Mark Easton Does a Nick Clegg



Mark Easton has always been extremely biased and not worth his salt as a journalist.  His ‘journalism’ consists mostly of telling us a very one-sided narrative about immigration….sitting on the BBC breakfast couch one morning a few years ago he treated us to his opinion, presented as ‘fact’ of course, that immigration is good, unstoppable and we’d better just get used to it and learn to like it.

Easton is the one who told us in the wake of the Trojan Horse plot [that the BBC still insists is a hoax] we should allow Muslims to Islamise schools, if Muslim parents want that we should let them have it.  Similarly he told us that Muslim extremists should be considered in the same heroic light as Churchill, Ghandi and Mandela.

Now he brings his toxic insights to Brexit in an ‘analysis’ that is beyond parody……did Easton write it or Nick Clegg?

What did the Brexit vote reveal about the UK?

We misinterpret the message of Brexit at our peril

Yes indeed, but not ‘we’ just you Easton who misinterprets Brexit….misinterprets or deliberately lies about it as some might suggest…..Here’s his basic thrust…..Brexit was not about immigration, not about sovereignty….

The vote for Brexit was a thunderous rumble of national indignation, an outpouring of frustrated fury that shook the foundations of the British state. We misinterpret its meaning at our peril.

“Brexit means Brexit” does not cut it.

This was much more than a simple referendum about membership of the European Union. Neither Brussels bureaucrats nor Polish plumbers were really the motivation for a popular revolt unparalleled in almost five centuries.

This was an act of extraordinary defiance against a system that does not and will not listen to people’s concerns and anxieties.

We need to be honest. Our governance, our democracy, does not function properly. It is failing the people of this country. That is the message of Brexit.


Thus we do not need to cut immigration nor our ties with the EU because the problem is ‘us’.

Of course that’s a deliberate twisting of the facts…..people are concerned about the lack of a voice but it was a lack of a voice on immigration and the EU that drove Brexit.

Here Easton tells another porkie…

I was very struck by the attitude of people I met in Port Talbot in South Wales.

Here was a place that has in the last decade received around a billion pounds in EU aid. It was due to receive around a billion pounds more over the next few years – money that is now very much in doubt.

And yet they voted emphatically to leave. Port Talbot is virtually untouched by the waves of immigration that some suggest was the driving force behind the referendum vote. I did not detect any profound ideological concerns over UK sovereignty either.

What I did hear were people who did not think anyone was listening to them. They felt powerless and ignored.

I’m sorry but Wales is strongly anti-immigration as a cursory check of the BBC’s own archives would have revealed to any real journalist not peddling a lie…..

The theme that emerges is that a larger percentage of people in Wales hold negative views on immigration than in Scotland, Northern Ireland or parts of south-east England and London.

In fact, the suggestion in the research by Wiserd – the Wales Insitute of Social and Economic Data and Methods – is that Wales shares similar, and more negative views, with neighbours in the English Midlands and the north of England.

Or this…pretty clear I might suggest…

EU Referendum: Immigration plays strong in Welsh valley

Easton goes on…

There was a time when people up and down the land believed they had some kind of control over their destiny. But one by one those traditional connections to power have been snapped.

Trade unionism has been neutered, local government is a shadow of its former self and political activism is, for the most part, simply shouting into the wind.

I’m sorry what?  Political activism is simply shouting in the wind?  Did he miss the result of the referendum or what?

It is an astonishing feat to write a whole article decrying the ‘elite’ for not listening when he himself, of the self-selected BBC elite, is pumping out what is a Remain piece of propaganda intent on dismissing all the concerns of the Leave voters.

Brexit means Brexit which means controlling immigration and severing the EU’s political and legal control of this country…and yes we know access to the Single Market may be limited …are you listening Easton?




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32 Responses to Mark Easton Does a Nick Clegg

  1. Framer says:

    Mark Easton is the most overpaid and underused BBC journalist. His shallow bleatings were probably attractive to recruiters in the corporation 20 years ago but his bosses seem to find him tired and unconvincing today. He is also un-diverse in age, colour, sexual orientation and gender, even if he adores multi-culturalism and other enrichments. Methinks an enormous golden goodbye awaits shortly.
    He can then feel alienated as people will no longer be forced to listen to him.


    • kane says:

      Easton is an open borders fanatic who has given pro-immigration lectures at academic institutions which defy any concept of impartiality. Read the chapter on the BBC in general and Easton in particular in “Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster” by Gavin Cooke or “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent which also calls out Easton’s pro-islamic immigration ranting.


  2. EnglandExpects says:

    Easton represents everything that is wrong with BBC news. He is the most senior home affairs journalist they have and no doubt is on a very handsome salary. Yet his biased output is utterly worthless .


  3. JimS says:

    Easton is just one of the many in the BBC.

