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This week’s show comes from Hull, panellists include Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells Greg Clark, former director of the Centre for Policy Studies Jill Kirby, chairman of the ARK schools charity Paul Marshall, former Labour Health bungler Andy Burnham and an irrelevant scotch person.

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34 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Al Shubtill says:

    I think Burnham must be livid; a programme he doubtless thought would allow him to wallow in the spotlight as a saviour of the Hillsborough families campaign, will instead (I think) be him decrying accusations of Labour’s latent antisemitism and engaging in a damage limitation exercise.
    What a shame for poor Andy.


  2. Glenn says:

    I am not too sure on that. If the BBC have anything to say about it the anti-semitism row will have a single question and Dumbledore will shut the debate down very quickly.


    • Tothepoint says:

      Completely agree Glenn. The questions will be as follows

      1: Hillsborough (Bodger Burnham’s time to shine)
      2: EU
      3: UK steel
      4: Junior doctors
      5: Some pointless left wing question that supposedly brings humour.

      If there is a question on it, it will be about racism in general and will look to tar the evil racist white population as the real villains


    • Number 7 says:

      That was not far short of the mark.

      How’s the crystal ball – Mind you it was classic Dimblebore.


  3. Dazed and Confused says:

    You forgot to mention the SWP audience that came up with Corbyn earlier on today….

    And if Corbyn has been campaigning in Hull today, then why isn’t he on the programme to defend his good friend red Ken?

    Oh yeah, the BBC will have expected us to have forgotten all aout that by 10:40..


  4. Julio says:

    Not that I feel particlarly inclined to defend Commie Ken, but is he factually incorrect in what he says about Hitler initially wanting to send Germany’s jews to Israel?


    • Dazed and Confused says:

      No, but Hitler talked bollocks most of the time, when it suited his position throughout his rise to eventual psychotic megalomania..

      Livingstone is simply copying Hitlers tactics, for his own vile Islamic supporting ends..


    • Jerry Owen says:

      History is in the rather strange and unusual era of being re written…. it began sometime before 1984.


    • embolden says:

      Ken Livingstone has rather selectively chosen his history.

      There was a brief period in 1933-34 when early Nazi policy was to promote the removal of Jewish people from Germany to British mandate Palestine.
      Though this involved stripping Jewish people of their employment and property rights in Germany to “encourage” emigration…..this hardly demonstrates Zionism as Ken Livingstone suggested.

      By 1937 the Nazi “German foreign office instructed its embassies that ‘in view of the anti German agitation of international Jewry, Germany cannot agree that the formation of a Palestine Jewish state would help the peaceful development of the nations of the world’.”

      Also “the SS warned that the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine would lead to ‘special minority protection to Jews in every country, therefore giving legal protection to the exploitation activity of world Jewry’.”

      Quotes from Holocaust-a history by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan Van Pelt chapter 5.

      None of this should distract us from Ken Livingstones suggestion that Naz Shahs comments on the removal of the Israeli Jews to the USA is not anti Semitic. Nor from the widespread anti Semitism, and Jew hatred that is endemic in countries and in minority populations who hold that the Quran (with its many anti Jewish references) is a valid guide for life.

      Ken, Naz and Jeremy too, should be asked exactly what is not antisemitic about seeking to remove, without their consent, the population of the Jewish state of Israel to another continent…..over to you BBC.


      • GCooper says:

        Can you imagine the nuclear-scale blast of outrage that would have followed any suggestion that Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants should be deported – even illegal or criminal ones?


  5. AsISeeIt says:

    QT from Hull this week… I’m surprised the BBC aren’t bringing it to us from the Kop End


    • Jerry Owen says:

      I was saying to my wife that the Hillsborough saga has not been about justice or closure it has been about compensation.
      My cynical beliefs after all these years are now vindicated. Sad to say but memories of the dead are long beyond hurting and best left in peace, does looking for compensation and by default drag it out further help closure?


      • AsISeeIt says:

        Frankly, I’d have rather the families had been compensated long ago than waste the public millions on lawyers and drag this thing on for years after all the relevant crowd control lessons have long since been learned.


  6. Jerry Owen says:

    ….’and an irrelevant scotch person’. Love it!
    Was the small ‘s’ a Freudian slip? I do hope so!


  7. AsISeeIt says:

    It’s odd isn’t it that several Labour Party members – not, please note, of Palestinian but of Pakistani origin – get themselves quite so exercised about Israel. Could it be that their main political motivation is not socialism/social democracy but rather international islamism?


    • Jerry Owen says:

      I believed for some years that once the Muslims had become politically organized in the useful idiot labour party they would start their own Islamic party having learnt the ropes of political activism and all it entails in Britain. But actually they have sort of turned the labour party into an Islamic party and don’t need to start their own party hence the anti Semitic nature of said party.
      I actually believe that Red Ken and all the assorted Muslims should be allowed, and are within my sphere of decency to insult whoever they please, as we at least know where they stand and of course it means I can insult whomsoever I wish to.
      It is freedom of expression a right I hold dearly.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        The Labour Party has been a convenient vehicle for muslims – given their remarkably effective voting habits (ahem) muslims have in turn done the withering-on-the-vine Labour Party a favour. How else would a small metropolitan elite distainful of the working class remain a semi-mass party? But Labour should beware – this community is not at its heart sold on social democracy let alone Corbynite Marxism – too often the political career, particularly of local councilors, is simply seen as a route to unlock local business opportunities and to wrangle specific gains for their one community. The habit of political graft and of clan group is deeply ingrained – see Tower Hamlets. Or for some shocking examples of a different and more unpleasant kind one could now name several notorious northern towns. Labour should stear clear of appeasement of this community and stick with what it does best – acting as Trades Union for the public sector.


