Forget me not


Forgetfulness, a useful quality, a quality which ensures we can stand tall in the world as it crumbles around us and we can forget that it is we who helped cause that world to crumble.  ‘We’ being the BBC.

Interesting to hear the new narrative from Justin Webb on the Today programme.  Now Obama’s grand tour of the UK as he was bussed in by Cameron and the Remainers was Obama ‘getting it wrong’ as he announced that if we voted for Brexit Britain would suffer his wrath and be dumped at the back of the trade deal queue.  Funny, I seem to remember the BBC eagerly making that headline news during the campaign.

Then there’s Syria and that vote in Parliament….we hear from the horse’s mouth that Obama backed away from decisive military action because of the vote in the British Parliament in which Miliband betrayed the Syrian people and left them to die.  Funny how Miliband never gets a mention when all this is being discussed on the BBC.  Now that military action, the lack of, is a bad thing.  Odd how the BBC’s presentation of events changes to suit…the BBC being part of the problem when the vote to approve miltary action was on the table, doing all it could to help block it…such as not broadcasting a video of a chemical attack on a  school just before the vote, a vote based precisely on such considerations….would the film have changed the vote at all?  The BBC didn’t take the risk and censored it until the vote was safely out of the way.


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40 Responses to Forget me not

  1. GoingInNowDan says:

    One thing you’ll quickly learn about the meeeeedja, if you didn’t already know, is that “they” are never wrong.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Very short and unreliable memories at the BBC and on the TODAY Programme.

    At the weekend or on Monday they were telling us via some ‘research scientist’ that we should take an exactly 60 minute post-lunch nap to stave off the inevitable ageing process. This morning (Wednesday!) they have just rolled out some Quack Doc from Help the Aggrieved who claims you should not drink coffee (because of its caffeine content) after 2pm each day in order to get a good nights sleep. Tea is OK, apparently, but the Quack is not enough of a Doctor to know that ordinary tea contains ….. caffeine.

    Last Saturday’s TODAY Programme was rather sinister as well as being very funny for its obvious bias & propaganda. They are campaigning for more taxes on cars and sugar (whether in drinks or not) no doubt to stave off increases in Income Tax and National Insurance for their high earning personnel.

    You cannot now trust anything the BBC broadcasts. It is very, very sad.


    • Guest Who says:

      Nick ‘someone told me’ Robinson doesn’t need memories.

      He just needs a suitable one degree of separation source of gossip he can pass on.

      FOI exempted.

      For real short memories, read the Pollard Report. Seems the entire top floor was staffed by Sgt. Schultz.


        • All Lives Matter says:

          Many of the claims have already been debunked. Memos have been revealed between MSM outlets flat-out admitting they can’t back up any of the theories (or at least not the most provocative ones) and that it’s essentially one last desperate smear campaign. Their desperation is stunning, and hugely entertaining. They thought they had their safe puppet candidate as a shoe-in for the White House, and now they’re flailing about like Trump mocking flustered people – which the media of course dishonestly claimed was imitating disability because one of his dozens of targets happens to have deformed wrists.

          Just over a week to go now, folks.


        • G.W.F. says:

          Don’t forget they even mention the one about Trump and ‘golden showers’.



          • Lucy Pevensey says:

            I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing at that!


          • Dogger Bank says:

            The BBC have no option but to run with any anti-trump story. I like the way that the US security services allow the POTUS to stay at an hotel “known to be under FSB control etc.”. I presume that that’s the way international security services run, with reciprocal rights accorded by the CIA/FBI to the FSB when their man visits…..


          • Grant says:

            If the hotel was known to be “under FSB control “, why would Trump risk compromising himself ?


          • NCBBC says:

            Proof That Donald Trump Does Not Assault Women

            Diana Davidson specializes in men’s issues. Ms Davison analyzes the tape minute by minute and points out how the media intentionally twisted the whole tape.

            This is well worth the 20 minute listen and an utter revelation which you certainly will not hear from the media. This is an outstanding analysis and in the way she explains it there is nothing close to what the media portrays.


            • NCBBC says:

              Well worth listening to, then make up your mind.


              • Scroblene says:

                Rhod Sharpe on 5 ‘Live’ (delayed obviosly, can’t have ono-believers here) nearly wet himself when he ‘wanted to look at’ this non-story after 4:00 am.

                I couldn’t sleep so had to listen to something, well didn’t I…

                Not an ounce of sincerity in any of the people he talked to, it was all supposition and innuendo, and nowhere was a single fact established!

                And why wasn’t there anything mentioned about Billary and her wayward Willy being caught ‘at it’ in the same sort of hotel back when they were supposed to be famous?

                Billary spent ages and millions of other people’s money trying to get ahead of BarryO’B eight years ago, and easily failed back then as well! I’m sure they didn’t just say nothing – perhaps it’s all on a cassette now, waiting for Godot…;0)


          • Grimer says:

            So, these unfounded allegations basically amount to him paying hookers to piss on a bed while he watched (… in front of him). It doesn’t even say he was part of the action. Really? Is that it? Why not just piss on the bed yourself before you leave the hotel? It makes no sense.


