Labour’s anti-Semitism problem….Not a problem for the BBC



The BBC seems entirely unconcerned, and indeed seems to want to hide, Labour’s problems with anti-Semitism and other extremist beliefs.

Last week the BBC ignored a very high profile comment from Cameron on PMQs denouncing Labour for allowing Gerry Downing back into the Party but this week as the storm builds they have had to report a similar instance of someone with very dubious views being, not only allowed back into the Party, but placed in a senior position after she Tweeted that ISIS should attack Israel amongst other nasties.  The trouble is you have to look fairly hard to find the report of that and the one about yet another investigation into Labour related anti-Semitism… buried as they are on the ‘Politics’ page.

Corbyn has many links with various dodgy Islamists, as does Labour’s London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, Livingstone also has such links and is known to make unpleasant remarks to Jewish reporters, McDonnell is a fan of the IRA and Shameless Milne….well let’s not go there.

Any news organisation worth its salt would be tearing Corbyn’s Labour Party apart….the BBC would certainly be putting the Tories on the rack if there were people with similar views about Muslims as Labour Party members have about Jews….it would be front page news for days, if not weeks, with freedom of information ‘scoops’ and leaks of more horrors being reported with relish.

Not so with the Labour Party and the Jews…..why not?   Does the BBC have a ‘secret’ liking for Labour and a dislike of the Israelis?

Just what could be the reason for the lack of interest?





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31 Responses to Labour’s anti-Semitism problem….Not a problem for the BBC

  1. Thoughtful says:

    I don’t think you’ve realised just how widespread these anti semitic views have become on the left, and not just the Labour party. With the BBC being firmly on the left themselves it’s more than likely that they share these same views, which just happen to co-incide with their Islamophilia.

    “A large proportion of both OULC and the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews”, he said.

    Last night, a statement from the Oxford University Jewish Society began to circulate on social media, claiming to give an insight into how this problem with Jews was actually manifesting itself.
    According to the statement, senior members of the Labour club liked to regale listeners with a song called “Rockets over Tel Aviv” and endorse Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians. They were in the habit of casually referring to Jewish students as “Zio”. They repeated tropes about the “Zionist lobby” and “high net worth Jewish individuals”. They stated all Jews should be required to denounce Zionism and the state of Israel, and that those who refused to do so should be shunned. And they had arranged for a group of students to harass a Jewish student and shout “filthy Zionist” at her.


    • john in cheshire says:

      It’s about time out Universities started to expel some of the collectivist agitators, if only to clarify the mind of their brainless followers that actions have consequences. Of course the same should apply to the bbc, starting with their Middle East correspondents.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    This is recent, and its similarity with what went before is absolutely shocking


    • Deborah says:

      I do wish there was an alternative to the ‘like’ button on this site. I am pleased that it is highlighted, but do not ‘like’ what the poster has to tell us is happening.


      • Demon says:

        It could be “Thanks” for pointing something out or finding it. I too have a problem “liking” something as Thoughtful produced above. Howver, I still click on like for I appreciate her trouble in finding it and linking it.


    • Demon says:

      Thoughtful, where did you find that piece of filth? Was it on a left-wing website?


      • deegee says:

        That particular image has been around (and viral) since at least 2008. The theme of Israel represented by an ultra-orthodox (Hassidic) man is common in Arabic cartoons. Yaacov Kirschen in Secret Codes Hidden War has examples going back to the Nazi period.

        Ironically Jews who look like this rarely serve in the IDF.


        • john in cheshire says:

          Ironically Israelis in general are handsome men and beautiful women. On the other hand islam does seem to procreate ugly people, which is probably why ugly collectivists are drawn to them.


  3. oldartist says:

    Twice recently I have been shocked to hear casual anti-Semitic comments from people in everyday speech. I haven’t heard anything like this for decades. It would seem that anti-Semites are coming out of the closet all over the place, not just on university campuses. The BBC with it’s deliberately anti-Israel bias and dishonest reporting of the Palestinian conflict has to bear some responsibility for this.


    • Anat T. says:

      The BBC bears a massive amount of responsibility, much of which is documented by HonestReporting and others. It may well amount to aiding and abetting murderous terrorists, and will serve well when the Beeb meet their Nuremberg, which they will, eventually.


