BBC Stalinists grind out the propaganda


The BBC’s long march against UKIP and ‘The Right’ continues as it asks ‘What is the point of UKIP?’.  The BBC of course doesn’t ask ‘What is the point of Labour’ as it implodes having been taken over by the nasty Marxist’s of the People’s Not So Popular Front of Islington.

Always remarkable how UKIP is labelled ‘Nazi’ merely because they promote the idea that immigration should be controlled, just controlled, not stopped completely as the BBC likes to imply. Nicky Campbell dragged in the very bitter Nikki Sinclaire, expelled from UKIP, to tell us why UKIP is history…no bias there.  We also had a caller who told us that UKIP was Far Right just like the BNP…and one who suggested some UKIP members were ‘plants’ for other parties…guess which suggestion Campbell mocked and derided?

I would suggest there is more point than ever to having UKIP around now that we see the Remainers working hard to undermine Brexit by every means possible….helped enormously by having Remain campaigner Phillip Hammond as Chancellor and doing his utmost to talk down Brexit at every turn and to subtly change the terms of reference…such as saying freedom of movement will still be available for the ‘highly skilled’.  Well no…it is not up to the EU to decide who comes here, it is up to the UK to decide….so no EU imposed freedom of movement even for ‘special groups’.  If we want highly skilled people then they can come but under UK admission rules not because the EU waves a magic wand.  And of course Hammond still wants to stay in the Single Market….so not really a Brexit fan at all and entirely untrustworthy as a negotiator for Brexit.  Should the likes of Hammond successfully block Brexit I imagine that the renovation of parliament won’t be a problem as the Peasants revolt and storm it.  Can’t see a betrayal by the political class and the media lefties being taken lying down on this one.  Trouble ahead.

This morning on R4’s Broadcasting House we heard another addition to the BBC’s long sneer (28 mins) at UKIP as it again tried to paint it as racist and an irrelevant rabble.  We were told we’d have a quick run down of UKIP background but you’d have little idea that this has been a highly successful party that has brought the Liberal Establishment to a heightened state of panic, not only as it disembowels Labour and scoops up its supporters with 4 million voters, but has also been the driving force behind one of the most momentous events in British political history…Brexit of course.  The BBC preferred to mock and ‘Trumpify’ it by suggesting it is packed with violent, sexist, probably racist, back-stabbing people who have no interest in ‘ideology’.  They dragged in Michael Crick to do a little hatchet job….apparently UKIP is the worst of the worst…no other political party has any of its problems or attitudes.  The presenter finished off of course with a suggestion that the ‘tone’ of UKIP was a bit nasty…..again based upon what?  Labour complains that the Tories have opened the Gates of Hell because of their new found desire to control immigration and then we have Labour’s Keir Starmer saying we must control it…though the BBC concentrates on his thought that we must have a vote on Brexit….whereas the Mail tells of ‘major split’ in Labour…

Major splits emerge within Labour frontbench on immigration as Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer defies Jeremy Corbyn’s open borders policy by saying numbers MUST be cut


Curious how immigration was a BBC top story when attacking the Tories but it is relegated to a back seat when a Labour person, in complete opposition to his leader’s views, back the Tory stance.

Not suggesting the BBC would like to promote the idea of a vote by MPs on the terms of other words an end to Brexit…but, well, that’s the case isn’t it.  BBC politicking for the Remian camp as always.

Oh yes…LOL...Baroness Manzoor…obviously a racist…..wants Brexit….

Baroness Manzoor

The BBC’s narrative that Leave voters are all racists is clearly absurd, the BBC’s labelling of all white people in such a manner is bad enough but to completely ignore the evidence that many non-whites and non-Brits support Brexit is massively dishonest and nasty especially as that narrative of demonising white people, is used for political purposes to smear ‘Brexit’ as the offspring of a racist ‘ideology’.



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23 Responses to BBC Stalinists grind out the propaganda

  1. Framer says:

    At least take pleasure in the fact that 52% of the population fed an unremitting diet of BBC multi-cultural hatred for ordinary folk voted for Brexit. Maybe it was because of listening to a single voice, distorting, censoring and lying for so long that turned them.


