Here’s an excellent take on the BBC’s coverage of the Hillsborough Inquest.

“Strange ‘bunch’ our old chums at the BBC. Having ignored South Yorkshire police’s many failings with regards to the Muslim paedophile grooming gangs in Rotherham, in the light of the Hillsborough inquest, they are now vilifying the force with something verging on glee.

For well over a decade, if you recall, South Yorks constabulary (and others) covered up the appalling sexual exploitation of some 1,500 under-age girls in and around the city of Rotherham.

As dereliction of duties go – leaving vulnerable girls to be sexually exploited by marauding gangs of Muslims – it takes some beating. Not according to the good old BBC. The astounding actions of South Yorkshire constabulary were quietly swept under the plush, BBC carpet. How strange.”

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  1. zero says:

    David Vance,

    “As dereliction of duties go – leaving vulnerable girls to be sexually exploited by marauding gangs of Muslims – it takes some beating. Not according to the good old BBC. The astounding actions of South Yorkshire constabulary were quietly swept under the plush, BBC carpet.”

    As usual, when ever anything happens which challenges your own misguided beliefs you attempt to change the subject so it’s about Muslims. Your obsession borders on the psychotic.

    As for “sweeping stuff under the carpet”, here you are, attempting to do just that;

    “it was indeed a terrible event and I feel sorry for all those bereaved families BUT the relentless MOPERY emanating from Liverpool and the BBC’s slavish coverage of it was over the top”

    You are just as guilty as those you criticise.

    Grow a backbone and apologise, David.


    • DickMart says:

      Nonsense! The comparison is entirely valid.

      The police were out of their depths and incompetent at Hillsborough and the subsequent cover-up was appalling. But were they alone to blame? Did not the fans and the club share in some of the responsibility?

      By comparison, the BBC’s lack of interest in the sexual abuse issue at Rotherham and elsewhere is astonishing, especially given their generally feminist stance and animus against the police. Their cover-up of this issue borders on collusion with the neglect of the authorities.

      It is far from “psychotic” to point this out. The apology should be yours for this disgraceful remark!


    • Guest Who says:

      Seven. Overnight. There’s a thing.


      • nigel tufnel says:

        Jerrod, Scott, Thaddeus, Kikuchiyo, Marvin, LDV and Zero (always ticks his own post).

        As soon as they return from the theatre they text each other to ensure support.


    • tarien says:

      Do agree with you, the relentless Mopery emanating from Liverpool/BBC obsequious coverage-was & is well over the top to the point of being disrespectful to that tradgic event 27 yrs ago. However the BBC and other media must stop crucifying the Police, as no doubt there are many young Police Officers today who were not born in 1989, but have to carrying out their current duties irrespective of what happened. They are undertaking a very tough job in this present world, and should be given as much support from of all of us as is possible-continued accusation for what happend 27 yrs ago will only further damage relations between the Public and the Police, it must stop now.


    • shelly says:

      My take on the o.p. is that it is about the South Yorkshire Police, and how one disgraceful cover up is reported, compared to another disgraceful cover up, by the tax payers broadcaster.


      • nofanofpoliticians says:

        Let’s not forget, and many commentators on this site haven’t, that there is a long history of issues where the South Yorkshire police have conspicuously failed in their duties. Many are mentioned on this thread.

        One, however, stands out above all others and that involves their collusion with the BBC in the Cliff Richard case. Now, I have no idea whether Cliff has a case to answer of not, but they should have been able to determine whether there is a case or not within 2 years, which is what it has taken up to now?

        As for the BBC, their behaviour in this case was utterly reprehensible.


  2. Edward says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the Hillsborough disaster was the fault of no one but football hooligans.

    And I make no apologies for saying that. It has been a sad week for justice. Political correctness has triumphed.

    BTW – I’m a Forest fan.


    • Edward says:

      Here’s the Wikipedia entry on Heysel Stadium disaster:


      • Oaknash says:

        David is entirely right regarding the now default double standards operated by the BBC.
        On the one hand we have people killed probably as a result of mismanagement of the situation and then a resultant cover up. Sorry but in my book thats a fair one and some heads should roll.

        However on the other hand we have thousands of girls and vulnerable young women (all mainly white) abused, by mainly muslim gangs. We also had the pleasure of finding out about how the authorities and the South Yorkshire police attempted to downplay the seriousness and magnitude of the crimes.

        We also had the pleasure of witnessing the BBC up to their normal tricks of muddying the waters with regard to the ethnicity/religion of the perpetrators in an attempt to minimize damage to their multiculti “playland”

        In a mature democracy open debate is needed to deal with serious problems. All of the above organisations did their best to prevent this.

