The Reality…Breaking the silence


The BBC brings us wonderful and highly misleading images of Islam in the UK….but others, less intent on hiding the truth, reveal all…are Muslims really fighting back in huge numbers against the ‘radicals’ even as more and more young Muslims become ever-more ‘devout’ and self-identifying as ‘Muslim’ first and foremost?….and did ‘radicalisation’ really start in 2003 because of the Iraq War as the BBC wants you to believe?….

From a Pakistani Muslim, Gina Khan……from 2007 and 2009…

Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Birmingham

As a young child and teenager I grew up in an area where the majority was English but there were also Greeks, Chinese, Jamaicans and Indians living in the same community. Everybody got on and respected each other. My parents ran supermarkets, so we were integrated, if not allowed to assimilate as females because of the religion. And now the white people are leaving, the area has disintegrated, and it breaks my heart. Most members of my family have moved out.

The area has been Islamised. Mosques, mini-mosques and madrasas rise up on almost every street corner, but there is nothing for the youth. Drugs and crime has made the area unsafe for young girls. Social services and the police know what is going on. I have witnessed anti-west and anti-Jew posters and leaflets appear in shops run by young bearded Muslims. I watched the Islamists mobilise the Muslim community right under my nose. Before 9/11 the time I could not name it, but I knew something was not right, but it was being done in the name of Islam.

I left because there was no way I was going to raise my children as a lone mother in a community where the Imams or mosques did nothing to serve the community or teach a plural Islam. Even the schools were allowing little primary school girls to wear headscarves, and that has nothing to do with religion. The extremists have had over twenty five uncontested years to mobilise the minds of British Muslims and their backwardness now dominates some areas.

Multicultural polices are not working…


Gina Khan on Breaking the Silence

Being a British Asian woman from a Pakistani ethnic background, a Muslim, the atrocities commited in the name of Islam effected me profoundly. Being a Pakistani had its own stigmas – being female meant being treated as sub-human in relation to the Muslim man. I can see how the ideology works – half the ideology is about oppressing Muslim women. That’s evident when you note that the first thing Islamists do is reverse the rights and freedom of Muslim women, when they do manage to create an Islamic state, as in Afganistan or Iran. I wasn’t going to participate in my own oppression!

I have lived within the Muslim community in Birmingham. I’m a born and bred brummie, I had been speaking out for a while. I had been writing to a lot of people hoping someone would want to focus on the truth. I knew what I knew and didn’t want to forever remain silent at any cost.

We are engaged in a protracted and widely dispersed war at the Jihadists’ discretion, which I knew had been going on before 9/11; our goverment was in denial…and still is. My insight has been through personal experiences and those of people around me.

My father was indoctrinated with this ideology in the early 1980s…Dad would say ‘you kids don’t know nothing – Islam will take over, there will be mosques everywhere, you must think of your after-life – not this life. Kaffirs will burn in the fire of hell.’

His words would frighten me, and I had no reason to doubt his words of wisdom as he was reading the Quran and attending mosques where pious religious mullahs gave sermons about the Quran. He was becoming anti-Jewish, even though he had never met a Jewish person in his whole life. He was becoming anti-west although he never actually went back to live and retire in Pakistan until mum died.

Now in hindsight I realise he was brainwashed into an ideology – by the same mosques and mullahs in Birmingham that preach tenets of Jihadism. Pensioners as well as the young get indoctrinated. Dad had become colder and more disconnected the more religious he became.

In 1996 I remember seeing flyers and posters advocating meetings for Muslims to talk about Jihad – a call for the ‘umma’ and anti-west propaganda…in a chip shop in Ward End run by mullahs. I remember thinking: why haven’t the police arrested these guys?

When the horrendous events of 9/11 happened , I remember thinking ‘oh my God, they have started to attack the West’. I was gripped in fear…and I understood who the enemy was. I was shocked when I realised that Western governments didn’t know who the enemy was.

I remained silent for most of my life but I was seething with anger at Islamists…how did this goverment not sense what was coming, while many at the grassroots level could sense it ? Remaining silent wasn’t an option for me any more, especially when more Jihadists were being discovered and named locally. Many mujahideens were known to people who had gone off to fight in Jihad in Bosnia. One of the Jihadists who was arrested in Birmingham in February was a friend’s brother. A local British-born Pakistani lad in the armed forces had been killed in action in Afganistan, and I couldn’t believe they wanted to behead someone in the armed forces just to instill fear in us all.