    • Stewie says:

      What the BBC really struggle with is the fact that whether they like it or not, the majority of the country’s voters have a view more closely aligned to UKIP’s than any and all of the other parties put together. This became apparent to them on the 23rd of June and they will not desist from their menu of selective panels, interviewees, stomach turning pro-EU mp’s and snivelling left wing halfwits, dullards and numbskulls force feeding us with their own cuddly cutesy progressive views until, until god knows when.
      They can’t stand to lose and will let us know that fact until their pram is entirely devoid of toys.


    • Mice Height says:

      Miles Jupp must’ve got a telling off for mocking Corbyn on last week’s News Quiz, as this week it was back to it’s usual, Far Left form.
      We should start a ‘buzzword bingo’ for the amount of times the Lefty luvvies spew “Xenophobe”, “Divisive” or “Bigot” during each programme.


      • Guest Who says:

        Mr. Chiles and Ms. Brand in the edit suite riding shotgun on acceptable content?


  2. Flexdream says:

    The BBC continues to lose credibility. It forgets that when it portrays UKIP and EU sceptics as racist, many viewers and listeners voted leave or know people that did and know that they are not racist. Propaganda doesn’t work when you already have personal knowledge of the subject, it needs a level of ignorance to be effective. It can still work therefore inside the BBC bubble.


  3. TheBrutalTruth says:

    This is all such a massive farce. As a Londoner with friends of all ethnicities many of my black friends voted for Brexit and are passionate about it being delivered. The BBC are too thick to realise that even black British people are pissed off with their conduct. Oh well, if allahu Akbar al Beebistan want to dig their own grave it will save me a job at least ?


  4. All Lives Matter says:

    Who was it who said something along the lines of “the problem with liberalism is that it isn’t true, which is why it’s most prominent in places where things don’t need to be true in order to survive”? Hence why the BBC can ONLY survive by being subsidised by a law-enforced taxation, the Guardian can only survive through its network of donors, liberalism dominates the education system where its targets are simply too young and inexperienced to know any better (and are often bullied into silence if they do resist), and left-wing websites including the BBC are all removing their comments sections and any form of public communication as they are met with ever-more hostility. Not to mention the EU can only force its agenda by refusing to give people the vote, or by drastically altering their demographics.


    • quisquose says:

      That seems to be conflating liberalism with socialism, or leftism more generally.

      I’m sure that John Stuart Mill’s liberalism is something we can all support.


      • Kaiser says:

        they appear to have appropriated every political denomination and apply them all to their marxism as an attempted method of disguise

        they will be trying to steal the word conservative next


    • TruthSeeker says:

      “Altering their demographics.”
      The most sinister three words on BBBC.

      Democracy is lauded to the skies eveyone, or nearly everyone, loves it.
      They love it so much, the will of the people, that the politicians will, and do, everything they can to subvert it.
      Lying, nearly incessantly.
      Breaking manifesto pledges, frequently.
      Introducing non manifesto policies, frequently.
      Bribing the voters, with policies that have yet to be paid for.

      JS Mill was concerned about elections which became auctions where the highest bidder was elected, I am not a Mill fan but he was correct on this one.

      New tactics, introduced, as far as I know, by the creative, EU.
      Have a vote on this people. Oh.
      OK people have another vote on this, not for another three months though, we need time to spend billions of your money on Remain type, lying propaganda, to change your voting.
      That’s better, wisely voted, people.
      (In case of secondary vote failures it’s “sign this new treaty privately Mr Brown”.)

      Then there is the incessant clamour for voting ages to be lowered, I am surprised that there are not foetal votes. If there were foetal votes naturally all the Muzzies would be carrying octuplets.

      There is a reason that the US Democratic Party wants to give US citizenship to the tens of millions of illegals who have crossed their Southern border, it’s to get their votes.

      Ditto the British Treason Party headed by one Jezz NoSeats Corbyn, NoSeats refers to the amazingly inept train comedy, hopefully after the next election he can be called NoSeats for another reason.

      UKIP most not only continue, it must thrive, ignore the bollox from AlBeeb and other traitors.

