10 Little Muslims


I finally managed to watch the BBC’s little bit of pro-Muslim propaganda, ‘Muslims Like Us’, which was a programme targeted at non-Muslims and intended to alter their perceptions of Muslims.  We are supposed to learn that there is no stereotypical Muslim, no one ‘Islam’ and if we only get to know Muslims we will learn to love them and their foibles.  A huge lie of course…there is only one Islam, Muslims may not follow its teachings…but then they shouldn’t really be considered Muslim.  The absolute central tenet of the religion is one faith, one god, one mosque…hence the raised single finger so many Muslims raise….such as when one killed the Russian ambassador in Turkey.

This is the essence of the programme…

‘This is about a battle for the soul of Islam…what makes a good Muslim’

The problem with that is that it doesn’t genuinely ask, never mind answer, the question…‘What is Islam?’.  What we got was a lot of shouting and not much enlightenment.  In the programme it is fascinating to see that the ‘liberal’ Muslims [of the ten there are two genuinely ‘liberal’ Muslims and one of those is gay and knows pretty much nothing about the religion] don’t want to hear the fundamentals of the religion and in fact they deny what they hear is true despite coming from the Koran and Hadith. Which is interesting as we are told how sacred the Koran is and yet….not so much…the true word of God is dismissed as lies….at one point the Islamic professions by one Muslim were denounced as ‘crazy…his ideas are extremely dangerous…not Islamic’…and yet they were the true Islam.

They all identify as Muslim and yet many did not want the rules and strictures associated with a true following of the religion.

The one genuine Liberal, Naila, was essentially non-practising and her words were very telling….

‘I would be considered a bad Muslim…but a good human being’

She went on to say [I paraphrase]…

‘The Muslim God is a very punishing God…all about guilt and shame…designed for mass control and humiliation…it conditions people’

What’s not to like?

There was a lot of controversy over one supposed ‘extremist’, Abdul Haqq, being on the programme and yet all he did was practise and preach the fundamentals of Islam taken from the Koran and Hadith which is the whole point of the religion….so you have to ask if he is ‘extremist’ is Islam also extreme in itself?  Haqq was genial if obsessed and literal about Islam but make no mistake he wanted to go to Syria to join ISIS…but again if you know what Islam commands he follows that command…to defend Islam when it is under attack…and he has been told enough times that that is the case…the BBC itself tells him so.  Haqq unfortunately wasn’t as much fun as say Andjem Choudary would have been because Haqq knew the lines but lacked the real conviction to continue in the face of criticism.  He was like a pup learning to bark.  In one confrontation we saw complete confusion and self-doubt flicker across his face as a Shia angrily walked away from an argument with him….of course that could all have been in the edit….10 days of filming and we get only two hours of film…a lot of very controversial stuff was missed out…as revealed in personal videos made by some participants after the show ended.

People like Haqq are dangerous, they may draw in a few recruits and eventually go on to do terrible things in Syria given the chance despite being genial in person but he was an obvious ‘danger’, less obvious and all the more insidious was the real danger that came from someone the critics of the show didn’t pick up on…Nabil.

Nabil had an enormous chip on his shoulder…he was black and Muslim and blamed the world for all his ills.  He wore a ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirt but he also wore a hoodie with the logo of the extremist Islamist group Cage on it…


With an ever expanding War on Terror, fuelled by a climate of hostility towards our communities, now is the #TimeForCourage. …

The Telegraph reports…

The evidence shows that Cage is a pro-terrorist group

All the evidence shows that Cage is a pro-terrorist group, not a human rights group as Oborne appears to think. Its history of support for terrorists should have closed the argument on them some time ago. We can only suppose that Peter Oborne’s advocacy of the group is based on an ignorance of the relevant facts.

Nabil came across initially as reasonable and friendly but immediately supported Haqq and his view on things.  Nabil’s true character slowly surfaced as he bullied and shut down other people in the house and his grievances were aired.  He was as much an ‘Islamist’ as Haqq though he wouldn’t be heading to Syria any time soon and the problem is that he doesn’t wrap his extremism up in the teachings of the dusty old Koran but in the language of grievance which is far more ‘accessible’ and likely to win ‘recruits’ and he initially had a lot of respect and was listened to until he wrecked it all by his bullying.  He is married to a Pakistani girl which has raised problems, him being of Nigerian extraction…apparently the Nation of Islam isn’t quite so colour-blind as we are lead to believe…..his wife’s family calling him a monkey etc.

