Hype Not Debate


Hope Not Hate has been caught out telling lies about hate crimes…and of course the BBC has been suckered into peddling their lies…because they have a need to believe so journalism and asking a few questions about the supposed data gets kicked into the long grass…but not at The Economist.

A supposed outpouring of online hatred against Jo Cox, a murdered MP, was exaggerated

HOPE NOT HATE, a charity that combats extremism, published a report on November 28th purportedly revealing a mass outbreak of online hate-speech after the murder of Jo Cox, a Labour MP, a week before the Brexit referendum in June. In the month after the killing at least 25,000 people sent more than 50,000 tweets celebrating her death or praising her murderer, Thomas Mair, Hope Not Hate said.

Britain’s largest newspapers leapt to publish the shocking findings. The story was shared far and wide. Angela Eagle, a Labour MP, cast its conclusions as “staggering and appalling”. The news struck as Britain was coming to terms with an increase in hate crimes.

Yet the story was wrong.

An investigation by The Economist has found that Hope Not Hate misrepresented the findings of its own report when first releasing it to the press. The report itself gave a confusing impression of the number of tweets that celebrated Ms Cox’s murder. We estimate that, in reality, of hundreds of thousands of tweets mentioning the MP by name, the number that celebrated her death was at most 1,500, and probably much lower.

The authors write that Twitter “acts as an echo chamber, where hateful comments are reinforced and can impact upon wider community cohesion.” Here they are right—which is why it is important to debunk claims which are not properly supported, including their own. That a single person would celebrate an MP’s murder is terrible.

Yet the public was led to think that such a reaction was widespread online. We do not believe that it was.

The Public was misled about online ‘hate crimes’?  Not just the public of course as politicians jumped on the bandwagon, some all too ready to use this as an excuse to try and smear Brexit and anyone who spoke about immigration as racists and islamophobes.   They should really watch the BBC’s ‘Muslims Like Us’ and then come and have a chat about racism and religiously inspired hate.  It really didn’t turn out the way the BBC would have hoped…except for the loveable, if not somewhat naive [perhaps for the Telly] non-Muslims who rather showed up the Muslims.

And of note is that the BBC’s Emma Barnett had a lovely warm and sympathetic conversation the other week with the mother of  Michael Sandford, you know, the bloke who tried to kill Trump.  The first words that came out of Barnett’s mouth was that he was autistic and had mental health issues….not a word about Thomas Mair’s well known mental health problems though.  Guess trying to kill the ‘monster’ that is Trump is OK really, killing a pro-immigration left-wing MP who espouses all the same values that the BBC does is definitely not OK in the same way.  Always some excuse for those who murder or try to murder others whose values don’t get the BBC stamp of approval.






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4 Responses to Hype Not Debate

  1. Mice Height says:

    “Foreign-Funded, Hard Left ‘Hope Not Hate’ Releases ‘Counter Jihad’ Report Slamming Muslim Moderates”



  2. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    It’s good that the debunking was performed by The Economist, a ‘left-leaning’ magazine, leaving just the bBBC and its print version The Guardian as Hate not Hope’s only propagandists.


  3. Philip_2 says:

    The left don’t have a problem with anything. They can make something that is biologically unhealthy ‘legal’ and ban something harmless (sugar) as unhealthy. The HYPE thing is the power to state that ‘what-you-know-is-wrong’ and ‘what-they-know-is- (somehow) -right. Even with scientific evidence against they will cling to CO2 as a ‘TOXIC GAS’ even though they know that plants obviously use CO2 and we (humans) need it to exist. Its the absurdity they quest, not of Science but Psychological warfare games. Intimidate your opponent, create sexes that don’t exist, command rights for victims that are foreign invaders, ridicule the traditionalist. Lampoon prosperity, defy independence, create a climate of outrage and legal constraints. Don’t think. Don’t discriminate between arguments, rotten public health, poor education standards (or question those that try to kill you). In the EU there is no such argument. There are no problems. Thats is why immigration does not exist, there are no borders to police, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ (so Christians cannot exist either in this brave new world). The EU has no answers and the left don’t have a problem with anything. The apparent absurdity of the left is that it has no answers that do not involve complete collapse of the economy (think Venezuela) and that Dictators (like Cuba) or Rhodesia are the fault of Imperial Western Capitalism. The left are protected in neat public service jobs and bound by EU regulations on how to accommodate, appease and make good any damages. Its an absurd situation that we cannot defend ourselves without causing ‘offence’ to somebody claiming EU citizenship. The left see no problem with this, in fact they predicted it many years ago. The EU is based on such assumptions and predictions of violence as long as 40 years ago. They are prepared to use the EU Police against the people who question the wisdom of ‘mass movement of peoples’. The EU has no democracy to protect and it has direct rule over the outcome and where it will lead.

    The question is not debatable, only the timeline and eventual appeasement. A surrender or a collapse of all nations into one under one ruler. One European Socialist Paradise. Islam is not perfect but if it takes them half way, thats good enough (as Erdogan said about the EU). The EU will try to buy him off, (failed) encourage mass acceptance of Muslims (in process), give Turkey full EU membership (as national democracy is no longer a pre-requisite in the EU). All Communist (and mostly Muslim) now heading in the same direction… towards dictatorship.