“White Trash shouldn’t be allowed to vote!!”


The Young are up in arms, disenfranchised (couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed), marginalised, ignored, demeaned and …and…ooohh…it’s soooooo unfair!!!!


Rather than take to the streets with a Koran in one hand and an AK in the other they’ve taken en masse to modern liberal guerrilla fighter’s weapons of choice, Twitter, Facebook and the dread power of the online petition….but what might be familiar to any Jihadi is the BBC’s support and understanding for their grievances and its determination to press their case for them without much in the way of critical thought or analysis. The Young, we are told, don’t like Brexit and that’s good enough for the BBC…the case rests.



Good job Twitter, Facebook and Change.org weren’t around in 1975 or else all those youngsters who were denied the vote then would have been savaging the Oldies as now…. but now the old dogs have had their day.  And what about all those bastards who joined the army to fight the Nazis in WWII?  What a load of selfish f*****s eh? The underage who couldn’t join  up might have wanted to surrender if only they’d been given the chance.  We could have had a beautiful EU long ago of it hadn’t been for the British Armys’ killers and murderers who destroyed the dream…..yeah Hitler may have killed 6 million Jews but the motorways, the socialism, the pride and unity across Europe, the smart uniforms, just think…and anyway Hitler only killed the Jews coz of what the Israelis were doing in Gaza…so you know…like…they deserved it…only saying what I heard on the BBC.

Brendan O’Neil talks about the massive drive to overturn the democratic vote (the most democratic vote…far more than any general election), part of which is the loud campiagn by the ‘yoof’ to try and claim they were somehow robbed of their future and therefore, in some shape or form, the vote should be run again…only with the young getting two votes each presumably.

The BBC has been very supportive and has been running through all the possible permutations and excuses for a rerun….if only Angie had got out of bed, if only George had not been out of his skull at Glastonbury, if only Alfie’s mum had let him out to play….the vote could have been so different.

This is all part of the BBC’s own campaign to delegitimise the vote.  The BBC has many angles of attack not least of which of course is the usual omission or downplaying of inconvenient and awkward facts, such as the Obama backtracking on the perils of Brexit and his new found criticism and scepticism about the EU project, as well as a remarkable reluctance to ask questions about the Remain campaign’s astoundingly dishonest and alarmist claims and threats whilst forensically and relentlessly attacking Leave’s claims.  The BBC, along with others, want to make out that the stupid voters were fooled by ‘lies’ and so the vote can be annulled.

Alastair Campbell tweeted: ‘EU law allows customers to withdraw from contract if contract based on lies. LEAVE agenda riddled with them. Lawyers on the case.’

The BBC disgracefully, but as per normal for them, portrays the voters as thick, ignorant and uneducated and not a little bigoted.

The BBC dresses up its own bigotry as ‘research’ which tells us that Leave voters are all a bit thick and uneducated…

Was there a Brexit graduate gap?

Voters without degrees were more likely to back leaving the European Union, figures suggest.

Along with age, class and the part of the UK you live in, graduate status was one of the key factors that influenced whether or not you supported EU membership, election analysts believe.

Andrej handed out leaflets for the Remain campaign. At first, every British-born voter he spoke to told him they were voting Remain. But then all of a sudden, “on Facebook they were saying ‘We’re using pens to vote‘”.

It’s not malice that drives suspicion of foreigners and conspiracy theories, he believes. “Some of the people here are not educated good. They don’t have access to the information in full.”

The BBC may slip in the odd qualifier that things are ‘complicated’ but the message is plain….the less educated you are the more you are likely to vote Leave..and the more likely you are to be fooled by the propaganda…..as the Guardian insists…

A week before the referendum, pollsters working for Britain Stronger in Europe admitted that they were getting extremely worried about Vote Leave’s suggestion that £350m sent to the EU could be diverted to British priorities such as the NHS. Guardian focus groups in Brighton and Knowsley suggested many voters saw the message and believed it.

One woman in Merseyside told the group: “Just think, we could get £20bn back a year and make the country great again.”

The BBC has been making strenuous efforts to attack the £350 million pound claim by Leave and suggest that, as the Guardian does, this led to voters being misled and as they have based their vote upon it…let’s all vote again.  As said though…no such analysis and conclusions about the Remain campaign’s claims.

I noted that Nick Robinson and Sarah Montague both (an editorial decision?  Must be) used the same way of talking about the £350m in interviews on Saturday with Leave representatives along the lines that ‘If you can’t get all that £350m back…’.  It’s a bear trap for Leave that the BBC deliberately set…..because if they say ‘But we won’t get £350m back…’ the BBC leaps in and says ah but your whole campaign was based upon that (when the BBC isn’t alternately, when it suits, claiming the campaign was based on immigration) and you now admit it was a lie.  It has been the BBC that has been claiming Leave said we would get the whole £350m back…..Leave have always qualified their statement by admitting that we get a rebate and that the EU spends some of that money on UK projects…Leave’s point, missed again and again by Humphrys and Co, was that it is the UK government that should choose how to spend that money not an unelected EU bureaucrat.

The BBC has been trying very, very hard to find evidence to ‘prove’ Remain’s biblical claims of doom and disaster are coming true……and yet it is a mere 5 days since the vote and things are bound to be jittery….the more reasoned predictions always said short term the economy would take a moderate tumble but would bounce back possibly stronger.  The BBC opts to report the market and sterling falls as signs of Osborne’s impending doom and ignores that long term things will improve.

