Liberal Gangsterism


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Leave Voters, the new Jews of Europe?

Who are the Fascists, who are the Gangsters?

Farage wants to control immigration.  He is denounced by the BBC as a Fascist, a Nazi even.  But is he the Fascist?

Or, are those who want to control what you say, what you think, how you behave, who want to control every aspect of your life, the real Fascists?’  We have been living in a version of 1984 for a long time now as our voices have been suppressed and our thoughts manipulated or made ‘unacceptable’, a war declared on ‘Britishness’.  It is a paradox that the loudest alarmists of the Liberal coterie declare we are heading towards the 1930’s again as they raise alarming but totally imaginery fantasies of Hitler on the march once more…but in one respect they are right, the vilification, demonisation and attacks, some actually physical, the death threats, those aimed at Leave voters, is certainly reminiscent of the 1930’s.  Leave voters have a good claim on being the ‘new Jews’ of Europe…how long before they are forced to wear Union Flag badges as marks of shame, how long before they  are forced to pay obeyance to the EU orthodoxy, swear loyalty to the Junckers of this world, how long before the bricks come through their windows?  The language used by the BBC journalists and presenters, by dictatorial politicians who want to overturn democracy and the Brexit vote, by the commentators who seek to denigrate, disparage and discredit Leave voters, is the real Fascism, language that also enables others, gives licence to them, to attack Leave voters, to spread hate, stir up anger and drive division in society.  It’s not just the big politicians like Farage that the tactics are used against, remember the UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan, whom the BBC set out to deliberately label as a racist as part of their campaign to win the EU referendum?  A massive organisation like the BBC falsely labelling a powerless and vulnerable woman as a racist without giving her the chance to defend herself.  For months the campaign of hate went on before the actual programme was broadcast as the BBC knowingly leaked out suggestions that Duncan had said something ‘racist’ thus releasing the hounds upon her.  Reminiscent of the 1930’s?  I’d say so. How about the use of vox pops?  A well known BBC tactic that selectively chooses who to interview and how to edit those interviews, and then draws their own, very selective, conclusions from them.  The BBC, as pointed out by ‘Is the BBC Biased?’ has been targeting a certain demographic as the ‘voice’ of the Leave voters….

From Emma Jane Kirky’s manipulative Brexit Street series on PM (making some of its Leave-voting ‘vox pops’ sound like stupid, feckless racists – to the delight of pro-EU types on Twitter) to Matthew Price’s startling “Not everyone’s so articulate” report on yesterday’s Today, both from the most deprived Leave-voting parts of two of the poorest places in England,…


from Mark Easton and Ed Thomas’s various reports featuring either swastika-festooned or shaven-headed men as representative Leave voters to last week’s Holby City showing a white, working-class woman being stupid, cruel and racist towards a Polish immigrant (and duly getting her comeuppance)…

Have a look at this particularly nasty piece of work from the BBC that sets up two working class white guys down on their luck and exploits them to ‘illustrate’ how racist and uneducated Leave voters are [52 minutes in]…..

A very unpleasant piece of television abusing its power to cruelly abuse and misrepresent these two men and by extension all Brexit voters.

Those who value freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, democracy and genuine liberal values should think carefully about just who are the real ‘gangster’s, the real Fascists…it’s not those who you might think of course,  or rather those whom you are told to think of as Fascist.  The real Fascists are paradoxically those who claim to be the voice of the rational, reasoned, intelligent, moderate, progressive centre but who are anything but.

The BBC’s stalwart elder stateswoman, Libby Purves, who describes herself as being in the lefty ‘tribe’, has railed several times against the ‘Liberal’ howl of rage, anger and contempt against Brexit, Trump, and their voters here in the Sun in June and recently here in the Mail.   Note however, she does not criticise the BBC despite its massive campaign against Brexit and Trump and its sickening post-Brexit portrayal of Britain as a nastier, more racist place.

