Thursday Open Thread


I can confirm this site has not been hacked, filmed in salacious acts, had secret meetings with shady Russian backers nor conspired to bring down America. This is all our own work….apart from the kompromat provided by our excellent agents in the field who leak the sordid details of BBC bias to us via various nefarious and secret methods….carry on the good work chaps…your country needs you…whichever country that maybe…..detail your kompromat here…

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  1. AceFlyingPig says:

    Brilliant demolition by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics show of a supposed Professor (Joshua Silver – I would guess one of the ‘educated’ Remainer acedemics). The idiot has raised a ‘hate crime’ complaint with the police about Amber Rudd’s proposal to find out the percentage of foreign born nationals in the workforce, so that training deficiencies in the UK could be identified. Totally embarrassing, inarticulate performance. Couldn’t support any of his allegations so just made them up. No surprise that he is at Oxford University. God help our kids if this cretin is an example of our higher education system.

    Also no surprise to learn that even though there is no real basis to his complaint it will still be registered by the Police as a race hate incident. Think we can see why there are supposedly so many post Brexit race hate crimes now … or not !!


    • Mice Height says:

      LOCK HER UP!


    • Guest Who says:

      Worth watching. The guy is truly quite… ‘unique’.

      Were I forking out around ten grand to be taught by such a mind, I may approach the next lecture with a sense that Oxbridge is not all its cracked up to be. Maybe the Polly T wing of the PPE block?


      • Guest Who says:

        Speaking of the block, here’s Danny from it…

        Licence fee payers doubtless thrilled such a talent is on a selection committee given his past triumphs.

        He went to Oxford too. No idea if it was with Polly Toynbee, who got in for being ‘unique’ too.


      • Grimer says:

        I presume he came on the programme expecting the BBC to back him against Howard, not actually question his idiotic complaint.


      • Loobyloo says:

        What an arse. He should be charged with wasting police time.


      • Owen Morgan says:

        Can you imagine a lecture from Joshua Silver? Based on that performance, you’d be surprised to get two entire sentences from him in the space of an hour, with no hard facts in either of them.


        • Guest Who says:



          …m… c… Cubed”

          “You sure about that?”

          “Yes, I read it in a review, on Buzzfeed, via the BBC”


    • Oaknash says:

      Ace you beat me to it you git. I was just about to compose my rant on this however I heard about in a slightly different context.

      Basically it was reported as a news item (I think midday news) by that very prim and snooty lady news reader who went into details about how no action was going to be taken then a little gap and we were told “however West Yorkshire Police will still be registering this as a ” hate incident”

      Maybe we should ban the word foreign in case it offends someone or saying something is black or brown just in case it causes offense!

      I can just imagine the poor limp wristed Don, triggered and shaking by the “evil Amber”.This bloke really must be a W####R! of the highest order!!!

      I have a safe space for jokers like this = its at the bottom of my septic tank, as well as talking shit all day he could eat it as well and as it is underground he would never again have to feel threatened/offended/triggered TOSSER!

      As for the students of this cretin – how on earth will they ever be able to operate in the “real world” without falling apart. But I suppose this is the point – these twats have been beavering away for years trying to replace reality with this infantile model where everyone who does not get their own way is a victim and is entitled to understanding and protection rather than a much needed boot up the arse! I guess he must lecture in a gender non specific bunny onsie with pink ears and a rainbow tail. Though hang on that night offend / belittle rabbit fanciers!

      Comedic though this is. There is a serious point to it. The BBC reported it as a stand alone news item and I think the way it was delivered hinted that Rudd had committed some sort of offence but had been let off.

      I think this another left wing “offensive” by the BBC and other left wing idiots yet again to lead us all by the nose and make us afraid to challenge these arseholes when they come out with their more outrageous statements regarding islam, “child” gimmegrants etc.

      I do hope Rudd has the sense to see this incident as the absurd stunt it obviously was – however since the Teezer seems to have a thin skin when it comes to us “offending minorities” I would not be surprised if Rudd receives a slapped wrist anyway.

      The world is getting crazier by the day or is it just April the 1st and all my calendars are wrong!

      Anyway rant over!


      • Number 7 says:

        He didn’t even watch/hear the speech, as Brillo got him to admit, but read a “written draft”.

        Having said that listening to the speech he decided to make a complaint. Does this make him not only a liar but also admitting to Perverting the Course Of Justice ( just like a certain LibDumb Politician ).


        • Scroblene says:

          I suppose that the bBeeb will have to do the same as this fat old idiot, getting their news from ‘drafts’ and little scribbled notes left under stones in Langham Plaza…

          I really wanted to punch that arsehole.


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      The Observer published a report of a post Brexit rise in hate crimes against gay/lesbian that was actually subject to a BBC investigation of sorts over its published claim that since Brexit the number of reported hate crimes against gay/ lesbians etc. had increased by 140%
      More or Less the BBC prog. that looks at facts and figures, found the source for this article, a gay/lesbian charity type organization. Instead of reported hate crimes as described by the Observer, it was the number of general telephone enquiries that had risen from 78 to 120 over a period of time, carefully constructed of course.. The Observer, when contacted tried to claim the figures had been supplied by the charity as hate crimes, but the charity when contacted denied this. I got the distinct impression the charity was trying to distance itself fearing it had been found out. Hartford, the More or Less investigator ended by saying the Observer should never have published such an unsubstantiated, claim; if only all the supposed post Brexit claims and claims of race hatred like the one reported here were subject to the same scrutiny by newspapers and the BBC.
      It is perhaps time that anyone implying a white British person has made a racist comment or committed a racist act, be made to prove it in a court of law. Failure to do so should result in a heavy fine, imprisonment, an appropriate course of correction; that might cause those who use the racist smear tactic as a first resort to think twice and even try to produce an argument and facts and figures. Little chance of that.


