Christmas Crackers

Contemporary anti-Semitism has been particularly prevalent on British university campuses since 2001 when the UN Conference against Racism in Durban accused Israel of the five cardinal sins against human rights: racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide, and crimes against humanity. Since then campus anti-Semitism has been cloaked in the language of human rights and promulgated in the so-called fight for Palestine; and student supporters of Israel have consequently been labelled as Nazis, apologists for racism, apologists for apartheid and racists by student supporters of Palestine. Although student supporters of Palestine may not intend to be anti-Semitic, the effect of their rhetoric has been to harass those students who support Israel, the overwhelming majority of whom happen to be Jewish.

Anti-Semitism on British University Campuses: An Intractable Problem?  2015


A quick one slipped under the Xmas tree to be opened Christmas morn…

We all know what the BBC thinks of those hill-billy crackers in the US, the rednecks who love their guns and their bibles, they’re there to be mocked, derided and denounced in horrified and appalled tones.  Imagine then how the BBC might react to the news of what the sockless, slip-on wearing, New York Times reading cosmopolitans are spending their money on…guns and baked beans.  The Trump apocalypse is coming.  But you know what….it’s OK, the BBC understands.…have all the guns you want because the world needs you to be safe…you are its future…or you were once….

Why US liberals are now buying guns too

Clara, a 28-year-old nursing student, grew up in the Mid-West, where “the folks that had guns were seen as hicks” or were just “culturally different”, she says.

But since the election of Donald Trump in November she has started going to a gun range for the first time and is shopping around for a semi-automatic pistol.

“It’s been seeing the way that Trump’s election has mobilised a lot of the far right and given them hope,” she says, citing a rise in reports of hate crimes and neo-Nazi activity.

So Liberals must arm themselves because of roaming bands of Fascist Trump supporters hunting down Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, transgender nursing students and Democrat voters.  No mention of gas chambers?  Surely the BBC missed a trick?  Then again it reports of ‘separatist’ movements as it coyly calls them in Catalonia, or indeed in Scotland, but you don’t hear the same language that the BBC uses for Right-Wing ‘separatists’ as in Gabriel Gatehouse’s attack on them in Austria and France in what could be considered hate speech as he called them Nazis and Fascists and claimed their policies smacked of the concentration camp and ethnic cleansing when in fact, if he’d bothered to listen, they were far, far from being anything like the scenario he painted….no mention of gas chambers but he wan’t far off.  How different the treatment then for one group of nationalists and another…the difference?  One group, the ‘Nazis’, wants to control immigration…the other doesn’t speak so much of it and the BBC doesn’t ask.

What else gets the BBC selective treatment?

How about Israel…the UN voted against the ‘illegal Jewish settlements in the illegally occupied West Bank’.  Hmmm…illegal settlers…illegal immigrants?  Aren’t they in fact refugees, many, ironically, driven from Europe by Muslim attacks, and so in a way justice is being served as Jews driven from Europe by Muslims end up doing to Palestinains what Muslim immigrants to Europe do to Jews?  Maybe ‘illegal Jewish settlers’ should actually be described as ‘undocumented migrants’?  You know like the millions of Mexicans who ‘illegally settle in and occupy’ the US?  Why are Jews in the West Bank pilloried and yet Mexicans are applauded and defended along with millions of Muslims who force their way into Europe illegally?

If Mexicans can invade and occupy the US and Muslims can invade and occupy Europe then Jews can invade and occupy Palestinian land…no?

Speaking of Jews…the BBC finally got around to reporting that Jews were under anti-Semitic attack in universities…or maybe not…the BBC took a different tack and has decided that there is no story here, Jews are not under attack and Muslims of course are not doing the attacking….and the BBC has proof that there is no anti-Semitism going on….

Jewish student groups deny university ‘no-go zones’

A claim that Jewish students avoid applying to certain UK universities over anti-Semitism fears has been criticised by a Jewish student group.

Baroness Ruth Deech, the former adjudicator for universities, told the Telegraph that Jewish students felt “unwelcome” on some campuses.

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) denied that such no-go zones exist.

Note the plural ‘groups’ in the title when in fact it is one group…but is that really the case, is there really no anti-Semitism?…sure the UJS questioned the claim but why?  They know Jewish students suffer hugely from anti-Semitism, that is in major part why the UJS exists, to defend against such hate. …

We work with J-Socs and Jewish students nationwide to protect and maintain the welfare of our members and defend Jewish students’ interests on campus. We aim to empower Jewish students to ensure that they can study in a safe, inclusive and fair environment free from Antisemitism. We work directly with the CST in combatting Antisemitism. 