  4. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Well, Downing was interviewed and destroyed by @afneil on his politics show over’t weekend.
    Listening to Downing was truly frightening. His twisted world view was torn to shreds by Brillo.
    And indeed, while JoCo defended Sadiq’s links to Babar Amar, at least a platform was given to a single person ( name and organisation escapes me…help ? ) to rubbish Support for a convicted terrorist.


  5. Kikuchiyo says:

    A politics story ‘buried’ on the Politics page. Mmmm.

    Also discussed on Sunday Politics. Nevermind.


    • Guest Who says:

      What is on the Home Page of the BBC:

      “Ice Cream Vans limited to 15min wait by council”


      “Coffee Pods enter inflation basket”


      “Out Vote ‘could’ (only no BBC quotes) harm NATO – US guy whose career depends on Obama

      And then, waaaaaay down the bottom:

      “Labour MPs demand action over activist”

      Seems the BBC doesn’t mind very much at all, and only enough to pacify some Labour MPs.

      Thanks for highlighting this.


  6. NCBBC says:

    BBC would certainly be putting the Tories on the rack if there were people with similar views about Muslims as Labour Party members have about Jews….

    There is no equivalence, as Jews are not suicide bombing Britain, or planning to do so, and Jews are not guilty of brutally and systematically raping tens of thousands of young girls.


  7. Aerfen says:

    Why would the BBC, where Jewish people are heavily over represented, be ‘anti Semitic’ or even ‘anti Israel’?
    It doesnt make sense.
    What they are is pro Labour and pro Muslim.


    • GCooper says:

      Sadly, self-hating Jews are a well attested phenomenon on the Left. It has been observed and commented on for decades.


      • Destroy-Deny-Degrade-Disrupt says:

        Aye, Howard Jacobson’s ‘The Finkler Question’ tackles that mindset in depth, GC.

        But still, I’m like Aerfen – it doesn’t make sense to me.


    • embolden says:

      Not all Jews are pro Israel, indeed not all Israeli Jews are pro Israel….
      …at least, they aren`t pro status quo Israel. There is a strand of post modern, post Zionist, post nationalist thinkers or whatever they call themselves who hold that Israel should not be a Jewish state at all. They want to share power with their Arab brothers and sisters and teach the world to sing in perfect harmoneee. They are the equivalents of the people who during the Holocaust co-operated with their oppressors…they couldn`t believe what their oppressors were capable of….until it was too late.

      They are usually Middle Class Leftists and Liberals, who like their counterparts in Britain, America and in the West generally have internalised ideas about guilt and shame for not being victims and underdogs…people who they idealise and long to be.

      They are the permanent rebels whose cause is really their own personal issues with their parents and their desire to rebel against them. They are dangerous, because they generally are not averse to using their middle class privileges to get to college, university, high value jobs in media, business, politics or public service but who then turn into social justice warriors and wreckers of the very society that has advantaged them. This is a particularly bizarre form of craziness.


      • Aerfen says:

        “whatever they call themselves who hold that Israel should not be a Jewish state at all. They want to share power with their Arab brothers and sisters and teach the world to sing in perfect harmoneee.”

        That I can believe, they have long advocated that Britain shouldn’t be an ethnic British state at all but should share power with any carpet bagger who wants to live here, so it does make for philosophical consistency to hold the same attitude towards Israel, they’re a ‘mongrel nation’, what is ‘Jewish’ (?), we’re all ‘just humans’, they will be ‘enriched’ by Arab culture. Surely better and more honest for lefties, Jewish and non Jewish alike, to hold such a universalist view than to advocate multikulti for Europe but ethnic purity for Israel?


        • embolden says:

          “The Jews” are not a monolith…there are many varied beliefs and political convictions held by Jews both inside and outside Israel.

          Some Jews are indeed anti nationalist…but I`d be surprised to meet Zionist Jews who have opinions against other nationalisms, so long as those nationalisms don`t currently include anti semitism and Jew hatred in their “to do” lists.

          Leftists, especially Marxist ones, hold that nationalism in all its forms is a tool of international capital against the international working class, used to divide and rule, others like multiculturalism because they are naive about human nature or actually wish chaos on nation states to bring about chaos as a precursor to revolution. There is at least a hint of some of this thinking in some of the BBC globalist discourse on Israel and Zionism.