      • charmbrights says:

        Look on the bright side of all the anti-Brexit and anti-Trump nonsense:

        At least we are not being bombarded daily by climate change horror stories.


      • JosF says:

        Wonder if the {owned/controled by Al-Guardian} observer would in the interests of balance do an indepth well researched no hold barred arrticle about hate crimes involving muslims towards non-muslims we ask or am I asking to much from a rag owned by Al-Guardian ??


  2. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I wonder if Trump knows that our government and msm don’t speak for the majority of the population.
    I’m embarrassed by shows like hignfy where the entire content is comprised of slagging off Trump, Farage and Brexit.
    It used to be funny when it started but hignfy is a parody of what it used to be.

    Almost all of our politicians are virtue signalling their heads off, showing their dislike of Trump and thinking that people will believe they are jolly nice people. They are so out of touch with us.
    The same with the media but we all know about that.

    I just hope that our honourables, luvvies, msm types and others who are full of their own self importance, are not taken seriously by Trump. I hope he knows that the majority of us are on his side. Sort of lily Allen in reverse, apologising for the rubbish we have representing us.


    • ToobiWan says:

      My brother has lived in New Orleans for about 30 years, Emmanuel, he can’t vote but his wife and family are rabid democrats and are avid viewers of the BBC (they find it cultured and informative) and do think that the Brits are 100% in agreement with the effluent that flows out of this sewer, also, those who voted for Brexit are in need of psychiatric help. We don’t talk much.


    • Guest Who says:

      Two wrongs, or two faces?

      Anyway, the BBC has competition at home:

      The BBC has of course already set precedent and named it ‘truthiness’, or gone the ‘what might have been said’ one degree of fake news route.

      They are trusted, apparently. And trusted. Also, apparently. The BBC says it is.

      Facts suggest different. Shame OFCOM is packed to the gills with BBC alumni too.


    • Doublethinker says:

      We can expect that Nigel will have put him straight about the untrustworthiness of the BBC. I hope the President does all he can to undermine the BBC and to promote total freedom from censorship of the internet.


    • gaxvil says:

      He’s well acquainted with America’s MSM and luvvies and you don’t become a billionaire without a brain.


      • G.W.F. says:

        I guess he is amused by Treezer slagging him off for his attitude towards women in her Sky interview before she buggered off for tea with the Saudis.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Ha Ha! I’m watching the Trump news conference. It really is good to hear him talk unedited. IMO he’s making them look ridiculous. He isn’t the monster the MSM has worked so hard present to us over this last year. His answers are concise, reasonable & to the point. He didn’t seem to have any problem showing them up for the liars that they are. Most of all I like the way he dismisses the ones he doesn’t want to talk to.
      It’s long overdue -someone put these arrogant press-vultures in their place.

      I wish I had made some popcorn. This is the best telly I’ve seen in ages.


      • Demon says:

        After his attacks on Buzzfeed and CNN, when the reporter said he was from the BBC Trump said “That’s another beauty”.


      • Scroblene says:

        Thank you Lucy, you’ve saved me making the same points!


      • MartinW says:

        Yes, Lucy. The BBC pump out politically biased news and omit what they do not find acceptable or will prick their little bubble, as though they don’t realise that increasing numbers of us obtain real news from other sources, and are well aware of what they have become – propagandist media. It’s quite bizarre.


  3. Sluff says:

    Doom. Gloom.
    ‘High Street Christmas Sales fail to sparkle’ BBC website Jan. 6 2016

    Today? Through clenched teeth, they announce… Mand S beats Christmas sales forecast Tesco hails strong progress as sales rise. Morrisons sees best Christmas performance for seven years.

    Absolutely banged to rights. Deliberately promoting doom and gloom. They should be utterly ashamed.
    But of course they are not because their aim is to undermine.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      The BBC, and the rest of the “progressive” media are like gamblers desperately trying to recoup losses.

      They plunged heavily on Brexit Remain (5-4 on) and lost heavily; backed The Clinton (4-1 on) and lost again. Now they punt on outsiders like Doom and Gloom (5-1), Gorgeous Gina (13-2), Russian Hack (20-1), Dublin Challenge (25-1) and Pissgate (100-1).

      Their credibility goes further down the gurgler with every failed effort, and they will soon be seen as the natural heirs to those people in sandwich boards yelling “The End is Nigh”


  4. Sluff says:

    Absolutely hilarious bBBC coverage of today’s ‘ Weather Crisis’ in the London area.
    Countless outside broadcasts feature soaking wet presenters wearing anoraks. It’s wet because……errrr… it is raining!!!!!
    But keen to justify the crisis coverage, each and every snowflake ( the old fashioned definition) has to be reported with angst ridden enthusiasm.
    Cringeworthy. Inept. Irrelevant. Inaccurate. And yours for only £4bn per year.


  5. Up2snuff says:


    has reminded me that around the time of the last Osborne Budget, George Osborne said he would set up a State supported savings scheme, to help people on low incomes save for the future. I think it may have been linked to saving for a house deposit. Nothing has been mentioned about it since that I have heard. Where did I hear about it?

    Well, it has just struck me it was care of a favourite, as well as favoured, broadcaster who would like us all to think that they never, ever produce wrong or ‘fake’ news.

    I seem to recall it was also shown on the web-site and debating, probably on Kamal Ahmed’s blog, with another User who had got it into his head that Osborne was offering a 25% return on £600 saved in one year. (Highly unlikely with Base Rate then at 0.5%.) Whatever happened to that scheme? Or like fake-news did it never exist and, in time, will disappear to become a mere trace memory in the dust of time?


  6. Justin Casey says:

    Reconstruction of how the `Trump Dossier` was stolen from a KGB Siberian base and then ended up at Buzzfeed… The original source has now been revealed to be a British Agent as portrayed in the film footage… You won`t see this on the BCC !!!


