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David Dimbleby chairs this weeks spectacle from Stamford, Lincolnshire. On the panel are Conservative transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley Jess Phillips, Moray MacLennan, boss of M&C Saatchi with Angus Robertson from the SNP and Independent columnist and whitey-hater Yasmin Alibhai-Brown tussling for last place in order of relevance.

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 22.45

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35 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Steve Jones says:

    In the real world that unpleasant article Yasmin Alibhai-Brown would leave the QT studio with her ears ringing from hostile questioning. As this is the BBC she will be cheered to the rafters by the carefully selected audience for her anti-British sentiments. Also, it is good to see the party that represents approx. 7% of the UK electorate getting 20% of the seats again whilst UKIP gets none.


    • ID says:

      Yasmin Always-blah-blah Clown’s anger and frustrstion is easy to understand. For years she has been subjected to vicious white racist, hate crime in the form of white persons who shamelessly continue to draw breath. What an affront!!
      Will the “swarm”, “bunch”, “red door” and “wristband” outrages be mentioned?
      The usual paranoid leftist fantasists are now convinced that even Camerloon could only dare commit the heinous “bunch” crime on World Moral Platitude Day (of all days) because the Google tax scandal had to be pushed down the media agenda.


      • Geoff says:

        Spot on, no need to watch tonight, don’t risk planting your remote firmly in your large screen, agenda as follows…

        1) Front Doors and Wristbands
        2) Bunches of migrants
        2a) Cameron is a racist will be uttered by Alibhai-Brown and applauded by the majority of the immigrant Lincolnshire audience
        3) Trump’s Non Attendance/his bubble has burst…
        4) Google
        5) Lightweight dumbed down story to end, will the All Saints reunion be successful?

        There, I’ve saved you all the trouble….


      • Aerfen says:

        What may be interesting is if theyve given seats to lots of the many immigrant Poles in Lincolnshire. Given how racist most of them are they may not give the response beeboids would wish to questions about Muslim invaders. On the other hand many racist Poles couldnt give a damn about them, provided they come only to Britain and Germany and nor their ‘white’ country.


  2. CranbrookPhil says:

    I haven’t the stamina to watch that tonight, it’s just the same old thing over & over again. Unfortunately Patrick Mcloughlin just comes over as a starchy old buffer, easy meat for a left wing panel & audience.


    • wronged says:

      What I find intriguing about the programme is that we always have a Tory MP as a member of the panel. They are always the stool pigeon patsy, knowingly, and I stress the word knowingly which makes it worse, set up by a left wing programme though a left wing organisation the Albeeb, outnumbered by a left wing panel with an overwhelming anti government, anti right wing audience, with a planted left wing activist who is then seated at the front and asked by Dimbleby to open the debate whilst pretending he has picked him/her randomly purporting to have absolutely no knowledge of their background.

      Every week the Tory MP dutifully turns up to get humiliated with selected questions from the audience intended to promote the Left. There is never enough time to discuss any issue with any depth so only a limited shock horror understanding can be ascertained suggesting the Tories to be the baddies.

      I am no Tory. I voted UKIP but I do have sympathy with the Tory MP’s when they sit in the bearpit of Question Time.

      I am amazed that Tories who attend these programmes do no openly criticise the programme for its bias during the airing of the programme. They won’t because they are such a spineless bunch of MP’s. I don’t know why the MP’s constituents don’t make more of this? It’s unbelievable.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Imagine what would happen if the Tory Party – and UKIP – announced that they would not participate in QT.
        Initial outrage from the BBC and Guardian, but then a groundswell of opinions presented about the way QT is rigged and biased. The internet would buzz with clips showing Dimbelbum’s attempts to rig debates, pictures of plants, evidence of audience selection.That would be the Trump way – walk out and win the argument.


    • itsenoughtomake says:

      Agreed. To remote from reality. Bring back Eric Pickles who uses facts :> The whole programme is so orchestrated from a left wing bias and the Brummie MP….really? Broad St like Cologne on NYE. Idiotic


  3. oldartist says:

    I only have one television set and I don’t think it will survive unscathed. I think I will give QT a miss tonight.