Despite her fine words and sentiments telling us that…

It was not the actual vote that shocked, it was the online squawk of reaction by my timeline, my tribe: cultural icons, colleagues, friends. If they feel “let down, betrayed, distressed” by the result, so did I by the mass response of the liberal media and arts sector to this vote against a 43-year-old administrative arrangement….the carry-on was beyond parody: anguished bunker mentality tinged with patronising, generalising hauteur about those who voted Leave….elitism erupted like a poisoned boil… is almost comic to watch the affluent metropolitan left being cross with the zero-hours strugglers of Sunderland for disrespecting the instructions of a Tory PM and big business.

…Purves’ final paragraph leaves us in no doubt what she really thinks and negates everything she just said…

OK, they[Leave voters] may have spoken wrong and plunged us into difficulties. But it is not fair to blame them more than the arrogant, incompetent Brussels institutions and the decades when governments neglected inequality.

Of course, there is racism to be fought. Yes, there was some disgusting campaigning by Farage. Yet that is no excuse for polishing your liberal credentials by making bogeymen of the poor, the old, the frightened and the insecure. They voted. Listen, engage, help.

That’s pretty arrogant, condescending, dismissive and not a little ‘elitist’ isn’t it?…note the use of the word ‘wrong’ to describe how people voted rather than saying she disagreed with them, and then the rather contemptuous description of the voters as poor, old, frightened [irrational fear and prejudice of immigration of course] and insecure.  So basically Purves’ narrative is exactly the same as the ‘squawking’ Remainers…the Leave voters were wrong, uneducated, bigoted and afraid….a fear whipped up by the ‘disgusting’ [ie racist] campaigning of the likes of the ‘Fascist’ Farage.

The same narrative that could be heard on the BBC on 5Live this morning as the trio of Pienaar, Angela Eagle and Paddy Ashdown lined up against the lone Ian Duncan-Smith as they ‘discussed’ the terrors of 2016, that is, Trump, Brexit, terrorism and Russian aggression, all being bracketed in the same category, with the future being essentially world breakdown, conflict with rising Fascism and gangsterism  laying ruin to the Liberal world.

Ashdown parroted his master’s voice, the sinister and contemptuous Farron, as he tried to tell us the pro-EU Establishment were now the insurgents…apparently the great unwashed have had their ‘howl of rage’ and, well, let’s just push past that and get on with our cosmopolitan, decent Europhile lives and stay in the EU…the new dispossessed, the new voiceless marginalised victims are Remain voters, the ‘progressive, moderate centre’…you know, the ‘decent, reasonable, intelligent’ people as Farron might portray them.  So the Remainers have no voice other than the vast majority of MPs and Lords, the bulk of the media, including of course the dominant and vastly too powerful BBC, the commentatriat, the arts and luvvies incorporated, Academia, Big Business and the City, and the dark forces of has-been politicians still lurking in the corridors of power?  Yes, I can see how they are utterly voiceless and without power and influence.  And as for that irrational, emotion driven ‘howl of rage’ of the Leave voters?  In fact that was completely rational, reasoned and justified anger at the imposition of a Liberal tyranny that inflicted huge changes on their societies, cultures and lives that they were not just not asked about, but were in fact deliberately lied to and misled about.

This morning’s ‘Point of View’ on R4 was another example of the BBC trying to define the post-Brexit narrative as being ‘nasty nationalists with a hint of the Nazi’ voting for Brexit whilst sensible, nice people wanted to vote for Remain.  We were told that Putin’s Fascism is coming to France and America.  Trump apparently is an autocratic dictator who will destroy the democratic America and drag the world down with it.  We heard, or were supposed to  infer, that Brexit voters were those nasty nationalists, a nationalism we were told that was not based on the love of a place or culture but on hatred of ‘the other’, Brexit voters, the ‘volk’, [yes that word was used…and is used in several Remainer articles deliberately associating Brexit with the Nazi’s love of the ‘Volk’…a rather cowardly, sly way of calling Brexiteers white supremacists] see themselves as victims of aliens groups taking over their land…Brexit demands ‘an enemy’, someone to hate.  As said this was not explicit demonisation of Leave voters, you of course were meant to understand the references without them being spelled out to you.

Just another example of the BBC’s language of hate drumming up hostility, division and fear targeting Leave voters just as the Nazis targeted the Jews.