        Zero – You obviously pride yourself on knowing a lot about a lot. However you obviously know very little about the serious long term effects of serious sexual abuse. The reverberations from this go on for a very long time (including suicide). So I think it is best for all concerned that you wind your neck in on this one. if for no other reason out of respect to those who have suffered over this.

        However I doubt you will as to you this is just another point scoring excercise.


        • Grant says:


          For Lefties, muslims have a free pass. They can do anything they want. Sexual abuse of thousands of girls is not important so long as Lefties can continue to kiss the muslim ass !


    • Maria Brewin says:

      Tend to agree.

      I do, however, think that action should be taken over any cover up. Can’t have that – anywhere.

      Having now watched the fairly extensive BBC (I think it was) footage of the build up outside the entrance, I can’t help thinking how do you police a crowd where so many are, to put it bluntly, barely civilised? I’m talking about the late arrivers and make no apology for describing them that way.

      A factor which, as far as I know, has not been mentioned is that the police were probably anxious to avoid sparking off a riot. It must have been a serious concern at the time, as Heysel demonstrated. As I said, there is probably no perfect solution to such a problem other than having more police than fans, at public expense.

      Now, this morning, I hear that retired policemen are being criticised for their views. As so often happens these days, there is only one acceptable opinion and everyone is expected to kowtow.

      The fact remains, it doesn’t happen at Twickenham, Wimbledon, The Oval, The Proms, Glastonbury, big State events.


      • tarien says:

        Absolutely agree with you Maria-the fact does indeed remain that what seems to have happened in the past and in some cases these days at Association Football Matches, doesn’t happen at those places you mention, so why at Football Matches? Perhaps to stop serving drink or allowing any such beverage being brought into the ground-mind you so many of the so called fans are well and truly inebriated even before they get into the stands. I recall my grandfather on occasions taking my cousin and I to football matches, without any bother, just general enthusiasm. Frankly I just don’t know how the football fans can afford the tickets these days apart from the travel & booze costs!


        • nofanofpoliticians says:

          I also agree with you Maria, but I’d also like to pick up on a comment made on one of the many BBC news/ analysis programmes, where it was stated without any hint of irony that there was a build up of about 20k supporters outside the Leppings Lane end that day.

          Now, I know my footie quite well, I and recall that at the time the Liverpool club were amongst the best supported and most successful clubs in history, probably the most successful.

          It wasn’t uncommon for their supporters to travel to games across Europe with no tickets, in fact it was regularly reported upon at the time.

          20,000 supporters outside the Leppings Lane end was a vast number, even the BBC say that at the time it only catered for 10,000.

          My maths isn’t great, but even I can work out that there were approximately 10,000 people there without tickets. Never questioned by the BBC on any of their programmes this week. Absolving the Liverpool of supporters of all blame doesn’t sound right to me.


          • zero says:


            20,000 supporters outside the Leppings Lane end was a vast number, even the BBC say that at the time it only catered for 10,000… My maths isn’t great, but even I can work out that there were approximately 10,000 people there without tickets.”

            With respect “nofanofpoliticians”, I have to tell you that you’ve got absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

            You are confusing the Leppings Lane end of the stadium with the Leppings Lane Terrace.

            Yes the Leppings Lane end is where you go if you have tickets for the “Leppings Lane Terrace”. But it’s also where you go if you have tickets for the “North Stand” (which has much greater capacity).

            There were 23 turnstiles at the Leppings Lane end;

            7 were for the Leppings Lane Terrace.

            16 were for other parts of the stadium.

            That’s why there was a such an enormous crowd waiting outside.

            See where you assumed wrong “nofanofpoliticians”? See how ignorant you are?

            The suggestion that 20,000 people were all desperately trying to force there way into the Leppings Lane Terrace AND that 10,000 (yes Ten Thousand) people turned up with out tickets would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.


          • Iain Muir says:

            Interesting wording in the BBC reference you provided:

            “Gone are the terraces where the Liverpool fans stood. Gone too are the metal fences around the terrace that contained the crowd and separated them from the pitch.”

            “Separated” – technically correct, but not to prevent the players invading the stand. Other way around, I think.


