Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Aberdeen. Joining him are : Conservative secretary of state for Scotland David Mundell MP, SNP minister for Europe Humza Yousaf MSP, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale MSP, former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars and editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek magazine Merryn Somerset Webb.

Only 2 SNP representatives on the panel? How unfair!

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 22.45

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38 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    The last two “Question Time” editions in Yorkshire had no Yorkshire people on them, not even the UKIP MEP was from Yorkshire, and the last edition had someone from the SNP.

    It’s the same with BBC Parliament. The channels transmitters in Yorkshire, transmit a great deal of local government from Scotland, but have zero coverage of local government in Yorkshire.

    I think its caused by a lack of death threats to BBC management from people in Yorkshire.


    • R P McMurphy says:

      They remember the GE debate from Leeds Town Hall which did labour no favours at all.


  2. wronged says:

    Oh I get it, the bBBC are thinking along the lines of inviting charismatic outspoken panelists of the Remain side to argue the EU membership against weak, non charismatic members of the Leave group. With just weeks to go, where are the heavy hitters of the Leave group ? Why are they not on the panel?

    Farage back in Scotland, now I’d like to see that.


  3. Tothepoint says:

    (Pre selected questions from hand picked stooges) Question Time (which is its full title) is the biggest pile of horse shit that makes me ashamed of what has happened to our great country when it’s (all be it pretending) at least trying to be fair and impartial. I would rather spend all night trying to pull my own eyes out with my toes, having to fracture my hips and dislocate my knees in the process than watch that shite.

    The audience will be full of southern English voices, all incredibly picked out to be able to articulate their completely rehearsed politicised drivel which will be applauded manically by their fellow bused up labour activists, Al Beeb stooges and left wing lunatics. Guaranteed tonight is

    1: Project fear will be accepted… But the lying bastards will just keep saying that it’s on both sides of the argument (applause), then a few more lies and scaremonger stories (applause)

    2: Al Beeb will get an easy ride on its laughable charter review. Only stooges and thicko’s unable to even talk properly will get time on this one

    3: We will have a question about Sheikh Kahn but because the Al Beeb/Labour activists wanted him to win and the hand full of genuine Scots in the audience do not give a flying, Jihadi loving Saviour Khan’s win will be the greatest thing ever to happen to the UK

    I feel violently sick already…


  4. Grant says:

    Jim Sillars, good grief. Why no Michael Gove ? He was brought up in Aberdeen and first worked there as a journalist. Maybe they are saving him for nearer the referendum. Or maybe not.


  5. CranbrookPhil says:

    Why does Question Time go somewhere in Scotland every few weeks? I am not interested in what they usually talk about, though just maybe it will be more interesting this time with the Tories as official opposition to a minority SNP circus.

    I suppose to answer my question the BBC can guarantee a strong left bias up there.


    • GCooper says:

      And why the seemingly ever-present SNP spokesman on every political programme, or whenever a news story has political commentary?


    • Julio says:

      Because QT is produced by BBC Scotland


    • Julio says:

      Because QT is produced by BBC Scotland.


      • Grant says:


        Have you ever thought of commenting on any other threads on this site ?


        • Julio says:

          Are you saying that I have never commented on any other thread than this particular one?


          • Grant says:

            No, I am just asking you the question ?


            • Grant says:

              I just don’t see many other comments from you on any other topics . I just wonder why ? Seems strange to me , Julio !


              • Julio says:

                Well my little scotch stalker, there’s a whole world of which you know nothing. As wonderful as I think I am, there must be millions of subjects which you would find more interesting than my interactions with the web. Why don’t you try and discover some for yourself?


  6. ObiWan says:

    Scotland? Okay, I’ll give tonight’s edition a miss, then.


    • Man on the 5A bus says:

      I have absolutely zero interest in Jocks and in Jock politics. Total waste of time.


  7. Save Our Sense says:

    As Tothepoint said, and well worth repeating:

    “I would rather spend all night trying to pull my own eyes out with my toes, having to fracture my hips and dislocate my knees in the process than watch that shite.”

    Took the words ‘reet oota mi mooth’, as they might say in Aberdeen.


    • wronged says:

      Running Total
      Remain 42
      Leave 26
      Undecided 3

      3-2 to the Remainers ‘again’.

      ‘Large increases in immigration does not suppress wages’- Dugdale



  8. Mr.Golightly says:

    Interesting. There’s a 3 to 2 in favour of remain, yet the audience appears to be largely leave. EU fishery policy is not a vote-winner and a Scottish fisherman in the audience says he wants “power over our own destiny”. Well said. A SNP supporter claims BBC bias over its presentation of his party when it is doing so well (join the biasedBBC blog Sir). Jim Sillars says Scots are generally social conservatives yet ideologically to the left which makes perfect sense. Respect to Kazia who took an election battering, admits as much and faces the Scottish anti-Labour mood. Having said all that, the very parochial nature of a QT from Aberdeen, makes this less than necessary viewing.


    • Mr.Golightly says:

      And I meant to add, though it is a trivial point perhaps. Why Is Humza Yousaf dressed like that? What is the message there? Or has he just lost his jacket, and decided to roll his sleeves up to appear as a man of toil and haste, when actually he just looks like a berk.