          My own view, for what it`s worth, is that Jews have the right to their homeland and their diaspora the same as the rest of us, and that the Israeli state was party to a de facto population exchange in which, broadly speaking, Jews were ejected from the Arab states of the Middle East to take up residence in Israel whilst some Arabs stayed in Israel and were granted citizen rights whilst other Arabs left to live in neighbouring Arab states….where they often weren`t granted citizen rights and became the Palestinians.


      • GCooper says:

        Exactly, which is why the sagacious Janet Daley has dubbed it an auto-immune disease, one where the organism attacks and destroys itself.


      • 60022Mallard says:

        Not many years ago our “friends” at the BBC were reporting on the forced removal of Jewish people from Gaza such that an autonomous “Palestinian” area could be set up.

        What a wonderful opportunity for the “Palestinians” to demonstrate that they could run their own affairs and live peacefully with Israel.

        I do not need to continue with the story, do I?

        Any Israeli who has seen what happened in Gaza and still believes in the ability of the “Palestinians” to live peacefully must need their head examining.

        For any great Palestinian sympathiser who may look at this web-site can you tell me when the next free and fair elections will be in Gaza such that should the “ordinary Palestinian” in the street, who is tired of constant strife, can elect a “government” committed to that. Or will those with the guns continue to decide their fate?


    • Daisy93 says:

      Reply to Aerfen. AHHHHH! well my theory is that Jews working at the BBC, don’t like being Jews and hate the idea of the existence of Israel, and want to distance themselves from being Jewish, and Israel, and persuade other people including other Jews, to hate Israel. Hence the topics on the Beeb website, nearly all negative of Israel, and the negative tone.
      Also, some of them may have a Jewish father and a non Jewish mother, and therefore religiously, are not Jewish. This can be quite difficult for them, not surprisingly, and they become altogether annoyed with Jews, Judaism, and by association, where it all began, Israel.
      It’s matriarchal lineage whereas of course, Moslems have patriarchal lineage, you are Moslem if your father is Moslem.


  8. chrisH says:

    Neither Labour nor the BBC-and indeed the liberal left elite in general-would fail to see that they had a “problem” with anti-Semitism.
    From the days of my Thatcher hating marches against-racism, rock, Muzarewa, Botha, name it-we always had a few shady dusky chaps with PLO flags to march alongside.
    Kept to themselves…but were obviously in solidarity with our aim to see Reagan fall, get Yasser Arafat into the UN…and they never asked for any of OUR causes to be explained.
    Forward thirty plus years-and this demographic, this grievance segment is on the rise-and inevitably so-and there`ll be no Jews who`d dare to march as they`d have done back when the left saw Israel as the land of the kibbutzim, and so socialist.
    Not enough Jews to walk alongside-and they`d be vilified if they ever did-so Labour wants Anjems vote nowadays.
    As someone said-we sacrificed six million Jews to the gas chambers etc-but compensated with over twenty million Muslims who don`t need to be told where those gas chambers were located…but apparently DO need to be told not to wank in swimming pools, not to grope little boys down their speedos.
    No-there is no problem with anti-Semitism as far as the evil left and their fellow Kinder Transporters are concerned…there IS a Jewish problem in that they prevent Islam from running rampant over in the Middle East.
    So Labour hopes to remove the problem, McDonnell and Corbyn are just the hummous scummers to try and do that.


  9. embolden says:

    The case of Vicki Kirbys (Woking Labour Party) suspension from/reinstatement to the party was mentioned on BBC radio 4 news at 1800 tonight.

    It was reported that the comrade leader had addressed a party meeting and had “condemned anti-semitism and “islamophobia””……well done Jezza, gotta think of the new core vote eh?


  10. Thoughtful says:

    I was struck by the number of times the report qualified the remarks, suchabody said, or accused, etc etc. Never once did the report say Labour had a problem, just that other people claimed it did.
    Although the example of the re-suspended Fascist and what she had said was reported, there was no other mention of facts. There was an allusion to other issues but that’s all it was, and by and large all presented as hearsay, and other peoples opinions which the BBC probably didn’t share.