Nabil wasn’t the only one to defy the BBC’s preferred narrative as several of the house mates let slip an ever stricter adherence to Islamic ‘values’….such as not going out to have fun…music is haram.  A visit to a war memorial was definitely off the agenda for several of them and one, Humaira, stated that ‘British values for me are colonialism, institutional racism and theft, and genocide.’

Humaira related a tale of Islamophobia in which she was threatened with kidnap, rape and being forced to have the kidnapper’s babies…is that true?  We had no context for the claim but she did manage to force out a tear or two….having seen her ‘act’ in the rest of the show you kind of doubt those tears as she comes across as pretty hard-faced and extreme.

The BBC did naturally thread such claims of Islamophobia and racism throughout the programme though it did allow in a few comments about Asian racism towards Blacks….but generally it’s Whitey.

One dodgy moment came after a night on the tiles and the Syrian housemate, Barra, slipped away and suddenly met up with an EDL member who immediately stated he was such.  Hmmm…what acting school did the BBC recruit him from?  Not saying the BBC faked that but they did didn’t they?  What are the chances…with the cameras being there too?

The BBC’s choice of housemates is another piece of ‘clever’ manipulation….just how representative were these housemates?  Barra was essentially white with blue eyes and blonde hair despite being Syrian, we had the gay one, or was that two?, then a non-practising Muslim westernised woman, an apparently westernised woman who was in love with Haqq and I reckon would slip on the Burka if he asked, an old, white convert who professed to be moderate but was really quite fundamental, a black convert, Haqq, who was there to be the bad boy against whom all others would unite, a radical female that dressed alternately as sexily as she could or in a shroud and who professed herself a moderate but was anything but, and another Black Muslim who may be a convert or not having originated in Nigeria but who was definitely a believer.

I imagine whoever recruited this lot thought they were onto a winner as they looked initially to be ‘moderate’, Haqq aside.  Haqq of course was meant to be the pantomime villain who would show the world that the rest of the Muslim community didn’t respect nor believe in his version of Islam, they are the ‘good’ Muslims…..trouble is you can see that just wasn’t true….They may have objected to ISIS’s excesses but as time went on it gradually became more and more apparent that most of them were ‘Muslim’ and quietly followed the rules despite seeming to rail against them when stated by Haqq.

Far from turning people’s perceptions about Islam and Muslims on their heads this programme just reinforces them.  The oft heard cry in the house was ‘What more can we do to integrate?’…that of course is the question because it isn’t really about going to work or partying, it’s about what’s in their heads…how they perceive Britain and non-Muslims, what they want Britain to be and do they want to Islamise Britain?  When you listen to many of them in the house you don’t hold out much hope.  The BBC brought in 4 non-Muslims to learn about Islam and Muslims…..naturally, despite all they heard and saw, they all  to a man said how wonderful it all was and if only we could get to know each other what a wonderful place the world would be.  Very polite.  Just not true.  Just the usual BBC happy ending tacked onto the end of a programme that demonstrated the exact opposite, that getting to know each other ends in fights as you realise the other person is a bit of an evil bastard.  Paradoxically the BBC spends a great deal of time trying to prevent you knowing what Muslims really think and what Islam really means because it knows the happy clappy schmutter it propagates is nonsense.  I’m thinking the BBC must now think this programme was a bit of a mistake as being all too revealing.




This is an after show video by Nabil, the ‘CAGE’ fanboy…he tells of racism towards him in the house…he should look on the brighter side of slavery and Nigeria deserved to be colonised because it didn’t put up much of  a fight and that Africans built nothing…it was Indians and Whites who brought civilisation to Africa.  Makes you wonder what else was said that would have been of real interest and genuinely instructive about what Muslims really think.



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54 Responses to 10 Little Muslims

  1. Jerry Owen says:

    Alan, thanks for a potted version of this programme, well done! I also give you my condolences for having to watch it in the first place to write this article. But I accept graciously that your pain was my gain as I haven’t watched a single episode of this vile BBC Islamic propaganda!


  2. Deborahanother says:

    I didnt watch it either and from the description it sounds as expected. The BBC ,living in their bubble ,still cannot get it into their heads that much of the population now live among Muslims and have first hand experience .A programme like this doesn’t teach me anything I don’t already know. In fact ,I could teach them a few things.

    Integration ? May as well forget it.Its not going to happen.