    • chrisH says:

      Funny how Forest won two European Cups at that time, yet were impeccable throughout in the showcase games.
      No Heysel-and whatever the name of the end of Hillsborough where the Forest fans were-well, it`s not entered folklore and myth quite like Leppings Lane has.
      After Heysel, poor old Everton missed out on entering European competition-as did other clubs.
      Will the compo hustlers at Lime Street set aside some of that compo to ensure that those who were banned from Europe 85-89 or so, get THEIR day in courts?
      If only Liverpool FC would discern those of us who genuinely feel upset at the catalogues of wrongs…from the grievance mongers who`d assail a Heseltine as much as a Kinnock…a Johnson as much as a McKenzie…and all so they can be typecast as a load of Degsys, Heffers and Sonias claiming whiplash on a bandwagon incident that none of us saw, or believed ever happened.
      A great , great city dragging itself into Aunties lap, and losing any self-respect or dignity in the process.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Is it really the job of an impartial national broadcaster to be ‘voicing anger’?


  4. Grant says:

    With the British Left-wing establishment, including the useless police, muslims get a free pass. They can preach hatred, rape girls and so on. There is one rule of law for them and another for the rest of us. Apartheid is alive and well in the UK !


  5. Old Geezer says:

    The South Yorkshire police took a leading role in breaking the miner’s strike. In the eyes of the Labour Party and it’s supporters, the South Yorkshire police must be attacked and demoralised as much as possible. The BBC will do it’s bit.


  6. AlexM says:

    In the BBC hierarchy of needs, Scouse whinging trumps community policing, hence SYP can be hammered for Hillsborough even if not for Rotherham.


  7. twitteryeanot says:

    Its the quiet diginity that the bereved familised showed throughout the 27 years that bring a lump to my throat. One would have never known this event had taken place.


  8. 60022Mallard says:

    Is this 2016 justice instead of 1989 justice?

    The jury consisted of mainly women. Any hazard a guess at whether any of them, male or female, ever attended a football match in the 1970s or 1980s?

    IIRC the increasingly civilsed behaviour of fans had been rewarded with putting them in to cages and the desperate desire of police to keep fans apart in grounds built to suit regular attenders.

    If this had been 1989 the case would have been judged by people at the time not in the someone must be to blame ambulance chasing culture of today where many may believe you go to a football match to have a prawn sandwich and watch it in comfort.

    It is hard to remember that wall to wall surveillance cameras, mobile phones and instant communication barely existed then.

    What we have seen is the forensic dissection with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight in full operation in the quiet of a “courtroom” of actions taken under pressure in real time. Anyone can be wise after the event.

    It is perhaps a bit like those who complain about the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 because “we” knew the war was going to end 3 months later.


    • Jump says:

      Nothing to do with the BBC’s bias, just picking up on a comment by 60022Mallard above.

      Nineteen days before the semi-final, Ch. Supt. Brian Mole, the experienced senior officer assigned to Hillsborough, was unexpectedly moved by the Chief Constable, Peter Wright. (An internal prank played by officers in Mole’s division had gone wrong.) In his stead was placed Ch. Supt. David Duckenfield. Duckenfield had never previously commanded police operations at Hillsborough. He hadn’t been on duty at the ground in the previous ten years. He still hadn’t visited the ground when he signed off the operational plan for policing the semi-final two days after taking over from Mole.

      By his own admission at the inquest, Duckenfield failed to study the paperwork relevant to the event, including SYP’s major incident procedure. He was unaware of the ground’s safety history. He failed to familiarise himself with the streets surrounding the ground, and any potential problems there might have been with controlling large numbers of supporters, drunken or otherwise. (After the event, the bins outside the Leppings Lane end were discovered to be about a third full, mainly of cans of pop, with a few beer bottles.) He failed to familiarise himself with the ground’s layout. He did not know the capacities of the different sections of the ground. He was even unaware of the Freeman policy (developed by another superintendent, John Freeman), of closing the tunnel leading to the central pens, and directing supporters towards the sides.

      On match days, Mole would be driven around Sheffield to monitor traffic flows. On the day in question, Duckenfield wasn’t. Closer to kick-off, Mole would patrol outside the ground. Duckenfield didn’t. Once he had arrived at the ground, at 2pm, Duckenfield stayed in the control room throughout. As a senior officer, he was entitled to police a big event in the way he saw fit. He just couldn’t see very far. And having taken the catastrophic decision to open the gate, he then started to lie to anyone who would listen about the cause of the crushing. Off-duty police officers who attended the match as Liverpool fans have been consistently contemptuous of the policing of the event.

      60022Mallard writes above: ‘. . . actions taken under pressure in real time. Anyone can be wise after the event.’ And some police officers, Brian Mole and John Freeman seemingly amongst them, could be wise before the event, too.


      • Kikuchiyo says:

        How dare you introduce some facts to this!!