    • JosF says:

      There might actually have been a time that you could trust the BBC I recon it was when I was about 6 rather than my current 60, Yet many people think the BBC is the gold standard of broadcasting, Maybe if you are one of the sheeple who always beleive in what the BBC says and never question or are too lazy to question what the BBC says. But on the other hand if you do question what the BBC says and then cross reference with other soucres of news and information then you will soon realise that the BBC is far from the gold standard of broadcasting and has been so for at least the last three decades if not even further back


  3. quisquose says:

    Whilst on the subject of forgetful BBC, it was only last Friday (6/1/17) when I posted my annoyance at them for giving significant time to Sopphie Michael (6:16 am), the National Head of Retail and Wholesale at BDO, to inform us that December’s “HIGH STREET SALES WERE DOWN!”

    This wasn’t based on official numbers, it was based on BDO’s market research. I pointed out that I had never heard mention of this speculative analysis before on the BBC. Why would they do that, just days before the official numbers were to be released?

    So yesterday’s official numbers showed that sales were up, much stronger than expected.

    What we have is our state broadcaster attempting to talk the economy down. Why?

    What we have is our state broadcaster attempting to undermine the security of the very people that fund it. Why?


    • Edward says:

      Because the BBC is losing its grip on mind-control. They’re upping the


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Those must be what are known as rhetorical questions.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      A quick check shows BDO to have it’s HQ located in Brussels. Need any more be said about the likely veracity of their findings or why they are suddenly the bBBC’s choice for information about the Post-Brexit vote British Economy?


  4. NCBBC says:

    Was Obama threatening the UK that if we didn’t vote to “Remain” h would see that we joined the end of the line.

    Can this be seen as interfering in our elections?

    As it turned out, we voted Out, and the Obama’s candidate was thrown Our.


  5. JosF says:

    The same BBC that ignored shillary clinton’s myriad misdeeds but was more than happy to spread any flasehood about Donald Trump it and the rest of its chums in the rest of the lying and dying MSM could dream up them hope we we would forget it when they got caught out and their lies exposed, And dont get me started on the BBC and its role as an EU propaganda parrot in Brexit


    • NCBBC says:

      Hillary’s acts in installing a private email server for her private mail as well as official Secretary of State business, must rank close to treason. Every TDH, Vladimir, Lee Ho Fook, could access her server, and all secret American, Western and NATO, stuff is in foreign hands

      Then to make things even easier for all, her campaign advisor, Podesta, had a crafty and cryptic password – “password”. Now who would ever think of such a password. Obviously, according to intelligent chiefs at the DNC, the password was so obvious, that no one would ever try that one. Brilliant.

      Now why did she want a private email server? Only Hillary knows.


  6. Deborahanother says:

    Obama has been a disaster for working class Americans and most especially black Americans.The BBC can never admit this since they went with the whole Hope N Change Messiah vibe.

    I think Donald Trump will try to help black Americans but he’s coming from a point of view that you must try to lift everyone up no matter their race or background.

    Obama failed everyone except the super rich/Hollywood.Thats why they lost.
    Wonder if the BBC will give Trump any credit if things improve .But then they would have to admit their Obama Utopia didnt happen.


    • Guest Who says:

      Obama a disaster?

      But the BBC [heart] Barmy soooooo much…


      “We become so secure in our bubbles, that we start accepting only information – whether it’s true or not – fits with our opinions”
      A warning from President Obama in his final farewell as president

      … they have totally severed the irony filter.

      Piece of piss, this reporting lark, eh, Aunty?


    • NCBBC says:

      Obama has been a disaster for America and the world. He inherited an Iraq with no ISIS, and the Taleban routed.

      What he is handing to Trump is a ISIS overrun Iraq, and the Taleban back in Afghanistan. Then he has totally destabilised Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Millions of Muslim invaders in Europe. And Christians virtually expunged from the ME.

      This is a catastrophic situation for the West. From the Islamisation of the West POV, its a resounding success.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        And don`t forget the race riots that we thought had been banished to the 60s.
        Well done Bazz!


  7. John says:

    BBC headline “World media – we will miss Obama”.

    Then read the article. Not surprisingly the UK (in case we didn’t know) Guardian was supportive as to a lesser extent was ARD. All the other media outlets quoted, from Germany, India, Saudi, Spain, China and Russia expressed the opinion that the world will be a better place without this idiot in the White House while listing some of his many failures.


    • Grant says:


      How typical of the clowns at the BBC to claim to speak for “The World media ” !


      • John says:

        BBC + Guardian + CNN = World Media

        Anything else = Fake News



      • Scroblene says:

        Listening, you know, to Toby Harnden (a pundit on hire to R5), you know, early this morning, (couldn’t sleep you know), you’d understand, you know, that he’d be, you know, pleased at the, you know, prospect of his, you know claim, that the Russian stuff, you know, was going to last the Sunday Times for, you know, for two years! Or at least, you know, as long as President Elect Trump was POTUS after, you know, next week, he’d be there, you know, for perhaps four years!