Consider this statement as the UJS was being asked to end relations with the ‘anti-Semitic’ NUS…

This motion threatens to reduce Jewish students’ role in NUS to victims of antisemitism, whereas the reality is that Jewish life is so much more – it’s vibrant and amazing. Voting against this motion is about giving ourselves the opportunity to show that we have identities to be proud of which we can’t do from outside.’

You might get the clue that the UJS’s position is political wanting to keep their enemies close so to speak and not make a huge fuss about anti-Semitism….Jews do not want to be seen merely as victims unlike so many other groups.

Note the BBC does not mention the massive furore over the NUS ‘s new Muslim head who was claimed to have made anti-Semitic statements.  A strange omission when you consider what the story is about….not so quiet when she was appointed…then it was a celebration of a Muslim getting into such a position.

The Times reported a different tale earlier in the year…

Young Jews reject top universities over antisemitism

So why has the BBC made the editorial decision to run as the main narrative that claims of anti-Semitism at universities are overplayed?  One look at the UJS’s website would show that they are being ‘diplomatic’ when they themselves downplay Deech’s report.  One look at news reports about anti-Semitism in universities would reveal the truth.  The BBC didn’t bother to get the truth because it doesn’t want to dig the dirt on a story that implicates Muslims and indeed Muslim countries that the BBC, whilst happy to complain about their actions in Yemen, seems reluctant to reveal what their malign influence is here in the UK.

Curiously elsewhere the UJS admits anti-Semitism is a problem not being addressed by the NUS…

Following the publication of the Institutional Racism Review (IRR) into the National Union of Students (NUS), UJS Campaigns Director Josh Nagli said:

‘It is clear that NUS will face challenges in breaking down the barriers that Black and Minority Ethnic students continue to face when engaging in its structures. UJS looks forward to playing its part and helping to create a more inclusive and welcoming space for all students.

‘However, many Jewish students are likely to be disappointed because, despite the NUS National President insisting that the report would look into all forms of racism, ‘which includes antisemitism’, there seems to be a lack of any in-depth examination of the challenges facing Jewish students. 

‘This is especially disappointing in light of the fact that Jewish students continue to articulate the struggles they face when engaging with the NUS. This issue was highlighted by the recent Home Affairs Select Committee report and reaffirmed by Government in its response, and it was expected that this would be addressed in the IRR.

‘The report’s treatment of the media coverage of this year’s National Conference is particularly troubling. In no way should reporting allegations of antisemitism be seen as negative reporting. By comparing the use of the word ‘antisemitism’ to words such as “shock” and “controversy”, the report trivialises antisemitism. This only goes further to delegitimise the real experiences of Jewish students.

Or this from February this year:

Anti-Semitism a major problem in UK universities, says former co-chair of Oxford University Labour Club

Funny how the BBC can always find a tale of the unexpected, the angle nobody else would consider…probably because it’s nonsense…whether its Liberals being hunted down in the US en masse or Jews being the most popular students at university.  The BBC can always be relied upon to bring you the news that tells you that everything you thought you knew is wrong.

Good job we have the wonderful BBC to eradicate fake news from the world and keep us so fully and entertainingly informed of what’s truly happening around the world.




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37 Responses to Christmas Crackers

  1. TPO says:

    Merry Christmas everyone and a happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends.

    This caught my eye today:
    “Santa Monica Synagogue Smeared with Feces in Attack on Chanukah”

    It goes without saying that the BBC have completely ignored this.
    Having deluged us with every fake news story emanating from the US where horrible people have supposedly given a dirty look at a member of the ROP and which ultimately turns out to be a pile of BBC journalistic dung invented by said ROP, would be too much to ask of the BBC to give a fair and balanced reporting of all instances of religious intolerance. But oh no. It doesn’t chime with the BBC agenda.
    So not one word then from the ‘envy of the world’ about this unpleasant act.


  2. Dave S says:

    Every university which gleefully passes the BDS motions is by definition anti Semitic what ever weasel words they use to deny it. That encompasses the so called elite universities.
    A special mention for that middle class enclave Exeter here.


  3. embolden says:

    After Israel withdrew from Gaza what did the Palestinians do with their new found freedom?

    Did they create a modern and efficient state to peacefull rival and shame Israel into accepting further withdrawals and dismantling of settlements?

    Or did they create a judenrein territory run by Muslim fundamentalists that repeatedly threatens their neighbours with murder, kidnap and terror?

    An honest answer to this question tells us all we need to know about the Palestinians and their western friends.


    • Grant says:


      My late father’s definition of an Arab was ” someone who can make a blade of grass grow in the desert when there used to be two ” !


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    I sometimes feel like I’m in a bad sci-fi film when I try to discuss Israel. So many people speak the language of fiction when it comes to The Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Israel & nearly everything in the Middle East. They assume they are making factual statements when they parrot modern media myths. It’s startling to witness how thoroughly brainwashed people can be. The Beeb has a lot to answer for regarding it’s contribution to the propaganda machine in this area. Reporting a few actual facts now & again could go a long way to help people consider the Israeli position from a more balanced perspective.

