This is why people hate the slippery, lying politicians and vote for Trump or Brexit….Brendan Cox yesterday….

Nigel Farage has sparked outrage among Labour politicians after linking the widower of murdered MP Jo Cox to “extremists”.

The former UKIP leader criticised Brendan Cox after he questioned the politician’s claim that the Berlin lorry attack was “Merkel’s legacy”.

Mr Cox said “blaming politicians for the actions of extremists” was a “slippery slope”

Brendan Cox 6 months ago [in an article written before the death of his wife but reported after]….

Mainstream politicians are legitimising extremist anti-immigrant views by “aping” far-right rhetoric, the bereaved husband of killed MP Jo Cox has said.

Brendan Cox on that ‘slippery slope’ no?


Image result for merkel blood on hands


Merkel is to blame [and not her alone…all those politicians, like Cox himself, who grandstanded and virtue signalled how moral and caring they were as they argued for no controls on immigration], she unilaterally opened the borders without consulting any other EU country and encouraged millions of Muslims [mostly young men and not the women and children the BBC always showed] to flood into Europe, the risk of terrorism is massive but that is not the only consideration…long term German, European, culture and civilisation is under threat.  It would be nice to be asked.  If Europe falls one massive bastion against barbarism in the world falls with it and the world becomes less safe, less humane.

Amusing to listen to the Today programme this morning and hear Montague ignore the German guest as he told her, several times, the real threat to Merkel was from the Left-leaning side of her coalition…Montague kept insisting it was the Right that was her real threat.  Obsessed is the BBC.

Those killed at the Christmas Market would still be alive today if Merkel had kept her mouth, and the borders, shut.





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23 Responses to Cox

  1. Alicia Sinclair says:

    The Guardian today refers to Farage taking on a “widower”-as does the BBC Red Button.
    Presumably, he`s an activist at other times-but for this cause today, he`s a poor widower who has no political agenda whatsoever.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      He was one of Gordon Brown’s Special Advisers during the time he was Prime Minister, that alone says quite enough about the level of his Political Activism. He has also held high level positions with Save the Children, Oxfam and Crisis Action

      For the left wing media to complain about Farage responding to his unwarranted attacks is typical of their usual tactics used to silence any opposing views.

      Cox deliberately inserted himself into the debate over Frau Merkel and her responsibility in creating the situation which resulted in the recent terrorist attack in Germany by making use of the murder of his wife to further his own political beliefs.

      Having deliberately opened that door himself by using his dead wife as a politically motivated ploy to attack Farage he can hardly then play the poor bereaved husband being unfairly picked on.


  2. Wild Bill says:

    A study into the claims made by left-wing group ‘Hope Not Hate‘ has found the organisation exaggerated “hate speech” claims by over 3000 per cent following the murder of Jo Cox MP.

    The Economist magazine investigated the claim by the group — led by left-wing political operative Nick Lowles — that 50,000 tweets were sent “celebrating” the murder of the MP or praising her killer.

    The investigation concluded: “Hope Not Hate misrepresented the findings of its own report when first releasing it to the press”, adding: “The report itself gave a confusing impression of the number of tweets that celebrated Ms Cox’s murder. We estimate that, in reality, of hundreds of thousands of tweets mentioning the MP by name, the number that celebrated her death was at most 1,500, and probably much lower”.


    • Oaknash says:

      Cox is typical of the hypocritical elite who think that every utterance from his well remunerated lips should be treated as some sort of pearl of wisdom.

      He seems to be quite happy to wrap himself up as some sort of wronged widower (“thats a slippery slope to be going down Nigel”) when in fact he appears to me to be willing to use anything to further his own political ends and prejudices.

      Brendan – Nigel Farage was no more responsible for your wives death than were the millions of us who voted to leave the EU because we did not like the direction the EU was taking. If that makes me guilty of murder then so be it – but I like to call it democracy. Sorry you dont like it!

      Brendan I am also truly sorry for the loss of your wife and mother of your kids. But that is as far as it goes mate. And in fact I believe your wife was actually misguided and partly (with many others) responsible for the state we are in today where compassion is the only game in town and common sense gets standing room only (if its lucky).

      As for your support for Hope not Hate – I wonder – are they also as virtuous as the “White Helmets” ? another charity which I believe you have showed support for. And I dont even want to talk about why you left Save the Children.

      Unfortunately these members of our “elite” have had decades preening and flattering eachother with an overarching vanity where they just know they are right and intellectually superior to us oiks, who need to either be told or just ignored.