One other tactic in the campaign to delegitimise the vote is to claim it has led to attacks on foreigners in the UK…

‘Go back home’ – Bitter backlash post EU referendum

No proof of course that is true but now every racist attack will be so labelled….and yet as we know all too well the BBC relentlessly reported such attacks before the vote.  Many such reports may well be false…the arson at a Halal butchers seems somewhat dubious…not the first time such fires have been set for insurance or to blame ‘racists’ …remember the Darul Uloom school ‘arson’?  Four boys arrested…no names and no convictions?  Why not?  Was the fire set by boys from the school themselves in order to blame the EDL in the wake of the killing of Lee Rigby and to make out that Muslims are the real victims of such murders?

In 2014 Poles were being attacked…in ‘Remain’ country too…

Seven attacks in 10 days as racist gang targets Polish community in east Belfast

The BBC themselves reported that Polish immigrants were the attackers in some hate crimes….

Poles held over Sweden asylum centre attack plot

Cameron of course has joined the bandwagon and made his opportunist speech about ‘hate crimes’ linking the latest attacks to Brexit and yet nowhere do we hear him express any concern for the Leave voters attacked and abused in what are equally ‘hate crimes’.  Why are the police not investigating the ‘Liberal’ terror squads on Twitter and in the streets who vilify Leave voters?

The BBC has done a story on this and yet it’s of lower profile than its mainstream stories about immigrants being attacked and somehow it’s just not really a hate crime.

Jane Kelly in Conservative Woman relates a few more tales…

By 4.40 am on Friday 24th, it was clear that the mass of people in the UK had voted to quit the EU, doing so in a bigger number than have ever voted on any issue in any British ballot before. Surprised and amazed I went for a morning walk with a friend visiting from London. He was wearing a red ‘Leave’ T-shirt, not to be provocative but it was the only thing he’d brought with him to wear. I hadn’t noticed it at all, so I was surprised when a fat youth, wearing an earring and tight shorts shouted at us: ‘You should be ashamed! Ashamed! You have ruined the lives of a whole generation!’

And this…

On BBC-2’s Newsnight that night we were treated to a small forum in which someone with the unlikely name, ‘Paris Lees’  a ‘transgender rights activist,’ who writes on Twitter that ‘it’s time for a revolution of love,’ declared that the Leave campaign had been a load of deliberate lies. She/he railed about old people ruining the future for her generation. Dr David Starkey asked her/him quite logically if she/he would like a cut off point for voting, people over 65 perhaps not being allowed to vote at all, or younger people having two votes?

She/he then turned her/his loving gaze onto Dr David Starkey, discounting his opinion because, she said, he was a ‘privileged, white male.’

Perhaps we should have a cut off point for the terminally stupid and idiotic…perhaps Newsnight should as well…why waste our time with ‘interesting’ morons?  Then again….Paul Mason.

The BBC has a strange logic…it gathers in every single tale of racist attack, pronounces them as the fallout from the Brexit vote and implies that Brexit is therefore a bad thing.

Compare how it reports on crimes by immigrants.  There are thousands of crimes committed by immigrants in the UK ranging from murder and rape to shoplifting and fraud…and yet the BBC does not make any link to ‘immigration’ and certainly does not draw the conclusion that perhaps immigration has some drawbacks and maybe it should be controlled.

Perhaps Mark Easton or Evan Davis would like to explain how open borders was good for the family of Alice Gross…tied up, raped, abused and killed?

Foreigners entering Britain ‘were not routinely checked for convictions at the time Alice Gross’ Latvian killer came to UK’

Alice Gross would almost certainly be alive today if it hadn’t been for the EU’s freedom of movement rule as he wouldn’t have tried to come here.

Mark Easton, who sits on the BBC sofa blithely telling us how immigration is good for us and that it is unstoppable so we’d better get used to it, should be ashamed of himself.

Yelling abuse at a Muslim in a headscarf or raping and murdering a 14 year old girl.  Which is worse?  Depends who does the crime says the BBC.







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64 Responses to “White Trash shouldn’t be allowed to vote!!”

  1. chrisH says:

    So Donald Tusk refuses to meet La Sturgeon?
    This SURELY demands a petition and to fire up the cybernats,,,that Crabb lookalikey Alyn Smith , Scottish suckup in Brussels gave us all a call to the Braveheart lap dancing pole yesterday and was loudly loved by the BBC and Brussels lick spittles like himself.
    Come on Scotland-the EU MUST open talks with Sturgeon….NOW. A two year programme, signed off by Arthur Andersen (RIP) and Scotland off our backs and into the Euro!
    Twittertwats on the march!….they couldn`t catch Nigel and we`re back to bite their arses as they lope by with their Trainspotting tattooists.
    If Tusk DOESN`T see Nicola today…then Scotland maybe ought to think of leaving the EU too-would work I`d say!
    PS-note that Guy VanHouten leads the Liberal and Democracy cadre over in Brussles…David Mellors Belgian sperm sibling saviour.
    Well now-it is clearly one OR the OTHER…not BOTH.
    You can now no longer be Liberal ….AND a Democrat…can you?
    Clowntime is Over…and as Billy Bragg warbles softly to us all…”Witch Side Are You On”?
    WE know all the answers here in the UK-hence we`re off!


