Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Llanelli. On the panel are Ukip Euro MP Nigel Farage (barring any further road based mishaps) and Welsh Conservative Secretary Stephen Crabb. For the first time, three comedians will be on the panel. They are Romesh Ranganathan, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, and Welsh Labour first minister Carwyn Jones AM.

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 22.35

Chat here, register here if necessary.

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50 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Number 7 says:

    I applied – Haven’t heard a thing back!


    • taffman says:

      This should be interesting?
      That town has been a Labour stronghold for years, but now has a reputation for having a large number of Polish migrants. it will be interesting to see if Nigel Farage gets a fair crack of the whip. Note the placement of the coloured comedian . Is this deliberate ?


      • wronged says:

        Of course Farage won’t get a fair crack of the whip, not with lefty Dimbledore in the chair.
        On another point is the word coloured allowed these days or should we say a person of colour. I find it all so confusing.

        I quite like the normal Welsh accent, they pronounce every English word better than the English.

        But, I cannot stand the very slow Welsh valley accent spoken by Leanne Wood. It’s bad enough that she talks a load of tripe let alone sounding like an old record player that should be playing at 45 rpm but is in fact only playing at 33 rpm.


        • G.W.F. says:

          It seems that persons of colour is the OK expression for the PC folk. But worth noting are some very sensible black voices who describe themselves as Conservatives of Color. They often appear on the social media alongside the Black Tea Patriots, and are currently backing Trump.
          So we can look forward to BBC interviews with them. (Incidentally, they blasted Beyonce for her trashy performance at the Superbowl.)


          • chrisH says:

            Good link sir.
            “Truth Transcends Colour” is a great line.
            Truth transcends identity confecting, grievance seeking , shit stirring, segmentation into race shakedown, muslim munching, feminazi floating scum ciphers for lefty liberal perpetual privilege would be MY version!
            But Derricks suits him better-and mine won`t fit on a car bumper sticker…maybe on Camillas gastric band when she`s done with it?…so hands off glider club fregans eh?


        • wronged says:

          For example, Leanne Wood makes the single one word syllable of Wales into two syllables, it sounds like Way Ells.
          Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

          It just grates on me.


          • chrisH says:

            Leanne Wood has got to be Ivor Woods idiot hairdressing stepspawn from Conwy College of Nail Bar Faculty and Study Buddy Stuff.
            An utter airhead that you could see Natalie Bennett through when her ears are aligned on a camera side view.
            No wonder everybody wanted to stand next to her-even shouty Natalie in her tweed suit and best Docs made more sense to us than the Welsh Robot.
            My top ten Welsh wizard women
            1. Cerys Matthews-what a sad decline for a feisty gal though
            2. Ruth Madoc(Hi Di Hi)
            3. Bonnie Tyler
            4.Ruth Jones(again, the BBC liberals have removed her pluck and turned her into a fey fop)
            5. Charlotte Church( addled way back, groomed by the luvvies, a tragic case of a good kid gone wrong)
            6.Shirley Bassey
            7.Di Steam( Ivor the Engine)
            8. Glenys Kinnock(poor sod had to pick him out of the shingle in Brighton, she`d be higher up the list had she took his water wings away and let him float out to sea on his puffery
            9. Delilah Jones( first honour killing inn the valleys, Tom could do no other!)
            10. Robbie Savages mum.
            As you can see, i`m a bit stuck for Great Welsh women….but any one of them has more brain, more point than Leanne Dross( a Eurovision pun for the older funsters here!).
            Any Welsh Woman out there we know who hates the BBC is free to enter next years Miss Mirther Titful Competition…”lovely girls” all, I`m sure!



            • Steve Jones says:


              Should have known better than to eat whilst reading one of your posts. Nearly choked when I got to No 9 above; pure genius.
              Should Catherine Zeta Jones be in the list or does the fact she got the first available boat out exclude her?