In search of my religion I had also picked up books translated in English from the same bookshops that were raided. I had been a victim of domestic violence…the beating of women authorised in Islamic books and political Islam theories put my faith in turmoil. I’m pleased that other Muslim people are speaking out.

I have stated to many that this war will last at least 25 to 30 years. Prime Minister Brown, just like Mr Blair, won’t use the word ‘Jihad’ – they mention the ideology but never define it to their people, which I believe is counter-productive. Muslims themselves have to understand the concept and reasons behind the ideology, and it isn’t just because of foriegn policy; this ideology was being implemented long before the Iraq or Afganistan war. The only way to really understand the enemy and what Jihad means, is to understand the historical roots of Jihad, intertwined with the history of Muslim women and their struggle to be emancipated.

The real clash is between modern 21st century Muslims living in the present and backward-thinking Muslims with the mindset of the 7th century.

The goverment had until recently engaged and somewhat funded the MCB. In my eyes they are Islamists, they are Jihadists’ mentors.
They are not the voice of British-born Muslims or British Islam. Inayat Bunglawala gets on my nerves…everytime he makes a statement to the press, I wish he’d put a sock in it.

Initially Inayat Bungalawala had supported Osama bin Ladin, calling him a ‘freedom fighter’ in 2001; he supported Wahhabi Clerics and Hamas leaders, and currently these men want a new law so that banning religious discrimination can be implemented – which could shut down debates about Islam.

I know that I will have ‘issues’ if I’m critical of my religion and the supremacist attitude that govern us all currently…..

but what the heck, Islamists disrespect our logical reasoning and humanity every day. I have a right to my full humanity…I do not believe that whoever created me wanted me or any other woman to walk out of the front door with half the IQ He blessed us with, no one could suppress/oppress me or shut me up again – ask my ex-husband. I don’t want my daughter to have my life…I intend to set her free as a full human being, one day. She was born in a free country. She can write her own life script.

In the mean time I will continue to fight this mentality and backward mindset – I will exercise my freedom of opinion and debate…that’s what democracy is all about isn’t it?

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17 Responses to The Reality…Breaking the silence

  1. Demon says:

    I see this all goes back to the Brownian disaster, 2007 and 2009. I hope she is still alive and free to talk like this. The point is well made that radicalisation didn’t start with the West trying to find the terrorists behind 9/11, but goes back well before, as previous terror attacks also prove.


  2. Owen Morgan says:

    The trouble is that islam will never change. The followers of islam tell themselves that their holy book is the unadulterated word of allah. That doesn’t entirely explain why, in the course of the book, allah keeps changing his mind about things, or why muslims effectively deify Mohammed, treating him as the perfect man. When they invaded India, in the Middle Ages, muslims systematically destroyed Buddhist shrines, because they couldn’t tolerate the idea of a man who tried to achieve perfection, as opposed to one who simply declared himself perfect and expected everyone to accept him at his word.


  3. Tothepoint says:

    Islam is complete and utter submission to Allah using the set of unchangeable life instructions that Islam tells it’s Cultists came from God himself and were given to child raping, psychopathic warlord Muhammad. That’s Islam in a single sentence.

    It tells the followers that unless they live the life instructed by the child rapist, they will never make it to paradise…. All infidels/kafir will burn in hellfire for ignoring Muhammad and abandoning Allah.

    Whilst other religions teach of love, compassion, forgiveness…Islam teachers about punishment, conformity, hatred.

    There is nothing but the word of Allah. There is nothing but Islam. Islam has set in unchangeable doctrine utter hatred towards everything that isn’t Islamic. It teaches a complete supremacy over everything and everyone else on earth


  4. Rob in Cheshire says:

    “The real clash is between modern 21st century Muslims living in the present and backward-thinking Muslims with the mindset of the 7th century.”

    Gina Khan sounds like a very decent person. Unfortunately, she is wrong in her thinking. There is no 21st century islam and 7th century islam, there is only islam. The people like her, who believe they can modify islam for the 21st century, are not muslims. There can be no debate about this. Unless a muslim follows the sharia, as laid down by allah to mohammed in the 7th century, that person is not a muslim.