    • Demon says:

      Perhaps Tusk wasn’t a fan of the Krankies so he wasn’t interested in seeing the one woman/boy Krankie tribute act.


  2. Tothepoint says:

    Superd post again Alan. I have no doubt your lunatic lefty stalkers are going through the post with a fine tooth comb as we speak….


  3. TruthDoctor says:

    BBC R4 reporting mournfully the opinion of the dutch PM at 8.10 that “Britain has collapsed economically”. Whole tone of report is like someone has died.

    Meanwhile, out in the real world, FTSE 100 climbs 108 points in first 15 minutes of trading.


    • G says:

      But the BBC has not provided the Funeral March………..yet…………….perhaps this thought would give them an idea?


  4. embolden says:

    The reason for attacks on foreigners in the uk is the past years of liberal left emphasis on identity politics, leftist playing on racial politics, empowerment of minorities and demonisation of the majority.

    Stirring the pot leads to turbulence. It’s the liberals and left who’ve created the situation.

    Some attacks on foreigners are by other foreigners. Others again are in retaliation for unreported attacks on British people.

    Violence is wrong, it is however explicable as the product of the liberal lefts deliberate policy of multiculturalism and mass immigration, used to undermine national identity, and justify surveillance and oppressive policing practices to try to keep the lid on.


    • G says:

      You want violence. Yea, Yea, You visit http://newobserveronline.com/ and read all about the violence sweeping Europe as a result of ‘MM’ (Merkels Madness) ‘Migration’. You know the sort of ‘Migration’ where 65% are economic migrants and (maybe) 35% are really ‘Refugees’. The Beeb have gone all quiet on this information since the final approach to the Referendum. I wonder why.


  5. G says:

    I am convinced the BBC’s continuing poison would not stand the test of a good Professors research. What about this Curtis chap? He appears daily being asked about statistics. Where are the accurate statistics for these disgruntled children?
    No research following mind you (that’s for others better qualified like Prof. Curtis) but I see it this way. Indulge me:
    What proportion of the ‘disgruntled’ children are of foreign descent? We often see photographs of gatherings where it appears at least 50% of that age group are clearly not white. Pictures of classes in schools and so on where nine out of ten more the case. It is a fact, as demonstrated conclusively in London as a result of the Referendum, that immigrants voted en masse to ‘Remain’. No wonder then that now there has and will continue to be some level of parental persuasion from disgruntled parents passing down to siblings particularly Muslim as Brexit is a slight hold-up on their push to an Islamic Europe (and the UK if in). British parents says to sibling(s), “It wouldn’t have happened in our day”. Foreign extraction parents say, “It wouldn’t have been allowed to happen back home”. It doesn’t need a Professor to spot the difference.


  6. Oldspeaker says:

    Being a thicko knuckle dragger myself I’m wondering just how the geniuses in charge with all those big brains,media, financial and political resources allowed a bunch of dimwits to get one over them.


    • AceFlyingPig says:

      Simple OS … it’s because we have something to actually believe in … this country, this people, and all the other countries in the world with whom to trade with ….. they only have the moribund, corrupt, status quo corpse of the EU.

      Voted out and proud of it ! – GB new dawn rising … I may even go and place a flower of the graves of Elizabeth 1 and Churchill !


  7. Old Timer says:

    “Yelling abuse at a Muslim in a headscarf or raping and murdering a 14 year old girl. Which is worse? Depends who does the crime says the BBC.”

    Your last paragraph says it all, an excellent post again Alan and if anything does this shows the void between Westminster and the working men and women of this country. They just don’t bloody well care about the thousands of young white girls abused, raped and by the way, how many just disappeared I wonder?

    I was disappointed beyond belief once again at Cameron’s and Corbyn’s, as well as other MP’s, statements in Parliament on Monday about the few ‘so called’ racist attacks wrongly blamed on Brexit. Genuine anger seemed to be on display by the MP’s and a determination to stamp it out. “But what about the anger for the thousands of girls hurt beyond imagination by immigration?” Not a word, nothing, de nada, bugger all.

    The referendum was the first time ever the British people have had a chance to show their feelings ever. Labour, Conservative and Liberal have all been the same when it came to the immigration of millions of invaders we have had and the harm they caused to this country by their wicked stupidity. So which ever one we voted for the result was the same. Then they wonder why there is a tiny, tiny bit of anger and some people show it.

    The British man is abused and used when it comes to fighting for his/her country, whether a war in a rightful cause or the Blair illegal wars but if he dares to show his feelings to the enemy within that takes his job, takes his house, his child’ school place, his mother’s place in hospital or rapes his children he is viciously put down.

    Parliament and the media, led as always by the BBC, seems to be more concerned with who the next party leaders are than us the people. God help them if they let us down again and ignore us. We have had our say and this time they had better behave properly, honestly and do what we have told them to do. They do not have a clue as to the anger that will erupt otherwise.


    • twitteryeanot says:

      One gets lots or press coverage, blown out of all proportion and is probably not even true. The other gets no coverage at all, the victim and her family are threatened by the vey people meant to protect them and the perpetrators are told to continue the good work in the name of community cohesion and diversity. I’ll let the readers decide which is which.


  8. Nibor says:

    One man , one vote .