    Why can’t they inform us that [had the Arabs accepted the 1947 UN resolution, not a single Palestinian would have become a refugee and an independent Arab state would now exist beside Israel]??
    Or that “Palestinians” are Arabs. They have no relation culturally or ethnically to the Ancient Philistines who were an Aegean sea people that settled the coast.??

    Or how about pointing out that Israel is tiny! The Muslims have over 600 times more land space than do the Israelis. And aren’t the Saudis filthy oil-rich? Couldn’t they provide a territory for their “Palestinian” brothers?

    A few years back, I crossed paths with a young college student in Cambridge. She was standing in the shopping area holding a Palestinian flag & handing out leaflets. She tried to put one in my hand as I passed by but I declined. I told her “Sorry I support Israel” Huh? Shock! “I mean I support Israel’s right to exist as a nation” The girl looked at me with such horror you would think I was the devil himself! It left me wondering- What are they teaching these kids in Uni these days? Grrr!
    Sorry for the rant. It’s just frustrating sometimes to see how much the media forms opinions deliberately. And how so many have closed minds to other points of view.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Or how about pointing out that Israel is tiny! The Muslims have over 600 times more land space than do the Israelis. And aren’t the Saudis filthy oil-rich? Couldn’t they provide a territory for their “Palestinian” brothers?

      What’s more, the Jewish people were willing to settle for a lot less land in order to reach a peaceful, two-state settlement. The truth is welll documented: the Arab nations were against the formation of any kind of Jewish state and resolved to destroy it as soon as it came into existence. They tried, they failed. Many Arabs rejected the refugee option and chose instead to settle in Israel where successive generations continue to enjoy the same freedoms and rights of any other citizen with the possible exception (I think) of serving in the armed forces. Unlike the several generations of ‘refugees’ who live in Arab countries….


      • Grant says:


        Arabs always treat each other like shit. The issue is why do the dhimmis, like the BBC, support Arabs against Jews ? It seems perverse to me .


  5. The Highland Rebel says:

    Merry Xmas.
    It was all the more pleasant knowing that the money not payed to to jizyya licence fee to keep pedophiles and liars at broadcasting house in luxury payed for the grub and booze.
    btw Alan I like your analogy between ‘occupied territories’ and the illegal Muslim occupation of Europe.


    • Alan says:

      Thanks…yep…love to know how the BBC et al explains the difference between Israeli settlers and uninvited Mexican/Muslim settlers…other than Israelis are ‘Jewish’.


  6. Martin Pinder says:

    How convenient it is for the Jews that they can hide behind the cloak of anti-Semitism whenever anyone makes a legitimate criticism of them. Hey everybody! No-one is allowed to criticise the Jews, they’re perfect. It’s about time this silencing of criticism by shouting ‘anti-Semitism’ was put a stop to. It’s just the same as those who shout ‘Islamophobia’ & ‘Racism’ to silence debate.


    • NCBBC says:

      How convenient it is for the Jews that they can hide behind the cloak of anti-Semitism whenever anyone makes a legitimate criticism of them. Hey everybody! No-one is allowed to criticise the Jews, they’re perfect. It’s about time this silencing of criticism by shouting ‘anti-Semitism’ was put a stop to. It’s just the same as those who shout ‘Islamophobia’ & ‘Racism’ to silence debate.

      First off. I hope you are referring to criticism of Israel, rather then Jews as a race.

      If it is Jews, as you state, then I don’t see any mass murdering Jewish lorry drivers, suicide bombers, mass murderers using AK47s and knives on the streets of the West, or in Mumbai, Beslan, Bali or anywhere else, using the Talmud and Torah as justifications.


    • deegee says:

      What legitimate criticism to you have in mind?


      • NCBBC says:

        Jews in particular, as Martin Pinder writes.


      • nogginator says:

        Mr Pinder, your argument is fundamentally flawed
        There is extremely robust debate and criticism, within Israel s own parliament, before it even goes anywhere else. Richard they don t hide anywhere and …
        Anti Israel sentiment is blatant, no matter how the words are mixed up or how it is dressed up – Anti-Semitism? of course now it is Anti-Zionism, it deploys against Jews collectively now in the form of the Jewish state, but put simply just repeats many of the principal stratagems and tropes that traditional anti-Semitism directed at the Jewish people as individuals.
        This is how any normal Jewish support for Israel or Zionism is maliciously spun in political circles, causing hostility to mainstream Jewish positions and of course thus risks Anti Semitic outcomes. Allowing this is an absolute fundamental to how our British Labour Party ended up in its current mess around Jewish people,
        Richard never, ever mix Anti-Semitism, with Islamofauxbia in the same frame. This equation is utterly false. Anti-Semitism is pure bigotry, reflecting hatred of Jews not for what they do but for what they are, I have said before Anti Zionism is now a twist on the same thing. Islamophobia, by contrast, is nothing other than a mind-bending smear designed to stigmatize and silence all who seek to expose or fight Islamic extremism, its political agenda and Islam s mandated holy war.


