Booking the cooks


Jamie Oliver today made an angry Instagram post, insisting while he could accept a Brexit result he would be 'out' of Britain if Boris Johnson becomes PM 


Remain are so desperate to keep Operation #Brexitdisastrousfailure in the headlines that they are sacrificing their leading lights… Sir Ivan Rogers has fallen on his sword and gone down making as much noise as possible, the BBC reporting with reverence his death rattle as wisdom to be passed on to future generations and now Jamie Oliver has made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause and closed his Italian restaurants in order to garner a few anti-Brexit headlines…which the BBC obligingly provides.

Jamie was a vociferous backer of the Remain campaign, but the BBC doesn’t tell us that as it reports…

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is closing six of his 42 UK Jamie’s Italian restaurants.

The company said that the market was “tough” and the uncertainties caused by Brexit had intensified the pressures.

The price of ingredients bought in Italy has gone up because of the fall in the value of the pound against the euro since the vote to leave the EU.

Chief executive Simon Blagden said: “As every restaurant owner knows, this is a tough market and, post-Brexit, the pressures and unknowns have made it even harder.”

So Brexit closed down poor old Jamie’s marvellously European restaurant chain?  Not so much.  It closed because it was crap…and prices of ingredients were already high due to their supposedly being so high quality…this from 2015, long before the dread Brexit vote….

Jamie’s one-star meals: Customers give Jamie Oliver’s Italian chain the lowest marks of any comparable restaurants as staff slam conditions 

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is dealing with a deluge of criticism over his Jamie’s Italian chain after scathing reviews from customers and staff alike.

The business has the lowest ratings on Google reviews compared to its main competitors with around one in four grading one of his restaurants at one-star since September. 

Customers have criticised the food and service online. 

One writer, known as Jane S, said Jamie should ‘get a grip’ over his Italian restaurant in Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

On TripAdvisor she said: ‘This is a chain restaurant and as such, my expectations were not great. However this did not even meet my limited expectations. 

‘I love Jamie Oliver recipes but the food we were presented with, in my opinion, did not represent his cuisine and that, I suppose is the crux of the problem, when you become such a big brand.’

In a Google review of a Jamie’s Italian in Portsmouth, Paul Cartmell wrote: ‘The worst food ever tasted in any eating place. Had the autumn risotto and it was like eating a bowl of salt, my father had steak and you could have re-soled a shoe with it and my mother had pasta and there was not enough to feed a four-year-old.

‘The only one who had a nice meal was my wife who had trout but you had to buy all the trimmings separate. We complained but the chef just turned his nose up. Never again.’ 

Other complaints include meals being overpriced, although the chain has said prices are higher because better quality ingredients are used. 

So essentially the BBC peddling a Remain campaigner’s propaganda which is patently untrue.  More BBC fake news.


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17 Responses to Booking the cooks

  1. NCBBC says:

    Major “cooking the books” is in the so-called settled science of Climate Change.

    DELINGPOLE: Green Energy is a Charter For Crooks And Liars. The Scam Must End Now

    I dont know how many trillions are going to be wasted in the next few decades, damage to the economy, and increasing poverty for the poor, before this enormous government scam is stopped.

    I dont think it ever will, as politicians are too heavily involved in the so-called science. Too much money from the tax payers, to well connected people.

    IF Trump can put a spanner in the AGW works, that in itself will justify his election.


  2. Oaknash says:

    What a perfect opportunity for a celebrity gobshite to try and make us feel guilty because one of his businesses failed and us ignorant unwashed masses didnt vote the way him and kool Jouls wanted us too – All I can say is DIDDUMS!

    Whilst I feel sympathy for the staff who will be laid off – I would be delighted if our brexit vote damaged the business interests of these self important celebrities with an overarching sense of entitlement who think that their view on the world is any more important than the rest of us.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that Posh Spice may well sell a few less of her ghastly frocks this year or even Gary Linewankers share portfolio takes a bashing due to me voting for brexit!

    So bring it on!


    • wronged says:

      ‘The price of ingredients bought in Italy has gone up because of the fall in the value of the pound against the euro since the vote to leave the EU.’