              • chrisH says:

                Most kind Steve.
                Yep, I`d not thought of her…know very little of her…but it`s that “Zeta” that bothers me.
                Bit Greek that maybe?
                I`d put her up for “Carer of the Year” award maybe!

                Trying to think up 11 English fops that ruined Britain…Tim Rice, Sylvest McCoy, Timmy Mallett types- basically Johns Majors Special Needs cricket team…Davidson, Andrews and Everett…THAT kind of cricket-jumpered fop…Catherine might have stuck around had she not thought we were ALL Biggins or Parsons over the other side of the Severn.


                • Banania says:

                  I think Zeta was the name of a Cuban cargo ship engaged in the copper trade with Swansea.


                • joeadamsmith says:

                  Catherine Jenkins – Beautiful, beautiful voice…. And supports British Forces – has performed in Afghanistan and Iraq, both during conflict times. And not made a meal of it.


          • logiebored says:

            She makes that godawful bint on The One Show sound articulate, or should that be aah tick oo lutt


        • cockneyboy says:

          Wronged – Yes I know the feeling- you just want her to say what’s she’s got to say, get a move on and shut up!


          • Number 7 says:

            “get a move on and shut up! ”

            Or, perhaps, take up sheep farming and shut the flock up.



      • chrisH says:

        “Comedian”?…er, not very funny, just the occasional reference to whitey and stereotypes from the race industrys playbook.
        Bit like an Asian Brigstocke…but funnier than Lenworth, Danny Bhoy, that Iranian gal and the hideously unfunny Stephen K Amos…the ph7 of all comedy along with Ted Rodgers and Lenny and Gerry.
        Maybe funnier than poor old Reginald D Hunter-who`s been here too long-but not as brave.
        Did see Goodness Gracious me-and clearly so has Romesh.
        Only hope the corrupt uselessness of the BBC and its terrors of letting us leave the EU gets an airing….after that Calais clip we saw-it`s essential that we scuttle the whole f***in lot of em who back such filth at out doorstep.
        Might be good to leave the EU and get Calaisians to ask if they want to be British again…do miss my Eurobooze trips. It would make a good Industrial park until we hose the place down and give them UK passports-and ensure we check the Somali baggage that awaits us if we choose to stay in out of indifference.


        • twitteryeanot says:

          Reginald D Hunter is a genius. How anyone can call themselves a Comedian, be introduced as a comedian, and keep a straight face whilst talking utter bollocks, utter unfunny bollocks at that is truly a genius even for an American comedian who are as unfunny as they come.


          • Tothepoint says:

            About as funny as toothache or a torn banjo is Reg.


          • logiebored says:

            The yanks recognise lack of talent, which is why he’s over here, and Brucie was sent back, after they failed to appreciate his I can’t sing and dance routine.


    • Dazed and Confused says:

      I assume you’re not a member of the SWP then…


  2. Richard Pinder says:

    I wonder it Farage would bring this up on Question Time.

    The BBC Trust has lost confidence and credibility and should be abolished. However, the problem that the Trust was intended to solve remains (such as the BBC‘s Censorship policy for Climate science, scientists, scientific debate)
    The BBC’s Board needs to be reformed as a unitary board and strengthened, with the addition of an independent Chair
    It awaits the results of the Clementi review, but in its judgement wider accountability should be the task of a separate section of Ofcom
    A new complaints procedure would see all complaints handled initially by the BBC itself, with both industry and editorial issues subsequently escalated to Ofcom. (But the Capita office in Belfast that deals with complaints under an audience services contract with the BBC is now thought to lapse on 31st March 2019).

