Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Manchester. On the panel: Conservative grandee Nigel Lawson, Daily Mail political editor Isabel Oakeshott, chief executive of Ryanair Michael O’Leary, left-wing extremist, Labour eco-loon Lisa Nandy MP (but an MP for a constituency quite near to the QT venue, for once) and poet and writer Benjamin Zephaniah.

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 22.45

Chat here, register here if necessary.

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29 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Dazed and Confused says:

    No pointless “sweaty”?

    Whats going on?


  2. chrisH says:

    Lawson?…Daily Mail and Ryanair?
    This looks better than most…Lawson alone will be worth the watching…and though the rest may be EU compliant, they`re bound to say things to upset the Lefties on the crowd…so may give this one a rare, live watch once I`ve voted UKIP for everything I`m able to earlier in the day.


  3. Edward says:

    Michael O’Leary!

    As we approach summer and cheap flights to sunny places, the potential for more expensive flights and less access to EU countries could sway a lot of neutrals. Good timing by the BBC.

    I can’t see Lawson competing with the boss of Ryanair for popularity points even though Ryanair is mud with working class scum who have no choice but to fly with them.

    Inviting Michael O’Leary on to QT is an absolute curveball for the Brexiters!



    • wronged says:

      Ah Michael O’Leary.

      Remain erudition has surpassed itself in Michael O’Leary, he whose quotes the following,

      “The airline industry is full of bullshitters, liars and drunks. We excel at all three in Ireland.”

      “Ryanair brings lots of different cultures to the beaches of Spain, Greece and Italy, where they couple and copulate in the interests of pan-European peace.”


  4. Loobyloo says:

    Could we have a ‘guess the questions’ competition? Each week the questions get more predictable, bland, and usually set up to allow a lefty liberal tsunami of response.


    • Loobyloo says:

      I’ll start it off – I predict:
      ‘Should the UK (England) be taking more lone migrant children from Europe?’….(till we burst at the seams and spill people out into the sea)

      ‘Will the UK be better in or out of the EU’ …..(comes up every week in some form, usually ending with the consensus IN!!!…..and some lazy sod who says they want more ‘facts’, because they can’t be bothered to research it for themselves, so they are happy for the BBC to do it for them)

      Think I just need to turn it off.


      • ID says:

        The paragons of virtue who want to parade their selfless saintliness on the media are probably shooting themselves in the foot. After hyperenrichment in Germany, politicians suddenly started prattling on about the urgent need for social housing. Those who had been waiting for years for decent housing were not at all pleased. The indigenous population on a whim is moved to “the back of the queue”. Thinking he was calming the situation the leader of the SPD said there would be “fair shares for all”. Another slap in the face for the aboriginals. Surely, after all the waffle about cuts, the difficulties associated with finding foster parents, shortage of care home places etc., the indigenous population here must realize they are being placed at the back of the queue too.
        No one every mentions that if these children stayed in Turkey, they would be safe.After all the EU is sending “refugees” back there.


        • Aerfen says:

          The refugees are not even those in Turkey. The evil Lord Dubs is demanding we bring in extra from safe EU countries such as France, Italy, Austria.


    • Tothepoint says:

      I just about nailed this last week, mostly because we were all once like the infantile gobshites who writes the QT questions

      1: Questions about Donald Satan Trumps selection as Republican nominee. We will get stooge after stooge ranting about how Trump and people who think like him are evil Nazi’s and are the real danger to the whole world

      2: A question on how the government have ‘paused’ the implication of the money junkie junior doctors contact. Basically a section where the evil racist Tories will get their arses kicked relentlessly whilst Dimbledead has a kip.

      3: Voters being turned away in Barnet. Another stooge led attack on the Tories for supposedly trying to protect their interests and how the voting system is broken. We will get “more postal” and “lower the voting age” bullshitery from the stooges, to rapturous applause from the brain dead imbeciles in the audience

      4: A question about Leicester city winning the league and how racially diverse the city is. We will get lie after lie about how this has somehow helped this great enriched city… Blah blah bullshit.

      I’ve gave up even writing about the bias and lies, never mind trying to watch it. I am looking forward to taking the winners accolades tomorrow 🙂


      • Cranmer says:

        OK here’s my question, from Brian Farnet of Friern Barnet. ‘Does the election of Sadiq Khan as mayor of London with an overwhelming majority prove that Britain is the most amazing vibrant multicultural enriched country in the world?’