      I dont know whether Cox was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or bought his own “Golden Ticket” by getting the right degree, doing the right sort of “charity work” or just being bloody good at networking – whatever it was I suspect he is just another “socialist” who will always earn more than most of us, and who knows could even have ended up air kissing his way into the EU with some sort of job with a grandiose title and fat salary which in reality makes very little difference but is paid for by us.

      What I do think though is that in reality he is quite likely a nasty piece of work. Like all of our moral betters he tried to shut down a politician who represents the views of millions of us by taking the “moral high ground” then when that failed. He does what all remainers do when they have lost an argument –

      They reach for their lawyers.


      • The Highland Rebel says:

        I can understand your sympathy for the children Oaknash but I can have no sympathy for that bitch of a woman.
        Jo cox was an active supporter and fundraiser for the terrorist group Hamas, an organisation committed to the genocide of an entire race of people, every man, woman and child.
        Maybe as they grow up they’ll realise that the grief they felt for the loss of a parent is the grief felt every single day by children in Israel as a direct result of the actions of people like their mother and her evil ideology.


  3. Dave666 says:

    Make no mistake hope not hate are just another bunch of left wing fascists. Just check through the internet to find evidence of their and the UAf’s antics.


  4. Number 88 says:

    ‘Amusing to listen to the Today programme this morning and hear Montague ignore the German guest as he told her, several times, the real threat to Merkel was from the Left-leaning side of her coalition’

    Which was echoed by a German commentator (and ignored) on C4 tonight. I would have thought that analysts in Germany – who actually understand German politics – would have been worth listening to.

    But then again according to the BBC we don’t listen to experts any more!


  5. Jerry Owen says:

    So presumably By Cox’s criteria those politicians that supported ‘Brexit’ in no way whatsoever bear any responsibility for the extremist Thomas Mair killing his wife. Despite the MSM telling us that is the case and indeed Cox alluded to it himself.
    Clearly he has had a change of heart, perhaps he would like to apologize for his earlier erroneous views.


  6. NCBBC says:

    “Virtue signallers” are the worst hypocrites of all. They use virtue signalling as a weapon to shut up honest discourse.

    Trying to shut up Nigel Farage, whose comment was directed at the political elite of Germany re, the massacre in Berlin. Nigel Farege is correct in saying that the massacre in Berlin would not have taken place, or the rapes of thousands of young German girls would not have taken place, if Merkel had not opened the borders.
    Not just factually correct but entirely predictable.

    Just as it is factually correct that thousands of young British working class girls would not have been gang raped over decades, if the gates to Muslim immigration had not been opened.
    Not just factually correct but entirely predictable.

    So here we are. Whose fault is it that the gates were opened? Whose fault was it that the facts were suppressed for decades?

    So to appease the virtuous signalers, some 12X 10 -= 120 Germans will be in a state of shock, mourning, and trying to come to terms with their grief at this time of Happiness and Joy to the world.


  7. Philip_2 says:

    I don’t know much about Cox other than she was a Labour activist. The BBC needed a ‘victim’ to rally round and we can be sure as the BBC annual christmas bonus that they were intending to ‘kill’ BREXIT by threats of impending doom. The sheer negativity of the campaign (by the BBC and Cameron) are fairly typical of all EU ‘negotiations’. Nothing positive will ever come out of the EU but there are quite a few EU ‘civil-servants’ and BBC pension schemes riding on the outcome that we should keep paying for EU failures and ‘elite’ paybacks to ‘top’ quangos like the BBC.

    Anyway, as usual I digress. The reason I am posting this is that the TELEGRAPH has reported the first local fallout of one of its Labour MP’s who all (it says) have frankly ‘had enough of Corbyn’ and are voting with their feet. So we have anew by-election that will rather more ‘representative’ than the last (recent) one in Richmond, you may recall. Liberals won it (for reasons they think were Brexit protests, or a third runway or maybe they got lucky).

    A dozen young Labour MPs could quit for safer jobs, after Jamie Reed sparks Copeland by-election…’
    Jeremy Corbyn is facing more than a dozen resignations by MPs, Labour sources have said after a backbencher quit and triggered a by-election the Conservatives expect to win.

    But what most interested me most was the graph (See page weblink) showing how out-of-touch the Lefties are. The local support for BREXIT in Copeland was won by a huge margin as this article shows. Look at the graph (embaressing for the BBC liberals and worse for Labour that stand to loose a capable local MP (Jamie Read has resigned). And he is the first of many that see no future in Corbyn’s leadership despite blanket coverage on all BBC news channels in favor of Corbyn and the wonder rump of the REMAIN camp.


  8. Oaknash says:

    From the Express and Breitbart

    Not BBC but still quite revealing about the Libtard mindset and why Sweden is three quarters down the pan.