    There is no way for islam to evolve without ceasing to be islam. The mullahs are right on this, and Gina Khan is wrong. She needs to accept the logic of her position, and get out of this 7th century death cult. But then, if she does, they will kill her.

    Welcome to Britain in the 21st century. Or did I mean Arabia in the 7th century? Increasingly, it is getting harder to tell the difference.


  5. NCBBC says:

    Radicalisation is the DNA of Islam. Without “Radicalisation”, that is the Koran and Hadiths, the double helix of the Islam DNA, Islam cannot exist.

    As is the case with DNA, it splits, and gives rise to virtually the same offspring. Mutation only causes even more regressive forms of the parent DNA.

    Is there a cure? Not for the carriers in general, as even Stalin failed to suppress it.

    Therefore, and sadly, the only choice is to separate from Islam and Muslims. Islam and Muslims, should be confined to traditional Islamic regions, while we rescue the remaining Christians in Islamic regions. Or else we are looking at a civil war in Europe, that will soon become WWIII.


  6. chrisH says:

    The BBC leads once more with the unfolding tragedy of Aleppo.
    Bloody Russians and Assad eh?
    Says nothing though about the unfolding tragedy of Mosul.
    Where the drones fly free with duvets and Hershey bars like Berlin 48.
    And-the BBC fusses over what the UN are doing…not enough by all accounts from the Beirut Hilton.
    As for that “Arab League”-over fifty members with a few rial and dinar between them?
    Er….clearly doing all they can to bring both sides together-and arming the losing side as it emerges on some endless rota system.
    But don`t ask eh? The BBC sure as fun don`t.


    • Grant says:


      Yes ! The BBC cannot stomach the fact that, in Aleppo, ISIL are losing. BBC bastards !


    • NCBBC says:

      The best thing that can happen for all Syrians, is that the Syrian government wins quickly. Supplying arms to the “Freedom Fighters”, as Obama calls them, only prolongs the suffering.

      But then Obama, has always supported the Muslim Brotherhood and its offsprings – al Qaeda, ISIS, al Nusra etc. He has never ever cared for the suffering of Christians. But he said he was a Christian, when it was important for him to get elected. Taqiyya and Kitman.


      • Grant says:


        Obama is a very evil man. Until him, I thought Carter was the worst President, but, at least, Carter brokered the Camp David deal and credit to him for that. Obama has done nothing for peace and harmony. Quite the opposite. As a result of his wilful laziness and spinelessness, the world is less safe place.


        • NCBBC says:

          What you write is not just about Obama’s performance abroad, but at home as well.

          He has vilified, quite unfairly, police officers doing their duty. He instantly jumped on the side of Black criminals, not waiting for the investigation. Such behaviour in the UK, would have led to him being held in contempt of the judicial process.

          Amazing, that as the chief law officer, he took oath to defend the law and the constitution.


  7. NCBBC says:

    Tolerance of Islamic intolerance is now the British government’s cardinal doctrine

    But it can only last till the Trump sounds.

    The overriding cardinal principle of successive British governments is that they go where America goes. Period.

    Time is getting short for multicultis. Trump is appointing far too many Patton type hard Marine corp kick ass generals. What has he got in mind?


  8. JimS says:

    The ‘narrative’ can be worked into any programme.

    I have just listened to part of Freud for Our Times, pretty safe one would have thought but…

    “He also looks at how Freud’s writing can help us understand some of the most challenging and timely of issues – racism, Islamaphobia, radcialisation and wall-building.”

    We are left in no doubt that any of us that are worried that Muslims are now in the fold, (but why?), are mentally sick and will cause those poor rootless ‘brown’ youths to turn against us if we don’t accept them.


  9. Dover Sentry says:



  10. NCBBC says:


    Islamaphobia – the irrational fear of

    being bombed in your cathedral or church.

    have your priest’s throat slit at the altar, while delivering Holy communion.

    have your children and dear ones, run over by a huge HGV – deliberately and with malice.

    have a Kosher shop targeted for mass murder.

    have your Christmas markets targeted for mass murder.

    have your local cartoon rag targeted for mass murder

    Or flying, never knowing when some some RoP devotee decides, that this is the best time and place to send Infidels to hell.

    Is there no depth that the BBC cannot sink to?