    • Spider says:

      Integration is screwed by the utterly useless ideals of multiculturalism, as espoused by the likes of tariq modood. There are plenty of foreign cultures residing in peacefully Britain. The Chinese Soho, Koreans New Malden, Poles Scotland, many other areas which have different communities living peacefully in Britain. Yes not always perfect and wonderful, but not filled with spite and hate either. Also they don’t need the BBC to jump to their aid.
      My point is that generally they are very happy living here. Most people in the UK are quite happy with them being here. They didn’t need government initiatives to integrate them. They are beneficial to our country on the whole. They have kept their identities and cultural traditions to share with us if we want, they do not imposed their values on us. I would argue that there are members of the Islamic community who are the same, but unfortunately they are being muddled in with the idiots.
      Maybe as has been pointed out many times there is some nefarious plot in Islamic country’s to enforce the religion of peace on Europe. The more I look the more I see.
      I am saddened by the current state of things and have decided to move with my family to Finland. BTW they have similar issues there and are in thrall to the multiculti agenda, but they are waking up, hopefully in time before its too late.
      I dont get integration. Isn’t it easier to say “As long as you comply with our laws, respect our history and culture, you are welcome to live here. If however you insist that we adapt to accept your culture and customs as having equal or greater importance, then foxtrot Oscar.


      • ID says:

        The key point you bring out is “foreign cultures”. There have always been foreigners in Britain. What we now have are essentially colonies, enclaves or ghettoes enjoying the economic benefits of being in Britain and the legal advantages of British or EU citizenship.
        History is littered with “foreign cultures living peacefully with each other” until the shit hits the fan. There where no ethic conflicts under Tito in Yugoslavia, Syria we are told was an oasis of multicultural peace until something changed. The Russian minorities in the Baltics are a potential Trojan horse ready for exploitation. Communal violence in India,tribal conflicts in Africa. Everything is fine until the mood changes and some grievance is resurrected or created. The Muslims in Britain have a greater loyalty to other Muslims right or wrong and still believe in the will of Allah. Like the ancient Hebrews or Greeks, Muslims still believe that human sacrifice in the form of suicide is pleasing to their god. Agammemnon when his fleet was becalmed at Aulis,swore to the gods that he would sacrifice the first human being he saw when he came ashore. Unfortunately the first human being he saw was his daughter coming to welcome him. A solemn promise to the gods could not be broken, her throat was slit, favorable winds arose and the fleet sailed on to Troy. Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum. Even Romans found this form of piety barbaric, yet misguided politicians think that pandering to this kind of religiosity based on mindless ritual,food taboos and genital mutilation is some kind of cultural advancement.
        Obeying the law, paying your taxes, accepting “British values” are all fine and good but they have nothing to do with being culturally British.
        Anyone who has first lived abroad as an adult knows that understanding language, mores and cultural assumptions is the real path to feeling “at home” in a foreign culture. As the Muslim community is now large enough to be a political force in big cities and willing to use extreme violence to promote its interests, coopted politicians take the easy way out for them and attempt to “nudge” the native population into self-islamification to avoid unrest


    • tarien says:

      I couldn’t bring myself to watch such utter drivel-when is the world, and especially those liberal minded idiots that cling to the value of Multiculturalism going to realise that the first allegiance for any Muslim is to ISLAM, of that we can all be quite certain. This silly childish attempt by the scheming Media to pursuade us that, even after years of Islmaic depravity running unchecked through this nation, it’s culture and intentions well known is simply stupefying and of course to most of us utterly bewildring. Now beleive that, they obviously do consider us so simple as to accept all that they throw at us ! Will this be the last Christian Christmas ?


  3. JosF says:

    As a Sikh I dont need the BBC to give me a perception of muslims I have the history of my people dealing with the muslim moghals in India and it bears no resemblence to the taqiyya that the BBC has in its bubbleverse. The reality of dealing with muslims and their master-race mentality could not be further from this delusional dose of BBC whitewash


    • Grant says:


      Nice to have a Sikh here, welcome. I would love the BBC to deal with your point but they never will. The BBC’s obsession with the evil of Islam is pathological.


      • Oaknash says:

        Agreed Grant and welcome JosF – I agree its great to get another point of view on these things.