    You could be the highest rated taxpayer , or on benefits . You could have left school at sixteen and worked all your life , or just starting at university . You could be running a business employing people , or bankrupt .
    You could be the best educated , but still stupid . You could be well travelled but learned nothing , or stay at home with the best intuition .
    You could have experience of this EU project , or just take what your teachers say .


    • Demon says:

      Nibor, first class post.


    • AceFlyingPig says:

      I’m afraid you are right Nibor. I was on the end of the usual abuse from a teaching relative (by marriage) and some of his ‘educated’ teaching friends. Should be ashamed of myself, pig ignorant, racist, etc. Of course they couldn’t debate a single economic or political argument without ranting about how we had stolen the yoofs future, they wouldn’t be to travel, and other such nonsense.

      The insidious thing was they mentioned that they had held referendums in their schools with the kids and all had voted to remain in the EU, thereby proving that the older population were out of touch. When I asked how many of the teachers had put the negatives of being in the EU the response was … none – because there weren’t any ! These are the people that are producing the yoofs we are seeing protesting. A final thought that they threw in was that ‘the masses’ should never have been allowed to vote … it should only have been given to ‘educated people’. Defined as those that had a degree. Breath-taking arrogance. They have no concept of democracy unless the vote goes the way that they want … hence all the throwing of toys out of prams, thumb sucking, and bed wetting.


      • taffman says:

        ‘educated’ teaching friends. I have some like that who call in my pub.
        Sadly these people are teaching (indoctrinating) our children .


        • chrisH says:

          Teachers are-in the main-lefty union following welfare junkies who`d find the jobclub too much of an effort to go to.
          So they sit in comfy classes to spout Harper Lee, Hillary Clinton, John Steinbeck, Mary Seacole and MO Farah depending on whether it`s English, Sex Ed, Viniculture, History or PE that they have to phone in, to get Balls old join the dots worksheets from the Times Ed website.
          Lefty scum in the main…the good ones bailed out after Thatcher surrended them all to Kenneth Baker in 1988…catastrophic.
          The only art work they study is tattooed on their fat backs, the only exercise the kids have is to get out of their way when the cake run or ice cram van calls by.
          The rings of the van?…we call that music appreciation.
          Obama and bloody Linton Kwesi Johnson for GSCE….and it`s THIS blob and Blobbys that forgot to lie a trail of Haribos to the polling booth, so couldn`t find it….that was geographys fault no doubt.
          No other “professing prunes” would have let Blind Boy Blunkett lead them into the gutter…and then let Woodhead dare to inspect their moral educational provision…a perv, that four eyed git( see-we can go to four in the times table)
          Nah, shower of lemmings sucking lemons.
          And yes-there ARE a few good `uns on manoevres…


  9. JimS says:

    Could it be that the reason that the BBC and the pollsters got the general election and the referendum wrong is that there is a sizeable proportion of people who feel intimidated by the ‘love’ that the BBC spreads each day?

    We all know how we are supposed to think and those that don’t think that way keep quiet, effectively self-‘no platforming’ and making everywhere a ‘safe space’ for our brainwashed youth and Guardian readers.


    • Mike Hunt says:

      Jim, I think you are right about the intimidation – no one wants to be the bad guy, and they do seem to have a lot of power to persuade.

      But I think it’s also fair to say that the polls up to the day before the referendum were very nearly right, when the small-sample surveys (below 1500 respondents) were ignored.

      It was the ones on the final day which were so startlingly wrong. Almost all of them had large sample sizes so should have been reliable, but almost all of them favoured Remain heavily which was clearly wrong.

      Perhaps their methods all suddenly went wrong at the same time? Highly unlikely. But I find it hard to think of any rational explanation other than that they were tampered with in some way to try and influence the vote, not at all beyond the bounds of credibility when you consider that they are all businesses, and their customers are often governmental – so they might have been tempted, or influenced, to please their “masters”.


      • popeye says:

        Conspiracy theory I know, but if you had sold shares you didn’t have on the top of that massive spike on the day of the referendum then bought them to pass on the next morning on the collapse you could have made millions! But the City wouldn’t do that, would they……..?


  10. G.W.F. says:

    An overwhelming display of brains, yoof and superior intelligence of the oikophobic Remainers against democracy in Trafalgar Square yesterday.



    • Demon says:

      The finest “brains” of the spoilt upper/middle class’s next generation. God help us! (And I’m an atheist.)


    • Doublethinker says:

      Surely given their clear contempt for democracy these yoofs are well on the way to being fascists! No matter. I voted leave because I believe in a sovereign democratic nation state with a strong identity. I knew that we would have a turbulent time financially and that this would affect me just as much as everyone else. I thought that young folks , although not yet appreciative of living in a sovereign democracy, would in time realise how valuable that ideal is and come to realise in the years to come that Leave was the right decision. They still might. But at present after the incredible tantrum of those yoofs and their foul outbursts, which I have experienced first hand, I now think that I will ignore their future totally, stick to what is good for me and the wife and not care a fig about the country they inherit being part of an oligarchy over which they have no influence.So if I had the opportunity I would now vote Remain , enjoy my pension , and let the dumb bastards realise what a big mistake we had all made when the EU goes pop and they are in the middle of a burning building with no way out. They would deserve all they got.


    • Maria Brewin says:

      Not heard much these days, but a few years ago this individual would have been considered a prize example of a drip:


      Take a long hard look at yourself, girl and, using a modern idiom that you might understand: “Get a life !”