    The BBC frequently feels itself under attack, and its default response is to be overly defensive. Professor Stuart Purvis agreed, noting that one programme he knew of had been subject to a major re-edit because of a single complaint, because it fell during a Charter Review process. He also noted that the BBC would not admit to fault quickly when a complaint was made to him as content regulator at Ofcom. This was not because the BBC’s managers did not know that they had been wrong, but because they were advised by lawyers not to admit it. He described the BBC as a “fearful organisation.”. Another example of overly defensive reactions to criticism is provided by a more recent incident, when it was revealed in July 2015 that a letter written in defence of the BBC and signed among others by leading actors was not a spontaneous expression of their concern, but had been orchestrated by a senior BBC manager, Mr Danny Cohen, then the Director of Television, and Ben Cooper, controller of Radio 1. The BBC’s response to this revelation was first to deny the involvement of BBC management; and when this was found to be untrue, to claim that their involvement fell within its editorial guidelines and refuse a request from this Committee to investigate what had happened or contemplate any disciplinary process. The BBC’s website ran, and continues to run, the story as an independent piece of news, without any disclosure in it of the BBC’s own coordinating role. Mr Cohen tweeted thanks to some who had signed the letter, as though they had acted independently and without acknowledging his own role in the process. Even after a public newspaper investigation and questions from this Committee revealed the truth, the BBC did not put out an online clarification to this story. The Director General argued that this was simply a case of BBC staff speaking up on behalf of the BBC, when it clearly was not. The Chair of the BBC Trust refused to accept that the BBC had been in any way at fault on this issue.


  3. Steve Jones says:

    Let me make an, admittedly, easy prediction. Nigel Farage will be the only person saying anything remotely sensible this evening about immigration, Brexit etc. He will be met largely with silence or hostility. On occasion he will be applauded when even the ‘very carefully’ selected audience has to admit he is right. On the other hand, the fragrant but infantile Leanne will be cheered to the rafters before during and after every inane and simplistic statement she makes.
    I stand by to be proved wrong and hope that I am.


    • The Lord says:

      The last couple of times Nigel has been on, I’ve noticed a change. Audiences are starting to actually listen and appreciate what he’s saying. Loved the one where Brian May was determined to dislike him but ended up ‘eating out of his hand’.
      My prediction; Leanne Wood will wail that they’re all hunan beings. 😉


  4. G.W.F. says:

    It should be quite easy to bus a load of immigrant supporting Londoners down the M4 to Llanelli. Watch out for the camera panning on the head scarfs.


    • Tothepoint says:

      And Dim-bull-shite ‘randomly’ picking out Al Beeb stooges to propagate the ‘message’. It makes TOWIE look real! I’m surprised they are not waving their Al Beeb badges to get ol’ Dims attention


  5. popeye says:

    To counteract the inevitable pro-EU bias I have just donated £20 (crowd funding) from my pension to WAG TV to produce “Brexit – The Movie”. I doubt whether it will be seen on the BBC. Though it’s an independent production company the Beeb only buys in from those set up by ex-BBC types as tax dodges. Google it and join me to balance the argument


  6. Tabs says:

    Three comedians will be on the panel? I can only see two, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, and Welsh Labour first minister Carwyn Jones AM.


    • cockneyboy says:

      No these are just ‘straight men’ simply there to make the guest comedian look funny.


  7. G.W.F. says:

    You can watch Leanne doing her dance here. Maybe she will offer to dance with Nigel, instead of calling him a racist, which is about her limit.
    I think she would dance better if she dropped the Diane Abbot diet. Got rather a large bum see.


  8. Julio says:

    Note: kick off time is 22:45 not 22:35


  9. ID says:

    A Welsh youth said “Everyone, except the comedian, should hand back their pay”.
    As far as I could make out there were four clowns and Nigel Farage.
    Roll on BREXIT.


  10. Glen says:

    I thought Leanne Wood was the biggest problem the Welsh had until I saw carwyn jones, the man is an utter embarrassment, his “I give my wage rise to charity…didn’t want to mention it, but” comment was a better comedy line than any line the bbc funded unfunny twat could muster.

    Then came Wood’s “food banks” garbage, does she not realize that the food bank scaremongering tactic (you know, the tactic that only UKIP know how to use) was proven useless when the tories wiped the floor with the liberals at the last GE, I’ve still not seen a food bank or met a person who has visited one out of desperation, and I know I should have seeing as every bbc report on the banks was full of white middle/working class people who were desperate for a tin of beans to survive the nasty tory cuts…not a mention of 13 years of liebour disaster though!