    • nogginator says:

      Looks like the BBCs chimps have got all secret squirrel too!

      BBC – “France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has erm
      … been seen 😀 … visiting Trump Tower in New York”.

      To quote The Quiet Man
      Well!, I can’t say it’s true, and I won’t say it’s not,
      … aah! but there’s been talk.


    • boohanna says:

      Ahh….that was a nice trip down memory lane Justin, ta.

      I am however rather so very triggered by the obviously racist stereotyping of the Chinese….”Ha so” an all that.

      I think I might report it to someone……


  7. Demon says:

    I don’t remember those ones. Excellent.


  8. Number 88 says:


    The Education Select Committee upped sticks yesterday to travel to Oxford and take evidence on the impact of Brexit on higher education in the UK.

    MSM reporting of the proceedings is diametrically opposed and the differences in the account of the evidence given by this man, Professor Alistair Buchan, who is in charge of Oxford’s Brexit strategy, is quite startling. Were the reporters at the same meeting?

    So Biased BBC’ers see if you can guess which of the following efforts belong to the Telegraph and which to the BBC (I know that you might all have had a hard day, but please do your best!).

    A) ‘Brexit will be good for universities, Oxford’s new Head of Brexit strategy says’

    ‘British universities will establish global networks and recruit the world’s “best and brightest” students outside of the European Union, Oxford University’s head of Brexit strategy claimed yesterday…’

    B) ‘Oxford academics warning of Brexit ‘disaster”

    ‘….Showing how seriously they take this, Oxford University has appointed its own head of Brexit strategy. So you could say that at least Brexit has already created one extra job. But this new postholder, Professor Alistair Buchan, saw leaving the EU as threatening to relegate the UK’s universities behind their global competition.’

    Difficult isn’t it? Check if you got it right


    • Guest Who says:

      Oxford you say?

      Centre of excellence indeed.


    • Dave S says:

      As with the US( see below) it is the questions that are left hanging that interest me.
      Is the university only concerned with money like all of them? Is this really only about well paid academic jobs or what?


  9. Dave S says:

    What is behind this anti Russian barrage from the MSM and in particular the liberal left bit?
    Money? Almost certainly but where and how much?
    In more rational days a US President who wanted a dialogue with Russia would have been regarded as a good thing. I remember the 1960s and 70s. Not so now and why?
    Is there nobody except Peter Hitchens and a few others who smell a rat here. ?
    So many questions and our world class broadcaster is oblivious to them all.


    • embolden says:

      Two words, Sunni money.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      Globalists hated Russia before it became the U.S.S.R. and hated it again once that collapsed, Putin is a nationalist and Russia remains an ethno-state; to them that is intolerable and they will do anything to undermine it.
      The things worth remembering, however, are that Russians are very good at chess and implacable, pitiless enemies.


      • Grimer says:

        Whenever the media start their anti-Putin winge, I always think of the film Training Day (if you’ve not seen it, watch it but don’t read anything about it – the trailer reveals the twist. The acting is superb. ).

        I don’t trust Putin and I think we need to invest in our Armed Forces to give him pause for thought in Europe, but when it comes to Islam, we can work with him and he’s willing to do the things necessary to actually win.


  10. quisquose says:

    Just watched the BBC 6 o’clock news and the report that Prosecutors are to decide whether to bring criminal charges against 23 over Hillsborough.

    During the report they played a video of families and supporters singing outside the court following the inquest in April. Nothing wrong there, except … the video had been edited so that it was in black and white, except for the red in the scarves and banners. It’s an emotional trick, famously used by Spielberg in Schindler’s List.

    Why do this? It’s a news programme, in which the BBC is supposed to inform without bias. There is now quite likely to be people chosen to represent a jury, that may have to consider on the guilt and possible freedom of 23 people, and the BBC chooses to help with the case for the prosecution.


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s OK, the BBC is immune from, well, anything. Apparently.

      Ask Ian Hislop.


    • Justin Casey says:

      Typical BBC …. In thier rush to edit the video they overlooked the fact that nottingham Forests` team colours were also Red and White same as the Liverpool FC!! I expect we will have another 23 individual inquiries costing millions more in `litigation fees` as the lawyers and parliamentary sub committees exhume the corpse of Brian Clough and also demand that all the supporters give yet another account of what happened that day…
      The actual cause of what happened that day and the blame lies solely with the English F.A. who made the decision to hold the tie at Hillsborough when they knew that travelling fans from two clubs who had won major trophies had massive followings and they ignored the previous problems the stadium had with previously hosting semi final cup ties over the preceeding decade….. The F.A. are the ones who made the decisions on venues…. Not the police and not the fans……


    • MartinW says:

      It is as well to ask every time the dreaded Hillsborough (scam) tragedy rears its head, whether it would have happened if the event had been held between rival rugby, hockey, american football, baseball or cricket teams; at an athletics event or, indeed, at a religious revival meeting (the older amongst us will remember Billy Graham at Wembley in 1954 where the stadium was filled to overflowing with 120,000 people). The answer, of course, is no. But football – well, one only has to remember the video footage of drunk and aggressive fans outside the Hillsborough ground to find where the initial, though not sole, blame should lie. However, the behaviour of the ‘fans’ was omitted from the Jones report, and has been dismissed ever since.


      • Marion says:

        And Heysel, which we hear virtually nothing about these days.

        I know nothing about football, but I remember that.


        • chrisH says:

          Too true re Hillsborough.
          AS for Aberfan, Mid-Staffs?
          Well, no angle on Kelvin McKenzie, Thatcher ,The Sun, the Police anywhere there is there?
          Tories stay in the dock.
          Meanwhile-as Labour walks away from its role in both Aberfan and Mid-Staffs-we need to draw that line and move on. Get over it.
          As for the Liverpool fans-well let`s keep on stirring shall we?
          Leveson requires it.


