The ‘Ugly mood in our country post-Brexit’



Following our look at the Guardian’s concerns about Ofcom’s pro-BBC bias have a look at why a genuinely independent and effective BBC regulator is badly needed…from ‘News-Watch’ as it reports the BBC’s stone-walling response to its complaint about the BBC’s constant, malicious and racist, anti-white, labelling of post-Brexit Britain  as a nastier, more racist place…..[if you read Press reports on the day you will actually note that the attack mentioned below was more likely the result of drug-taking, alcohol and teenage boredom/stupidity/abandon…all of which the residents had complained of for months as the ‘gang’ had attacked many people at random previously]

On August, 31, Arkadiusz Jozwik, a Polish man living in Harlow, was killed in a late-night fracas in the pizza parlour where he worked.

In the immediate aftermath of the crime, police arrested six local youths (all under 16) but quickly released them on bail without charge.   There were no further developments until this week when a 15-year-old from Harlow was charged with Mr Jozwik’s manslaughter. Of fundamental importance, it has also emerged that a race hate charge in connection with the death is not being pursued.

When news of the killing emerged, the BBC’s news operation went into hyper-ventilating overdrive.

On the BBC1 News at Six, reporter Daniel Sandford compiled a report in which the fulcrum was there were now fears that this was a ‘a frenzied racist attack triggered by the Brexit referendum’.

A few hours later, John Sweeney, on BBC2’s Newsnight – one of the Corporation’s main investigative journalists – took matters a step further in the editing of his report. He included as the conclusion so that it could not be ignored this inflammatory sounbdbite from another local Polish man:

‘But I mean, Nigel Farage, I mean, thank you for that, because you are part of this death, and you’ve got blood on your hands, thanks to you, thanks for all your decision, wherever you are, er . . . yeah, it’s your call.’

Clearly in play and being reinforced to maximum extent by the Corporation was the central idea – evident in other programmes, too, as is documented on the News-watch website here –  that June 23 had unleashed a torrent of racist venom. In the BBC’s world the jackboots were now out – and on the march.

The following Monday, Guardian columnist and political activist (sorry, ‘rights campaigner’) Garry Younge was allowed to put together for a BBC Radio 4 series a barrage of sensationalist allegations in the same vein: that Britain, overnight since June 23, had become a seething cesspit of race-hate. Attacks were underway in terrifying, unprecedented volume.

On the advice of a senior BBC news executive – who claimed that the Corporation was listening to problems about post-Brexit coverage – News-watch submitted a formal complaint about the coverage of Harlow killing to the BBC Complaints Unit, focusing principally on the Sandford report.

Over seven-pages, it detailed that his approach was sensationalist, deliberately contrived to give maximum impact to the race hate claims, and also pointed out that it was seriously irresponsible and premature – in the light of the facts known to the police on August 31 and more generally about race-hate crime – to speculate so prominently either about race-hate motivation or about the crime’s possible link to Brexit.

The BBC’s response? A curt high-handed letter. It asserted that such speculation was legitimate because there had been a rise in reports of race-hate crime since June 23, and because other possible motives for Mr Jozwik’s death had been included in Sandford’s report.

The letter – which was mostly in an obviously standard format, and was so slipshod that it even spelled the name of Sandford incorrectly, omitting the ‘d’ – glossed over with what can only described as haughty arrogance the key points.

In response, News-watch submitted a second complaints letter pointing out the omissions and stating that the reply was totally unsatisfactory. That was on October 20.  On November 30 (ironically, the day of the manslaughter charges were laid) came the Complaints Unit’s second reply. It states:

‘We are sorry to tell you that we have nothing to add to our previous reply. We do not believe your complaint has raised a significant issue of general importance that might justify further investigation. We will not therefore correspond further in response to additional points, or further comments or questions made about this issue or our responses to it.’The lessons learnt? The core BBC complaints process, which will remain as the conduit which will deal with most of the complaints submitted to the BBC after Charter renewal, is intrinsically and, irrevocably unfit for purpose. The Corporation remains the primary judge of what is deemed a ‘significant issue of general importance’

The second Complaints Unit letter does point out that the BBC Trust, in some circumstances, does entertain appeals. But the fact is that – as Richard Ayre, one of the current Trustees, has admitted – it has not upheld a complaint on EU-related matters in its entire existence.