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11 Responses to Liberal Gangsterism

  1. embolden says:

    Good article. What the left fail to see is that every time they misuse words like “volk ,”nazi”, “fascist” et al they do the following…they reduce the effect of the incorrectly used words, they generate their own nasty fantasies, and they alienate the ordinary decent people they abuse….who will reach the limit of their tolerance of this kind of stuff.


  2. GRIM REAPER says:

    Far from being ‘un-educated’, the leave people i would say have an acute sense of betrayal by these very so-called ‘educated’ remainers… opinion is that the remainers, far from being educated..have in fact been indoctrinated, by their universities and workplace.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The BBC does not invite educated people to inform on the basics of an issue such as European Union Governance by Christopher Booker and Richard North, or the International Panel on Climate Change by Donna Laframboise, or Atmospheric Physics by Gerhard Gerlich, Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller. Or many other issues outside the Arts, Drama, Philosophy, Languages and Humanities qualifications of the Middle-Class left-wing morons that dominate the BBC. From my experience in being brought up in the outskirts of the city of Hull, and as a Mensa member with an IQ of 164, I always associated left-wing people with low IQ, I never thought the people in the City of Hull where intelligent because they voted Labour. So the overwhelming impression that almost everyone at the BBC supports the Labour Party, confirms my prejudices about low IQ at the BBC and its causes. My analysis of its cause is that there were people in posh areas who voted Labour, but these people where Middle-Class people who should have moved downwards in social mobility, and should now be doing the menial jobs that where given to the immigrants. Instead they moved away from Tory areas in which they were a minority, to obtain the new uneducated qualifications necessary for middle-class morons to obtain employment with the BBC. The concentration of these people at the BBC, means they are far more numerous than educated people from Universities, and far more numerous than high IQ people such as Mensa members. Which gives these morons the power to censor educated people from appearing on the BBC.


  3. JosF says:

    It is clear to anyone on this site {and others like it} or anyone who’s IQ gets beyond their shoe size as to who the real fascists are………Come on down the £4 billion a year funded BBC its bumchums at Al-Guardian the rest of the dying and lying MSM, the soros funded fascists at hope not hate and similar groups, The corbyns, blairs, majors, clarks, bransons, millers, farrons, mays, camerons and the rest of the undemocratic treasonous pro-EU piggies troughing it in the houses of parliament, the luvvies, the so-called students at our universities and all the rest of the leftards who have failed to do any decent research as to the real concept and aim on the EU aka the EUSSR and instead took at face value the lies pushed by the BBC, Al-Guardian and the rest of the MSM. Just remember that

    #1 next time you Beeboids, Guardianistas, luvvies, leftards etc sound of about Brexiters or other people who have seen through your beloved EU being fascists and similar make sure that you are standing in front of a mirror before you open your mouths

    #2 There are more of us than there is of you

    #3 The anti-EU feeling/movement is not just a UK thing but is growing and spreading across Europe as more and more people see throught the lies, incompetence, corruption, find the real reason for mass importation of imigrants and so-called refugees

    #4 The lies of the BBC and rest of the MSM wont stop Brexit, Trump or those of us who are awake and have researched the EU rather than buying the lies and propaganda of the BBC and the rest of the MSM who have been pushing the EU lies.

    #5 The next fascists will be the anti-fascists…Winston Spencer Churchill

    Your move BBC, MSM, leftards, luvvies, politicians etc. The Brexit/Trump train is rolling move or stay where you are and get squashed makes no difference to me


  4. All Lives Matter says:

    Not even mentioning the trolls we see on here, insecure childish types who utterly obsess over the fact that they can’t cultivate a reaction out of us and are on the wrong side of every debate despite what their establishment masters have told them, the response from the left on both sides of the Atlantic last year has trumped (no pun intended) any ignorance, bigotry and stupidity of conservatives. We’ve seen people say they wanted to stay in the EU purely to spite Farage, or because Britain is ‘too white’, and their claims that their sad and pointless attempts to subvert the result is to “save our democracy” is proof of how much they’ve been indoctrinated into double-think. We saw vacuous morons claiming that Brexit meant they wouldn’t be allowed to leave the country, and most of them didn’t even know what the EU is and what it does. One even claimed that the NHS – the NATIONAL Health Service – was created by the EU, two decades before the EU’s predecessor was even invented mind you. But then, what do you expect from people who continue to think that the EU and Europe are the same thing?