    Once again Nigel is the only one who spoke sense and answered every question directly, the poor tory knob was left to try and gain some support by having a pop at Farage, pathetic. Every time immigration was mentioned you could see that the panel were just dying to scream…ADOLF!! at Farage. Just another Thursday when my TV nearly went out of the window.


  11. Mr.Golightly says:

    That was too easy for Nigel. UKIP have put together a good run of appearances on QT recently. Reckless impressed at the end of last year, followed by O’Flynn and Nuttall more recently. Dimbleby can interrupt all he likes, but the message keeps getting through, and tonight I thought the audience were positive towards Brexit and Farage. I’m sorry to say (to Welsh friends here) that the Welsh component seemed rather poor. Is there a Nigel Dodds or even a Sturgeon or Salmond in Welsh politics today? It seems not. And what’s with Leanne’s beehive? She had the same 60’s office secretary look for the general election. Perhaps best not to mention Romesh, other than to say that beard does not suit him.

    All in all a very poor QT, apart from Farage’s usual coherent and compelling appearance. As for Crabbe, I had seen him on PMQs and had thought him to be their front bench bruiser. Not so seemingly. Rather ineffective I thought, rather like Amber Rudd last week. Meanwhile, the momentum towards a majority Leave vote continues.


  12. taffman says:

    Carwyn needs to wise up on immigration = the need for more hospitals , houses, schools, doctors, teachers, police etc etc .

    He also said that we can’t control our border because of Ireland ?
    This would mean we would have a control point on the NI border and another natural border the Irish Sea.

    With the build up of ‘illegals’ in Southern Ireland , I am pretty sure that the Irish would soon act.
    Vote out to get out of the EU.


    • wronged says:

      Well,well,well we have a genuine RADA prospective Oscar winning martyr in Carwyn Jones. ‘I give my money to charity’.Sob,sob,sob look at me I’m a nice person see. What a pretentious idiot. I’d rather someone in his position was paid more but did a better job.
      So the Welsh First Minister bases his argument upon the fact that ‘we currently have a strong pound which justifies the uneconomic cost of steel.’
      As Farage quite correctly pointed out the pound has plummeted.
      Just how did he get his job?


      • Beltane says:

        Too much to hope, I know, but if only Dimmly had stepped in earlier, when Carwyn Jones was doing his best to shout Nigel Farage down, NF might have been able to make one of the most telling points of the night – but perhaps DD knew that.
        Jones has all the bullying, hectoring, vainglorious bluster of Nye Bevan, without a trace of his charisma.


        • ID says:

          Carwyn is just the latest in a long line of Welsh windbags. What they say has absolutely no information content whatsoever. At least “old time” communists/socialists were parroting Marx, whose ideas could be formulated and refuted. If you replaced Carwyn with an inflated pig’s bladder with a slow leak you would have more intellectual output. “We are all human beings” or “phrrrrrrrtt” which release of gas tells us more? Like Kinnock, the only place for Jones is some European sinecure when the ability to chant meaningless mantras without embarrasment is all thar counts. Wir schaffen das, Wir schaffen das. …… ad inf.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            An utter, utter idiot. He has blue eyes, so his family must have come from the Caspian Sea, and Welsh is derived from Sanskrit. We are all immigrants, from the person whose family came to Britain 10,000 years ago, to the Somali knife merchant trying to get on the back of a lorry in Calais. We are all the same, let them all in. What a useless lump of lard.