      PS Sorry I do not know the answer to your initial question.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Even the Telegraph seems to be turning Liberal and has removed it’s comments sections.
      You are right about education, I work in a primary school and we are not allowed to talk about politics (right wing)or even discuss it on social media.
      Which is why teaching children about politics in school will never work,because it will be biased by the school or education authorities.


      • Stewie says:

        Not allowed to discuss politics on social media? Your own personal thoughts to your friends and acquaintances?


  5. chrisH says:

    I think 23rd June was seismic.
    In the detritus thrown at us all for DARING to vote against the convenient collected mind of the experts, it`s often hard to recall what we actually DID!
    All we`ve had since then has been endless slurry and smears aimed at those who “led us” out of Europe.
    These are very angry people, but are too repressed to express it honestly, too incurious to learn their lessons for why we dumped all they`ve ever stood for.
    These “beautiful people” rather reckoned on a life on the pleasure deck as the rest of us continued to slave away below the salt.
    It`s all they`ve EVER done-and now they find their while lifes efforts to get as much for as cheaply, but as pretentiously and pompously as possible. AND lecture,chivvy and display their niceness ,their concerns to we untermenschen as often and as loudly as possible too!

    So see all the Trump bull, the “what`s the point of UKIP” stuff for what it is.
    Disconnected, hysterical wankers who`ve never spoken to,( or for) us before.
    And they`re not going to start doing so any time now.

    So laugh-Trump need only hold his nerve and tell us all (in his apologies) about Illary, her seedy hubby and all that juicy stuff that will break them if it gets repeated live at every chance he gets.
    And see the UKIP confections and prebakes, partly heated bullshit for what it is-Elizabeth Bott skweaming until she`s going to be thick,unless that nasty man Nigel is taken out of the room and out of the country.
    Oh dear-Nigel is already up their urethras, little Bilharzia-like and continues to burrow deep into the muscle walls of their bladders-hence the piss dribbles, spasms and Tena pads.
    Enjoy it-UKIP have had endless good publicity out of it as long as the BBC keep their Reaming Remaining blinkers on and ear muffs in.
    WE hate it all, but the country itself have all walked well away from the BBC for its news. No-one`s listening to them but the prebaked Left.
    No influence, no point but to self replicate like a thick virus.
    It`s early days of decomp-but the blood is all sumped at the bottom of the carcass, awaiting the next stage where the larvae get in via the soft orifices…and the likes of Savile have left their trail to these, so we can watch its all glisten and congeal….


  6. Tothepoint says:

    Alan we already know that the entire remain campaign was built on feeling/prediction (utterly biased I must add) and not fact. The entire leftist ideology is based on feeling and not fact. The bullshit buzzwords of racist, Islamaphobe, xenophobe.. are all based on the feeling of the person/bigoted hate hustler who slanders it, and not based on any facts….

    If an argument cannot be won, then a slander or personal attack has to be used to equalise or even prevent a debate taking place. There are so many things that are going wrong with our society, and the same like minded bubble hogging bastards are making the same failing mistakes, time and time again. All people like UKIP and the wonderful British loving patriots on this website want is to offer an alternative way of doing things… How can that be wrong in a democracy?! How is it that only one way is the right way, when we can already see before our very eyes that way is hopelessly failing?!

    Those who create hatred, fear, intolerance and bigotry towards UKIP are doing so because they only know hatred, fear, intolerance and bigotry. The vast majority of the great British people have been utterly tolerant and inclusive in allowing people who think differently than them to do what they feel is right… Now these tolerant, inclusive people can see the destruction and chaos these self serving, socialist nazis’ are doing to the country they love, and are only asking for their tolerance and inclusiveness to be reciprocated….. But what do we get??!!… Hatred!! Anger!! Personal attacks!!… The only hatred I have ever seen is on the left. The only racism I have seen is on the left. The only bigotry I have seen is on the left…..By far the worst of all though, is that the only traitory I have seen is on the left, and that can never be forgiven and never be forgotten


    • Essexman says:

      I , think Ukip ,is on its last legs , if Stephen Woolf ,had considered joining the Conservatives. The die hard Kippers may not like this , but its inevitable . They are running out of cash, & members .