        It always amazes me most religions whilst willing to defend themselves generally want to rub along ok with everyone else and live their lives in relative peace

        But it seems to me only ONE religion seems to demand total subservience with the constant background threat of violence.
        Only ONE religion constantly seems to be in the news often associated with violence and terrorism
        Only ONE religion seems to be constantly bleating about waycism and being picked on in what today is a pretty inclusive society
        Only ONE religion constantly demands we change the way our society functions so as not to upset their values
        And only ONE religion seems to be constantly championed by our state broadcaster despite it being constantly at variance with all the values the broadcaster says it holds dear!
        Hmmmmmmm – I wonder which religion that could possibly be?


        • Grant says:


          I quite agree. As an atheist I have no problem with religions so long as they leave me alone. I respect their beliefs even if I do not agree with them. However, there is one exception. And we all know what it is !


      • JosF says:

        Grant the BBC could do a whole series on islam starting with maybe The Armenian Genocide, The 800000 Jews forced out of their 1000 year old plus homes in the Arab world in 1948 on foundation of Israel, Islam’s role in the African slave trade, The attempted distruction of Coptic Christian communities in Egypt, The victimisation of Sikh, Hindu and Christian communities in pakistan but this would confuse the BBC and puncture the BBC’s bubbleverse if it had to tell the truth about its beloved islam and so I would have more chance of getting home one day and finding an owl with a letter from Hogwarts saying I was accepted for training as a wizard than the BBC making such a series


    • Andrew Caplan says:

      Hard experience of Islam which is often overlooked.

      Your fear, I suspect, is that if the situation deteriorates to the extent that a backlash becomes inevitable, and I mean a real backlash, not just a little graffiti and bacon throwing, Sikhs and Hindus will be unfairly targeted.


    • tarien says:

      You may have watched a programme last year I think that showed part of the life of a Sikh lady, apart from inviting us the viewer to see inside a Sikh Temple, she also showed us the work she and others did to feed many hungry people of all religions in her area. The programme also introduced a Muslim and his family and the Sikh lady invited this Muslim man to come into her Temple and to help her with the people she was feeding-he declined the offer as he couldn’t be seen to help other reliogions or indeed set foot in a Sikh Temple. Yet he was happy to draw on the Social Benifits this Government were handing out to him and his family. Sick! Yes, but says it all.


    • Steve Jones says:


      Although I myself am an atheist, recent problems in Europe and elsewhere caused me to read up about the major religions which turned out to be a very illuminating experience. I particularly liked what I read about Sikhism, and what I learned talking to a Sikh I know in our village. You practice an open mindedness and willingness to learn from others that puts certain religions, and many non-religious people, to shame. Good to have you here.
      The BBC won’t be interested in your history though, they don’t like that kind of diversity.


      • JosF says:

        Steve Jones Thats because the BBC and friends along with assorted useful idiots from the left fails to do facts and history as practiced here in the real world, Anyone be they Sikh, Jew, Athiest, Pagan, Christian whatever who trys to point out the myriad fallings of islam be they quote the quran, historical facts/research or recent events I know as I have tried to do so to point out to assorted leftards, beebiods or guardianistas myself and no doubts other posters here on this site, they along with the BBC and its bumchums at Al-Guardian look at though you are ready to get your jackboots, leather coat and Luger out when you say the truth about islam


    • chrisH says:

      Welcome JosF.
      I`m a Friend of Jesus and of Israel in that order.
      Have always admired the Sikhs-nobodys rollover, deep roots of thought and practical, fierce and proud in the face of Islam.
      I think of Sikhism as being Islam meets Hinduism in a pretty good ratio…besy of both faiths?
      I may of course be wrong-so let me know if I am.
      All the best this holiday.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      It’s good to hear a Sikh point of view. I can’t think of the last time I saw a Sikh or even a practising religious Hindu represented on the BBC. I am often met with blank looks from my “liberal” friends when I mention the history of Islamic conquest in India. How IMO Sikhs may have been wiped out altogether if they had not learned to fight back in the face of attempted genocide. It’s not likely we will be hearing any BBC outrage over the historical treatment of Hindus under Mogul rule. Or highlighting the continuing Muslim aggression in many parts of Asia. (It seems to have escaped the BBC’s notice that we DON’T have Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists or Zoroastrians driving lorries into Christmas markets). Maybe, just maybe? Islam is a bit different from the other religions?


      • Grant says:


        The bastards at the BBC will always support evil wherever it is. And Islam is the only truly evil religion, so they pump it up as much as they can. And these cnuts at the BBC know that Sikhs and the others will never terrorise them. So they kiss the muslim ass. And the muslims are laughing at them. Beeboids= Brain Dead.


