Guest post here from a B-BBC reader..

“The BBC – and the whole MSM – can’t help but create a total paradox when it comes to the representation of Islam.

When an Islamic terrorist attacks, the line is quickly wheeled out that jihadists do not represent the clear majority of Muslims. This may well be true but there are plenty of surveys that a small (but significant) number of Muslims do support or sympathise with such attacks.
So, the BBC finds it abhorrent that the plebs in the street should assume that the actions of a minority represent the total (at least when it comes to protected social groups). It is funny then we read “Berlin lorry attack: Muslim community holds vigil for victims”.
See, so this group must represent the majority of Muslims then?
Well, the Beeb does a nice bit of “kitman” of lying by omission. The “Muslim community” in this case is…you guessed it, the Ahmadiyya community.
Ahmadiyya are, of course, relatively progressive within the spectrum of Islam and seem to be some of the most engaged and respectful. Yet they only represent an estimated one per cent of the entire Muslim community. In fairness, the BBC has historically pointed out that Ahmadiyya Muslims called for peace after Nice, launched Remembrance Day poppy appeals and have been persecuted by Sunni and Shia branches for being blasphemers.
Even so, while a clear minority the BBC choses not to mention that most of the Muslim community, including the mainstream branches, despise them. Perhaps they can look at what they wrote in 2010 about their struggles for more info.
So Jihadists are not representative yet the other extreme one per cent IS representative of the other 99 per cent? A sect started 1889? Jesus WAS crucified AND rose again? Mohammed was not the final messanger of Allah but we can look at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad instead? The vast majority of Muslims believe this to be heresy but that doesn’t matter, the Ahmadiyya represents Islam.
It is lazy and insincere for the BBC to exclude the context, history and explanation of the Ahmadiyya and portray them as the mainstream just because that one per cent fits their ideal (and largely untrue) image of Islam. Just the other 99 per cent to convince…”
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5 Responses to WE ARE THE 1%

  1. Spider says:

    Lots of Ahmadiyya in Morden. They believe that Mohammed was one of a number of Messiah’s. The most recent preaching messages very close to those given by Jesus, i.e. be nice to other people. If Islam has a future in this country I hope they hold the majority.


  2. Galloping Major says:

    Wasn’t the Glasgow news agent, Assad Shah, butchered by one of the righteous for being Ahmadiyya. His heinous crimes including wishing merry Xmas to his customers. Sadly no chance of them expanding any significant influence for reasons of self preservation.


    • Number 88 says:

      Yes he was. And at the trial, when sentenced, friends and family of Shah’s murderer protested in court, disrupting the proceeding and demonstrated outside. In a rejection of British law and values, their belief was that in murdering a blasphemer, no crime was committed.

      The BBC, true to form, reported not one word of this.


  3. Grant says:

    I just had an email from an 18-year old Gambian muslim boy whose mother, Mary, was a christian and died tragically on 1 november at the age of 37. She was a very good friend of mine. Sulayman says ” I wish you a Merry Christmas, but it will not be the same without my mum. She always made christmas very happy for all of us “. And he knows I am an atheist.

    But, then, Gambia is unique. Don’t tell the BBC. They will make a documentary to prove how tolerant the whole muslim world is !


  4. embolden says:

    Mainstream Sunni Islam does not even recognise the Ahmadiya as Muslims.

    The BBC are contemptibly lying on this matter.

    The truth is that currently the most influential strands of Islam are Sunni Wahabbism from Arabia and its subcontinental equivalent Deobandism and then from Iran, Shia fundamentalism.