Will Ofcom change that approach? Don’t hold your breath. And meanwhile, the totally inaccurate BBC assumptions about Brexit and race-hate continue to spew forth.




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43 Responses to The ‘Ugly mood in our country post-Brexit’

  1. quisquose says:

    Nice summary.

    As much as the BBC wants to paint an inaccurate picture of hatred and racial division following Brexit, what they are actually doing is attempting to incite hatred and racial division.

    Earlier today on Radio 2 I heard he news headline “Theresa May vows to bring society back together following the Brexit vote”.

    Did Theresa May really say that? Of course not. The implication in that headline is blatantly clear. It is a continuation of the divisive and dangerous untruth that Brexit had unleashed a torrent of racist venom.

    The BBC now disgusts me.


    • Grant says:


      I read her mindless , boring speech but she did not say that. The BBC are lying as usual !


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Have just seen this Tweet from The Donald.

    Donald J. TrumpVerified account
    Many people would like to see @Nigel_Farage represent Great Britain as their Ambassador to the United States. He would do a great job!


  3. Swelter says:

    There is an ugly mood in this country and it is generated and fostered by the very type of people who make up the BBC.


  4. EnglandExpects says:

    The so-called ugly mood in this country has been building up for some time and is entirely the product of mass immigration over many years, especially since the Blair government stepped up the pace in a desire to ‘rub our noses in diversity’. However, successive governments since the 1960s have been turning a blind eye to the corrosive effects on our culture and way of life of their policies. Muslim immigration has made a bad situation even worse . Sensible levels of immigration that reflected labour shortages and could have been coped with by facilitating integration and avoiding ghettos, would have been acceptable . But no government had the sense to see this. The referendum vote was merely the delayed reaction to this incompetence by the British people , who had not been given a clear opportunity to express their views before , and had also been cowed by the unjustified charge of racism.
    The liberal-left no borders brigade can wail or sneer as much as they want but the facts are clear .


    • Marion says:

      “reflected labour shortages and could have been coped with by facilitating integration”

      Or better, by ensuring that the education system was fit for purpose for pupils who were not naturally academic. We have always educated the top 20% very well. The bottom 20%, and more recently, the bottom, white, male, working class 20%, have been left to stand and fester.


      • embolden says:

        Presumably any correlation between labour shortages and the number of abortions in the UK….(6-8 million since 1967) is purely coincidental.


      • Dogger Bank says:

        The education system that has been under the control of the leftards since the 1960’s resulting in a poorly educated indigenous population who are now insufficiently qualified for the work needed; is that the education system you mean?


  5. Grant says:

    Any “ugly mood” is due to Lefties, including the BBC, and Remainers.


  6. Deborahanother says:

    The so called ugly mood was there long before the referendum . The haves and have nots ,The widening pay gap. Cheap imported labour.

    i have no problem with people getting rich ,but I want my family and people I know to move up the scale a bit too and not be taken for fools.
    We have returned to serfdom via a kleptocracy where the elites take all of the wealth and throw a few bones to the rest of us.
    lets see the BBC analyse that !


  7. Mice Height says:

    This CBS report would make even the BBC blush –


  8. Jerry Owen says:

    A disabled youngster was tortured and humiliated last week on the underground.
    They found the culprits, four black teenagers, one reported as saying ‘kill white people’ or words to that effect.
    This is the race hate the BBC propagate.


    • Mice Height says:

      Exactly. When academia and the media constantly portray certain groups as victims who have no responsibility for their own actions or outcomes in life, whilst blaming their ills on some entirely fabricated “privilege” that whites supposedly have, then it’s no surprise that attacks and riots have become commonplace.


