Merry BBC ‘Holidays’ to one and all….just not Jews


Astonishing no?  A very serious statement that Jews are being driven out of universities by anti-Semitism and it is not being dealt with for fear of upsetting Muslim benefactors to the universities isn’t reported by the BBC….only mentioned in passing in the ‘What the papers say’….not on the front page, not on the UK page, not even on the education page…just a note in passing…..

The BBC is massively concerned about what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen but seems entirely unconcerned that they are driving and funding a deadly Islamist agenda in the UK.  The BBC leapt on the story about Boris saying the Saudis were beyond the pale whilst paradoxically admitting that what he said was entirely true, and yet no interest at all it seems in what is happening to Jews in the UK.



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18 Responses to Merry BBC ‘Holidays’ to one and all….just not Jews

  1. Deborahanother says:

    There is a massive problem in Universities and six form colleges.As often highlighted by Guido the students union has been taken over by anti Semites.

    The biggest concern must be that these people when they graduate are and will be running the country in the future with their bigoted views .Yet according to the BBC ,its not a problem and we are the bigots for mentioning it.

    I think I have said before ,my son had to leave his sixth form college because he was the only Christian in his class predominately Muslim and was basically ostracised.He couldn’t take it. No point in complaining about it because nothing would be done ,they would say he is Islamaphobic.


  2. Andrew Caplan says:

    This is beyond outrageous – particularly at a time when London Transport Police seem to think that a man’s seating preferences are a matter for them, all because some overrated token Muslim claims to have been offended.

    As mentioned earlier, we capitulated over The Satanic Verses and it’s been downhill ever since. These people can sense weakness a mile away.


    • tarien says:

      It is beyond outrageous Andrew-we have arrived at incomprehensible land-Islam is winning the battle to gain control of our land, by propaganda, by intimidation against the white christians, by using their women’s wombs to grow children at every conceiveable opportunity, to invade our Helath & Social Services bringing them to breaking point and to the detriment of the indig/white, to insidiously cause rifts between us and our Police Force who now have a worringly large number of Muslims in the force. Now it appears adied and abetted by the duplicitous media & many politicians & government officials, whose voices speak treason. I have said many times that we and by we I mean to say those of us that have our eyes wide open to the treachery being enforced upon us.


  3. vesnadog says:

    We in the UK should prepare ourselves for this kind of devilish behaviour:

    Bet the BBC Elites won’t report anything like the above which shows us how the brain-dead students of America prefer Islam over Jewish students. But if this behaviour was by UK students would the BBC report it!?


  4. Deborah says:

    A friend who is very active in the Church of England did not believe it when I told her of the Antisemitism on UK campuses until she spoke to her three children and their friends who confirmed what I told her. This must have been some 5 years ago. She also believed that Gaza was occupied by the Israelis and that everyone there was living in dire poverty. I sent her the photos I had of the areas of Gaza that the BBC would not have shown us – her response was that it wasn’t like the reports from her Church friends who had been guests of Hamas had seen.


    • Andrew Caplan says:

      “A friend who is very active in the Church of England”

      Why do I not find that surprising? Naive – and dangerous.


  5. NCBBC says:

    The BBC makes al Jazeera look fair and balance.


    • Grant says:


      Actually, to my surprise, Al Jazeera is reasonably fair. Their news and current affairs output is vastly superior to the BBC. That is not saying much, I know !


      • deegee says:

        I have been told several times by Israelis who are in a position to be interviewed that they prefer to deal with al Jazeera over the BBC. Al J’s biases and agenda are clear and acknowledged but for all that they report exactly what is said, in full, to them without semantic tricks.


  6. NCBBC says:

    Our political elite have sold Western civilisation to Muslims, for 30 pieces of silver.

    And by the way, do not say “Happy Christmas” within hearing distance of a Muslim. Its “hate speech”. Mumble something about Winterval or something.


  7. Foscari says:

    I don’t think many know of the security that Jewish schools have and
    need to have. You will never see on Asad Ahmeds and Liz Rateefs Londonistan
    programme after the 6PM news on the BBC what protection the Jewish kids need when
    entering or leaving their schools. And why do you think so many now go to a faith
    school? Its’ a long time since the likes of me or my contemporary the former chief
    rabbi Jonathon Sachs went to CHRIST’S College Finchley where Christians, Catholics,
    Jews, Hindus , Sikhs, Bhudists ,Muslims used to go and there was no sign of
    any racialism or persecution of any minority. Why have things changed so dramatically
    in the last 15 years or so? Can anybody explain?


  8. Thoughtful says:

    How long have been banging on about this? A lone voice crying in the wilderness, when suddenly other people start talking and it’s almost like permission has been given to discuss the issue – but only partially.

    And Alan, you’ve done what you so often accuse the BBC of doing – blaming the white people only!

    Yes the universities want to take the money and who wouldn’t, but it is the conditions attached to that money which you have failed to examine. Saudi Money (and Qatar Kuwait, Abu Dhabi etc etc) always comes with strings attached that the institution promotes Islam, and that Wahabism & Salafism are the preferred variants.

    I have posted about this before:

    If you haven’t read this, then you certainly should.

    And don’t forget the university funding is only the tip of a very large iceberg. The Cabal is funding Islamic ‘faith’ schools, madrassahs, mosques, and other ventures with the proviso the backwards intolerant violent version is Islam known as Wahabism is promoted.

    It is inconceivable that this funding is not extended to politicians, with Theresa May set to give Sharia law official standing in the near future.

    Far too many people are simply unable to even allow the possibility of corrupt politicians to enter their minds, when it is a much more healthy mindset to believe them completely corrupt and wait to be proved wrong !


  9. NCBBC says:

    ******************** HAPPY CHRISTMAS INFIDELS. ********************

    BBC predicts bad weather, so drive safely, and stay away from Christmas markets.

    Thank you Alan and all staff on Biassed BBC for a really good blog.


  10. Aborigine Londoner says:

    Happy Christmas to one and all.

    I wrote Maligayang Pasko to a Filipino on Facebook. It means Merry Christmas. The Philippines is 95% Christian and 85% Roman Catholic. Facebook offered the translation “Happy Holidays” ffs fake news and fake translations!


    • Grant says:


      Mark Zuckerberg is a very nasty piece of work. Fb has its good points but he uses it as a personal political tool. The problem is that it has no serious competition and I do not know why. By the way, is it the only website which is more badly designed than the BBC’s ?


      • Aborigine Londoner says:

        The irony of the libtards imposing their culture on to all other nations is worse than the colonialism they so greatly abhor! At least we gave them schools and the means to think for themselves! As for the Philippines, Americans gave them Macdonalds, obesity and now they are trying to destabilize the widely respected President of the Philippines and it would seem trying to change the religious make up of the country.


        • Grant says:


          Who respects Duterte ?


          • Aborigine Londoner says:

            Many many filipinos who have had their lives shattered by drug abusers. Don’t listen to al-Beeb. If you read the feeds I get you’ll understand why so many voted for him. And he was elected, unlike so many of the leftist libtards. And it’s their country and their right to vote for who they want irrespective of what we feel.