    I mentioned this recently that it is another form of bias, the ‘impartial’ newsreader says “Let’s go over to our ‘X’ correspondent” as if to speak to some authority when it in reality it is just a BBC deskholder who has a career in filtering the news on a given subject to suit the BBC’s agenda. A plain newsreader might make the ‘mistake’ of actually reading what Reuters or AP put ‘on the wire’, the ‘correspondent’ will top, tail and fillet it.

    A classic examample at midday, Kate Silverton ‘goes over’ to ‘our’ security correspondent, Frank Gardner, sitting in his wheelchair alongside her. What does he know about Berlin, Rome or, for that matter, what is happening in Chipping Camden Christmas Market? He does know what the BBC line is though, “it’s nothing to do with Islam; get used to it”.


    • kane says:

      Easton is an open borders fanatic who has given pro-immigration lectures at academic institutions which defy any concept of impartiality. Read the chapter on the BBC in general and Easton in particular in “Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster” by Gavin Cooke or “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” by David Vincent which also calls out Easton’s pro-Islamic immigration ranting.


  4. Grant says:

    Easton is crap. Port Talbot ” 1 billion pounds of EU aid in a decade ” ?. Really ? But it is not EU aid. It comes from the British taxpayer. Is Easton really so thick that he does not know that ?


  5. NCBBC says:

    Similarly he told us that Muslim extremists should be considered in the same heroic light as Churchill, Ghandi and Mandela.

    I wonder what the relatives of Lee Rigby would say to that.

    Is this man still being paid a six figure salary out of our pocket.


    • Grant says:


      I don’t remember Churchill, Gandhi or Mandela advocating terrorism. Is Easton on drugs ?


      • NCBBC says:

        I dont know about Mandela though.

        As for drugs – one cant blame it on drugs. Too many in the BBC have the same symptoms. It could be in the air-conditioning at the BBC. Or the move to Salford?


  6. CranbrookPhil says:

    “This was much more than a simple referendum about membership of the European Union.”

    I am fed up with people like Easton trying to interpret what I had in mind as I voted to leave the EU. For me it was a simple referendum about membership, & I just wanted out.

    I love Europe, I have lived maybe as much of my life on mainland Europe in Italy, Spain & France as I have in England, I can speak all three languages, & I own property in France.

    One would think from this that I would be an ardent supporter of the EU, but I loathe it. In my opinion the EU & the Euro has destroyed the Europe I knew decades ago. Standardisation has removed all the quirky differences one encountered as one drove from country to country. Now things are not that different from Poland to Portugal!

    But above all I have hated the lack of democracy of this corrupted organisation. A commission of unelected shysters with the political immorality of ordering repeated votes till the ‘right’ result is finally reached.. Jeesh! How can we tolerate this sort of dictatorial arrogance. The steamrolling towards a federal system that would just cement this undemocratic goings-on into permanance was something I had to oppose with my vote.

    So in short I voted for this simple reason; Britain must get out of the EU & regain sovereignty, just that. I was not hugely bothered by Eastern European immigrants coming in to work, though I accept the negatives of this cheap labour by lowering wages. At least Romanians & Poles are Christians.

    I am very, very bothered my muslim immigration, not because I am racist (note that lefties!) but because I foresee enormous social trouble by large populations of people whose culture, lifestyle, & political ambitions are completely incompatible with our Judeao/Christian European culture. Added to this basic incompatibilty is that amongst the muslim diaspora there are many, many who wish to murder & destroy everything we hold dear. We have to wake up to this or we are doomed.

    Because of the, now, vast number of muslims who have recently migrated into Germany, Belgium, France & Sweden, the open door freedom of movement within the EU is something I hope we can get a grip on by leaving the EU.

    Even if May & the Conservatives (who I support so far) fail to stop big-scale immigration, at least by having the EU shackes removed there is the freedom at last for a future government to do so, within the EU we haven’t a chance.

    I hope other countries in the EU choose to leave, I cannot fully understand why people of France or Italy – great & civilised cultures both, are so willing to abandon their individuality & embrace a dastardly undemocratic governance that blandly wipes out their unique national identity.

    A trading group of independant countries within Europe with reciprocal arrangements to mutual advantages to all is a very desirable set-up. I just feel the EU is not the way to do it, I consider the EU to be the very opposite to how to do it.

    This is why I voted leave, I simply wanted Britain to leave. Simple!