      • Demon says:

        Looking at her makes we wonder if someone else had to help her put up the sign the right way. Not the sharpest curry on the menu.


    • Halifax says:

      Well you cant knock thier commitment, all those people having time off work to push the case for another referendum.


  11. worrywort says:

    Oh how I wish I had a tanker with which I could suck the pits dry at Glastonbury and spray it over that crowd.
    (Half of them probably stink of rancid piss already)


  12. Dave S says:

    The more I think about it the more I come to the firm conclusion that our vote has been the first real counter attack against the corporate liberal slave state that was going to be the future that this state planned for us . Not openly cruel but stifling of human potential and of freedom.
    They really did not expect it and that it was the English and the Welsh that did it is a source of pride or should be to all freedom loving peoples.
    Why otherwise civilised men and women adopt statist marxist liberalism ( the current orthodoxy) is beyond me. Maybe a form of peer brainwashing maybe personality traits. Who knows and who now cares.
    Europe will not be the same again. Marine le Pen was right and so is Gert Wilders and the ex Czech President and other freedom fighters.
    The Goldman Sachs of this world and it’s cohorts of the mean , greedy and downright evil have had a setback and this time are going to have to come out into the open and fight us .
    This is no longer a battle of the old right and left for in many ways we are on the same side. That side is not the side of the BBC or the liberal left media and the rest of them. Heseltine, Clarke, Cameron, Osborne, Merkel, Hollande the list goes on and on.
    Times may get hard and they will use their state power to intimidate and silence the freedom lovers of Europe.
    Watch what happens to Corbyn. He is not of my poltical beliefs but he is on the same side against the corporate tyranny and neo liberalism that wants us as consumer serfs. He will be bought low as will all who challenge these dreadful people.
    When Odysseus took back Ithica he knew that above everything he could only trust those whom he had tested and found to be loyal. He took nothing and nobody for granted.
    We have voted to leave as a first step and we must be careful that we do not allow those who are false to speak or act for us.


    • Cranmer says:

      Dave S you could be right. I believe our current political set up dates back a very long way, largely to the Glorious Revolution of 1688 with a divide between Tory (conservative, royalist, Anglican) and Whig (Liberal, constitutional monarchists, nonconformist). Labour although a relative newcomer still dates from as long ago as 1900.

      I do wonder if our political landscape is now changing and the pro/anti EU will be the significant divide from now on, as let’s face it monarchy, Christianity and trade unionism are no longer dominant ideas for most people. I believe Irish politics is still broadly based on the pro/anti British rule parties dating back to their civil war in 1922 and maybe a similar divide (though hopefully without a civil war) is coming our way also.


  13. G.W.F. says:

    Londoners whom we are told by the BBC, voted for Remain because they are more cosmopolitan and brighter than the rest of the country. Yet they voted for a mayor whose religion instructs him that that the Earth is flat.

    Now this should not matter – but remember how the BBC went for Romney because he was a Mormon wearing special underpants.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Page 16 of the Mensa magazine is full of letters supporting Brexit, but we are a tiny minority who have little influence and are voted out by scruffy “left-wing morons” in Universities. The “left-wing morons” have the democratic powers of a majority, a majority whose power comes from Blair’s duming down of the Universities, which are now open to anyone with an IQ above 100. By “left-wing moron” I mean those with an IQ between 100 and 144 who are “left-wing” and voted Remain due to ignorance of political institutions. They have degrees in leisure pursuits such as Art, Drama and Media studies, and dress in denim and like living in ugly cities, where they are only good enough for a job with a government organisation like the BBC. While I was born in a country village, brought up in another country village, educated in the countryside, even my University education ended up in the countryside, and also I preferred holidays in the British countryside to ethnic shitholes. I now live in a beautiful part of the English countryside that is so beautiful that it overwhelmingly voted Brexit.


      • TigerOC says:

        You are so right Richard.

        I remember my uni days. I was in sciences and our day started at 8:00 and finished officially at 18:00 with an hour for lunch. Then back to the study at 19:00 till midnight 6 days a week.

        Used to look at the arts and farts students doing difficult stuff like economics with maybe 3 lectures a day and every evening in the pub discussing how they were going to bang the World to rights. What a bunch of wankers.

        But you know these guys and girls wielded the real power in the World of business and were paid many times more than me. The irony of it all.


      • Mice Height says:

        If I had to give my main reason for voting Leave, it would most certainly be the conservation of rural Britain.
        Londoners don’t seem to understand that not everyone wants to live in a crowded, crime-ridden, multi-cultural, concrete shit-hole.


        • Aborigine Londoner says:

          I’m a londoner and I hate what has happened. Rents doubled because landlords know there will be eastern Europeans prepared to use the airing cupboard as a bedroom and share the rent among 8 rather than 2. I voted out so I might still be able to practise my English when I go to Essex! I was quite proud that over 47% in my Borough voted the same.


  14. TruthSeeker says:

    “The Young, we are told, don’t like Brexit and that’s good enough for the BBC”
    No, Alan. I am sure your tongue is firmly in your cheek. The youth have been told, by the omniscient, infallible, BBC what they believe.

    Anyone young reading this? Good. I, and some others here, are no longer young. When we were young we had beliefs similar to yours.

    Similar because we passed through the same system of inculcation, indoctrination and propaganda which is comically called the British educational system.