    • quisquose says:

      A friend of mine is a Sikh, a pretty trendy secular one admittedly with his ponytail. I recall in the days after 9/11 he would wear a “Don’t Freak, I’m a Sikh” t-shirt. I don’t think he’d dare to now, which is a shame.


  4. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    It would have been more instructive to have had nine Muslims and Salman Rushdie locked in the house. I suspect he would have been found floating head down in the bath or swinging from a light fixture after the first night. Rushdie was born into a Muslim family so is Muslim under Islamic law. He later described himself as a lapsed Muslim.


  5. Wild Bill says:

    I tried to watch the first episode but gave up after 10 minutes. I saw the EDL bit on a preview and that swung it for me, so obviously a BBC set up, so I knew the rest of it would be too.
    I think Britain and most of Europe are fecked now, it has gone too far and no one is trying to stop it.
    I will be out of it within 20 years, it is my kids and yet to be born grandkids I feel sorry for, I tell my two lads that they will have to move abroad but where to I don’t know.


    • Spider says:

      How about the Falklands?


    • Andrew Caplan says:

      “I think Britain and most of Europe are fecked now”

      I never agree with the “we are finished” analysis. The same could have been said of Japan and Germany in 1945, and I’m sure there are other examples. What it does mean, I think, is that as time passes, the necessary solution will become bloodier.

      What the European Merkels don’t get is that, if the situation continues to deteriorate at the current rate, the solution will be less about containment and closer to ethnic cleansing. Sorry to have to raise that, but I think that’s where we are heading.

      I also don’t agree that British people are not what they used to be and will be incapable of dealing with the threat. Let’s face it, the people posing the threat are not up to much when it comes to the crunch.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        The difference is that in 1945 both Germany and Japan were shattered, but they were still populated by Germans and Japanese, hard working and law abiding people, who were able to rebuild their countries within 20 years.

        Japan is still Japan, but within 50 years Germany will not be Germany, if the current rate of population replacement proceeds. It only takes a couple of generations for the people who have large families to outbreed the host, and then Germany becomes Syria, and there is no way that ends well for any of us.


        • Andrew Caplan says:

          “but within 50 years Germany will not be Germany”

          Maybe not, but people are getting pissed off already. As someone here pointed out not so long ago, the invaders have shown their hand too early. They should have waited. The cat is out of the bag and the official lies are not working any more.

          If they were that clever and formidable, their own countries wouldn’t be the basket cases that they are, as comparison with Israel demonstrates.

          Sooner or later, another version of the EDL will emerge. Each incarnation will be harder to suppress than the previous one. Look at Europe’s history, conflict will be nothing new.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:


            I’d like to think so, but if the Germans can’t even be bothered to vote for the AfD, I wonder if there is any hope for them?


            • Andrew Caplan says:

              The Germans do carry baggage that doesn’t apply to other European countries. They have WW2 and the Nazis, we have the Empire. We both need to get over it. I think we’re ahead, in spite of the BBC and the Guardian.


    • tarien says:

      Somewhat agree Wild Bill-a Muslim London Mayor consolidated their control of our major national city, and they now have influencial roles in all other Councils in major Cities- Anyway let’s enjoy the last Christian Christmas before Shaia Law prohibits such festivities. Like you I’m in my Autumn years, and can be sad for the youngsters and for their disturbing futures-we are at war, maybe a war of attrition- Traitors like Merkel et al should be executed, as it was she that offered the hand of frienship to the devil (Third World Mass immigration) of course she may well be elected back into power such is the purverse nature of the beast -escalating war in the Middle East has and will continue through the massive Human Trafficking operations worldwide to send millons more Islamics to Europe. I’ve just ordered a Tank from MOD old stock.


    • Grimer says:

      If you have the skills, the Caribbean is great. I have a friend living in the Caymans and he says they have zero Islamic enrichment. Mrs Grimer and I looked into moving, but my skills are more relevant to large multinational companies, rather than smaller businesses.


  6. StewGreen says:

    If you want to see what new immigrants are told I see local councils are sold an online package by 220soft.
    \\The British Way of Life is a program to help all asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in getting used to British Life as quickly as possible. It covers many essential topics and subjects, with links to government, NHS and other useful websites to find out invaluable information to succeed in ‘The British Way of Life’.//


    • king crimson says:

      Seems like 220soft’s only clients are councils and prisons – says it all. (I see the yellow poster above has a ‘do not stick in any prohibited places’ in very small print. Also they’ve spelt Algebra incorrectly).