  7. Dave S says:

    Easton is beginning to understand but that is only going to take him so far as he will come up against his core liberal beliefs and that will be the end of it.
    He has that same ingrained marxist belief in the inevitability of events. Whole generations have been reared on it and it prevents them from any conception that individuals can alter their destiny if they so choose. Hence globalisation and immigration become an inevitability rather than a choice. This how they really think and once that becomes ingrained it is next to impossible to get through to them.
    Brexit and Trump have really shaken them . Trump the more since he demonstrates that he can actually alter what they say is an inevitability and this they just cannot handle.
    He does not need them or need to inform them of anything. He can go direct to the voter and will.
    Making Ms May PM is the very British attempt to control us by prevarication and confusion. It might work but it is dangerous for the elite.
    This was always coming to Britain and Europe for when enough voters feel that there is an existential threat to themselves and their way of life then anything can happen.
    2017 will tell us whether we the people can overcome our elites.
    As the ex Czech president said – the elites have declared war on their peoples. This is echoed by Viktor Orban and Gert Wilders and Nigel Farage.
    I assume that when Easton says that Brexit is the greatest rebellion for nearly five centuries he actually means four. Typically inaccurate but there you go.


  8. NCBBC says:

    F**k George Clooney

    Paul Joseph Watson.


    • NCBBC says:

      I wonder what the relatives of those bombed at a Christmas market have to say to Clooney.

      Hundreds will be in mourning in Germany, instead of celebrating a really happy celebration. They were shopping for presents for their loved ones, sons and daughters. These children wont be receiving their presents, or the love of their parents.


      • Grant says:


        Has a full list of the names of those murdered been published yet ?


        • NCBBC says:


          I have no idea. Just Googled. Even Google is not helpful in getting hold of the names. I wonder why? Normally they are so helpful -specially who to vote for on Nov 8.

          Anyway here is a partial list

          This from 22/12/16

          It maybe that the information is being withheld, so that the dreaded AlT R do not mount demos. Or for protecting the mourning families. Or Merkel has ordered the media to keep stum.

          Meanwhile German police have told the public to stay at home. Good. Muslims can traipse around free, but Germans must stay huddled in fear, at home, and pay attention to the boss on TV.



          • Grant says:


            I wonder if it is because some of the victims are muslims, and/or the Germans have to admit that they have no way of identifying some people in their country. Either way it smells of suppression and a cover-up .


    • seismicboy says:

      he is surprisingly inarticulate when he doesn’t have a script in front of him.


    • Grant says:

      Clooney really is thick as two short planks ! And not a very good actor either !


    • johnnythefish says:

      What qualifies Clooney to meet with world leaders and discuss the issues of the day?

      What makes him some sort of fucking expert on the ‘refugee’ crisis and Muslims?

      He is so trapped in his own arsebubble and so far removed from what ordinary people have to put up with he thinks he can tell us what to do and think.

      No wonder the Yanks voted for Trump when they have to listen to this crap from Clooney on immigration and even more crap from Di Caprio on ‘climate change’, to name but two.


      • Grant says:


        I think you have hit the nail on the head.

        Thick luvvies like Clooney, Geldof, Bono , the list is endless, have their heads so far up their asses that they cannot see the light. No-one gives a 4X what their political opinions are . They are no more relevant than any man or woman in the street.

        But , in their hubris ( not that any of them would know what the word means ), they think that the rest of us care what they think.

        A bunch of effing wankers .

        By the way, my posts may get a bit erratic from now on. The Lagavulin is going down well with Scottish Red Deer casserole.

        I hope I am sober enough to enjoy “Carols from Kings “. I bet the cnuts at the BBC would love to ditch that !

        May I wish all B-BBC posters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

        Hic !


  9. embolden says:

    Easton truly is a muppet. It was his ill informed reporting on drug addiction treatment services that has led to their virtual dismantling and a great deal of serious hardship to some of the most disadvantaged people in our society.

    He works for the BBC, an organisation that appears to hold the abolition of controlled dugs legislation as an article of faith….judging by the repeated “decriminalisation” stories they promote.

    Freeing up the illegal drug markets, generating social conflict by empowering the traders in illegal drugs, who in turn generate insecurity by thieving, gangsterism, prostitution and consigning sick addicts to their fate is a new BBC liberal “value”.

    Where does most of the heroin sold in the UK originate from? That’s right, Afghanistan and Pakistan via Turkey….cui bono?


  10. JosF says:

    Mark Easton, Nick Clegg, The BBC, The Fib-Dimocrats as we all know are empty vessels which while managing to make a lot of noise contain nothing of sunstance. Unfortunately there are many people who do beleive that Mark Easton and the BBC, Nick clegg and the Fib-Dimocrats are not empty vessels and do contain plenty of substance and so their views are relivant and are important. Those of us who know better beg to differ


  11. seismicboy says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank for giving the members of the British Resistance a forum to voice our concerns. The enemy is a media who claim to support the underdogs of our world but are really fat cats in disguise, champagne socialists of the worst kind. The similarites between Lord Hawhaw and the bbc are striking, resistance groups have triumphed in the past. The tide is turning, one day it will come in.
    Merry Christmas everyone.


  12. Grant says:

    Easton was a grammar school boy who did not go to university. Nothing wrong with that but his biog info does not seem to mention the grammar school bit, just refers to some sixth form college. Strange that !