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Why is the BBC not ‘fact checking’ the claims about Whittingdale from the likes of Byline and Hacked Off, and let’s not forget Private Eye of course?  Why are they not checking on the motivations of Byline and Hacked Off and if there are any connections between them? Or indeed asking what the BBC itself knew in 2014.

Judging by some fact checking by others it would seem there is more than a whiff of smoke and mirrors about this whole story…a left wing driven witch-hunt that is little more than a dishonest attempt to mislead people about what really went on in order to attempt to pressurise and influence the government’s decision on Press regualtion.

Here are two articles which look closely at the motives and funding of the people behind the story…needless to say the subjects of these stories and their supporters and fellow travellers aren’t happy…and there will be more in the Sunday Times apparently.

From the Mail:

How orgy-loving Max Mosley is using his millions to seek vengeance on the Press: Behind this week’s plot to smear the Culture Secretary lies a tale of Left-wing zealots, a tinpot ‘watchdog’ (given £3m of YOUR cash) and a tycoon trying to muzzle those who exposed his sordid lifestyle

And from Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph:

The truth about John Whittingdale, the prostitute and the ‘cover-up’

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One Response to One for Panorama

  1. Framer says:

    The BBC must have been in an exquisite dilemma.
    Should they expose a wicked Tory who as Culture Secretary was actually giving them some attractive promises on the licence fee, or sit on the material they were gathering in
    They decided to sit tight until Mr Whittingdale came out as a Brexiteer, at which point the Beeb could no longer contain itself.
    Hopefully his successor will be sterner with the squandering in Broadcasting House.