  7. NCBBC says:

    I don’t care what Muslims say, but what is intolerable is that Muslims are obliged to wage war in anyway on us, till we implement Sharia. The means can be dawa, pretending to be what Islam is not, as in the BBC program. This includes the girl who says she is a “bad” Muslim. How do we know she is what she says she is, when we know that Muslims practice Taqiyya to deceive? Or wage a terror war, as the stick in the “carrot and stick” strategy.

    I’m so fed up with Islam, and have been since 9/11, that my Christmas wish since 2002 has been that Islam will simply go away. From planet earth would be best, but I will happily settle that Muslims settle in regions where their “peeceful practices” are tolerated, and leave us to do what we wish. If they do that, then it is quite likely that the West will not interfere in dar ul Islam. There are indications that Trump is set on this policy.


    • Grant says:


      The muslims can be dealt with. It is the dhimmis like the BBC which are a bigger problem. So long as they support the death cult of Islam, the muslims will be encouraged. The dhimmis are the main challenge.


      • NCBBC says:


        I agree. The BBC has to be dealt with, but in the wider context.

        The BBC, the national Established broadcaster, despite all its Charter stuff, is obliged, like the Established church, to support government policy. This policy of appeasing Islam all costs, has been in full swing in Western Europe and USA, since 9/11. Which means it comes essentially from Washington DC. This is because of our military presence in Islamic countries.

        My hope is that with the new sheriff in DC town, things will change in a dramatic form.

        One notes the hysteria among the lefty elite in Europe and America about what could happen to Muslims. But also note the welcome from Victor Orban, Geert Wilders, AfD, Marine le Pen.

        We are at war, though the elite deny it. President Trump unfortunately, is at great risk, far more then any other POTUS.


        • engineerdownunder says:

          Yes, we are at war. This dawned on me today, listening to the BBC “news” about the Berlin “lorry” attack.

          The fact that we are at war is what the MSM and the BBC are desperate to hide from us.

          The elites have either totally misjudged Islam or have been bought off by oil money. The people are meant to tolerate being massacred in Christmas markets or restaurants. The people are meant to tolerate the introduction of Winterval, hate crimes, Sharia Law, halal food and burkas.


        • Grant says:


          If Trump can form an alliance with Putin , there is some hope. And I suspect the dhimmi Liberal Elite in Europe will lose power in 2017 . They have to be swept away.


          • NCBBC says:

            It will snooker the lefties in Europe.

            Britain and Germany will go where the US goes. No choice really.
            Both will just have to explain as well as they can why.

            And it is here that the state broadcaster BBC, comes in real handy. The government will make change in the News and Comments management section of the BBC, with some excuse that it needs “modernising” in the Internet age, or some such guff. A new Director general will be appointed to “modernise” the BBC. You know the stuff.

            The new management will subtly bring the ship right about.


            • JosF says:

              NcBBC A new director-general will be appointed to “modernise” the BBC when I look at that the words “deckchairs re-arrange and Titanic” come to mind


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      To NCBCC & Others: I have only recently heard of the word “dawa” but I am not sure you are using it correctly in your above comment “.. The means can be dawa, pretending to be what Islam is not”. My understanding of dawa is attracting non-Muslims to Islam – so is equivalent to proselytising. One of the tactics of dawa is Taqiyya (which you mention later)

      Can you and others please clarify – because for me it is a new word – and I want to make sure that I am using it correctly – in the full sense of its meaning or meanings.



      • NCBBC says:


        My statement is in the context of ‘Muslims Like Us’ program. This is basically a Dawa broadcast courtesy of the BBC.

        The ultimate aim of all Muslims is to bring an Infidel nation under the law of Sharia.

        Dawa is essentially a missionary excercise, preaching to convert as many people as possible to Islam. Eventually the numbers will tell. And Sharia will come about.

        But the problem is that Muslims are allowed to lie, if it extends the scope of Islam, using Taqiyya and Kitman. Essentially lies and deception.

        Have a look at Bill Warners blog “Political Islam”. He is an expert.


        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          Thanks. A quick google and I find the Bill Warner blog. So will look into that later. Plus you have given me a new word “Kitman”. Thanks.

