As the BBC ramps up the scare stories about the post-referendum fallout, incites anger and discontent between generations and shape their ‘news’ so that it paints a picture of disaster brought to us by the ‘lies’ of the Brexit campaign leaders, it manages to somehow avoid talking about the massive exaggerations predicting apocalypse, plague, famine and war….or rather they ignore that hype and instead are busy telling us how brilliantly prescient Goerge Osborne was with his Mystic Meg act, never mind he has shelved his punishing ’emergency budget’ claim…..and a mere 5 days after the vote the BBC is already desperately casting around for horror stories about the ‘Brexit effect’ on ‘your lives and businesses’.

Where are the reports on the pro-Leave thoughts of Mervyn King?  The BBC did interview him and yet you don’t hear his words at all quoted to you by presenters…it’s the usual BBC fail where important and relevant information is picked up by a specialist programme but either doesn’t get disseminated out to the shopfloor or the presenters choose to ignore what is inconvenient to their narrative.

The same with Obama who has now come out with a completely different tone to the one he used previously when threatening to isolate the UK….the BBC gave him top billing and constant coverage of his previous remarks…now he is sidelined to a mere minute or so video story on the sidebar.   What he says goes totally against the grain of the Remain camp and in fact backs Leave as he tells us how the EU isn’t working…..


Where is the analysis that the political fallout is due to the Party ‘leaders’ ‘ cowardice and not ‘Brexit’ contagion?….Corbyn failed to live by his principles and Cameron betrayed the nation by jumping ship and leaving it rudderless.  Cameron should ship out completely and Boris should be ‘regent’ and put temporarily in charge to open immediate negotiations with the EU… the situation demands someone rapidly takes political control in order to reduce confusion and uncertainty about what a post-Brexit Britain would look like.  The basic ideas are simple….to continue good business relations with the EU and to deal with the issue of immigration and free movement as well as to maintain cooperation on issues such as health costs for travellers which benefit both sides.   The BBC’s attempt to blame Boris & Co for having no blueprint for Brexit is highly dishonest as it was not Boris’ job to do that, he just led the campaign to vote out, he merely represented the wishes of the voters based upon the broad message of controlling immigration and taking back sovereignty, control of our own politics.  It was really Cameron’s job to prepare for the either scenario of Brexit or Remain…instead he has deliberately put a spanner in the works in order to slow down Brexit and spread chaos and uncertainty in the hope that an excuse can be made to shelve Brexit.

The Telegraph spells it out better than I can whilst the BBC doesn’t even bother to try and question Cameron’s actions and motives…

It was David Cameron’s job to prepare Britain for the possibility of Brexit

Boris Johnson and other leaders of the Leave campaign have been denounced for not having a fully fledged plan for Brexit. But this wilfully misunderstands the purpose of a referendum. David Cameron called the vote, so it is hardly outrageous to suggest he should have made some preparations for what happened if he lost. That, after all, is the Government’s job – not to second-guess the outcome. It was never in the gift of Mr Johnson, Michael Gove et al to instruct Whitehall to make contingency plans, because the official government position was to stay in the EU.

Preparations have clearly been inadequate: it was wrong and short-sighted not to instruct the Civil Service to prepare for a Brexit vote. By definition an In/Out referendum can have one of two results and to ignore the possibility of a Leave victory was complacent in the extreme. Some arrangements were clearly in place, as testified by the swift and reassuring statements from Mark Carney, the Bank of England Governor, and George Osborne, the Chancellor, designed to calm the markets. Unfortunately, one of the reasons they were so spooked was the apocalyptic warnings made during the campaign by the Bank and the Treasury.

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16 Responses to Atonement

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    We are still in the EU, there are no practical changes, with no changes likely until next year. So all this hysteria was caused by Project fear, and if the BBC is continuing this sentiment by its own “Project Hysteria“ then the BBC must be taken to task over this. A Brexit government should immediately de-Criminalise non-payment of the licence fee, and set the BBC free from government funding, by giving the BBC financial independence. The idea that a country like Britain and Greece and any EU country, cannot survive economically outside of the EU is disproved by evidence from Norway, Switzerland and many other neighbours proving that we will be better off once the fear and hysteria is followed by changes towards Brexit and then independence itself. The other point is that the sellers in the stock market have been replaced by Brexit supporting buyers who bought the stock of the Remain supporting sellers who responded to Project Fear. So Brexit supporters are now already getting richer than the Remain supporting grease balls, all on the backs of the Physiology of fear and hysteria pushed by remain supporters like the BBC, and without anything actually changing yet.