    Then, further on in life, a situation arose when I discovered that I had been lied to at school. Not a damascene epiphany but I examined other “facts” which I had been taught to regard as incontestable. I discovered that these incontestable facts were also lies. I developed a modified set of beliefs, acquired by critical reading and thinking.

    There has only been one historical example of the mass invasion of millions of aliens from elsewhere without the natives attempting to violently repel the invaders from stealing their land and other resources. The example is contemporary Europe.

    There has only been one historical example where the leaders of peoples have not been at the forefront of these attempts to repel unwanted invaders. The example is contemporary Europe.

    There has only been one historical example where the leaders of peoples have not demanded that the people risk their lives to repel the unwanted invaders. The example is contemporary Europe.

    There has only been one historical example where the leaders of peoples have not only not led attempts to repel the unwanted invaders but actually encouraged and assisted the invasion. The example is contemporary Europe.

    There are many examples in history where peoples have killed, or otherwise removed, weak and ineffectual leaders who were damaging the interests of the people.

    There is only one historical example, to date, where the policy of the leaders was autogenocide (the extinction of the people you mis-lead). The example is contemporary Europe.

    Time to use the tried and true methods of our ancestors.


  15. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC ‘news’ is obsessed with social media and online petitions. bBBC Radio Merseyside is leading on the ‘news’ that nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition that Angela Eagle should resign because she stood down from the Shadow Cabinet. That’s about one-tenth of the number of the electorate who voted for her in last year’s general election. But the innumerate arty lefties at the bBBC think the petition-signers are headline news.
    And lots of de yoof are encouraged by the bBBC to think that’s the way the country is supposed to work.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC, and especially its ever spawning youth job creation schemes of ‘Pop-up’, ‘Magazine’, ‘trending’, ‘Bitty’ etc, with a collective audience of about twelve, would have little to obsess over without polls or petitions.

      Neither of which serve any other purpose than keeping our kindergarten media in easy click shares.


      • Up2snuff says:

        BBC teenagers? Ed Reardon would be having a field day.

        Either that or exploding with rage and kicking Elgar before storming out to smash up a Berkhamsted bus shelter.


  16. johnnythefish says:

    A week before the referendum, pollsters working for Britain Stronger in Europe admitted that they were getting extremely worried about Vote Leave’s suggestion that £350m sent to the EU could be diverted to British priorities such as the NHS. Guardian focus groups in Brighton and Knowsley suggested many voters saw the message and believed it.

    One woman in Merseyside told the group: “Just think, we could get £20bn back a year and make the country great again.”

    Leaving aside the laughable inauthenticity of that ‘quote’, I remember Farage being interviewed by Vine. Vine couldn’t lay a finger on him because when it comes to the EU Nigel knows his stuff – inside out. They discussed the UK contribution to the EU at some length and Nigel simply quoted the official ONS net figure, which was in the region of £8-9 billion per year.

    So the BBC is well aware of the true, official figure, quoted by arguably the prominent Leave campaigner on their flagship Radio 2 chat programme, but for some mysterious reason (/sarc) have consistently ignored it.

    We are the BBC – subverting democracy because we know what’s best for you


    • Up2snuff says:

      johnny, it almost seems to have been an orchestrated programme, both just before the Referendum, “£350m pw is lies, all lies!” and again afterwards “Where is the extra £350m pw for the NHS that you promised?”

      Did anyone promise an extra £19bn for the NHS? I haven’t heard anyone in the Leave Camp state a specific amount would be paid by HMG to the NHS following a Brexit vote and a disentangling of the UK from the EU.

      It would be fair to say that the Leave Campaign bus banner inferred that. Another of the Leave Campaign’s less glorious moments, of which there were a few.

      Even so, the BBC have now covered the fact that a start to disentangling the UK will not be clear, let alone what we are going to pay in future to the EU post-split. It will be interesting if the Remain Campaign and their supporters keep up this barrage on the money ‘for the NHS’.


      • TigerOC says:

        The reality (not in BBC World) is that we are still paying the EU £350m/pw and when we have actually left the EU those funds become available to the Chancellor. But please don’t let this fact get in the way of the fairy tale.


        • manchesterlad says:

          Surely this ‘fact’ is open to question? How much of that £350M (ignoring rebates etc) is spent by the EU on our behalf, doing things that we are now going to have to start doing again ourselves? For example, if £10M per week of that is used in negotiating trade deals then surely we are going to have to spend that much doing this ourselves?

          I suspect you have no idea how much of that £350M we will have left, I don’t have a good idea of it. If I had to take a wild guess, my best guess would be all of that ‘saving’ will be eaten up by costs of doing things ourselves anew. In fact, I’d suspect it will cost us more in the short term.

          A price worth paying for democracy? I certainly think so.

          But, it was a serious mistake concentrating on this figure, IMO, a case of “I mentioned it 400 times, but I think I got away with it”. We’d do best to forget about it now, and concentrate on what we need to do, not salivating about all the money we are going to have to spend – like some kid standing outside a sweet shop grasping his pocket money.

          Yet again the Leave campaign exposed us to an easy defeat. No thanks to them we won. If we follow their lead in victory, I’m sure this will be the easiest way to long term defeat.