    • Synchro gnome says:

      No no no Jerry – it can’t be race hate because black people can’t be racist. And if you say otherwise, BlackLivesMatter will come round and pop a cap in yo’ sorry white ass for you. Yu bin warned.


  9. chrisH says:

    There`s no such thing as an ugly mood-we were delighted to win our referendum, so it`s not US that are the problem,
    It is THEM-spearheaded by the BBC and the political elite that they serve-that are creating, fermenting and feeding their own uglies to create division and trouble.
    And if a few Poles die-well more to their good, as far as they see it.
    Despicable-but this is the liberal elite, the BBC and Soros, all his considerable supporters-there`s a HELL of a lot at stake to the EU, the UN and all they fund and get their succours from. They`ll not give it up easily, 43 years of parasitic barnacles will need some effort and creativity. As if the cossetted parasitic elite who phone it in whilst leeching off our opened veins. will want to actually WORK?
    Listen to the fifteen minutes and news headlines from 7.45am today.
    Justin Webb shamlessly says Theresa May said things that she didn`t-Richard Tice corrects it, but Roland Rudd and Webb are able to steamroller over objections and create that narrative of celebrities, of Trump-bashing, of “Sensible Brexit” as opposed to a “clean one”? We`re PAYING for these daily lies.
    Thankfully James Jones gets in a good Thought For the Day-none of them would have listened though, but he mentions Michael Fish and Secular Astrologists who presume to know anything about Brexit etc-also gets a good crack in about the direct printing of the Bible replacing the priests and popes.And so the Internet will replace the priests and popes at the BBC being the implication in our times.


    • NotSure says:

      “Justin Webb says Theresa May said things that she didn’t….”
      1) SJW’s always lie.

      ” …but Roland Rudd and Webb are able to steamroller over objections…”
      2) SJW’s will double down on that lie when exposed.

      “…and create that narrative of celebrities, of Trump bashing…”
      3) SJW’s always project their own insecurities.

      When you fully understand the social justice disease, it becomes more visible.

      Try Vox Day’s book ‘SJW’s always lie’ if you haven’t already.


  10. Number 88 says:

    Perhaps this would be the opportunity to remember, Duncan Keating a Brexit supporter killed in an ‘ugly’ attack following the referendum. Needless to say our friends at the BBC were a little more circumspect in their coverage.

    ‘Brexit supporter died just hours after being battered and threatened by Remain voter’

    ‘A STAUNCH Brexit supporter was found dead in his home just hours after being battered and threatened he would be burned alive by his neighbour in a heated row over the EU referendum.’

    ‘Brexit voter died after brutal attack by Remain supporter in row over EU referendum’

    ‘Brexiter brutally beaten by Remain voter in row over EU referendum dies hours later’

    ‘BREXIT BASH DEATH Brexit voter dies after brutal beating by Remainer neighbour in row over EU referendum – The pensioner threatened to set his neighbour alight after discovering he voted to Leave’

    OH! And the BBC version. In full (which only made the Manchester pages of its website)

    A man has been charged with assault after a man was found dead at a home in Manchester.
    Duncan Keating, 57, was found at the property in Victoria Square, Ancoats, at about 20:00 BST on Saturday.
    Graham Dunn, 62, of Edge Lane, Droylsden, has been remanded in custody to appear before magistrates in Manchester on Wednesday.
    A post-mortem examination has concluded Mr Keating died as a result of “postural asphyxia”, police said.
    His mother, Jean Keating, said the family has been left “devastated, heartbroken and still in disbelief”.

    I need to check again!…but there are a few bits of information which the ‘World’s most trusted broadcaster’ seems to have forgotten to mention in its report.’


    • StewGreen says:

      “A pathologist concluded that Mr Keating had died from positional asphyxia and intoxication through consumption of alcohol, methadone and cannabis.”
      Dunn was jailed for 5.5 years


  11. BBCReject says:

    Talking about ‘Ugly Mood’ this makes me angry:

    I have children a little younger than this, but old enough to have friends who feel ‘bitter and cynical and let down’ as most of their generation do, and quite frankly I don’t blame them. Luckily mine are a little more street wise and open minded about things, and intelligent enough to notice when someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but still they sometimes get upset by the doom laden brainwashing they’re constantly exposed to.