    The strange thing is that usually a Government gets revenge on a broadcaster by taking control. But as for the BBC, a free, democratic and libertarian government can take revenge, by giving the BBC total financial independence.


    • chrisH says:

      Another clear, lucid and needed post Mr P.
      Cool heads needed when you get so angry and the regular slurry and relentless lies and kiddie fiddling by Channel 4 and the BBC.
      They have GOT to be decoupled from political discourse-and are proving very adept and dangerous in creating trouble.
      It will get much worse very quickly if it carries on, because their fear generating , agenda massaging machinations and grievance farming is definitely capable of getting an old person killed by someone who`ll blame them for voting to go.
      The BBC would of course excuse and reward the killer…cauterise the BBC…and now.


      • Stuart Beaker says:

        Exactly, Mr H – and Mr P. The BBC is now wandering recklessly into territory where it could well have blood on its hands. It has certainly now had its own effect on markets, and thereby the financial security of many of its individual viewers and listeners, by its consistently alarmist and manipulative reporting and comment post-Referendum.

        This is very serious stuff, going well beyond what the BBC was engaged in, say, even a few months ago. To hold them to account for what now goes well past mere mischief, and has marched resolutely into the territory of wholesale distortion and sabotage, requires immediate action. The BBC talking Britain down is perhaps now having a greater malign effect than Brexit itself, and is tantamount to an astonishing jihad of its own.

        There must surely be some emergency plug that can be pulled right now before any more damage is done?


  2. RJ says:

    It goes beyond not having instructed the Civil Service to prepare for a Brexit vote. According to the Sunday Telegraph No 10 instructed the Civil Service NOT to prepare any contingency plans.

    Even now they don’t have to start with a blank piece of paper. A detailed plan already exists for a staged withdrawal from the EU. Flexit might not be perfect, but it gives the government a working draft that can be ammended very quickly. At the very least we can start the formal process – unless Dave still hopes for some external event to overturn the result.


    • Stuart Beaker says:

      Hi Mr J. Flexit might be one possibility, but the absolutely vital thing to do is to retain the initiative which was gifted to us by last Thursday’s vote – just last Thursday! – to stop it being seized back by all those outside parties and powers who are determined to dictate our actions by determining our agenda for us.

      Before the outcome was known last week, there were several plans floating round to enact emergency legislation, entailing:
      * repealing the 1972 Act (essentially an Act of accession to the then CM),
      * temporary wholesale time-limited adoption of the current EU legislative residue to protect legal continuity in preparation for subsequent point by point examination,
      * withdrawal of British forces currently deployed on EU immigration assistance duties in the Mediterranean, redeploying them along our own border waters, together with the unilateral imposition of (legal) border controls;
      * immediate cessation of UK contributions to the EU, diverting them to a suspense account to fund interim replacement payments to farmers and other current EU scheme recipients until UK-legislation can catch up, and
      * immediate commencement of trade negotiations with selected potential partners, eg China which has already indicated enthusiasm for UK deals

      Article 50 should be invoked only against the background of decisive pre-emptive action, which is the only way to ‘walk the walk’ of national sovereignty.


  3. TruthDoctor says:

    Thank you Mr President for telling us “what’s really happening”.

    Actually let me tell you what’s really happening;

    “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”.

    American Declaration of Indpendence. July 4th 1776


    • Dave S says:

      Would that Thomas Jefferson was here now. Thanks for posting that. This is what it is really about and it is this that the liberal elite cannot stand. That we have the inalienable right to get rid of any government we do not think fit.
      In their eyes we are too stupid to understand simple things like that. We just need guidance from our betters.
      Listening to them and watching them makes me sick to my stomach.
      Who the F”””” do they think they are?


  4. Nibor says:

    To be fair to the spiv David Cameron , he didn’t have a contingency plan for a remain result . He just expected us to be dictated to by the EU as usual with a bit of Tory bleating about the project .


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Obama is not saying anything that supports the Leave camp. He is stating what Remain are seeking at this moment.

    Note Obama’s first sentence: a ‘pause button has been pressed on the project of full integration’

    A pause button – his idea is that we were going too fast towards full integration.

    Wrong Mr President. We voted to Leave, to change direction, not to slow down travelling in the wrong direction.

    Barry is saying what many of our political elite are saying. Slow down, wait it out and soon the masses will get back on track.
    Which part of LEAVE don’t you understand Barry?


  6. johnnythefish says:

    The BBC’s attempt to blame Boris & Co for having no blueprint for Brexit is highly dishonest….