  4. cockneyboy says:

    It will be interesting to observe the make up of the studio audience in what is a strong (largely English white) Conservative area with a smattering of Poles. As there is a hospital and medical teaching establishment in the area then expect some diversity and of course NHS related questions.
    Patrick McLoughlin – will follow orders and tow government line.
    Jess Phillips – will get good reception from BBC’s selected audience (her only useful credential is telling Diane Abbott to f**k off)
    Moray MacLennan – don’t know but will probably support government
    Angus Robertson – anti government, pro European, pro mass migration (provided it’s into England)
    Yasmin Alibhai- Brown – reasoned argument on all subjects reflecting the views of the majority of our population, particularly the indigenous white – no only kidding!


  5. s.trubble says:

    you couldn’t put it past Robertson having a replica neckerchief like Murrin’s sticking out his top pocket.


  6. chrisH says:

    Poor old Lincolnshire!
    Last time Dimbleby and his fey caravan of Lefty lollards and lotus eaters showed up-they brought Mary Beard along with them.
    And now it`s YABZA?…poor Lincolnshire.
    Tempted to go on Twitter and tell our Cologne colleagues that-despite Beauty Beardie Weirdie no longer being there to walk on them with her newest heels…there`s another chance to feel the Western Womans Reach Out for Allah campaign , and get an alibiah for whatever the hell your gonads require from you…and Allah smiles.


    • Steve Jones says:

      Dimbleby won’t be very familiar with Lincolnshire – no expensive schools there. Let’s enjoy that moment when Jacob Rees-Mogg handed him his *rsehole on a plate one more time.


      • Number 7 says:

        Stamford, Oakham, Oundle?? All within spitting distance.


        • Steve Jones says:

          Dimbleby won’t be interested in minor public schools. Come on Number 7, his kids only go to places like Eton.


  7. Aerfen says:

    Ahhh, on now, as predictable panel bleating for more refugee fake ‘children’! Audience clapping loudly for them.


    • Mice Height says:

      At least the Labour woman(?) admitted that the existing population suffer in areas where immigrants settle.


      • Aerfen says:

        BUt only, Mike Hice, because she spitefully wanted to make everyone else suffer too, especially highlighting Camerons constituency of Witney! What a Brit hating self righteous cow. I wish someone would ask her if shes going to take in a refugee foster child. Surely thats the least she could do? Maybe even a family!


      • ID says:

        Yes, I was also wondering if there was transitioning going on.
        “It is always the poor and disadvantaged who suffer from immigration, I want the suffering spread out so everyone suffers equally” Did the vacuous harridan really mean to say that?

        As Churchill says “the worst thing about capitalism is the unjust sharing of deserts; the best thing about socialism is the fair distribution of misery”

        Brain-dead leftist running true to form.


    • wronged says:

      All panel members saying we should stay in the EU.

      BBC bias – completely disgusting


      • taffman says:

        Easily done , get your vast number of highly paid researchers to find suitable participants of that ilk, then invite them on. Simples !


        • Number 7 says:

          And that’s just the audience – They’re not from the area ( I used to live there).


  8. Geoff says:

    Who is this ‘us’ that Alibhai-Brown talks of, she in no way represents me or my country, she ain’t British.


    • Aerfen says:

      Yes I noticed that too Geoff, she really overloads the ‘our country’, ‘we’, ‘us’.


  9. Aerfen says:

    What a relief to be able to complain about it here eh?
    I think Id have to turn it off without the pressure release valve!


  10. Number 7 says:

    Nearly as bad as the Griffin “Group Hate”.


  11. Sluff says:

    Cheer up everyone. Al Beeb gave us unwittingly some absolute proof of their institutionalised bias.
    We had the usual emoting about open-door immigration with the panelists falling over each other to be the most compassionate, enthusiastically applauded by the audience (though one brave guy put his head above the parapet and did get a decent cheer – showing that those opposing open door immigration feel cowed but are not as small a minority as the Far Left would have us believe).
    But then……bingo!
    A later question about the key issues affecting voters in the EU referendum was met by several panel members mentioning immigration. And they didn’t mean it as a popular call for more !!!
    There is the Al Beeb bias. Right there. The complete disconnect, brilliantly juxtaposed for all to see, between the QT panel + ‘impartial’ audience on the one side, and the general public out in the real world.


    • Peter Sausages says:

      Oh well Sluff, i think the BBC are still getting over Millipede and his cronies losing the election and getting a lefty audience in as usual, will enjoy very much if:
      We vote to leave EU
      Trump becomes US President
      ha ha ha


  12. Beltane says:

    The clearest message to come from QT last night was the concrete proof that, thanks to the benefits of our equal opportunities society, Jess Phillips can be legitimately defined as a lout.