          • Jump says:

            ‘As for the Liverpool fans-well let`s keep on stirring shall we?’

            I wonder if that includes those off-duty police officers who attended the match as Liverpool fans, and who have been consistently contemptuous of the policing of the event?

            Nineteen days before the semi-final, Ch. Supt. Brian Mole, the experienced senior officer assigned to Hillsborough, was unexpectedly moved from that position by the Chief Constable, Peter Wright. (An internal prank played by officers in Mole’s division had gone wrong.) In his stead was placed Ch. Supt. David Duckenfield. Duckenfield had never previously commanded police operations at Hillsborough. He hadn’t been on duty at the ground in the previous ten years. He still hadn’t visited the ground when he signed off the operational plan for policing the semi-final two days after taking over from Mole.

            By his own admission at the inquest, Duckenfield failed to study the paperwork relevant to the event, including SYP’s major incident procedure. He was unaware of the ground’s safety history. He failed to familiarise himself with the streets surrounding the ground, and any potential problems there might have been with controlling large numbers of supporters, drunken or otherwise. (After the event, the bins outside the Leppings Lane end were discovered to be about a third full, mainly of cans of pop, with a few beer bottles.) He failed to familiarise himself with the ground’s layout. He did not know the capacities of the different sections of the ground. He was even unaware of the Freeman policy (developed by another superintendent, John Freeman), of closing the tunnel leading to the central pens, and directing supporters towards the sides.

            On match days, Mole would be driven around Sheffield to monitor traffic flows. On the day in question, Duckenfield wasn’t. Closer to kick-off, Mole would patrol outside the ground. Duckenfield didn’t. Once he had arrived at the ground, at 2pm, Duckenfield stayed in the control room throughout. As a senior officer, he was entitled to police a big event in the way he saw fit. He just couldn’t see very far. And having taken the catastrophic decision to open the gate, he then started to lie to anyone who would listen about the cause of the crushing.

            The lies have continued for the best part of thirty years. I see no reason why those in positions of responsible authority shouldn’t account for their actions, from what sounds a lot like heedlessly criminal negligence all the way to perverting the course of justice.


            • embolden says:

              Jump, All the above is of course true, as is the fact that some of the gates at Hillsbrough opened at 11.30 and all were opened by 12.00 for a 15.00 kick off.

              The tickets also had advice to “take up positions” well before kick off time.
              The time stipulated was 15 minutes. See

              It remains a mystery why so many people were thronging the approaches to the ground within minutes of the advertised kick off time, and why this factor is now discounted from consideration when assessing the contributory factors to the disastrous loss of life.


            • Marion says:

              The fact remains, if the behaviour of football fans back then had not made it necessary to cage them in, those at the front who arrived sober, in good time, could have escaped. The police did not push from the back, only the fans could have done that.

              I see no reason why the behaviour of the fans should be airbrushed out of the story when the police are being vilified. As MartinW says, why not rugby, hockey, american football, baseball or cricket teams …… an athletics event or, indeed …… a religious revival meeting? Because they are more civilised, that’s why!


              • oldcrone says:

                Marion .. have you ever been in a football ground before they had all seater stadiums or any crowd for that matter .. like waiting for the gates to open at the 1st Isle of Wight festival? People don’t push from the back they just move forward inch by inch .. a crowd is an entity on it’s own .. it doesn’t think it just is.


                • Marion says:

                  You’ve ignored my points. Why were they caged in in the first place, and why was it always football? Why Heysel? Why were English fans banned? And embolden’s point about late arrivals?
                  If I recall, there were concerns about crushing at the gates if they were not opened. That has nothing to do with the absence of seating inside.

                  Many of the fans back then were vile; they invaded town centres. Don’t try to tell me that it was an act of nature, and the character of the fans had nothing to do with it.

                  In the eyes of many, football is above criticism. That’s part of the problem.


                • embolden says:

                  I’ve been in many football crowds around the time of Hillsbrough, before and since.
                  I can assure you that crowds certainly did push forward from the back, the effect can observed in the wave and sway effects that can be seen on old footage from the time….it added to the atmosphere we used to believe, especially combined with scarves raised and mass
                  Though I can remember as
                  a kid being lifted off my feet at Stamford Bridge as the crowd surged to leave the game at full time. That was not a good experience.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Anyway, a little light relief as friends fall out:


  12. Guest Who says:

    And finally… what they BBc may soon ‘let’ you watch… if legally entitled:

    The BBC wants iPlayer to be the top online TV service in the country by 2020

    Good luck with that, Tony.


  13. Foscari says:

    This is perhaps the most irreverent , misogynist comments I have written on this
    website. BUT honestly my wife who most of the time doesn’t like my sense of humour as I get very old ,was laughing with me watching the Lodononistan programme on the BBC tonight after the 6 PM news.
    It started as usual with Riz Lateef . We then saw Jeremy Corbyn being interviewed actually
    by a male reporter. Corbyn as usual agreed with all the strikes going on. You just has to laugh at him. Then the programme began to turn into something like out of Monty Python! I
    thought the reporter who said ” please excuse the noisy Black Cab Drivers,they are holding a demonstration. I think Riz Lateef would of liked to resurrect Mark Duggan to shoot the poor reporter.No, it’s just knowing this programme as I do that even ” Black Cabs” caused a giggle.
    We when saw a poor female reporter shivering away on Primrose Hill telling us that it was snowing a little. She looked like she was going to freeze to death there and then. Myself and my wife
    almost burst out laughing when she told us that Tommasz Schafendaknaker would give us a full weather report later. THEN a “big lady” sports reporter paid homage to Grahame Taylor who passed away today. The next section was a trip to ” Crossrail” where a young small
    black lady reporter dressed up in all the safety gear was surrounded by tunnellers. No I know it was not supposed to be funny , but as I said my wife laughed as well. So it was back to Primrose Hill where our poor secondry weather forecaster looked like that she HAD frozen to death. We then had Tommasz Schafendakner in the studio with the weather forecast.
    At least he didn’t look knackered.This was certaintly comedy of the year BAFTA material.
    I am looking forward to Assad Ahmed later after the 10PM News. Surely it can’t be funnier?