        • NCBBC says:


          Mr Pinder is quite specific. His criticism is of Jews, and not Israel.


        • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

          Just a minute, Nogginator! Why are you addressing Richard Pinder when this is clearly Martin Pinder?

          I get the feeling that the slightest criticism of Israel creates a rabid response on this site which is not typical of the reasoned debate on most issues.
          A Jewish friend of mine who is very pro-Israel and has lived there described the Israeli settler community and their mentality to me in terms that I won’t repeat here.
          I don’t have an opinion on the issue. But I get the impression it is a very fractured society and not one beyond criticism.


  7. NCBBC says:

    A simple test, “By their fruits you shall know them”.

    If only one choice was given

    Live in a Muslim country as a Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist.


    Live in Israel as a Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist.

    Which one will you choose.


    • Grant says:


      Or live in Israel as a muslim which many do !


      • NCBBC says:


        Palestinians are not interested in peace. They want to destroy Israel. The two state solution is simply a step in that direction, from which to launch further attacks.

        Gaza was a test case. Israel vacated it, and Hamas used it to launch rockets attacks on Israel.

        All the states that connived to pass a resolution in the UN, against Israel, the only decent country in that part of the world; how come they don’t condemn the ethnic cleansing of Christians from their native land that Muslims invaded.


  8. NCBBC says:

    Hamas TV teaches children to kill ‘all Jews’
    Douglas Murray

    And Israel is supposed to stop making homes for Jews in Jerusalem, their ancient capital, to appease genocidal Islamic maniacs. Oh, and its just not Israel they are after. It includes us all, just as it included all Christians that were once a majority in the ME.

    The UN- SC is out of its mind, or it is simple appeasement of oil rich Islamic states, so they can continue to sell them weapons, to kill the remaining Christians in Muslim lands, which were once Christian.


  9. deegee says:

    This particular reporting tactic is a BBC specialty. If they oppose the person, concept or group they report the attack as the story. If they oppose they report the defense against the attack.


  10. NCBBC says:

    Well worth reading

    Perfidious Obama’s Last Betrayal


  11. Grant says:


    Obama always was a cnut. He did nothing in 8 years apart from playing Golf. I fully support Netanyahu, a man of honour and principle and a great soldier. And I think that Trump will support Netanyahu and Israel .


  12. NCBBC says:

    I was hoping all day, that Mr Pinder would answer a few questions. But apparently M Pinder seems to have decided not to come back. What a shame.


  13. NCBBC says:

    Pres Assad welcomed at a church in Syria.

    Nuns embrace President Assad & First Lady Asma as they enter Saydnaya Monastery

    Look at the honest delight of these Christian nuns and children. These were the ones who would have been slaughtered by Obama’s freedom fighters, all of them al Qaeda linked.

    Note too the character of the music. It has a peaceful and melodious ring to it. Likely, a Christian influence. Quite unlike what Obama finds to his taste.


    • Grant says:


      You can be sure that the evil bastards at the BBC would never show this clip. Thank God that Obama is gone soon but the BBC continues, unfortunately.


      • Oaknash says:

        I am afraid grant that Christianity does not demonstrate the required the BBC “victim status” to get any decent coverage.

        Anyway everyone knows real victims think its ok to – throw gays off buildings, murder apostates, indulge in mass sexual assault, stone women for adultery, set your captives on fire/behead them, drive lorries into crowds, committ FGM, think its ok to have sex with minors, stab shoppers in the neck, destroy ancient monuments etc etc!

        On your bike Christians youll never be “victim cool ” enough to get sympathetic coverage from the BBC. Think you need to work on your game =just a bit!-


        • Grant says:


          Yes, the pathological support, historically and today, by the BBC for evil is puzzling. I wonder if the Beeboid trolls who used to post here have gone away because they know that they have lost the argument ?


          • Oaknash says:

            The trolls virtually disappeared overnight straight after the Brexit vote.

            I guess their services were needed elsewhere probably to feed information to the fragrant Amber about us haters and inform her about all the Polish sheds we have set alight.


  14. Peter Grimes says:

    I’ve been there. I thought I had read that Isis had destroyed it.


  15. NCBBC says:

    Worth watching too

    We now have a problem that can only be solved by mass repatriation of Muslims – not a good option. So where is the push back going to come from?