BBC Breaking: Official: ‘Obama Russian Agent’ says Washington Post


The BBC is reporting a Washingon Post breaking story that President Obama is a Russian agent…the Presidency has been hacked…

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From the Washington Post:

The Washington Post can reveal that US government officials have announced that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is under investigation as astounding information has come to light that he has been working for the Russian intelligence services for at least two decades infiltrating the American political scene and succeeding wildly beyond whatever the Russians could ever have hoped for.

Our official sources indicate that Obama was first spotted by then Soviet ‘talent scouts’ in the 1980’s as he began to involve himself in protests against Apartheid in South Africa and going on to study political science and international relations at university before moving on to work in the sphere of human rights and involving himself in local politics.

It has been alleged before that Obama is a KGB agent….’A Russian government official bragged that Barack Obama was a KGB operative and that his presidency had been planned since birth, an American physicist and government contractor reports.  The boast from a Communist Party official reportedly occurred during a business trip to Russia,16 years before Barack Obama was ushered into the presidency of the United States. The official boasted angrily that…

“You Americans like to think you’re so perfect!” she snarled. “Well, what if I told you that very, very soon you’re going to have a black president… and he’s going to be a Communist!”

The KGB operative was not finished. As she had now dropped this bombshell on the entire gathering, she felt compelled to continue.

“His name is Barack,” she sneered. “His mother is white and his father is an African black. He has gone to the best schools, he is what you would call ‘Ivy League’.”’

The exact time of his recruitment as a Soviet agent is unknown but the officials state that the Russians funnelled funds to him via Saudi Arabia and the Clintons in order to facilitate his progress in the political world.  Saudi Arabia may not seem to be a likely ally of the Soviets at the time as they were on opposing sides in Afghanistan but both sides recognised that it would be advantageous to put aside their differences to further their own agendas.  The Soviets saw a man who would be highly disruptive to the status quo in White America, one who would seek to undermine White dominance and futher non-White interests, thus weakening, fracturing and destabilising the US, as well as one whose interests in ‘human rights’ would put a break on US ‘aggression’ around the world that was making life difficult for the Soviet’s own freedom of action as well as breaking the old ties with ‘White’, colonial Europe…making Europe vulnerable to Soviet intrigue and threats once again.  The Saudis saw a man who was a Muslim, one who could ease the encroachment of Islam into America, be a powerful voice at the UN for Islamic issues and of course, one who could put an end to America’s support for Israel…and a bonus came later as he was in a position as President to suppress the investigation and report that indicated the Saudis had been behind 9/11.

Remarkably, considering the timing as the Soviet empire crumbled, the plan continued and succeeded, the Russian intelligence agency, the FSB, swiftly moving in to take over where the KGB left off.  Obama rapidly moved up the political ranks until he was in a position to compete for the Presidency.  The Clintons again obliged by having Hilary stand as the main opponent ensuring the votes for any other contenders were split and then stepping aside to allow Obama to win the Presidency.  Hilary of course eventually stood against Trump once Obama had run his time, but the Saudis had their own plan in place.  Clinton’s closest aide was a Saudi Muslim with links to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Even with Obama gone the malign hand of the Wahhabi Muslims would still wield power behind the throne pushing Muslim interests.

The Russians could not believe that such an outlandish and ambitious plan had succeeded and yet it had.  The Russians had a man in place at the top of US politics.  No matter that their own military was run down, that their economy was on its knees, they had the most valuable asset of all in their battle with the Capitalists, a man on the inside who held the levers of power.  And what an asset…one who stood aside as Putin annexed the Crimea, who stood aside as the Ukraine was attacked, a man whose ‘cautious’ approach to international politics allowed Putin the opportunity to become the hero who saved Syria, not from the Islamic State which Russia refrains from attacking, but from the Free Syrian Army rebels who oppose the Russian’s other puppet President, Assad.  A further and unexpected prize was that Europe was flooded with migrants whose numbers alone threatened the stability of the continent but whose religious identity also meant that Europe would eventually be torn apart by disastrous religious wars allowing, once again, the Russians to sweep into Europe unopposed to re-establish the old empire ‘in the interests of peace and stability’.  An Obama who also stood aside as the Saudis launched an economic war against America aimed at destroying the US fracking industry and undermining its economy with the ultimate aim of keeping it reliant on Middle East oil and gas and thus obliged to dance to the Saudi tune.  An Obama whose early withdrawal of US troops from Iraq allowed the Saudi backed Islamic State to sweep into Iraq and to establish the new ‘Caliphate’….one that the Russians ‘mysteriously’ refuse to attack.

All that may be over now as Obama faces investigation and Clinton failed to take the Presidency. President-elect Trump is of course seemingly Putin friendly but the question remains just how that will pan out in the real world and will his admiration for Putin extend to more than merely cordial relations with Russia or a more sinister partnership that carves up the world into convenient spheres of influence, China aside, a new world in which the liberal, progressive project is made history and a new era of empires and colonialism takes over?

Whatever happens history may not look kindly upon the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.


Oh hang on…that was all a big mistake, Obama’s not a Russian spy or a Muslim mole….must be something lost in translation as the BBC transcribed a Washington Post piece that announced the Russians had hacked the US power grid in somewhat alarmist tones…

The BBC started its report cautiously, the Washington Post [a Democrat supporting rag] it told us was reporting that ‘An electrical company in the US state of Vermont says it has found malware code allegedly used by Russian hackers on one of its company laptops.  The Burlington Electric Department said it had taken “immediate action to isolate” the computer, which was not connected to the electrical grid.  The government alerted them to the “Grizzly Steppe” code on Thursday.’