  14. matahari says:

    The most hilarious news I have read for a while. The bbc set up a team to deal with fake news. Science Fiction is the new comedy.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      They want to see how ‘fake news’ is debunked so they can make their own ‘fake news’ sound more plausible.


  15. JosF says:

    Just found this charmer on Twitter regarding “Fake News” according to that bastion of world class journalism Al-Guardian The UK’s most trusted broadcaster the BBC is to set up a unit to combat “fake news” {sarcasm mode of}Takes one fake news outlet aka Al-Guardian to recognise another fake news outlet aka the BBC. Factual well researched journalism and the BBC along with Al-Guardian go together like the same poles on two magnets


  16. matahari says: and here they sort of justify that ‘failing pile of garbage’ (wasn’t Trump great?) called buzzfeed


  17. Al Shubtill says:

    This is an interesting article on the reasons Russia is being blamed for Trump’s election victory.


  18. nogginator says:

    BBC News – Scotland … No Comment, there are no words
    “senior clergyman at a cathedral in Glasgow has defended a service at which passages from the Koran were read from the lectern. St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral has been criticised because the verses contradict Christian teaching about Jesus.”
    “The cathedral’s provost, the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, said readings of the Koran in the cathedral were part of efforts to build relationships between Christians and Muslims in Glasgow.”
    “Asked if he had known what the Koran verse specifically said about Jesus, Mr Holdsworth declined to comment further.” (shakes head).


    • nogginator says:

      From the same page, maybe the “Very Reverend” was just selfishly thinking of himself? … never mind all of our, AND YOUR persecuted, discriminated against, continually murdered brothers in the middle east, eh Rev?

      BBC News – ‘I escaped death by reciting from the Koran’
      “It was about 20:45 on a Friday evening just before the Islamic festival of Eid. The restaurant – the Holey Artisan Bakery and O’Kitchen in Gulshan, Dhaka’s leafiest, most exclusive area – was filling up, mostly with Japanese and Italian customers. Suddenly, the five young militants burst in shooting and began hacking at the diners with sharp weapons”.


    • chrisH says:

      Not only does it contradict it-it was said on the one day in the church calendar devoted to the fact that the Three Wise Men were the first Gentiles to recognise the universal nature of the Christ child.
      Indeed, it`s more than likely that an Ishmaelite(an early version of Muslim/Arab descendants)was one of the three archetypes that the Wise Men are said to represent. Star following being the domain of clever Arabs remember?
      And these Koranic verses say the EXACT OPPOSITE-that Allah couldn`t POSSIBLY have given us a son, and any creation of Allahs recognises HIM as Lord of the Worlds-not the Judeo-Christian counterfeit that loves his creation!
      In short-could NOT have been more pointed, offensive and counter to the Christian Feast of the Epiphany as it is possible to be,
      This was-of course-no accident. That a dopey cretinous love-puddle in a slave collar allows this-without even checking what`s going to be said/sung-and has no answer to even a laypersons theological question as you describe it-only shows how low the snakes belly of the church now is in Scotland.
      Probably no better here mind-but, as yet no Christian outlet will gainsay it.
      Hate to upset Adejolabo and Hamza now would we?


    • Guest Who says:

      “Mr Holdsworth declined to comment further.”

      Not, by chance, a graduate in Physics from Oxford?


    • Invicta 1066 says:

      Does he have a date for his sermon on the New Testament in his local Mosque?


  19. peterthegreat says:

    Oh for the day Trump contemptuously tells a bibistan journo, No, not you, you’re fake news. YES! I shall die happy.


    • Number 7 says:

      “The BBC? – You’re a beauty as well”. After slamming CNN

      He’s already done it!


      • peterthegreat says:

        Number7 – Trump had a go at Al bibistan? Halelujah!!! May he put them at the back of the queue forever. What a man.


        • Scroblene says:

          Peter, search any headline for ‘Trump speech’, and start clicking through after half-way (there is a link on the last threads here, but I can’t find it)!

          It may take a little time, but the ‘q and a’ session is fabulous to watch.

          Well worth seeing again, in fact I’m going to try now – it’s cold out there and I need something to make the world warmer and brighter!


        • Number 7 says:

          Peter – Yurr Tizz


  20. boohanna says:

    “I can confirm this site has not been hacked, filmed in salacious acts, had secret meetings with shady Russian backers nor conspired to bring down America. This is all our own work”

    Hmm……I say this was inserted by a rooskie hacker………..

    Quite a brilliant Putin misdirection too I might add…..


  21. G.W.F. says:

    BBC skirts around the story of Trump being compromised in Russia. Does not come out and state that Trump was actually compromised and involved with prostitutes but speaks of allegations which…if true…

    Referring to Christopher Steele, former MI5
    They told him that Mr Trump had been filmed with a group of prostitutes in the presidential suite of Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton hotel. I know this because the Washington political research company that commissioned his report showed it to me during the final week of the election campaign.
    The BBC decided not to use it then, for the very good reason that without seeing the tape – if it exists – we could not know if the claims were true. The detail of the allegations were certainly lurid. The entire series of reports has now been posted by BuzzFeed.
    So there you are. BBC declined to use the material

    BUT – and here is the bias – the BBC produces a picture of Trump in the background with some young women at the Moscow Miss Universe Pageant. Geddit…know what I mean.. Trump, young women.. nod and a wink. Idea planted.



    • Scroblene says:

      I think you may find that the lady front left is his wife or someone from his family!