    It is curious as to where these people get their completely unjustified sense of intellectual and moral superiority from, given that their public statements and behaviours portray the exact opposite reality. That’s why though they have to set up echo chambers, because when socialism and liberalism are put under any scrutiny they don’t hold up and the left has no answers other than to call people racist and resort to other fallacies.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      But but but…I thought that the NHS would be getting £350 million extra a week from June 24th.
      That’s what it said on the bus, ‘The NHS will get £350 million extra every week (even though we will still be in the eu and even though on the bus it actually said the money COULD be better spent on things like the NHS)

      That is their ONLY argument and it is plainly a twisted and manipulated wilful misrepresentation of what was actually suggested on the bus yet they still cling to their interpretation of it as if it was the truth.

      Everything is going our way. The leavers are increasing all over Europe as more truths come out and people are avoiding the lugenpresse like the BBC.
      Even the dumbest of our politicians must be realising this so if they want to remain as MPs they will have to start doing what the electorate wants.

      May, I hope you can see how things are going. I know you don’t ‘do’ decisions but this one you can’t avoid. If you let the population down and try to dither your way out of making a decision you are toast.
      And, we want out out out, no soft or any other kind of Brexit, a total OUT. A soft Brexit is like being a bit pregnant.
      Offer a trade deal but say whatever you decide will be applied back to the eu.

      The worm is turning and it’s our turn now.
      MPs beware, we are watching you very very closely.


  5. Dave S says:

    There is no point in worrying about these people or even thinking about them. The world has turned and that is that. They can cause trouble and upset and harass and imprison and fine some of us but their world is dead and gone .
    Reality is back and as always makes the decisions for us.
    The BBc is finished. Most of the MSM is on life support and cannot go on much longer. One feature of the elite and the snowflakes is that they are afraid of everything even themselves so providing we keep our nerve nothing is going to really worry us.
    2017 is going to be exciting and maybe dangerous for a lot of us. That is the way it sometimes is. Live with it and hope that this year builds on the last .
    Brexit and President Trump have really shaken the elites. They are confused poor dears and need pity now. Safe spaces for snowflakes .
    Now is the time to ridicule them and if anyone did not laugh at the way Putin made fun of Obama this last week then they are taking things too seriously.


  6. PADDY088 says:

    Sorry, couldn`t watch that programme, too judgemental by some of the participants, and akin to upchucking a Chicken Vindaloo. I think an ingrowing toenail is more interesting than this cultural masterpiece.


  7. Amounderness Lad says:

    I love the way the bBBC and their ilk throw the description Racist about with such unrestricted abandon as a description of we Leave voters. I must confess that I am more than a little bemused by their antics.

    Can somebody help me out and explain how subjecting non-British white Europeans to the same immigration requirements as non-British Africans, non-British Asians, non-British Arabs, non-British Orientals and non-British people from the Americas is somehow Racist?

    Using the same logic and the Europhiles claims of Brexit Racism then by the same token surely the wars against the France of Napoleon and the Germany of the Kaiser must also be regarded as nothing other than wars caused because of nasty Racism because they too, just like Brexit, were simply a reaction to prevent out country being controlled and dominated by the powers on main land Europe.

    OK, that is stretching things a little, but that is nothing different the methods of the bBBC when it suits their purpose, but isn’t it strange that what we did using violence and warfare is deemed not to be Racist by the sycophantic Europhiles and the bBBC whilst doing exactly the same by use of a peaceful democratic Referendum is claimed to be Racism in the extreme?


  8. Grant says:

    The Left’s whole failed “ideology” is based on childish hate and temper tantrums. In the absence of any arguments they resort to name-calling, “fascist”, “nazi”, “racist” “sexist” etc. The pathetic little Trolls who post on this site are classic examples. At the end of the day, Leftists are big losers and they know it. Big losers, but bad losers. As I say, they are pathetic.