    • Stewie says:

      There is much back-pedalling on the ‘number of foreign workers employed by company x’ now.
      I feel that the racism callers have spoiled what would have been a very useful tool to gauge whether or not a firm was living up to its training responsibilities and hold them to account for not fulfilling their social duties. They are often happy about sucking the life out of an area in the relentless search for high profits shored up by crap wages – they really ought have a duty to replenish the hollowed out shell that they leave behind.


      • Loobyloo says:

        Can’t see anything wrong at all with asking companies how many non citizens they employ.. In fact the govt should know those details. I can only think that those who are protesting are embarrassed or feel they have something to hide.


        • Kaiser says:

          if you work in a public institution you already supply stats on gender and ethnicity to see how inclusive you are , whats different about this


    • Stewie says:

      The truest bigots (by the dictionary definition) I know are all left wing types. Very happy to maintain a veneer of kindness and magnanimity with other people’s money but utterly incapable of listening to alternative views, never mind actually being tolerant of them.


  7. Jump says:

    They dragged in Michael Crick to do a little hatchet job . . . no other political party has any of its [UKIP’s] problems or attitudes.’

    I dare say a proportion of UKIP voters are racist. I dare say a proportion of ‘Leave’ voters voted ‘Leave’ for racist reasons. And, yes, it’s anecdote, not data, and the sample size is quite small, but . . . the most openly racist people I’ve ever met have all been equally open Labour or Democrat voters. (Voters, that is, not party members, although we should never forget the sterling example of Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West. You know, the one The Lady Chakrabarti forgot about.) Most live in the former mill towns of east Lancashire; one’s a consultant in a teaching hospital in the south-east; and one’s a tenured professor on the eastern seaboard of the US. All vote for left-of-centre parties for ancestral reasons.

    The nadir came a few years ago, in one of those post-industrial northern towns. The teacher father of a friend’s girlfriend was giving all three of us a lift. Or would have been, had we not been detained by the council replacing drains in the middle of the road. Which led the vocally Labour-voting driver to speculate about the inferior nature and quality of ‘Paki turds’. (His words, obvs.) And no, he wasn’t being mischievous to embarrass his daughter, who went as close to the colour of a beetroot as it’s physiologically possible to go. He seemed genuinely to mean it.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Have you noticed that those shouting “Racist”
    are themselves mostly super-tribalist ?

    When you dare to disagree with something they say, their thought process is :
    – “ah you are not one of us”
    – to Label you eg UKIP supporter
    – They then call you “far right wing racist” – no matter that you are married to an African , have mixed race children and lived in Africa 15 years”
    So isn’t that undue tribal stereotyping ? .. just like the racism thy’re accusing you of.


  9. Up2snuff says:

    qq: “That seems to be conflating liberalism with socialism, or leftism more generally.

    I’m sure that John Stuart Mill’s liberalism is something we can all support.”

    K: “they appear to have appropriated every political denomination and apply them all to their marxism as an attempted method of disguise

    they will be trying to steal the word conservative next.”

    If I have remembered something the BBC broadcast on R4 this summer, there is some serious academic research commencing on the subject of ‘the Left’ and, more importantly ‘the Right’, the main implication being studied that the label Right was a lazy application of an opposite to what might be broadly labelled Communism or International Socialism when conflicts arose at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

    The opposite labelled ‘the Right’ through the twentieth century tended to be those very much in the vast middle as well and to label them as ‘the Right’ is obviously wrong. It’s an interesting subject, especially when you consider there have been very few Governments, ever, around the world who would correctly fit the label of ‘the Right’.

    I cannot remember the name of the academic who spoke on R4, nor when or the University that he represented. Somewhere known for its Political Science work.


  10. Buckhurst Hillbilly says:

    Never mind 52%, when you knock off the Scots, Northern Irish, Muslims, Blacks, Banksters and assorted other “handout Monkeys” the real figure in favor of Brexit was closer to 70% or more in many parts of the country. We are told time and again that any sort of “popularism” in politics is thoroughly deplorable. Surely the logical thing to do is to declare that henceforth the winner in any election will be the side with the fewest votes. Just imagine the endless vista of Lib Dem Governments stretching on for ever and ever and ever!