      Well done Beeb, keep it up!


  22. nogginator says:

    BBC -“You have to accept things have now changed around genderism, we have a multi gendered world”
    Really?, on whose narrative?, for the miniscule amount of small children who are being coddled into this inverted reality, for those who are so devoid of the good sense to let children explore emotions, life, experience this normal facet of childhood, without rushing to label them, imprinting it upon them, medicalise them … but naturally let them grow up.
    … scrap the BBC.
    BBC2 – Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?
    Challenging documentary exploring the best approach for parents to take when their child is facing childhood gender dysphoria.



  23. Jeff says:

    The BBC’s overwhelming obsequiousness that has completely smothered any rational assessment of the soon to be ex president has been excruciating. Dear God, could they lay it on any thicker? I feel like I’ve just sat through a bad remake of Brief Encounter.
    Such reverence is really quite creepy and, I think, desperately unhealthy in a (supposedly) impartial (ha!) broadcaster.
    I can’t help but recall what Oscar Wilde cruelly wrote about Dickens overladen, and gushing depiction of the death of Little Nell.
    “One would need a heart of stone….not to roar with laughter”.


  24. Dover Sentry says:

    Stand back a little and look at the Trump dossier ‘allegation’.

    1. Obama stayed in a Moscow hotel room. (Would it have been bugged? Probably).

    2. Trump stays in the same room and out of spite hires prostitutes to perform. (Trump as a worldly man would have suspected the room to have been bugged).

    The dossier makes no sense. Why? Because it’s false.

    The irony is, that even if Trump had hired prostitutes to perform, his supporters would not have cared anyway. Maybe he should ‘falsely’ admit the allegation? That would really screw things up for the BBC, other anti-Trump media, Obama and Clinton.


    • Scroblene says:

      It wouldn’t be possible, that the Clintons might just have stayed in the same room would it?

      Why not find out Beeb autocuers, try and get some facts instead of fake stuff from others.


  25. Umbongo says:

    F*ck me – the BBC is throwing everything at Trump. On the 10:00 BBC 1 news we got – again – a rundown of the unproved allegations. Then – the master stroke – the Director of the US Office of Governemt Ethics (Walter Schaub – appointed in 2013 by Obama) was shown saying that the trust arrangements for Trump’s business interests is nowhere near good enough (for Mr Schaub). Funny, never heard a peep from this office when Hillary’s trust was selling influence and access to anybody with an open chequebook. Again, apparently, Hillary using her private email facility for state business was OK with Mr Schaub (or, if it wasn’t OK, the BBC and the rest of the luegenpresse kept very quiet about it). Again St Obama setting the IRS on political opponents (ie Republicans) was OK with the Ethics Office.

    Obviously the US Office of Government Ethics has, to coin a phrase, “impartiality in its genes” just like another “world-class” taxpayer-funded institution. I don’t know what else the BBC can smear Trump with but the BBC’s beginning to look desperate: so desperate that we can anticipate another piece of fake news to be bigged up – or just made up – at W1A.


    • AaronD says:

      Is it wise for our national broadcaster to be making a sworn enemy of the leader of the free world, the democratically-elected president of our closest and most powerful ally, on what appears to be unusually sketchy evidence? Just wondering.


      • Dave S says:

        In a word desperation. This is the black swan the elite never saw coming and it just has to stop Trump any way it can.
        But desperation leads to errors and it is beginning to look too obvious.
        What happens depends on how scared of the good old boys of flyover America the elite really is .
        As for this country we have been discredited by our elites and it will come back to haunt us. Trump will have little to do with them now.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC is part of a campaign by the liberal left elite to overturn both the result of Brexit vote and the US presidential vote. Virtually the whole MSM is signed up to this, they don’t need to be told what to do , they instinctively know what membership of the elite requires of them. We can expect this degree of vilification of Trump and Brexit to continue until they have outcomes that the elite find acceptable. Trumps best plan is to keep on attacking the MSM organisations which generate or spread false news e.g. CNN, BBC , Buzzfeed, HuffPuff. At the same time he should use his first term to throw open the internet and to ensure there is no censorship , either by the state or by companies such as Facebook. Obviously this will mean all sorts of fake stories appear but it will also mean that the monopoly of lies enjoyed by the liberal left globalists through their control of the MSM is utterly broken. The people will be able chose from the whole spectrum of opinion and decide what they believe and what they don’t. The liberal left really fear the internet and the truth which flows from it and so we can see they are trying to gain the ability to censor it. Trump must prevent this, it shouldbehigh on his list of priorities.


  26. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC/Left don’t realise that all the rubbish/garbage they make up only enhances his status as a world leader.


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Bronski Beat keyboardist Larry Steinbachek dies at 56″”

    “”The electronic trio were also known for raising awareness about gay rights””

    Is this news? Has anybody heard of Larry? Could it be political?


  28. ToobiWan says:

    Question Time first question, “Is Trump fit to be leader of the free world?”


    • gaxvil says:

      Which fake BBC Trump or the real one – that is the question.
      Like, “Do you want this real chicken dinner or this one we’ve fabricated out of rubbish?”


      • ToobiWan says:

        The inference I drew from Paul Mason’s response ( and just about everyone else in BBC “news”) is not that the allegations are false, it’s they just haven’t been proved to be true yet and it’s only a matter of time.


    • AceFlyingPig says:

      Didn’t take long for the impartial DIMbleby to raise the $350 million promise in the referendum … yet again ! To think the rabid, incoherent, deluded, left wing trot Mason was for years the Business Editor for Newsnight says everything you need to know about the BBC. Typical left wing solution to the NHS … let them run a deficit … that will sort everything …. and pay for it from the magic money tree … yet again.


  29. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Question Time (Mustapha’s parallel universe version) first question: “Was Hillary Clinton a person fit to accept the Democratic nomination for Presidential candidate?”