        • Tothepoint says:

          Let me answer Cranmer!

          For the traitorous liars who are purposely trying to destroy our way of life, to create a world in line with their delusional, lunatic, selfish way… and of course the Al Beeb/Al Labour stooges, the answer is yes

          For everyone else who knows that this doomed, social engineering project WILL lead to unimaginable scales of death, rape, and genocide…clearly no

          We know what the hand picked Al Beeb audience are going to say though… Hell yes!


      • Colboysigma says:

        Agree with all except the point about junior Doctors being “money junkies.” That’s is totally out of order TTP . I know plenty of these guys, OK in the civilised true North (Cumbria)I admit, but no-way are the indigenous Doctors in it for the money. (that said Foreigners there’s a question mark over) The ones that are MJ’s that go into “Medical Education” or become politicos in NHS bureaucracy.


    • EUTV says:

      I will guess the question that won’t be asked:

      does the panel think that the 90% of the population who don’t travel around the EU for work or have second home there give a toss for cheap flights and uniformed roaming charges?


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Isabel Oakshott is a hottie.


  6. Arthurp says:

    Anyone want to waste some money?

    Look up “European Referendum” on Google and if an advert appears from Stronger in or another pro-eu organisation then click it.

    (Google can detect multiple clicks, but you could try once per browser.)


  7. LostOverThere says:

    From Wiki

    “Isabel Oakeshott is a British political journalist and non-fiction author”

    We all know why she’s on he bbc, not because of her “journalism”


    • Colboysigma says:

      Bollocks! She made some good points especially the one about Corbyn and his friends at Hamas and Hezbollah


  8. Al Shubtill says:

    Abysmal QT – apart from Lawson and Oakeshott, the panel was very poor tonight IMO.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      I will just qualify my earlier post by that by saying that I enjoyed the excellent question from that chap in the audience, about Kinnochio and his appointment as an EU commissioner after being rejected by the UK electorate twice; and the unaccountable EU Commission itself negotiating (in secret) the TTIP agreement.

      It pointed out how the global elites (within the EU and beyond) conspire amongst each other against the best interests of the people in the countries they ostensibly represent, in favour of big business and the perpetual drive towards one world governance.


  9. taffman says:

    Abysmal yep , watched it the first time for a long time, caught the last 30 min .
    Who the hell is the guy with a dead spider on his head ? What party does he represent ?


  10. Aerfen says:

    “Who the hell is the guy with a dead spider on his head ? What party does he represent ?”

    I really wish you hadnt said that! Now whenever I see dreadlocks this horrible image will come to mind!

    BUT Zephaniah did speak sense about Donald Trump, in the face of the hysteria the media are trying to whip up over the terrible ‘threat’ posed by Trump! As he said, just as Obama promised to do things then when faced with realpolitik these things did not materialise, so it will be with Trump!


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I got the impression Benjamin Zephaniah had been overdoing the ganja a bit. His memory wasn’t up to much, and he seemed to have difficulty understanding some of the questions. Still, he added to diversity, and for the BBC, that is all that matters.


      • Julio says:

        He wasn’t particularly eloquent either, to say that he’s a poet.


    • popeye says:

      Was it he who played the Rastafarian vicar officiating at the 1924 wedding in “Peaky Blinders” as well? A lot of them about in the CofE in those days I’m sure!


      • Aerfen says:

        Not even in the West Indies in those days! Rastafari simply hadnt started.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Are you joking? I have never watched the programme. All I know from the BBC is that Britain is a mongrel nation, and has always been multicultural. Strangely, if you look at photos of British street scenes from before the 1960s, all the people appear to be hideously white, but perhaps that is a trick of the light.


  11. wronged says:

    Running Total
    Remain 39
    Leave 24
    Undecided 3

    I have decided that tonight’s panel was a 2-2 draw although I did feel that the Rasta poet, who was useless, who claimed to be undecided was I felt verging on the Remain.

    I have decided to be hard on myself as I am in the Brexit camp. In order to demonstrate a non biased approach I have given the poet the benefit of the doubt. It is important to be unswervingly fair in my assessment of this programmes potential bias.


  12. wronged says:

    I do apolgise to anyone who is interested in my checking of BBC bias in the panelists of this programme. Unfortunately, I often have trouble staying awake in my chair beyond 10 pm. My wife neglected to wake me up despite my request for her to do so. We have made friends again after I made her a hot chocolate.

    The results do show however, genuine proof of bias on this influential (sadly), political programme.