    If the BBC was totally balanced and impartial it would also be asking: ‘Where is Remain’s plan for reforming the EU?’


  7. chrisH says:

    Interesting take on our leaving from some Eurozealot.
    Utterly deluded-but if the arguments save somebody from getting beaten up or hounded when they`re sick of the abuse-could be useful.
    I`m afraid it seems to be getting close to that stage…so the BBC and Channel 4 have GOT to go…after Savile and cBBC, they seem to think that grooming and massaging of kiddies minds is OK…it is not.

    1. The EU Project will go all the smoother without us dragging them back…imagine…more green agreements, more and closer prospects for ever-closer union-and it will be so obvious and successful that we`ll crawl back to Brussels on our knees to rejoin.
    2 . The Eurozone and mass immigration will now make us a nicer , more financially viable continent and the world will only wish to emulate our soft power,solidarity and humane policies
    3. Britain could not pool its sovereignty, and would only be giving bits of it reluctantly…how on earth can we get our currency and legal systems sorted faster and speedily if they keep spiking the Porject. Without Britain we can achieve this faster.
    4. In fact-any Remainiac would wish the Tory British Parliament to be out of the exciting New Europe we can all get on with creating.
    So voting to stay IN makes you a racist, nationalist past-it xenophobe-well meant but selfish. Let the EU free to bring all its new countries in, continue to hold Putin to account and combat terrorism just as it`s doing so well at the minute. Why risk spoiling their success rates with OUR provincial concerns?
    There you go…bit of political taqqiya there to shame the EU fanatics. They`ll think you mean it too…


  8. chrisH says:

    Just heard the establishments efforts to create yet ANOTHER Pantomine Horse for us to put in the Tory Donkey Derby!
    Anybody ever see how a Crabb runs?
    The BBC haven`t…because they think we`ll swap one Welsh Windbag for a Blow Up Jelly Baby.
    The Tories ought to know that stepping into IDS hush puppies for three months doth not a leader make.
    At least Cameron had been Howards Tent Boy for SIX months!
    So Sajid Javid comes out with his ticket. hoping that his Blue Collar gets a neck measuring for Heseltines cravat?
    Fuck off!
    To be fair, even under the gentlest grilling from Mishal Husain, we find there`s not even enough air in the balloon to distinguish it from a condom.
    Sajiv Javid?
    Tata…and close the door on the way out will you if you dare to “reach out” to the knob….
    They do a good “Knob” in Dorset-Scotty Moore may have made one, who knows?
    Toy soldiers?….nah, we`re getting a Seven Nation Army-Oliver`s in charge!


  9. Peter Grimes says:

    “SNP meets City lobbyist as Edinburgh seeks London’s financial crown”

    “One of the City’s top lobbyists is in talks with the SNP on making Edinburgh a financial services powerhouse after Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon pledged to secure access to the European single market.

    Cicero Group executive chairman Iain Anderson, whose clients include City heavyweights BlackRock, Rio Tinto and Barclays, met SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie yesterday to discuss Edinburgh’s ambitions to topple London’s financial services dominance.”

    That worked well with Royal Bank of SCOTLAND and Halifax Bank of SCOTLAND, both headquartred in Edinburgh, didn’t it!


  10. Fred Bloggs says:

    R5L: 2.30pm Talking to ex pats, bBC crying with them about how agrieved they are. They live several thousand miles away, cannot vote, their fate being decided by others. My natural tendencies to swear like a trooper I will suppress. except to point out the obvious. They decide many years ago >15 to f**k off out of it. We have had to put up with rules and costs put upon us by the undemocratic EU. Well who do the traitorous bBC side with, the licence(tax) paying UK citizens or the f**k you jack I’m all right deserters.


  11. NCBBC says:

    This whole debacle was caused by the Open Borders policy of the EU. This was brought into the open with Angela Merkel actually inviting untold numbers of people from the ME and Africa, to come and live in Germany, and the EU. No skills, and not even a school education, many illiterate in their own language. And they came in the millions. The stress in Europe is getting worse by the day. From Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and even Switzerland, though not in the EU, are feeling the strain. Large numbers of Europeans have had enough. Of course this cannot go on. Sooner or later, people are going to rise up, and want their country back. Violence and bloodshed is inevitable on the streets of Europe.

    What we have not realized is that we have been spared the violence on the streets of Britain by the Brexit vote. We have probably gained our sovereignty, but more important, we have been given the opportunity to sort out the immigration issue, and thus avert an unimaginable catastrophe.