    BUT, it is the EU and it’s supporters (BBC!) who are to blame for this brainwashing, and for MOST of the problems faced by the younger generation, and a lot of the current ‘ugly mood’ is simply a result of the lies they’ve been fed about the ‘golden opportunities’ they’re going to miss out on when we leave the EU and how great the EU is for their generation etc… – all lies, lies and more damned lies, and spoon fed to our children by the likes of the Beeb and impressionable, foolish young teachers (yes, teachers, straight out of teaching college, no experience of life and totally brainwashed themselves).

    Sorry to rant, but it really makes me mad, I truly believe our young people deserve better and being out of the EU offers them a very real chance for a better future, that is why I voted Brexit and I’m quite sure it’s why many others did too.


    • AceFlyingPig says:

      Afraid I have to agree with you BBCR regarding teachers, and it isn’t just the ones out of college that are brain washed but the whole educational establishment. Immediately after the referendum I bit my tongue and tried to refrain from responding to the hysterical rantings unleashed by virtually all the Remainers that I knew on social media. Until it came to a family relative (by marriage) who is a teacher and his coleagues in the teaching profession, all of whom had some sort of communal emotional breakdown. These were teachers of all ages ranging from 25 to 60. I had to respond when I saw commenbts that Brexiteers should be totally ashamed of their vote, that we were uneducated, racist, bigoted, Little Englanders, etc, etc, etc.

      During the course of the conversation I was advised that all of the pupils at a particular school had been involved in a mock referendum and, without exception, had voted to remain in the EU, supposed evidence (their words) that I and people like me had betrayed an entire generation. It never occurred to the teachers that this did not reflect the voting in even the most ardent of Remainer constituencies and therefore might have been subject to some serous analysis.

      This particularly interested me given the general consensus of the teachers comments. So after listing all of the flaws of the EU that I could think of to quieten down a particularly vociferous and ill informed female teacher (whose language was an eye opener), I asked who, in this referendum, had put the opposite side to staying in EU. After a period of silence interspersed with yet more insults, I was told that there was no-one on the teaching side that agreed with leaving so there was no point in lying to the pupils. When I pointed out that in the interests of at least an attempt at a fair debate that an effort should have been made to inform the pupils of some of the points that I had raised. I was advised in no uncertain terms that there was no point as they were vastly outweighed by the benefits, and that would only serve to confuse them.

      This then passes for education in out schools, so I am afraid that the teaching profession, and therefore their pupils, have already been indoctrinated into the approved lines of thought by the training colleges. Hence BBC comments about the science of climate change as settled therefore no need to reflect any other opinion, safe spaces and guest speaker exclusions in Universities, etc. I’m afraid the left wing long term plan to infiltrate our institutions and media is almost complete.


      • chrisH says:

        The last independently-minded teacher walked out of State enforcement sometime after Ken Bakers godawful National Curriculum of 1988.
        Yes, there ARE of course examples of teachers who DO think for themselves, actually KNOW stuff that matter and can TEACH it. But they`re sidelined, dying off and the place is now left to light sabre drug toking wannabes who are occupying a gap year, seeking time off from thought or hoping to break into childrens TV.
        Most teachers these days have no education theory whatsoever and no history of their calling. Just state ciphers that Blair left us with, and continuing the class war by Gramscian rules(not that they know this-they just love Obama and get the Guardian read to them).
        Private schools still have true teachers, the rare decent teacher is doomed by management, exams and hate-filled jealous colleagues to go it alone. It`s easier to leave, keep schtum until the pension comes.
        Education was left by Thatcher-and it`s irreversible now that the Greens, the Deviants and the Left have shrink wrapped it for Islamic takeover.
        Take God out of school?-well here`s Caroline Lucas and Chukka Umumna to give the lead now.The Left has always sought a pliant pool of voting fodder who would rampage down Whitehall if they ever lost an election.That was 2015.


