When the news broke of the Berlin Christmas market attack, the BBC was right to the fore in initially presenting it as somehow a lorry had attacked the people enjoying the Market. I half expected them to release a photo line up of possible suspects. When they had to grudgingly admit that the suspect was an illegal immigrant, I thought they might cry. 2016 may not have given us that which many of us on this site want to see – namely the BBC detached from the mandatory £3.5bn a year license tax it uses to propagandise BUT it has shown that new media is now a serious rival to the Fake News BBC in terms of influence, speed and diversity. That please me. I find it painful to listen to much of the BBC output these days since the BIAS is so overt, the deceit is so obvious. But so is the worry – so is their concern that people can now click on Twitter, or Gab, or Facebook, or Youtube, and find analysis that blows the BBC bias apart!

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  1. Jerry Owen says:

    Not quite the BBC but, Kay Burley 5.55 on SKY News last night, lead story I quote.. ‘the lorry incident in Berlin’.
    Not much surprises me on the fake news outlets but this made me holler so loudly my wife came running in from the kitchen to see what was wrong. You have to be seriously dim not to see the media bias in defence of Islamic atrocities.
    My omelette wasn’t spoilt in the process thankfully.

    Thankfully Norwegians don’t make lorries so they can’t be blamed for this.


    • Grant says:


      I wrote my comment below, before I read yours. The original driver was polish , so probably a christian. So it is the fault of a christian that he let the lorry be hijacked. Idiots like Kay Burley and Beeboids are so pre-programmed that they are totally unaware that they are making fools of themselves.


    • NCBBC says:

      It was a Russian Putin controlled lorry. The German police as usual have got things all wrong.


  2. Foscari says:

    The way the BBC and even Sky has been presenting the ” Lorry incident” in
    Berlin reminds me of the early Steven Spielberg fim “Duel” with Denis Weaver.
    You never see the face of the truck driver trying to smash into Dennis Weaver’s
    car and knock him off the road. The BBC must be praying that it turns out that
    all the perpurtrators involved in the collateral damage are mentally ill. Because
    we all know that this has nothing to do with Islam. And they have enough of
    these liberal fascists at the BBC to tell us this.


    • Grant says:


      It is the fault of the lorry !


      • Dazed and Confused says:

        The “Lorry`” was an Islamophope, and thus, the racist lorry sickeningly murdered it’s Polish driver, then proceeded to abduct a poor Tunisian Muslim as it’s hostage, and then outrageously reeked carnage through the streets of Berlin, in a cynical attempt to incite yet more trouble for law abiding, universe loving, peaceful Muslims.


      • JosF says:

        Yeap the Russians hacked its satnav system


  3. JosF says:

    When watching and hearing the BBC and the rest of the MSM spinning such terrorist attacks you know the purpetrator/perpetrators are going to be muslims, Sorry BBC and rest of the MSM but you have lied about this so many times that we have now learnt to see through the BBC spin and can easily see though the spin and lies. Next time BBC save us the time do your job and say “A muslim terrorist hijacked a lorry and it into a crowd of people with the intent of killing as many people as possible” You wont embarrass yourself when the spin and lies come appart. Needless to say if the perpetrator/perpetrators had been Sikh, Jews, Christians, hindus, etc doing such an act of terrorism the perpetrator’s religion or ethnic origins would be quickly and prominently mentioned unlike if it was a muslim


    • Grant says:


      Every time a muslim bastard commits an act of terrorism, the BBC pray it is not a muslim but it almost always is. The real world just does not conform to their perverted “ideology “.


      • NCBBC says:

        I wonder what odds the bookies will give on whether the suicide bomber, is Muslim or not.

        I have a feeling that the odd for the mass murderer being a Muslim, are pretty low.

        A real tragedy is upon us, when the only way to cope with this madness, is to jest.


  4. Sinniberg says:

    A tragic and horrific event for the Polish truck driver Łukasz Urban who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time along with the other poor innocent victims.

    A Gofund account has been set up in his name for his widow and family.

    From what I’ve seen there’s barely a cheep on the BBC or MSM about him or the other victims, indeed it doesn’t even seem to be on the main BBC News page now.

    Indeed, I Googled Łukasz Urban to check his name(and spelling) and the BBC weren’t even on the page of results.

    I also noticed though that the public individuals contained within the original BBC articles who witnessed the attack were strangley “non-German”, if you know what I mean……

    The BBC and MSM are finished because the sleeping monster that they so despised has woken up and had enough of them.

    Brexit and the US election viz Donald Trump are the living evidence of this and I suspect it is only the start.

    People like Milo Yiannopoulos are blazing a world-wide, anti-MSM trail and blowing them out of the water.


    • JosF says:

      The BBC and MSM are finished because the sleeping monster that they so despised has woken up and had enough of them.

      Also those of us who are awake have discovered the internet where we can access multiple sources of information and news then analyise them and then make up our own minds as to which is fact and which is false. A facility we dont get from the BBC and the rest of the MSM. Like the dinosaurs the BBC and the rest of the MSM have failed or refused to evolve witness this years example of the dire independant which in 2016 ceased to be a print newspaper and the utterly vile guardian losing readers and money {£173 million is the figure I have seen for this year} more and more people turning off the BBC. Sorry BBC and rest of the MSM but you failed to do your jobs properly and you also failed to evolve and are now following the dinosaurs into extinction and you wont be missed. BBC and rest of the MSM you are stagecoaches in the era of Shinkansen, TGV, ICE, HST, Eurostar etc