        • G.W.F. says:

          With the predicted demographic changes and moslems becoming a majority within 20 or so years – certainly in the cities – the moslem/labour party could be the party of the future.

          Unless… I do have some very humane suggestions for population control


  8. Al Shubtill says:

    Where on earth did the Tories find this wooden, Mike Yarwood lookalike d**k they’ve put on here tonight?


  9. AceFlyingPig says:

    Just when you think the left wing socialist scum can’t get anymore breathtakingly hypocritical. James nO’Brain on LBC turning all his normal right-on PCisms on their head to defend his mate Livingstone and his anti-semitic statements. Even stated that Netanyahu talked of Hitler and his Zionist policies so it should be alright for Livingstone to aswell. The galactically stupid no’Brain didn’t go on to elaborate on exactly what Netanyahu said. Which was that Hitler was persuaded by Arab Muslims not to resettle the Jews but exterminate them. Wonder why he missed that out ? Course we shouldn’t forget he is a world expert on Islam because he knows a few Muslims in London.

    On todays Daily Politics the little Guardianista Rachel Shabi said that the nasty right wing are using the term anti-semite to shut down debate … no mention of course of the nasty left wings use of Islamaphobia. Also went on to state that migration has caused no problems and repeated the lie that they are all net contributors. All our problems have been caused by nasty right wing austerity and we should stay in the EU. How on earth does a low circulation paper that is basically financially supported by BBC job advertising, without which it would go to the wall, manage to get so many of it’s journalists on TV ? ….. ah did I answer my own question ?


  10. oldartist says:

    I didn’t see the programme but I imagine Burnham was wriggling out of any accusations of anti-Semitism under the old excuse of anti-Zionism not being the same thing. Amazing how the very same people who were beside themselves at Trumps suggestion that Muslim immigration should temporarily halted would seek the destruction of an entire country because the inhabitants are Jews.


    • Grant says:


      They can wriggle like worms on a hook, but we all know where these Nazis are coming from !


  11. tarien says:

    Well played Jill Kirby, the only person on the panel alongside Paul Marshall that spoke some real sense against particularly the pathetic worblings of the Salmon. Worried however at how ignorant many of the audience were on the real immigration issues particular concerning the invasion from outside Europe.


  12. wronged says:

    BTW Running Total
    Remain 37
    Leave 22
    Undecided 2

    I am afraid my wife put me to bed early last night with a ‘hot toddy’ which did the the trick! Feeling better.
    I have now watched the programme. Did anyone notice how Dimbleby selected the three bleedin’ heart SWP Labour Save the world females sat next to each other. Predictably selected with foreknowledge of what they were going to say.

    Elephants in the room not mentioned last night, Labour Islam /anti-semites. Reason for barriers at football grounds Heysel and the hooligan problems prevalent at the time.

    Intentionally missed in my book. Predictable.


  13. Al Shubtill says:

    I especially liked Paul Marshall’s line – “It’s a win, win.” In response to Sluggy Salmon declaring that Britain’s leaving effected by a majority of English votes when (according to him) the Scots will all be voting to remain – would necessitate another referendum north of the border which, as a consequence of Brexit, would result in Scotland splitting from the U.K.

    Sluggy’s face was priceless after Marshall said it.


  14. Framer says:

    Hull was quite interesting in that the audience warmed up to become somewhat braver than usual on immigration and the female pro-immigration hysteric was not universally applauded. Yvette Cooper tried to guilt-trip everyone about ‘the children’* but it did not have the effect it had in the Commons.
    Salmond is pro-immigration because Scotland has been emptied of its people. No problem finding a solution there.
    One thing for sure, nobody on or near the BBC has yet said that Labour’s anti-semitism is almost entirely due to having a swathe of Moslem MPs and members.
    That remains unsayable in polite company so we are meant to think it grew simply out of a developing concern for the Palestinians or came in the mother’s milk of a few ultra-lefts.

    * For some reason we are meant to believe the incredible statistics peddled by Save the Children that 10,000 youngsters have gone ‘missing’ and are in the hands of an army of child molesters and pimps.


  15. Grant says:


    Can you piss off with the anti-scottish racism ? It is annoying me . I do not know how old you are. I guess about 14. But just grow up boy, or girl, or whatever you are. OK ? Get the message ????

    LOL !



    • Julio says:

      Why do you think it should matter to me whatever way you react to anything I say? And I’m no more of a racist than you are an Anglophobe. Probably much less in fact.


  16. chrisH says:

    Paul Marshall acquited himself very well-an honourable member from planet earth, who only showed how weird the likes of Burnham, Salmond and Clark are.
    Some freakish lady in the audience was able to shout and distort Marshalls answer re the “migrant crisis”, so she was clearly saying what the BBC like to have said-wonder who allowed THAT then?
    Jill Kirby was punchy and aggresive-we`re going to need her likes to get onto the telly more often, given how fragile and sappy most women can be when getting talked over by boorish blokes from the left.


  17. david01 says:

    For me the most telling point of the whole programme was when the Chairman, at the end in saying “goodnight” specifically thanked “all those who had travelled to Hull”. There were very few Hull accents on display so I think most of those bussed in were to add “balance” or to make the arguments ‘more refined ‘ for the BBC. Why does the BBC bother to indicate where the programme is recorded if the audience is not from that town?


    • Grant says:


      If you go on to the BBC website and look at the form you would need to fill in to be in the audience for QT it will tell you all you need to know. Bias ? What bias ?