However it soon threw all such caution to the wind and began asserting that Russian fingerprints were all over everything from the attempt to take out Vermont’s power system to the US election’s rigging.  Never mind there seems to be no such attempt to hack Vermont’s power grid…the virus was on a laptop unconnected to the grid and probably infected by accident as the employee who used the laptop surfed the net in his own time. Not a targeted attack at all.

Infowars does what the BBC didn’t want to…adopt a sceptical stance to the Washington Post’s claims.

One other thing the BBC doesn’t bother to inform its audience of…the US’s own involvement in hacking and spying….strange really as the BBC was all over the revelations made by Snowden when they first came out…now they seem to have lost interest as they don’t play to the narrative now being peddled and used to attack Trump.

The US tapped Merkel’s phone and spied on her ministers…as well as on the French…

WikiLeaks: US spied on Angela Merkel’s ministers too, says German newspaper

US ‘spied on French presidents’ – Wikileaks

Odd how all that is being swept under the carpet as Obama proclaim’s his outrage at possible Russian cyberwarfare and claims Trump stole the Presidency because of that.





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4 Responses to BBC Breaking: Official: ‘Obama Russian Agent’ says Washington Post

  1. Guest Who says:

    Like bbc editorial integrity, there is bad tapping and the unique, good kind, about which questions need not be asked.

    They probably have special trusted transparency exemptions for the persistent.


  2. All Lives Matter says:

    Hah, I almost fell for that. The point was made, though – never trust anything reported by WashPo, or even attributed to them.


  3. tomo says:

    There is some considerable precedent for foreign intelligence agency penetration of the Democrat party.

    If you are even mildly curious – Google “The treachery of Harry Hopkins” and Major Jordans Diaries – also look at the FDR’s first pick Vice Presidential man in his last election … never mind Alger Hiss….


    • Owen Morgan says:

      Washington DC was riddled with Soviet agents and fellow-travellers in the FDR years. The Depression was a period in which a surprising number of Americans, enticed by unchallenged Soviet propaganda, emigrated to the USSR. As documented by Tim Tzouliadis, in his excellent, but incredibly sad, book, “The Forsaken”, few ever made it back and all were unwitting cogs in the machinations of Soviet espionage. Their passports were confiscated, to be doctored and re-used by communist agents, on the you-won’t-be-needing-that-again principle. When Americans went to the US embassy, to try to get new passports, they were turned away, apparently as former Americans, now deemed to have renounced their citizenship irrevocably. No-one in the embassy, or back in the State Department, ever seemed to wonder what the Soviet authorities were up to with the original passports. The secret police scouted the embassy. Americans who were seen visiting it would be fast-tracked to the Gulag. Tim Tzouliadis demonstrates that many didn’t even survive the journey to the camps.

      When the Germans attacked the USSR, on the 22nd of June, 1941, the Russians activated their spy-ring. Not in Germany; between them, Hitler and Stalin had had almost all the Soviet “assets” in Germany liquidated. Nope: in the United States, where numerous communists, or communist-sympathizers, were well-entrenched by then in Washington.

      During the war years, Roosevelt leant on Harry Hopkins to an incredible degree, to the extent that Hopkins lived in the White House and attended meetings with foreign dignitaries, notably Churchill, about which the State Department was never even informed. I suspect Roosevelt picked his cabinet on the crony principle and that, like Obama, he always maintained that he was the brightest man in the room, which is why he was always happy to appoint hopelessly unsuitable figureheads, because he never intended to pay heed to them, anyway. When one ignored Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, stood down after the 1944 election, Roosevelt chose his equally ignored deputy, Edward Stettinius, to replace Hull at State.

      Was Hopkins a Soviet agent? I don’t know, but he behaved like one, regardless of whether he had a controller, or of how he was classified in Moscow.

      Notoriously, at Yalta, Stettinius was so insecure on policy that he repeatedly advised that questions be re-directed to Alger Hiss, a rather minor State Department official who was also an agent for Moscow’s GRU (military intelligence). While Truman demoted Stettinius very soon, Hiss remained in place for several years, before being successfully prosecuted for perjury **. His downfall followed the exposure of Laughlin Currie and the death of Harry Dexter White. The latter, Assistant Secretary to the Treasury, had a fatal heart attack, just three days after perjuring himself before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. There is a huge amount of evidence against White (who, inter alia, dreamt up the potentially catastrophic Morgenthau Plan, during WWII). He could easily have become Treasury Secretary.

      Ever since the exposure of the Cambridge spies, plus Nunn May and Fuchs, Washington DC has tried rather hard to downplay Soviet penetration of American departments and agencies, portraying the British example as exceptional. In reality, Soviet influence went much higher in the United States than in Britain; the Manhattan Project was riddled with spies; and the OSS, the wartime predecessor of the CIA was hopelessly compromised.

      The irony today is that the supposed Russian election-hacking is complete fiction.

      ** Despite the collossal weight of evidence against Hiss, people still crawl out of the woodwork to insist he was innocent. The “Spectator” carried one such article within the last twelve months.