      • Number 7 says:

        “when actually he just looks like a berk.”

        Whilst looking like a carp on the bank, gasping for breath, or maybe a rabbit in the headlights. I had the impression of a total [email protected] more suited to a career with the standard reply of “Would you like fries with that?”


    • wronged says:

      Mr Golightly
      ‘ Jim Sillars says Scots are generally social conservatives yet ideologically to the left which makes perfect sense.’

      Well this confused me.

      I think Sillars said that many in Scotland don’t like changes like same sex marriage. I think the people in Scotland should have voted to the Right if they don’t like too much change. Misguided.

      ‘Progress (change) is all well and good but it is how it affects the individual that counts.’ Aneurin Bevan.


      • Mr.Golightly says:

        Agreed wronged. Sillars’ position is reminiscent of that of the old English working class, and indeed the Welsh today. Socially conservative and traditional, yet firmly old Labour. Times have changed and the conflict between old left-wing principles and those of the new liberal-left are there to see. Witness Sillars and Yousaf, both SNP, yet divided.


        • taffman says:

          And here is a warning from a labour man ………………………….


          • Mr.Golightly says:

            Taffman. Frank Field is dead right. The modern ‘Labour Party’ has abandoned its roots and is reaping the consequences. A true Labour voter would vote Leave.


            • taffman says:

              All the older Labour voters I speak to want to leave – Many received the Government’s propaganda paper this week advising us to ‘Remain In the European union’ and many have ‘binned it’ . Apparently it makes good toilet paper .


              • Number 7 says:

                Shwmae taffman.

                My copy is on its way back to Downing St, with some suitably “pithy” comments in green ink.

                As In – “Disgusted of Leamington Spa”.


            • wronged says:

              Nearly, a Labour voter born in the thirties, forties, fifties and maybe sixties would have voted to Leave. The modern ‘progressive’ Labour voter would not.

              The party has changed more than Labour voters of the past are prepared to admit. Those who are, tend to show interest in UKIP. They are looking to hold onto old values whilst remaining loyal to the country. Progressive Labour, idealistic in outlook, want to cure the world and don’t care much about the country.


  9. Wiser Monkeys says:

    David Dimbleby made an utter fool of himself tonight. He thought the SNP’s Named Person state guardian was nominated by a Scottish child’s family – not allocated and forced on the child by the authorities. No excuse for Dimbleby as Named Person was one of the biggest issues in the Scottish election (certainly one of the most hated – even by SNP supporters) and may well have been the ultimate reason why the SNP lost their majority. QT really, really needs a new presenter who is “on the ball”.

    Never mind, it was quite fun seeing the SNP’s lightweight Humza Yousaf being dismantled, especially by one of his own, Jim Sillars, on both the EU and Named Person issues. Brexit had a good night, much helped by pro-fishing audience members.


  10. AceFlyingPig says:

    So Hamsa Yousef, a typical socialist left wing hypocrite, independent school attender, and waste of space community ‘worker’. Had the bloody nerve to tell a fisherman that had just explained how the EU had decimated the British fishing industry, that he had as many concerns and issues about it as the fisherman. Yes ‘cos of course he has to moor his car up outside his house for months on end with no money to feed his family, can only use a limited number of words under his quota when speaking, if he does have anything useful to say he has to ditch it if it is on the wrong subject, and has the EU pay other people to take all his speaking slots in parliament. Total F***ing T**t.


  11. Guest Who says:

    No. But one poster on a free, independent, lightly modded forum who seems well named. Whose post secured 0 likes so far, deservedly.

    I never thought the BBC was comprised totally of nonces due to the actions of a few, but it seems that by the logic of some this is the case.

    I’ll leave this to one comment in response. Multiples in denial of service during the small hours sums up another category of poster well.


  12. Grant says:

    BBC website now speculating on who killed their Hezbollah Hero. Who cares ? We should just rejoice that the bastard is dead !


  13. carterdaniel says:

    BBC website now speculating on who killed their Hezbollah Hero. Who cares ? We should just rejoice that the bastard is dead !

    On this point, I don’t believe the BBC are treating him as a hero. He is on the wrong side.

    Hezbollah are fighting ISIS


  14. Tothepoint says:

    Clearly DDDD’s words wouldn’t make it onto Al Beeb’s webshite to describe that insufferable [email protected], but I think it sums up the situation pretty well! Humza’s of Pakistani heritage, he’s the quintessential cunt in every sense of the word, and he has been fucking over white people all over the UK… Especially English people! So fuck him back!!

    So I’m sorry if your left wing sensitivities are going into over drive and you are doing what all far left lunatics do and try and shut down debate and freedom of speech etc etc…

    Where were your shouts of racism when the paki (Pakistani if we are are playing sensitivity bingo) community systematically rape and brutalise white girls? You should be coming onto this website and apologising to us all for allowing your own people to be abused because your delusional sensitivities trump the feelings of innocent white girls and have therefore championed the protection of vile, white hating communities over your own.

    Fuck Humza, fuck the SNP and fuck the Al Beeb!! (sorry about the language 🙂


  15. johnnythefish says:

    BiasedBBC summed up perfectly in four little words

    Nah, just sums up your paltry, opportunistic level of contribution to Biased BBC.