          Recently I have become interested in the term Islamophobia. Looking into that led me to the Runnymede Trust and Pakistan.


  8. StewGreen says:

    I repost a comment I made earlier on Realities thread.
    Peter Hitchins blog was the only journo not to write in a SJW Virtue Signalling way. Best bit is at the end.

    ..”I watched Muslims Like Us on BBC2 with grim fascination. Indeed, they were mostly like us, vaguely but pleasantly charitable, sweary, victims of all kinds of fashions in thought, clothes, language and sex.
    And then they were not like us. One had an arranged marriage to a woman he’d never met, as far as I could see. All suddenly slipped into Arabic from time to time. One had attracted the attention of the authorities because of the passion of his views.
    I could see his point when he upbraided his temporary housemates for not being very Islamic. They weren’t. He was. And I think most of us probably quietly hope that most British Muslims aren’t very devout.
    But what really bothered me was the joke British person, in a bow tie, who was brought in to introduce them to Britishness, whatever that now is. There they were in York, looking at York Minster, one of the most moving and powerful buildings on the planet. I almost stop breathing whenever I visit it (I had the same experience amid the Islamic glories of Isfahan and Samarkand, by the way). But if Mr Bow Tie once mentioned Christianity, or suggested they go inside the great church, I missed it. And the Muslim party seemed wholly unmoved, as if they were being shown a furniture factory.
    The sad fact is Muslims are only going to be like us if they sink, along with us, into the same state of ignorance and indifference about the past, and cease to take serious things seriously. Some of them may. But an important number of them (to their credit) never will.”


  9. NCBBC says:

    Welcome JosF

    We would all be enlightened if you could tell us Right Wing bigots, as the BBC sees us, how Muslim invaders taught “peace and tolerance” of Islam to various Gurus of Sikhism.

    Bear in mind though, that in BBC eyes, Sikhs are perilously close to becoming Right Wing bigots. This is despite minority status. So too are Patels, and sundry Caribbean Evangelicals.


  10. StewGreen says:

    Reality TV= “Constructed Reality TV”= fake
    BBC News is the same thing


  11. chrisH says:


    Not a story we`ll be hearing anytime soon from the major New European domino as we Christian prophets see things.
    Instead we`ll hear endless tosh about their BBC lovers in Warsaws liberal bubble not getting access to trash the new elected government as they want.
    Paedos Envy Syndrome as we`re seeing in the USA.
    Funny eh?…spend two years with vile abuse for Trump being endless-and NOW they expect him to offer his other cheek to kick and to scar….the media have got way too imperious, and this Polish story only shows what they WON`T tell us.


    • StewGreen says:

      Old story it’s dated August
      Poland now has a right wing popularist government, so the BBC routinely only cover small opposition rallies.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        Ta Stew-have sacked the editorial board, and will get back to the Christmas cards.
        Not even started on the Baileys either-think it`s Putin who caused it.


  12. StewGreen says:

    HMP Nottingham: Prison officers organised WhatsApp ‘fight club’ with Muslim inmates
    Suspension of officers come after recent inspection found high levels of force by staff and evidence of collusion


  13. Martin Pinder says:

    ‘British values for me are colonialism, institutional racism & theft, & genocide.’ says Humaira. Has she forgotten our traditions of freedom, the common law (which is man-made & separate from religion), our democratic institutions such as Parliament, our medicine & our technology? All these things she benefits from & are probably the reasons she is here in the first place rather than languishing in some oppressive Islamic country. We have tried to export some of these good things that we value here to these countries but they don’t want to know. If she doesn’t like it here why doesn’t she go back to a Muslim country where they are supposedly not colonialist, racist & genocidal? Stupid woman.


    • Grimer says:

      They’re here for the free housing, free money, free healthcare, free cars, freedom to sponge, etc.

      They’re not here for our* values.

      * Values our shyster politicians proclaim whenever the plebs begin to raise concerns about the 5th column that has been invited into the country at our expense.

      If you’d told me 20 years ago that I’d be happy to see mass deportations of Muslims, I’d have probably spat in your face. Not any more.


  14. Ian Rushlow says:

    They are not like us and never will be.
    Their values are totally different and sick and perverted.
    They are blind to reason.
    They hate us.
    They want us dead.
    It would be better if we got them out of our country.
    Yes, I’m talking about liberals. We don’t have a problem with Muslims. Liberals are the real threat.