  17. Up2snuff says:

    Sir Arthur, you have it exactly. More than ten years of Big Brother and increasing varieties of ‘talent’ shows with the opportunity for everyone to ‘have a say’ and a public vote and you would think the 18-35 year old age group would have been falling over themselves to get to the Polling Booths last Thursday. Especially after the generous last minute extension to on-line Voter Registration. Apparently, less than two-fifths of that age group could be bothered to turn up.

    Democracy is for those who show up.


  18. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC could encourage the young to have a beautiful “night of crystal” by smashing the windows of the older generation, and they could burn down Parliament and blame it on Brexit.

    As its friends in the Tory Party and Labour Party are fighting to retain the remnants of power, the BBC has taken over the roll of the Government.

    Proof of this comes from the idea that “As long as the BBC is perceived as working for the benefit of children”


  19. Martellus says:

    Look at the chaos and crisis this leave result has caused!
    The BBBC is doing a fine job is hyping it up.
    I’ve just see the disgusting Anna SoooUpsetBury weeping and bleating to all the remorons outside Parliament about the tewwible wefewendum wesult we inflicted on the country – her mother wept, her 24 year old children wept. I nearly wept for laughing. Even though Ive only got two degrees, Im clearly selfish, thick, stupid, waaacist, gullible and easily led to have voted leave. I should feel ashamed, remorseful and guilty for believing the brexit lies.
    for wrecking young peoples lives and aspirations – tell that to Spanish and Italian and Greek … yoof unemployed…
    for ignoring the corrupt EU funded “economic experts” and self interest driven liars
    for not listening to big business “independent experts deep concerns” about increased competition that the friendly EU so effectively crushes
    for loss of their profits and lack of an endless supply of cheap, non unionised migrant labour, and naturally big business wont have to pay any of the housing, healthcare, education or any of the social alienation/breakdown costs, The generous taxpayer will subsidise them as always.
    for ignoring our wise and benevolent MPs who have nothing personal to gain except perhaps nice post career jaunts in the EU trough
    for ignoring wise and morally superior celebs and luvvies like Paloma Faith, Geldof and Eddie the Izzard and their deranged ramblings
    for ignoring wise and respected elder statesmen like Heseltine who have absolutely no conception of how working people live and think, likewise ex prime ministers – Bliar, Broon and Major all of whom had such illustrious success during their terms, and are held in such high esteem now. A big thank you to them – they really swung it for me
    for ignoring the BBBCorporate lie machine and its “reality” checks, its bogus in depth analyses, its biased (un)reporting, and its sneering patronising contempt for working people and for democracy. Even Wimmins winging Hour and their heartrending interviews with betrayed, hurt generation snowflake young people who needed counselling and whos lives had now ended
    for ignoring Millibrain who implored us to be guided by the wisdom of the young and to vote remain – I just cant understand why he lost the last general election!
    for ignoring the morally superior Widow Krankie (1M votes=50 odd MPs), and listening to that evil vile racist Farage (4M votes=1MP) – now if thats democracy….
    for ignoring Labour ex spin doctors, spivs and liars, who always say it like it is
    for ignoring the disgusting Stephen Kinnochio and his contemptible oink oink, slurp slurp family, in linking that poor dead MP who would naturally have been “disgusted by that Nigel Farage poster” to a moral case for voting remain.
    And mostly for having the cheek to defy our ruling elites who know whats best for us ie whats best for them, and for Britain .. er that’l be whats best for them again.
    These are very dangerous times and we have to hold our leaders to account as they are just itching to renage on the democratic wishes of the true commons.
    Our favourite world respected national treasure of a broadcaster is a key weapon to soften us up for the repeat referendum. When that time comes we will of course have had time to reflect on our stupidity and gullibility, and we’ll be completely free to conform and obey their wishes and get the right answer. Best out of three ?


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      I am so going to use that template during the next couple of days.
      Absolutely bloody brilliant.


    • Number 7 says:

      Top post Marcellus.

      Copied For edit – horrible things these pads.


  20. Cull the Badgers says:

    Certain people not allowed to vote because they are ignorant, too old, too white?

    Certain people not allowed to live because they are ignorant, too old, too white?


  21. Guest Who says:


    Another view to that of the BBC. Free. Plus some facts.

    ‘Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police revealed that “hate crimes” have “surged” by 57 per cent since the referendum.

    However, all of the perceived crimes were reported on the “Stop Hate Crime” website, rather than in a station or to an officer.’

    There’s a thing. Don’t Tell Mama, they may get ideas outside the station.

    ‘It takes just minutes to report a “hate crime” online, all from the comfort of one’s armchair.’

    Or answer a poll, or sign a petition from North Korea that gets BBC Trending a little moist.

    Trust me, sources have said.


  22. John Bull says:

    Todays so called educated youth have had it all on a plate, their parents give them everything they ask for and they receive grants and take little or no responsibility. They can apply for degree courses on all sorts of idiotic subjects and obtain a degree relatively easily compared to 30 + years ago when one had to be really bright and intelligent to obtain a degree that was worth something in those days, unlike most of the silly worthless degrees available today.
    An Engineer friend of mine told me he would not consider shortlisting anybody under 40 because they have a completely different mind set, work ethic and non existent drive, They only seem to be interested in when their next pay rise will be, what company car they will have, how much bonus they will get and how much holiday time they will have. No questions about the particular projects or quality of work or even showing interest in the job.
    Years ago having a degree meant something and would open doors, but the whole system has become diluted to such an extent that many of these degrees are worthless, that’s why we see so many of our young people with degrees working in dead end jobs, because no responsible progressive employer will employ them.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      I believe the proportion of people taking degrees even 20 years ago or so was only about 10%, and closer to 5% in the 70s/80s. The figure now is more than 50%! As far as i can tell all the ‘degree’ stat is telling is is that more younger people are more likely to vote Remain and older people more likely to vote Leave. Which we already know. They’re using an implied statistic. It would be more interesting to see the figures of who voted what vs probablility of having a degree against their own age band.