      The value of the pound was even lower against the Euro in 2009,2010,2011 and 2013 than it is currently today. The monthly chart shows the Pound continuing to rise against the Euro.

      The real reason Jamie, is that your restaurants don’t ‘cut the mustard’.


    • Grimer says:

      He is a very successful brand and I do think his heart is generally in the right place – his attempts to improve school dinners highlighted a serious issue. A lot of children growing up in dysfunctional homes rely on school dinners as their only proper meal of the day. I think we can do better than processed crap.

      That said, he’s a bit of twat.

      The problems for celebrity chefs are the same as manufactured pop stars. If a pop star doesn’t hit number 1 with a new song, it is seen as a failure. That can then become self-reinforcing and they spiral to obscurity. Apparently, they won’t release a new single unless they’re very sure it will make number 1. For a household name to close these restaurants creates an aura of failure which could infect his other restaurants and ventures – e.g. he’s past it / yesterday’s man / old news. If it was a branch of Pizza Express people would just shrug their shoulders and move on. He doesn’t have that luxury.

      I suspect he’d rather look like a prat blaming Brexit than a high profile chef with restaurants failing due to crap food and service.


  3. Jerry Owen says:

    The deputy governor of the ‘Bank of England’ today states they got everything wrong about their predictions for the economy, and people are ‘carrying on as normal’ ( just not at Jamies ‘spit’ and sawdust restaurants ).
    Britain’s economy and growth are very strong.
    People in the real world don’t feel we live in a divided or worse country since the referendum, people are just getting on with their lives, business as usual.


    • Grimer says:

      I think we do live in a more divided country, but I think that the media and remain politicians are to blame. Their claims that it ‘isn’t winner takes all’ and ‘we can still stop this’ are preventing people from embracing the new reality.


  4. Mice Height says:

    His written English is worse than the food in his restaurants.


  5. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    I noticed on Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’ (from Hull) this evening that there were a couple of references to the city having gone into economic decline in the 1970s but neither Dimbleby J nor any other panel member wanted to explain why that might have been. Anything to do with the Common Market, like the case of Grimsby?

    Also, ‘The Sun’ was said to have offended Hull with some article, leading to a campaign to boycott the newspaper Liverpool-style. Dimbleby seemed to enjoy this but he should ponder that if a similar campaign were to be organised against the BBC, which is so consistently offensive to many British people, there would be mass non-payment of the telly tax and his salary would have to be cut.


  6. taffman says:

    I am surprised that they haven’t blamed this on Brexit ……..


    • DownBoy says:

      Well, it has been described as a seismic event.


    • boohanna says:

      They’re holding back trying to work out how to blame it on Trump.

      Mind you, Trump did support a Brexit vote, so………

      He is half Jock mind so I blame Scotland.


  7. Guest Who says:

    This one is a hoot, straight out of W1A.

    Perfect Curve: “No probs spinning this one, Jamie. Just blame Brexit and the BBC is onside”.

    Jamie: “But, what about the Internet and social media we don’t control?”

    PC: “It’s ok, all the folk we dine with at your restaurants only read our posts”


  8. NotSure says:

    Think the bBC are spinning that story beyond its value?
    Check out the headline in the nations favourite free daily comic – Metro –

    ‘Jamie Oliver is brexit’s latest victim as he is FORCED to close six restaurants.’

    Victim? Holy shit. I’ve heard it all now.

    At least I hope I have….


    • Grant says:


      “Forced” . By whom ? Couldn’t been his own mismanagement , could it ? Looks like Jamie did not hedge his currency exposure. If he had good advisors , they would have told him that but I suspect the he is too think to understand. Being a good cook does not mean you understand business.


  9. charmbrights says:

    We have a Jamie Oliver chain restaurant in Cardiff. It was opened by him with much fanfare some years ago. As i understand it, he has not set foot in it since, so if it sinks or swims it has nothing to do with his efforts.


  10. Deborahanother says:

    His restaurants are just not very good .Over priced and average food.You cannot trade on your name alone in the long term.
    Call me a cynic but I don’t take seriously his lectures about school dinners and healthy eating. It keeps his profile high and that’s what enabled him to open a chain of restaurants.

    Maybe even the BBC cannot resue his career.