        Great journalism, incisive, intuitive, full of non-existent insight and utterly boring drivel, OK yaaaah.

        (You know…)


  8. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Didn’t George Orwell write the script for this?


  9. gaxvil says:

    We should be thankful that Obama was lazy and not too bright. With a brain and get up and go – he would have been dangerous.


  10. NISA says:

    “Steve” Evans, BBC man in Seoul, this morning delivered a lengthy sneering report based around the fact that Trump communicates in 140 characters (risking nuclear war etc.). No allowance for the fact that Trump is still a private citizen. Perhaps with the government spin machine at his disposal Trump will allow government statements to be passed through the intermediary of the MSM. Or perhaps not!


  11. Dave S says:

    Syria is always a contentious matter Alan. I remain convinced that military action by the West would have been a disaster and that Russia , after being deceived over Libya ( no regime change assurances broken) would have never have stood by and done nothing. A warm water port is too important for the Russian navy.
    What would the new post Assad regime in Syria have been? Almost certainly Salafi and a danger to the West.
    So whatever faults Obama and Milleband had their refusal to intervene in Syria were by chance probably the right actions. .


    • 60022Mallard says:

      We have now reached the stage where the Guardianistas / BBC get upset when innocents are killed, but equally upset if we try to do something about it!


    • NCBBC says:

      Syria is, or should I now say, was the best moderate secular dictatorship in the ME, considering what is on offer in the rest of the ME, from Saudi Arabia and the rest.

      Syria is/was a “beacon” of freedom of opportunity for religious minorities and women (comparatively). Christians can/could practice their faith publicly and without fear. Women can/could get an education and job, drive cars, and do just about anything.

      Syria was the one country that took in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians when we “liberated” Iraq. It is one the few ME countries that has freedoms for religious minorities.

      But our idiot politicians thought they could do better by replacing Assad, with al Nusra and so-called freedom fighters, all fronts for al Qaeda and worse.

      It was obvious that the replacement to Mubarak, Libya etc, would not be a liberal democratic regime, but a choice between a military junta and fanatic Islam. In fact, in Islamic countries, the best option is a stable moderate dictatorship. What we now have are fanatic Salafist regimes in the above, where burning churches and killing Christians is koranically sanctioned. So why expect any diffrent in Syria?

      Syria is the one country that has taken hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians when we “liberated” Iraq. It is one the few ME countries that has freedoms for religious minorities. America and Britain wanted to replace this by Saudi Arabia funded MB regime.

      I’m glad that Assad has won, with the backing of Russia.

      With millions of Muslim invaders pouring in from a ME that Obama destablised, its hard not to come to the conclusion, that this was part of Obama’s objective to destroy Christian Europe.


  12. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Hindsight is indeed a 20:20 science isn`t it?
    I too heard wise and long-suffering Justin Webb telling us all yesterday that maybe-just maybe-Obamas threat to us if we chose to vote Brexit-was a mis-step.
    Justin put this to the outgoing Obama banana who has a pen pal in Hull-oh, what a rebel eh?
    Justin also wondered if the US not following up on their red line threats to Syria was an error too?
    No-surely not.
    This is OBAMA FFS-Four More Years-surely?
    Well done Justin and the BBC-for there was me thinking at both Brexit and Syria that you`d been kissing Obamas ring as you do, and offering him up to us as a visionary Man of Peace and a Candid Friend of Britain for his concern and statesmanlike interventions to save us from our foolish selves.
    But the BBC are just utterly stupid, reflex idiots and temporary grandstanders. Not a clue what they said last week let alone in 2012 or last April.
    Hell-Webb can`t even quote what our PM says less than 24 hours after she said it.
    Poor sod-obviously Peter Woods sluggish sperm were depressed that day we got HIM as a BBC puffup for life.


  13. Guest Who says:

    ‘Forgetfulness, a useful quality, a quality which ensures we can stand tall in the world as it crumbles around us and we can forget that it is we who helped cause that world to crumble.’

    Ah yes, I remember eet well….

    When asked if he had reflected on Newsnight’s Savile report and the BBC’s managed risk programme list, Mr Entwistle said: “I must admit I don’t remember reflecting on the Jimmy Savile piece and the managed risk programme list.”
    Asked if he had any other conversation with Helen Boaden about the Savile report, he said: “Not that I can remember, no.”
    He adds: “I don’t remember anybody from News coming to say: ‘It’s over, we’re not going ahead with it.'”
    On influence from BBC News when he was director of BBC Vision: “No, I can’t recall anybody from news coming to me with an editorial anxiety of any sort… I would expect it to go up through their own management.”On Helen Boaden, the director of news: “I don’t remember Helen saying: ‘ I offer you my resignation,’ and me having to talk Helen out of it.”

    Market rate recall. Totally.

    Seems a mandatory on the BBC top floor. No wonder they are exempted from answering questions most of the time poor dears.