      • Dave666 says:

        Back in my day I left comprehensive in 1977. I went to college for one day unlike when my daughter went several years later the attendance times were the same as the comprehensive and I was unable, due to the timetable to do most of the subjects I wanted to study. Instead I joined the Army. Years later my daughter used to pop in and out. Only a few of my classmates went on to the end of college as most dropped out along the way. I would estimate from what I know through social media no more than 5 went on to go through university. Still it really benefited my daughter, not, who with a degree works part time in a Department store.


  23. Kaiser says:

    sticks and stones and machetes and ak47s and bombs may break a lot of other peoples bones but words ooooooo they really hurt my feelings.

    so some scallys from manc dosser central got a bit mouthy, again! as they do daily on that tram line, to everyone, the fat the bald the bespectacled, the old the infirm and anyone else they think they can intimidate with their pathetic childish behavior, only real surprise is their black mates weren’t with them on their usual daily fare dodging ride. Did i detect the first phrase was “dont try an tax me” which would make it seem like someone may have suggested they should buy a ticket.

    This happens everyday, but because a person of colour was on the receiving end and they were all white on this occasion everyone suddenly gives a shite!

    Go to syria to chop peoples heads off and we should try and understand how weve failed you and how we can help you more and how we can bend over a bit more.

    be a gob shite and your public enemy number 1


  24. Justin Casey says:

    Degree in I.T. Definition =
    I am qualified to login on a variety of social media platforms on my i-phone and perform a variety of tasks including setting up my spam filter on my email account, pulling a stupid face to show my worth to the world in the form of a duckface, pulling another stupid face to show my displeasure to the world when I find nobody sane agrees with my unwarranted self importance or i do not get enough `likes` relating to my selfies/selfishness/duckface… and also a maintaining a constant and reliable online presence due to an inability of not knowing when I should log off or forgetting where i have left my i-phone……


    • Number 7 says:

      Wot’s that thing called c++ to do with a relational table database?



      • Justin Casey says:

        They`re still probably trying to deal with the questions arising from thier decision to recognise all the extra gender definitions since they shifted from the binary / non binary diferences between an EU dictatorship making our decisions and a democratic referendum where the majority of the voters told them to fcuk off!!!

        Have you tried mastering HTML yet Number7??? 🙂



  25. G.W.F. says:

    The yoof are all victims. Old white males racially discriminate against them, so they run to nanny state for equal rights.



    • gb123 says:

      This picture is a fake! Because all the words are spelt correctly, in UK form, and they make sense!


  26. Glen.ws says:

    I can’t remember night vigils after the death of Alice Gross, no vomit inducing song from U2, no luvvee messages from the likes of beckinsale, corden, beckham, radcliffe and a bunch of other arseholes who make a living from pretending to be someone else and then patting themselves on the back come awards night for such a great performance. Team America had it right..the film actors guide or FAG for short!! Where was the parliamentary tear fest a la Jo ‘Evita’ Cox?

    Like the thousands of other white girls around the UK, whose lives are expendable in the quest for the liberal EUsers/multi culti/mass immigration utopia, Alice has been all but forgotten, after today’s one paragraph summing up of her eminently avoidable death that will be it, just collateral damage in the leftard war on people who just want to get on with life in their communities without having the lefty progressive superiority foisted on them. They make me sick.

    I’m afraid these people won’t stop, they have the weight of the lefty media behind them pushing them into a mouth frothing frenzy of self righteousness and they simply cannot accept that the scum have dared to go against their ideology.

    The millions who voted leave have to take advantage of the vacuous scum in the liebour and tory parties who care about no one but themselves and their agenda and change the political face of the country for ever, already leavers are fighting back against the remainiacs and the lying politicians by reinforcing the fact that they knew EXACTLY what they were voting for and that the powers had better deliver.

    As for Adolf sturgeon and the SNP, i’ll always stick to my favourite line in history when Edward Longshanks was handing Scotland over to a protector; “A man does good business, when he rids himself of a turd”. Let sturgeon have what she wants and the real Scots will soon get rid of her and salmond..again.


  27. Justin Casey says:



  28. John Bull says:

    One of our Chiefs in the Engineers office where I worked a few years ago had the bright idea of employing 4 young Graduates. Prior to this we had always trained up school leavers who attended college 1 or 2 days a weeks until they were suitably qualified to do the job, obtaining HNC (Higher National Certificate) or similar.
    Anyway when these graduates arrived it became apparent that they knew very little about certain practicalities about the job. They could not take levels or use a Theodolite or were familiar with the more modern instruments such as GIS surveying software that uses satellite. These Graduates were on higher pay than the HNC chaps that had worked there years and could do the job well. The insult came when one of the HNC chaps was requested by that particular Chief to teach these graduates how to use the survey equipment and many other things they did not seem to know about.