Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Ipswich.

On the panel: Conservative MP David Davis, Labour MP David sorry Ed Miliband, the Green Party’s former leader Caroline Lucas MP, novellist Dreda Say Mitchell and David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton.

Kick off tonight (Thursday) at 22.45

Chat here, register here if necessary.

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23 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. CranbrookPhil says:

    Oh Steve Hilton & David Davis would be worth watching.


    • MartinW says:

      I watched for a short time, and Steve Hilton was in full flow making quite a good case for Brexit. However, it was sad to see what seems to be Dimbleby’s habitual tactic used against speakers that don’t accord with his lefty-liberal views – he almost interrupts the speaker’s last word(s) by interjecting a question, thus ensuring the speaker does not receive applause from the audience. He did it to Steve Hilton, though SH was canny enough to cut in a speak a little more- and got some applause. Any one else noticed this Dimbleby ploy?


  2. wronged says:

    I do believe for the first time in a large number of weeks the Brexiteers have it by a margin of 3 to 2. Very good.
    This being the case

    Running Total
    Remain 46
    Leave 30
    Undecided 4


    • Mr.Golightly says:

      Good job wronged for keeping us abreast of the QT referendum bias. I am surprised to see the Leavers coming up on the rails, earlier we had been sorely under-represented. Too late to achieve parity before June 23rd for sure, though a few 4 -1 panels in favour of Brexit would go some way towards redressing the balance. Unlikely I know.


  3. Mr.Golightly says:

    Ed Milliband, present in the guise of Labour elder statesman, reminds me in his first sentence why I never wanted to hear from him again. International socialism par excellence. David Davis receives cheers and loud applause in favour of Leave. It’s a 50/50 audience.


    • Aerfen says:

      Ed just doesn’t have the gravitas to assume the role of ‘elder statesman’; he will be forever an irritating gobby schoolboy.


  4. taffman says:

    Steve Hilton is speaking for Great Britain.
    Our politicians have abandoned the ordinary working British people.
    Make Britain Great again and vote get out of the United States of Europe .


  5. Mice Height says:

    I can’t understand why no one ever questions Karoline Mukas on how the population explosion, and consequent massive house-building programme, fits in with ‘Green’ policies.
    You could be forgiven for thinking that they don’t really care about the environment.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Spot on, Mice Height. When Green parties were first formed limiting population growth was part of their programme and part of their appeal. Due to some process I don’t fully understand it was silently dropped from their agendas and it has reached the state where the environment and even commonsense is put aside in favour of leftists positions on nearly everything. They have betrayed the environment and joined the ranks of the anarchists and destruction mongers with their call for open borders and they argue their positions with the language of Marxists. They are willing to sell their birthright for a potty message.
      When I challenge my former Green comrades they are not keen to talk about over-population. Their former position is an embarrassment. Idiot group-think prevails in Green world now unfortunately.


      • Sluff says:

        You can judge a person by the company they keep.
        According to her Wikipedia entry, the recently resigned Green leader, Natalie Bennett, has as her long time partner, a person who for many years was a member of the Socialist Workers Party.
        For ‘Green’ now read ‘Far Left’. In fact the bBBC’s preferred position on most things!


    • Grant says:

      Good point , Mice !


    • johnnythefish says:

      It’s back to Leftie Top Trumps. Immigration will always trump the environment and Islam will always trump everything else.

      The Greens never complain about covering our fields with housing but try and build a new road to relieve the resulting congestion and they’ll soon find an ‘endangered’ species to stop it in its tracks.


  6. Edward says:

    Ed Miliband actually did more damage to the remain campaign than anyone I have seen yet. Not surprising, seeing as he handed last year’s election to Cameron on a plate (with cherries on top).


  7. Al Shubtill says:

    One of the best QTs I’ve seen; Steve Hilton should have been running the Leave campaign for them from the start and tonight David Davis was his usual very effective self.

    This QT was a strong win for Brexit, IMHO.


  8. Al Shubtill says:

    I noticed Millipede was wearing the same uniform of the Progressive as Paul Mason the preceding week – dark suit, plain shirt, no tie; though without the additional affectation sported by Mason of a “designer stubble” beard.

    Millimetre was very poor despite this attire and looked quite flustered when his arguments didn’t seem to be getting through – unlike most other al beebus audiences he’s appeared before, this one wasn’t balanced in his favour.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      If you remember, during the General Election, when Milipede appeared on a programme to be questioned by ordinary people, he fell apart, and tripped up on the stage set. He was only used to the forensic probing of BBC heavyweights like Jim Naughty or Martha Kearney. Real people asking real questions showed him up as a vacuous empty suit. He was so poor that even Cameron could beat him.

      Anyway, Milipede is for the EU because he is part of the transnational political priestly caste. For these people the EU works like a charm, ask any member of the millionaire Kinnock family. Anyone with a functioning brain cell should be able to work out that if Milipede is for something, they should be against it.


  9. Dave S says:

    For once interesting. I was amused by Milleband’s inability to speak English correctly. A pathetic attempt to seem one of the lads. Consonants are there for a reason.


    • Grant says:


      I think that many posh Leftists , like Ed, have elocution lessons to speak like Plebs. Tony Blair is a classic example and Tony Benn was another. They are so stupid that they do not realise that is does not fool the real Plebs. It is arrogant, ignorant and patronising.


  10. Leha says:

    Watched on Player today, judging on audience reaction,
    I would say 60/40 in favour of leave.

    I think/hope the smuggery of the remainians are in for a big shock on polling day.
    Sick of being brow beaten every day by vested interest groups

    That doesn’t take into account the jiggery-pokery of the postal vote of course.