        They were drunk, that’s what caused it. (I dont want to hear about there being no evidence for that, or about all the evidence that this was invented as a lie by those who wished to deflect from their own responsibility, or how they tested the blood alcohol levels of children to try to prove it….nah, it’s all a conspiracy to attack Thatcher.)


  9. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    Thankfully I have been away from home for a couple of days and beyond the reach of bBBC Radio Merseyside. But even now, two days on, bBBC Radio Merseyside is wall-to-wall Scouse whingeing about Hillsborough. Some have urged that they should ‘move on’ and they are indeed moving on, from a campaign for ‘justice’ to a campaign for revenge, against anyone except the 3,000 Liverpool supporters who pushed the 96 to their deaths.


  10. chrisH says:

    Justin Webb began his Toady spot after the 8am news with “today is not a good day to be a policeman in S.Yorkshire”.
    As if the bobbies doing the rounds there were somehow implicated or involved in whatever happened in 1989.
    And as if it had been a good day when Muslim blokes were rampaging round the childrens homes of Sheffield and Rotherham, Barnsley-as the BBC said nothing, the Council did nothing and the police looked the other way and would have checked on UKIP foster carers instead.
    And was it a good day when two boys in council care nearly killed a younger boy whilst he played in 2009, as social services covered up the deed?
    Funny what the BBC define as a good or a bad incident…if it backs Labour or Islam, it`ll be tolerated-if it backs UKIP or the army/police-it`ll forever be gnawed at until the whole edifice collapses,whilst the BBC barbarians prance round the fires…


  11. Dave666 says:
    Is it me or did the BBc omit £19m. There was a story on MSN but I cant see it now maybe it was the comments being made.


  12. Philip_2 says:

    ‘Disgraces police chief may never face action’ (as front headline to The Times Yesterday) had links to the BBC. The chief constable (David Crompton) of South Yorkshire has been suspended following a series of blunders, the most notable was his judgement that led to the (1989) Hillsborough disaster in Liverpool where he was directly responsible for a match where 96 fans died, crushed to death in an avoidable ‘stampede’ which Compton blamed on the fans being ‘drunk’. (This was easily disproved by the CCTV video evidence). The Times reports; ‘During his time in charge of South Yorkshire the force has been condemned for it’s stance on the Hillsborough inquests (denying any culpability) and it’s failure to tackle the organised sexual abuse of children in Rotherham’. Compton was also part of the Police (acting on suggestion made by the BBC itself) with a massed Police force invasion of Sir Cliff Richard property in 2014 (in connection with alleged child abuse which evidence of was never found). There was never any evidence against Sir Cliff, but the BBC and Yorkshire Police could act together in ‘unison’. When they chose to, that is in itself is ‘how the BBC works’.

    Not for the fact there was however a mountain of evidence of sexual abuse in Rochdale which was only uncovered by a brave lady who refused to be brow beaten by (1) Rochdale Council (who stole the evidence from her Social service department looking at local child abuse) (2) South Yorkshire Police who refused to investigate allegations against local (Islamic) Pakistanis. The missing evidence (denied by Compton force as ever ‘existing’ and later denied by the local Council was only investigated (again) by The Times. The BBC quick to launch an attack on Sir Cliff Richard never reported any abuses in Rochdale (or anywhere else) for that matter..

    Andy Burnham told MP’s ‘…the force had consistently put protecting itself above protecting people harmed by Hillsborough’…’millions of pounds of public money were spent re-telling discredited lies against Liverpool supporters’. Chief constable Compton and his deputy (reported only this morning) has also ‘retired’. There are calls to disband the South Yorkshire Police. The BBC deny that they had any local knowledge of the sexual abuses at Rochdale – so could not report it at the time. South Yorkshire Council has since all resigned (not you will note: voluntarily) with no CPS prosecutions. The Chief Constable (Compton) will also retire with full Police pension entitlements. The BBC are not going to apologise for their clear links to the local Yorkshire Police Chief, or the head of Yorkshire Council, or the ‘goings on’ by the late Cyril Smith which only became ‘newsworthy’ for the BBC to report.. When the Guardian did finally report it – so did the BBC but in a lot less detail and avoided mentioning ‘race’, ‘nationality’ or ‘Islam’ to make it less clear who the abusers were..


    TIMES Link:




  13. Kikuchiyo says:

    ‘millions of pounds of public money were spent re-telling discredited lies against Liverpool supporters’

    They should’ve just got in touch with BiasedBBC. They’d do it for free.


  14. Kikuchiyo says:

    ‘millions of pounds of public money were spent re-telling discredited lies against Liverpool supporters’

    They should’ve just got in touch with BiasedBBC. They’d do it for free.