          • cockneyboy says:

            He also come up with (what is becoming an old chestnut with the Lefty/Liberal Luvees) we are all descended from immigrants argument. In his case he mentioned that his ancestry derived from somewhere in South West Europe. So the Celts migrated to the British Isles thousands of years ago. What the f**k has this got to do with a fast rising population causing demands on the NHS, housing, schooling, roads, police etc. A favourite trick of people like him is to turn legitimate concern (70-80% of the polled population) into an issue of racism in an attempt to divert attention away from the real issues.
            He is obviously not alone and supported by sheepish morons who believe this, however in his case and others like him in power there are ulterior motives i.e. serving his European and global masters
            ensuring a well paid and wonderful career leading to a secure position in a cosy European job in his twilight years (F**k the rest of us)
            Ranganathan also tried to steer the issue into a racist context by complaining that immigrants are blamed for every problem (trying to move it onto a Hitler/Jews perspective) however Nigel finally got him to admit that we need controlled immigration. I wonder if he got his fee from the BBC afterwards!


            • Aerfen says:

              “Nigel finally got him to admit that we need controlled immigration. I wonder if he got his fee from the BBC afterwards!”

              Yres even the pro mass immigrationists have back peddled from open borders, however what is terrifying still is the scale of immigration they consider acceptable – basically pile in as many as the country can tolerate without riots


  13. Aerfen says:

    The stupid thing about this argument is that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is an immigrant, other than those who have lived in east Africa since the dawn of time, if one is to go back to early humanity.

    It follows that if this is used as a justification for immigration (no ethnic group ‘owns’ a homeland) then the logic is that there should be totally open borders. I wish someone had challenged him on this. Is he actually in favour of open borders ?

    What they choose to ignore is that the defintion of an ethnic group does not require us to go back to the dawn of humanity or even any fixed point in time, it is simply a group with a homeland, identity, culture, language and period of endogamy of its own. This the ethnic British people certainly have, though not the ‘four nations’ of the UK, since the native people of our islands have always interbred with each other. Thus Jones’s blue eyes are not from the Caucusus but from his English ancestors. He is ethnic British rather than ethnmic Welsh!


  14. oldartist says:

    Completely agree Aerfen,

    “We are all immigrants” is fifth form level platitudinous claptrap.


  15. embolden says:

    Did anyone ask Carwyn where he had migrated from in order to state that he is an immigrant? or, on the evidence of his remarks about “blue eyes” does he seriously want to open a discussion of DNA typing to identify individual ethnic identity as an alternative to recent geographical residence?

    Perhaps he believes that the British Isles are like the Tardis and everyone who wants to get in will be able to, that seems to be the logical conclusion of the open borders argument.


  16. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Why do the lefties twist the way housing is reported.

    Instead of saying there is a housing shortage why can’t they admit the reason is because there are too many people.

    When we get 350,000 net coming in they all need somewhere to live. They can’t all go to Yvette Cooperballs to live even though she promised to take some in to her houses.
    How many are built each year?
    The amount being built will be enough for the indigenous population.
    No, or controlled immigration, would immediately mean enough houses at cheaper prices.

    Audience members say nobody gives any positives on the Brexit question but Farage is cut off or not allowed to give an answer. The positives are awesome and we all know of them, too many to list but an example would be getting a fishing industry again.

    The question asked saying we got funds from the eu to build things. We get a part of our contributions back and are told how to spend it.
    We could fund every eu commitment AND give every family £400 each year if we left, or, we could stop vat which was brought in to pay for the eu.

    Finally, Carcrash Jones, is he really getting paid for his job? He talks utter rubbish.


  17. Al Shubtill says:

    I thought Farage smashed it out of the ground last night; I can’t recall seeing him as combative on QT as that, I got the feeling that he realizes how this referendum could be the last one deciding our future in or out of the asylum and he’s started to really go for it.

    I know he was only up against four walking piles of s**t last night, but despite that I thought he was in brilliant form and it re-confirmed my view that he was prevented from winning a seat in the HoC by some chicanery on the part of the LibLabCon c**ts; because they knew how damaging he could be in debate if he was in Parliament.

    Good to see and hear plenty of support in the audience too, al beebus will be reviewing the vetting procedure as a result no doubt.


  18. Banania says:

    Jolly kind of you to refer to Carwyn Jones as a comedian.