religious bigotry, or to fund anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist bigotry, or to fund pro-EU propaganda, or to fund the promotion of an extremist pro-mass immigration policy, or to fund the demonisation of Israel, or to fund the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe, or to fund the Labour Party, or to fund anti-Brexit reporting, or to fund anti-Trump prejudice, do you fund the Orwellian manufacture of fake news on an industrial scale?

If you pay the BBC licence fee then you may well be funding all those things.





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4 Responses to Do You Fund Terrorism?

  1. Guest Who says:

    It’s ok, the BBC self monitors what is left on its doorstep:


  2. JosF says:

    No I do not fund terrorism as I do not fund the BBC


  3. Nibor says:

    Don’t forget harassment as a word to add to that list . Their threatograms to those of us who don’t watch television are a disgrace .


  4. StewGreen says:

    BBC are Hypocrites
    Cos when you are overseas and look at its website those FakeNews clickbait ads are embedded within it.
    Pot calling KettleOfColour