    Interesting pieces about Swedens newly appointed “anti terror co-ordinator” Anna Carlstedt

    Dont know whether to laugh or cry on this one, However what I do know is that her former job as President of the Swedish Red Cross and her PHD paper on Nostradamus should give her a valuable and unique insight into running campaigns against well funded and motivated terrorists.

    Maybe if I had obtained a degree in David Beckham studies MI6 might give me a job!

    Cry I think – bye bye Sweden!


  9. embolden says:

    Last night on pm there was an interview with a leading Brexit campaigner (I didn’t catch his name) who said that one of the crucial events in winning the vote was the fishermens flotilla and the spectacle provided by “sir” Bob and his remainer friends who were abusing the fishing flotilla…..he reckoned it had a measurable effect on the polling numbers.

    Thanks “sir” Bob, Mr Cox and all who were with you. It was abusing the fishermen wot won it!


  10. Aerfen says:

    I think its repulsive how from the time of her death onwards Cox hasnt been able to resist using his wife’s gruesome murder for political ends. I can’t but wonder how Jo’s parents feel. They rely on this arse now to give them access to their grandchildren!


    • Grant says:


      The whole Left has been guilty. There are no depths to which they will not sink to promote their failed “ideology”. They are a disgrace.


      • Aerfen says:

        But this man is supposed to be her grief stricken widower, yet he seems to relish the limelight her death has brought him


    • Jerry Owen says:

      He was making political capital the very following day out of her death both on twatter and the tv. Grotesque man.


      • Oaknash says:

        Grant and Jerry – You are both right. In lefty land – the end always justifies the means. When it comes to imposing your will on the population morality becomes changeable. Rigid and inflexible when applied to your opponent and extremely elastic when applied to yourself.


      • Aerfen says:

        Fancies becoming an MP himself I suspect.

        As a former press officer he has learned hhow to play the media

        Perhaps not the only way he is not a nice man


        • Aerfen says:

          I quote a post on Guido about Cox, sums it up:
          I have to say, I am genuinely and sincerely shocked and confused by the speed with which this man leapt into politics following his wife’s death.

          If the wife of myself or anyone I know died, even in less public or shocking circumstances, I’m quite sure a long period of distraught shock would follow; followed then by a long period of quiet grieving – especially if there were young children involved – having lost their mother.
          The last thing I would expect to be on one’s mind would be getting on the telly and making speeches.
          You know, I really find it difficult to reconcile the calmness displayed by this guy on telly in days after his wife’s murder… it doesn’t make sense to me… if this was the love of your life, how could you not be in a complete emotional mess? If someone said to me that this guy had just lost his wife, I would find it hard to believe – I would find him extraodinarily and peculiarly calm and composed. It just doesn’t add up for me.

          Moreover, I was under the impression that the murderer was suffering from mental illness, and I find the instant politicisation of what would otherwise be reported as a horrible tragedy to be quite weird and irresponsible. We have seen similar kinds of attacks on the streets attributed mental health over the years, and the focus is normally on the care arrangements for the perpetrator, not the amateur sleuthing over the minutiae of their delusions.

          My overall conclusion is that the man seems strange to me. It is not normal to be so calm over the death of ones spouse, and parent to one’s small children – it’s not normal at all. Nor is it normal to instantly continue with political campaigning – I just can’t think of a precedent where a politician was murdered and their spouse instantly carried on as “normal” – it’s weird.
          What I would consider to be normal would be for the focus to be on the small children who have just lost their mother, and to be consumed by that and receiving the emotional and practical support that a normal parent would get in similar circumstances.


          • Justin Casey says:

            I seem to remember that he was on twitter less than 24 hours after her death…… answering `tweets` and also promotingcharitable donations to Hope Not hate and the `White Helmets` he also blamed the pro Brexit supporters too…
            Were it not for the fact Mair was caught at the scene and also on CCTV you wouldn`t have raised an eyebrow if Brendan Cox was an immediate suspect for his wifes` murder… it`s the same kind of behaviour a psychopath or sociopath would show given the circumstances…. A complete abject lack of empathy and a complete lack of emotion… I would really like to know just what he did to those females which resulted in them complaining about him…


  11. Aerfen says:

    The Indie has a piece attacking those who criticize him:
    There has always been a consensus that when someone is grieving, especially after a brutal murder, that it’s polite to take their suffering into account before publicly insulting them a few months after the tragedy

    I note no comments are allowed, not surprising since someone would surely point out that it has also always been polite to go through a period of mourning in these circumstances, whether you are grief stricken or not, rather than exploiting your spouses death for political advance.


  12. Number 7 says:


    A more detailed comment is on the open thread.

    The left at its best in presenting “false news”.