Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from lovely Bradford. On the panel are Sir (only a matter of time now surely?) Nigel Farage of Ukip, ‘Conservative’ eco-loon and energy secretary Amber Rudd, Lib Dem President Baroness Brinton, journalist Isabel Oakeshott and Labour MP Shabana Mahmood.

Kick off tonight (Thursday) at 22.45

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26 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Geoff says:

    Looking forward to seeing the Bradford audience giving Mr Farage a wonderfully warm welcome…


  2. Beness says:

    I expect the BBC have ordered extra tumbleweed to fill the silence after every Nigel comment.

    Dont let the b’stards grind you down Nigel.


  3. xplod says:

    Nigel Farage delayed on the A1 – might not make it tonight, according to a Facebook post !


  4. Steve Jones says:

    If they select only locals to attend it will be women on the left (no questions please ladies) and men on the right.


    • CranbrookPhil says:

      Lol! Brilliant Steve!

      I might actually break with tradition & tune in tonight, but then again thinking of a Bradford audience I might not!


  5. Jeff says:

    Isabel Oakeshott is also on. She’s a canny lass, wants out of EU and is very easy on the eye. So worth a look, even without Nigel.


  6. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    Dimbleby has just said that panel members will include Paul Nuttall, Farage’s Scouse deputy.


    • Geoff says:

      I have heard Nutall a couple of times on Jon Gaunt’s show, he pulls less punches than Farage, could be interesting…


  7. Geoff says:

    LIb Dem sprouting ‘project fear’ terminology ‘with anti EU leave platitudes such as catastrophic’ bla bla bla, start as you mean to go on I guess.


    • Charlatans says:

      Lib Dem General Election dismal vote share easy to understand when you listen to such rubbish being spouted by their representative.


  8. Aerfen says:

    Oakenshot is remarkably youthful looking and glamorous given that she is forty one!

    Its all rather blond,bland and good humored tonight!


  9. chrisH says:

    Anyone able to tell me why-who -this Baroness Brinton is?
    A Lib Dem-but who the hell ever voted for her?…and what trail has she left by way of ANY political involvement in ANY policy we might know.
    I thought that we`d put a stake through the heart of those yellow traitors…so why are they STILL on Question Time?
    And-yet again-where are all these identikit rentagob Labour Wimmin Muslims getting manufactured…and is it ALL we now make in this country-entitled taqqiya merchants, who are on the sniff to Sharialand.
    Baroness Brinton looks like the corpse of Deirdre Barlow/Rashid…and sounds like her too after forty fags a day as well…taking bets on the death of Shirley Williams will be next at this rate!


    • Geoff says:

      Ah, but she ticks a box….


      • Number 7 says:

        What’s a Lib Dem? I thought they held their meetings in a telephone box now they’ve left the Westminster office.


    • Sluff says:

      At the end of the show they panned around the back and I think the said Baroness was in a motorised wheelchair!
      So it’s 4 women on the panel, one Muslim, AND one disabled.
      The bBBC equality and diversity department were absolutely creaming their pants. Or knickers.


  10. CranbrookPhil says:

    Surprisingly white audience, but every one a socialist! So not a lot of change there then.


  11. Mr.Golightly says:

    Absolute BBC bias on display. A 4 to 1 female / male ratio. Farage had a lucky escape perhaps. Nuttall did well and rode the Mahmood “UKIP has no heart” smear. A totally unrepresentative audience. Even the 2011 census shows a 32.5% BAME population. I was expecting burkas tonight, and got a few Hijabis. Is the BBC trying not to scare the wider population.?

    Amber Rudd got very feisty but not too effective, the shrieking Shabana focused in on the “targeting” of muslim women and Cameron’s outrageous remarks about links to radicalisation. She claimed that most defectors to ISIS were graduates, as if targeting graduates would not have provoked the same response from her. You can’t win with this narrative.
    Oakeshott was unremarkable sadly, though was brilliant compared to Baroness Brinton, who pretty well sums up the demise and irrelevance of the LibDems.

    Nuttall was the most impressive and I thought got a good reception from a very white audience. UKIP have been putting up a good show on QT recently, and tonight Dimbleby allowed Nuttall to expound at length.


    • Sluff says:

      I have a small each way outside bet on Amber Rudd to replace Cameron.
      Osborne just does not have voter friendly appeal and they MUST have that. So many in the cabinet are just boring Grey Suits. Boris is too far off the pace and needs a big department and run it effectively, and time is against.
      I thought they might be setting up Nicky Morgan but she is basically pretty incompetent and brainless.
      Amber was a bit tongue-tied last night and a bit messy, but you sense she is up for the fight, she has been catapulted into the cabinet and I think has more voter appeal than most. You read it here first.
      As for Isobel Oakeshott. Swoon. I think I’m in love!


    • mikef says:

      “tonight Dimbleby allowed Nuttall to expound at length”, well only after Nuttall managed to get his word in. All the panellists making the untrue Norway point and every time Paul tried to speak Dimbleby moved on but he got it in eventually.


      • cockneyboy says:

        mikef, agreed that was my perception as well.
        Nuttall was not allowed to respond to the Norway point, he was about to underline the fact that Europe particularly Germany will be knocking on our door to seek a trade agreement so as to e.g. export their cars to us, but Dimbleby quickly moved it on. Neither did he have the opportunity to respond to slurs such as ‘heartless’ etc. In this respect it was a biased against UKIP. Not impressed with Amber Rudd- she is supposed to be a Eurosceptic?! Oakshott was great, the Baroness, well Tim Farron would have been proud of her. Mahmood a perfect example of why I no longer vote Labour, although I was inclined to agree with her about radicalisation – it isn’t caused by lack of English but by radical Inmans and preachers (although predictably this was not suggested)_


  12. AceFlyingPig says:

    Another perfect example of BBC ‘balance’. The panel had three EU supporters versus two against. DumbleDick then wanted to be fair and select an audience member from each side to comment ….. except he then went on to pick three EU supporters and only one against. The three supporters included one who supported staying in but was too thick to understand what the issues were without having a politician explain it to her, and one who was scared of what might happen if we came out ….. but then accused the Euro leavers of scare mongering !!! You just have to laugh.


    • ID says:

      What happens when we get out? We become an independent state like Japan or Australian. Difficult concept. Some of the yoof who very wisely have not been given a vote in the referendum seem to think travelling to the Continent as a tourist would be banned if we left the EU.


  13. Deborah says:

    I started to watch but felt the first question developed into a ‘get Cameron’ by both most of the panel and all of the audience rather that a discussion about the pros and cons of the EU or the proposals – so I switched off and went to bed.


  14. Sluff says:

    QT in Bradford.
    Yet by some curious chance, various members of the public owned up to coming from the North East, Sheffield, and Leeds.
    Maybe Steve at 8.13pm missed the point. The womenfolk were not allowed out, and maybe many of the rest of the local community have problems in the ‘English speaking’ department, (true for 22% of Muslim women. according to the 2011 Census which btw is the answer to all that drivel about ‘stigmatising Muslim women’) so to fill up, a number of outsiders had to be brought in – who all I notice ‘happened’ to support left wing causes.


    • Steve Jones says:


      Good point. Me and my silly old western thinking; I had forgotten that the ladies might not be given permission to go out.