    • Scroblene says:

      Ha ha ha!

      Next question, ‘Was Barack O’Bama right in winning the Democrat’s nomination by beating Hillary Clinton eight years ago’?


  30. Number 7 says:


    I posted this on the DT @ 10.19PM:-

    “I am getting a little confused with these continued obfuscations presented by various DT journalists.

    Can I just point out to the obfuscators.

    1. The referendum was a choice of Leave or Remain (within the EU). A simple question.

    2. Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and all in Project Fear said this would mean leaving the single market, along with all the threats of economic Armageddon. We were also told by said (ex) luminaries that we would be leaving the “loving arms” of the EU Commission, EU Court of “Justice”, ECHR.

    3. The leave campaign pointed out that our GROSS contributions to the EU were some £350,000,000 per week. The likes of Cameron et al stated this this figure was a lie without noticing the word GROSS. It then emerged that the net figure of £12 Billion per year was our net contribution (Treasury). My question, at the time, was “Where is this taxpayers’ money going and what benefit are we getting for it?”.

    This £12b does not include the benefits paid for by British taxpayers to EU benefit tourists, so the £12B figure is likely to be an underestimate.

    The 17.5 Million majority voted to leave the EU.


    No more EU Commission dictating our laws.

    No more ECJ.

    No more ECHR.

    No more “Open Borders”.

    No more benefit tourist.

    No more paying £12b++ to an undemocratic, corrupt dictatorship.

    Should we meet some rough economic waters, it will be a price worth paying.”

    As of 10.56PM it’s still “pending”.


  31. Invicta 1066 says:

    Just been looking at BBC red button site. Apparently, BBC News has found that class sizes of children in secondary schools with 36 or more pupils has trebled across the country, in West Yorkshire a school has class sizes of up to 46 pupils. This appears in the report on news in Devon. Checked the site for West Yorks (which includes Bradford) but no mention; I wonder why not?
    In Oxford the BBC reports states the police are looking for a muscular white male in connection with a suspected rape.
    Increasingly, these sites seem to comprise sports news rather than actual local news, and becoming a waste of time.


    • StewGreen says:

      It depends if they have something to plug for their mates : like a green or arts issue


  32. chrisH says:

    Sense that the BBC and Channel 4 are running out of steam on this one re Trump and the Russians.
    Fake News on stilts-and with clown shoes.
    So as Buzzfeed get offered up as crap feeders-the BBC are busying themselves in tactics, in subterfufe and blaming this mess of a non-story on (rightly) concerned spooks who surely knew something, but were too shy to say it openly.
    Hoping that Trump revisits the “legality” of what was done here-and CNN/BBC mouthpieces for the Clintons and the EU get a good slapping with gaffer tape to follow.
    The next phase after this drive by paintballing by the liberal elite will all be process and bitchslaps between competing spook agencies.
    If Chris Steele winds up dead-then so be it.
    The BBC will then try to walk away as if they were only reporting it all-as opposed to maliciously repeating it so Trump might be impeached sometime soon.
    Leveson tactics, NHS endless loops and now THIS crap on Trump?
    Time surely to actively seek the end of the BBC and its toxic corrosive and baleful influence on life here in the UK. Our kids deserve better.
    Saviles old grave might be worth a few BBC stiffies entombed.


  33. Sluff says:

    Question Time.
    A great thing to see Paul Mason spouting socialism and then to reflect that he was appointed by the BBC as the Newsnight Economics Editor.

    Forget the usual biased crowd who believe in money trees, the biased chairing, and just focus on the proven inherent bias of the BBC recruitment procedures. Sometimes it’s the simple things that prove the case.


    • gaxvil says:

      True – only the well heeled can afford to be Socialists these days.


    • Grimer says:

      To be fair to the BBC, the interview was conducted in Spanish due to EU rules on free movement of people and the spanish word for economist (economista) sounds very much like communist (comunista).

      Apparently, that is also how Che Guevara ended up in charge of the Cuban economy – he was in a meeting and somebody asked if anybody present was an economist. He thought they said communist and raised his hand. Bob’s your father’s brother – bankruptcy.


  34. Grimer says:

    So, QT just discussed the ‘shade of the golden shower’. Wow.


  35. StewGreen says:

    “Hello is that ITV news-vertising ?
    Can I get
    – 18 mins of sneering ar Trump
    – 6 mins of Brexit doom
    – 1 min virtue signalling at poor Africans
    – 3 mins free plug for Lalaland”

    MSM/BBC producers seemingly behave as if they are being manipulated by someone who has compromising photos of them (probably Putin)

    (Johnathon Ross is on R2)


  36. StewGreen says:

    The Russia Today screen says “closed for scheduled maintenance frrom 9pm to 7am)


  37. StewGreen says:

    FSB office :
    “Oh James Bond Steele is asking for what dirt we have on Trump”
    ” OK get on Google and see what you can find, like print out that 4chan spoof story about golden showers”
    “Then tell him we’ll hand him the dossier if he gets a promise from Obama to stay out of Syria”


  38. Nasty barsteward says:

    Sorry if this has already been covered but i stupidly didn’t notice a new thread and posted on the mid-week one. With regards to the Trump “escapade”.
    Probably way off of the mark, and I hate to add a conspiracy theory, however let me pose the following.
    What if this is a setup by the Government.
    Government tooth less when it comes to going head to head with a aunty beeb, however allow them to pick up something so “up their street” that they can’t resist it. You know that their fact checking is minimal, and what better way to give them rope to hang themselves? Then once the dust has settled from the now globally discredited organisation, step in to put them out of their misery and ingratiate yourselves with the previous victims of the fake news. Could be a very good way of looking favourable and making amends for your own previous misdemeanours against the victims. Gets an unofficial political opponent out of the way whilst also presenting a great scapegoat for many past reports.
    Like I said, probably fantasy, however this whole thing seemed false somehow, with too many obvious questions not given even a cursory attempt at being answered.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Just need to check if this is a spoof account…


    • Doublethinker says:

      The NHS should open a charity to which all those of virtue could donate.


