Seen this? Your license tax and how it is lavished. In any other walk of life this is called shift work and would just happen. An extra £1m for some of the MOST biased and most anti-British BBC employees. Cheers.

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  1. JosF says:

    Meanwhile here in the real world I wish I could get an extra 20% for changes in my shifts, Maybe I should get a job at the BBC but I work to higher standards than the BBC dispise islam, the EU, leftards and have a real degree Mechanical Engineering rather than the useless eater degrees that beebiods seem to posess judging by the general output of the BBC and what passes as the news, journalism and current affairs at the BBC in particular. BBC news, journalism and current affairs is what an Engineer would refer to as “Unfit For Purose” Mind you the rest of the BBC is not much better


  2. StewGreen says:

    In a just world the BBC management would be heading to jail for corruption for their massive charter breaches to push their own ProgLefty agenda.
    And parts of the BBC pension funds would be seized cos although not all BBC staff are dishonest, they should not be profitting from that corruption.


  3. Cull the Badgers says:

    The BBC has more money than it knows what to do with – hence this largesse. Sadly government flunked doing anything meaningful about it’s moral, financial and political corruption so this, and other things like it, are the outcome.

    The BBC remains out of control.


  4. Tabs says:

    Jimmy Savile was probably paid extra money for overtime by the BBC as he “entertained” children in his dressing room after the cameras stopped rolling.


  5. Jerry Owen says:

    Did anyone watch ‘silent witness’ last night?
    It was cringe worthy, childish, naïve and somewhat dangerous. The quality of the script was on a par with a school play ‘wot I wrote’ at infants school when I was about four.
    It was of course about the beloved Syrian ‘refugees’ ( illegal ones ). Basically they were the real victims and ‘all’ of the refugees were of course Syrian ( even the blacks ). The illegal immigration bit was whitewashed over by a handy prompt from ‘Nikki’ ( lead female actor ) saying that illegal immigration was ‘against the law’ ( with a sympathetic face of course )..que ille…refugee saying, ‘some laws are wrong, they victimize and should be ignored’. One illegal was kept in the forensics office overnight( which is aiding and abetting a crime ) but this was glossed over as humane treatment of an ille… sorry, victim of our oppressive laws.
    A child involved was just 12 her family waiting for her in England ( London ) of course, why she was left trailing behind her family wasn’t explained as of course it would delegitimize the sob story bit the BBC was so keen to portray.
    The BBC managed to get a van load of dead ille..refugees in on the sript as well.
    There were indeed very few white people involved ( equity must be happy ), in fact I asked my wife ( as I missed the first minute ) which country was it in.
    There is good news of course in that an excerpt from the second part tonight does have a normal white guy ( hoodie!.. misappropriation?)as opposed to the forensics team white and white disabled only status ( funny that ) he can be seen mugging a poor Syrian refugee… although he could be Norwegian possibly.. any way an odious white person, probably an uneducated Brexit voter!
    I urge you to watch it ( and last nights edition especially where ‘Nikki’ outruns police officers whilst pushing a wheelchair! ) for it’s pure banality, and an absolute gem of the exposition of these peoples minds that write, produce, and televize this stuff. Liberalism is shown here to be a disease of the mind, a total failure to grasp their surroundings problems and solutions.
    No wonder 2016 was our year and 2017 should be better with more of this tripe being shown.
    And as for Sherlock Holmes……


    • GCooper says:

      As I’ve said before, all drama from the BBC now takes the form of a morality play – a little lecture in what what we are supposed to think, wrapped up in a dramatic sweetie so that we don’t taste the poison within.


      • Jerry Owen says:

        The question is will the end of ‘Silent Witness’ have the illegals allowed to stay, thus showing that compassion is a wonderful thing, or will they be booted out showing what a harsh waycist country we are?
        Either way the BBC will win in it’s warped little world.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I forced myself to watch the first part of ‘Silent Witness’ – but only because Mrs Mustapha was watching. It was every bit as bad as I had feared and I couldn’t help commenting (and tutting) as one cliche after another was served up, e.g. when the disabled forensic lady said smugly “Islam isn’t a race”, which is funny because the BBC likes to accuse Islamo-sceptics of racism. The headstrong lead female was all self-righteous moralising, all heart and no brain, even when a knife had been held to her throat (cutting her) by one of the enrichers!

      This sort of dross epitomises why I hardly watch any BBC TV nowadays and similar output has put me off Radio 4 as well. I’m sick of being lectured by children on how I should think and especially sick of having to pay for it.


  6. AceFlyingPig says:

    No need for fiction to tell us how to think. Just have to listen to the twisted, hypocritical fool of a being that calls itself Clegg on LBC. Just when I think he can’t stoop any lower, he manages to exceed my extremely low expectations of his inane utterances. Called on to comment on the resignation of our (?) Ambassador to the EU, he turned it into an attack on ‘these Brexiteers’.

    Apparently we are picking on the poor defenceless Remainers, or in his words trying to ‘knee-cap’ them, by not letting them have their say, and demonising them for their views. Ring any bells with anyone involved on the pro-leave argument side ? Repeating the lie that Gove and the Brexiteers wanted to ignore all the ‘experts’ views on the EU … except we didn’t, only those that promulgated the nonsensical, hysterical, predictions of post referendum Armageddon. Then he had the nerve to say WE were ‘stamping our little feet when we didn’t get what we wanted.’ Never in my life have I encountered someone who can twist things around by 180 degrees with such ease. Clearly he was well trained in truth distortion during his time in the EU. He wouldn’t know the truth if he was using his bone-idle arse to sit on it.

    This appears to be one of the key narratives of the Remoaners now. Try to get as much time on the airways as possible – by saying you’re not getting any time on the airways ! Clearly he never watches the Break Brexit Corporation, Guardian Sky News, or Channel 4 the EU. Good job we have people like Clegg to educate us out of our racist ignorance, and restate the facts as they really were/are … and there I was thinking that it was the victors that got to re-write history.


    • Grant says:


      Clegg is a total failure. Why is he getting any air time ? Does anyone listen to a word that moron says ?


  7. Jerry Owen says:

    You make some good points. Clegg destroyed his ‘career’ over the student loans business years ago, but it also took his party down as well, not really a man to trust that can destroy his own party and not accept responsibility for it. Like you I am amazed at his absolute what appears to me to be a surreal hatred of people that voted ‘leave’ but then liberalism is a mental disorder.
    SKY tonight with the ever more odious Burley trying to be ever more witty ( but just plain idiotic and embarrassing ) had a ten minute hate fest of Brexit over the ambassador that resigned and the proverbial ‘new polls’ that show we are ever more divided and racism is on the rise because of Brexit. After several minutes of this headline news ( why wasn’t it the Pakistani shot dead by the police on the M42 ? ) I switched back to RT for my own sanity.


    • Adam Hiley says:

      the LibDims will never recover even with Farron as Leader who made a total d**k of Himself recently by alienating the British People by vowing to block Brexit as He cannot tell the difference between Europe & the undemocratic corporatist Monstrosity called the EU as for Corbyn Liebor is finished


    • Adam Hiley says:

      only the Remoaners are divided I was delighted by the leave results


  8. Adam Hiley says:

    abolish the awful organisation save even more money after leaving it’s beloved EU