    • cockneyboy says:

      BBCReject it’s why I recently got up off my arse and joined UKIP.


    • Demon says:

      ■50% felt it was harder to get a job than a year ago
      A lot more people both economic migrants and Eastern Reuropeans chasing the same jobs. It should be higher than 50%

      ■42% felt traditional goals like home ownership or a steady job were unrealistic

      Same reasons again with too many people taking (or being handed) these homes and jobs.

      ■34% felt they would have a worse standard of living than their parents

      Sadly true – it should be much higher than 34%. Being part of the EU has helped to tank the economy and people are living longer and feel they have the right to the pensions they wre promised and paid into for many years. I don’t know how this can be resolved.

      ■28% felt out of control of their lives.

      If we stay in the EU they won’t have to worry as the EU intends to control all our lives for us.


    • Moodswing6 says:

      I have so many thoughts going through my mind and the large Merlot probably has something to do with that. However the frustration, anger, confusion, helplessness that I feel, it’s beyond my ability to adequately explain in words. The younger generations have been brainwashed brilliantly and sadly this is the supposedly well educated. Come on, education doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a business a sham but those kids put on a gown and cap and believe they know and understand the world. Of course there are some sumpremly talented and wonderful younger people but my heart sinks because look at the world they have inherited. Ok I’m rambling so let me try to condense my thoughts. Once I thought the BBC was brilliant, actually my hero. Finding out just what it has become and what it is doing has shattered me. I’ve switched off. I voted Brexit because I was disgusted at the arrogant control which Brussels thought was acceptable.
      I am not anti European and I want them to enrich our lives and be able to travel and work and have fun but I want some sort of control. I want paperwork so we know who comes in when and whose going out. Is that so wrong. I am extremely anti Islam and totally unhappy about what their goals are. Of course this instantly makes me a nasty racist ugly bastard. This is so far from the truth. In another time I would have been the person to hold out my hand to shake theirs but guess what as a non Muslim if even they were to shake my hand how genuine would it be. As a gay Jewish Man would I still have a hand left? Sorry everyone this is my first post and I know it’s not quite kosher and slightly all over the place but I had to get some stuff out there.
      I’m getting so much from reading this site and knowing that there are people out there who really really do care and are grounded.


      • Grant says:


        Great post ! Have another glass of Merlot !! I hope it is Chilean !


        • Moodswing6 says:

          Grant thank you for the compliment. I think it was a Chilean Merlot. Of course that was my last drink ever.


  12. Nibor says:

    So we are nasty and racist but people are queuing , and jumping the queue , to get here . Why would that be ?
    If we are nasty and racist then other people wouldn’t like us , so why are they trying to be near us , amongst us, living with us ?
    Is it for the money ? If so why should we like these people who want to live among nasty people just for the money ?
    Perhaps the country has become Nasty and racist because of the importation of greedy people who break into someone else’s country but obviously have no love for the country . People who want to leave their own country to go and live with nasty people are obviously nasty themselves . So how can you stop a country becoming nasty if you bring into it nasty people ?

    Does the BBC ever discourage people in other lands from coming to live in a nasty place ?


  13. Demon says:

    I don’t know about an ugly mood but the Uglies have been in a bad mood since Brexit.


  14. Sluff says:

    Does the ‘ugly mood’ mentioned include the actions of the white anglo saxon lorry driver who has helped to raise over £200k forvthe family of the Polish lorry driver murdered by a person of a certain religious persuasion on route to wiping out a large number of pedestrians in Berlin recently?
    Or would this not fit the bBBC Brexit narrative?


    • Aerfen says:

      They are actually happy to promote a few white ‘role models’ whose behavior accords with the Globalist pro mass immigration agenda.