      • Bones says:

        Alternatively open charity hospitals such as those that operated before being incorporated into the NHS.
        Won’t be popular as these were generally run by Jewish, Catholic and other Christian charities.


    • Grant says:


      There is nothing to stop anyone who wants to pay more tax from doing so. They should put their money where there mouth is.


  40. AsISeeIt says:

    “It’s getting a bit boring now”

    Second-string BBC business presenter Sean Farrington comments on another new stock market high. Yeah, I know what you mean, Sean. It’s so much more fun reporting on bad economic news – then you can link it to Brexit!

    Our Steph McGovern has sympathy for poor Sean having to report all this good news “Never mind, it’ll probably be record lows next week”

    I take it she’s joking and that’s not her serious forcast – project fear has finished, luv.


  41. GoingInNowDan says:

    I watched Mr Trump’s news conference on BBC Parliament last night. Was it only me, or when the BBC man introduced himself, the reply from DT was muffled… you couldn’t hear “that’s another beauty”……is this the same as actually happened? You could hear everything else.


  42. Peter Grimes says:

    Toady programme 8.35 today and Bernard Jenkin demolished Miss Shouty Montague Lady Brooke’s arguments for transition/pass porting.

    Apparently the City no longer clamours for passporting (he even mentioned my old boss Yassukovich) but is happy with regulatory equivalence and the nonsense about duties on supply change movements are a total red herring.

    Bit by bit project fear is demolished.


    • Umbongo says:

      True but, although the passporting myth has been demolished, like Dracula the BBC won’t let it lie. You can be assured that at some time in the very near future (maybe it occurred later in the Today programme itself) a BBC “analyst” or so-called journalist or any one of the plethora of Remainers on the BBC speed dial will bring up passporting as a problem to be dealt with: preferably by dropping brexit altogether or – even better – going for the Cleggie solution (join the EEA, pay all the attendant costs to Brussels, have no say in EU rule making, accept no limits on immigration).


  43. Guest Who says:

    Always sad to see family feuding


  44. Marion says:

    Brief item on BBC TV news this morning about Pocahontas’ burial in Gravesend, and how Mrs Rolfe, as she had become, was celebrated in London in the 1600s.

    Such a racist country!


  45. GoingInNowDan says:

    Credit where it’s due. “Income inequality among men soars”.


  46. Oldspeaker says:

    I don’t think we pay for this tentacle of the BBC and apparently ” Profits are used to help keep the licence fee low “, the snippet below reads like one of those glossy inhouse corporate borefests that used to do the rounds when there was money to waste.
    True global reach precisely targeted at an individual impression level. BBC Advertising delivers a premium audience targeting solution, managed through industry leading data management platform Krux. Capture user activity across all screens and reach audiences on any device with exclusive customisable segments from across the BBC.”
    For those with a Herculian boredom threshold,

    Can they truly seperate international advertising from their domestic activity.


  47. Dave666 says:

    Rip off Britain: Holidays. Why do they need to do this show from Tenerife & not media city Salford?


    • Guest Who says:

      Because doing it from Bali is reserved for eco resort PR promos or AGW conference ‘reports’?


    • Lobster says:

      Dave – And why does it need 3 so-called presenters reading one sentence each?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Dave666 …Rip off Britain: Holidays. Why do they need to do this show from Tenerife & not media city Salford? …

      Probably the same reason that Nikki Chapman does her visual voice overs from an anonymous exotic island when reporting on “Wanted Down Under” ! Wearing an array of different frocks and hairdos, she is NEVER on camera with the family participants, so why pay her to fly to what looks like a Caribbean island to do her fill-ins ? she could do her voice over unseen from the studio.

      Perhaps its her reward for suffering all weathers when actually appearing on camera with potential house buyers in Escape to the Country ! who knows.


  48. Guest Who says:

    Taking bets on which major paper will dominate BBC news headline shows….


    • johnnythefish says:

      Ah, so that’s it – all you need to be a great President is to talk a good game.


  49. MartinW says:

    After several days salivating over and milking the Trump story for all it’s worth, the BBC finally invited two adults on to the Today programme, namely, Frederick Forsyth and Christopher Andrew, who injected some long-awaited common sense. As for the Moscow hotel tale, anyone with any historic knowledge of Russia knows about bugging, and it is the first thing a visitor thinks about when entering the building. If I’ve known about it for fifty years, and have not visited the country, we can be very certain Trump has too, and would be very careful. Of course, the BBC could have interviewed adults when the story broke, but it was too delicious for them to kill straight away. It’s becoming ever more apparent that it is the BBC as presently constituted that needs killing.


    • Grant says:


      I have posted similar here. Agree with you about Freddie and Christopher Andrew, both grown-ups. Andrew wrote the “Authorised ” history of MI5 which is well worth reading to debunk some of the myths. Naturally both individuals are hated by the Left.

      Trump would indeed have been incredibly stupid to indulge in those antics.

      It would be interested to know how much Steele was paid for his report and by whom. Indeed there are many questions that serious journalists should be asking of him. That, of course, would exclude the BBC.


      • Framer says:

        The Steele report, if you could bother reading it, is just a collection of gossip and chatter, the sort you would hear in any pub near Westminster. Over-complicated and specualtive in contradictory ways, it would leave anyone who commissioned it like Jeb Bush baffled as to what to do with the overblown contents. Sell it to the democrats seems the wisest move. The BBC’s sudden new security expert, Paul Somebody, is built from the same mould as Steele but knows the job in hand – Get Trump.


        • Grant says:


          Are you suggesting that Steele cobbled together a load of BS just for money ? Heaven forbid !