  15. Aerfen says:

    An some at the BBC think there isn’t enough brainwashing

    Oliver Beach, who appeared on the BBC show Tough Young Teachers, claimed British educators must adjust to the “post-truth” politics of 2017.TEACHERS must force children not to believe the “lies” and “frightening” developments of Brexit and Donald Trump. Beach claims that teachers must fight against a “reactionary counter-revolution”


    • richard D says:

      I read this report, and there, laid bare for all to see, is the ‘Ugly mood in our country post-Brexit’

      Our educators will no longer educate….they will become indoctrinators, and they will indoctrinate, especially if this alt-left idiot and his ilk have their way.


  16. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Has anyone happened on this news item yet?
    BBC Kid thinks schools need an even more severe brainwashing system.


  17. Cranmer says:

    If there was genuinely some sort of ugly xenophobia in Britain, it would have raised its head long before the Brexit vote and would still be going on after it. I suspect the so called rise in racial incidents was a conflation of hysteria with a few idiots giving vent to frustrations that had been building up for a long time and which were probably always there. I spoke to a couple of Hungarian acquaintances after the vote and although I can’t be sure, the ‘abuse’ they’d received seemed to be more of the type of silly ribbing that British people make to each other at work about anything and everything. Most other countries have a different sense of humour and can perceive ‘abuse’ where it wasn’t intended.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      I recently witnessed two white London Underground employees ribbing an Asian colleague:

      “Where’ve you been Mo? Down on the platform again, frightening the passengers?”

      All three of them chuckled. I found it rather re-assuring.


    • Aerfen says:

      Quite, people being teased about when they are going home!


  18. FeelLikeWTF says:

    The BBC carefully chose the Polish as for historic reasons even the “old bigoted waycist” like them for historical reasons. I must say after my Christmas in Hungary visiting family I have seen it first hand that the EU rhetoric reached the 20s generation in Budapest. My better half went to an “English Pub” in and was moaned at for having voted Brexit by Hungarian youngsters (in skinny jeans and with beards). Shows that it takes one generation to get from Communists brainwashing to EU brainwashing. Still Hungary only gets the BBC reporting on the migrant crisis at its borders, great around Xmas, especially when there is snow. Not about the incidents shown and reported in Hungary about transit camps trashed by migrants, riots and their refusal of donation of all kinds from catholic charities, aggressive herd mentality against workers distributing food, showing their “throatcutting” hand signals to all because the they wish want to get to Germany and Sweden instantly without delay. Oh well, I had CNN and BBC for English news if I ever felt I missed R4 :/


    • Dogger Bank says:

      Yes I was quite saddened to hear reports that the Polish were being scapegoated as we had grown up and gone to school with the children of Polish ex-pats who had come to the UK to escape the German domination of Europe in the war. In addition I worked with a couple of Polish carpenters after leaving school before joining up and they were lovely guys who cried when I left. So I have fond memories of Poles and great respect for what they did to help in the fight against the national socialists in the 1940s. It just emphasises how low the left are in that they use any tool to manipulate public opinion to push their agenda, I despise them.


  19. PADDY088 says:

    Are the Polish a different “Race” from White English Folks?, I was under the impression that we were both a white Caucasian “Race”. I could be wrong, if so then my apologies, but I am prepared to live and learn, even at my age.
    BTW, when I first came into contact with Polish Folk, (when I started my Apprenticeship with the NCB), Poles were always viewed as hard workers,(and to my experience, the only type of Immigrant that was actually prepare to work underground) and although they occasionally used to like to have a round of “Fisticuffs” over some argument or another, the next day they usually could be seen with their arms around each others shoulders singing the glories of Solidarity, black eyes or not!


    • Marion says:

      “Are the Polish a different “Race” from White English Folks?”

      Not really, but it was organisations like the BBC that extended the term, through its derivation “racist”, to include groups that it felt needed one-sided protection from things that members might not want to hear, and to silence opinions and reports that the BBC didn’t like. Then politicians, who should have known better, did likewise.

      Poles have never been the main problem in any case. They’ve had an impact in specific areas, certainly, and drink a lot as you say, but no long lasting damage as far as I can see.

      But back to “race” and “racist”, they lost any real meaning years ago.