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David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Belfast. The panel consists of: DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds, Conservative Northern Ireland secretary of state Theresa Villiers, Labour luvvie Peter Hain, comedian and writer Grainne Maguire and Sinn Fein’s Declan Kearney.

This is B-BBC Head Honcho David Vance’s home turf, so don’t be surprised if he pops up in disguise to ask some awkward questions!

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 22.45

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29 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Demon says:

    Never heard of that “comedian” but I’m sure of their political position. So back to the usual 4 left (plus the randomly carefully chosen audience) vs. 2 right.


    • Edward says:

      Same here – never heard of him/her. But you’re right, it’s another excuse to get an extra leftie on the programme. I wonder if the audience can beat last week’s left-wing debacle.


  2. Julio says:

    Look at the positive side: with Hain and sinn fein on the panel, your blood will be boiling so you should be able to turn the central heating off!


  3. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Looks like the BBC has found a new leftist ‘comedian’. I made the mistake of looking at her twitter. I’m not laughing. Could be that I have no sense of humour, or maybe she isn’t funny. Though I chuckled at this tweet:

    Yes, extolling the cerebral magnificence of the parliamentary heavyweight…….. Cat Smith MP 30, graduate of Sociology and Gender Studies. Facepalmx1000.

    But these leftards cannot help their hypocrisy. It’s inevitable with those incapable of joined up thinking. Here she comments on Government and the Banks. And the leftists want more corporatism, more QE, with more taxes so said government and Banks can steal and spend more, badly.

    Yes. The BBC has found another feminazi. Another prejudiced thick victimhood junkie to ensure the depth of the political discourse will remain very shallow.

    BBC QT. Keeping the bar low.


  4. Sluff says:

    According to the 2011 census, 98% of the Northern Irish population is white, with 88% being born there, 3% from England and 2% from the Republic. 97% are English speaking. Based on 2013 data, 70% of jobs are in the private sector.

    Just remember these statistics when we see and hear the audience.


    • Steve Jones says:

      Proper diversity.


    • chrisH says:

      Bit about speaking English was missed by most.
      They all spoke Labour, Guardian, Victimese, Polari and Angrigay…but very little English as I used to understand it.
      The BBCs scripting phonetic unit seemed all at sea as well…there were accents there where I could only hear the words “entitled” “money tree shakey bakey” and ” contraceptive implants”.
      Well done the BBC for finding a series of lefty klutzes who dropped the “junior doctor” roles this week…and returned to Lefty scoopy bags of white dog stools…whcih we`ll agree have not been seen in public for many years now on the streets…but are coming back under Corbyns 70s Kool Skool disco duck drive!
      Driver 67-over and out….


  5. wronged says:

    I wonder what PLANTS will be in the Question Time garden tonight. I fancy there might a few Leftina Fascias.


  6. ID says:

    At least the Sinn Feinn chappie can talk with authority about murdering British citizens on the streets of London.
    By the look of him, radioactive poisoning wouldn’t be “hands on” enough.


  7. Mr.Golightly says:

    Dimbleby conducts an impromptu audience poll about EU referendum. Two thirds want to remain he estimates. “Interesting” he says. No David. It’s not interesting, it’s a reflection of the usual QT audience selection re-created in N.I. Witness Nigel Dodds cool reception and the overwhelming support for same sex marriage from the audience. The comedienne is way out of her depth and is not funny. Declan from Sinn Fein is the voice of liberal equivalence (human rights, equality for all, and Vlad Putin). Theresa is a vision in pink enhanced by the contrasting lilac backdrop.

    The audience looks like England looked like 50 years ago. Am I the only one watching this shite?


  8. Man on the 5A bus says:

    Fed up and bored with Paddy Politics.


    • chrisH says:

      And its Wales tonight on the radio.
      Will sit under my hairdryer, looking out on Port Talbots old pitheads while Leanne Wood asks me where i`m going for my holidays.
      That she LEADS a political party in this country only reminds of of John Prescott playing pork soldiers in the temple, as the Queen Mother lay in her coffin nearby…classy.
      Leanne Wood and John Prescott had/have political opinions and leverage on this island in the Twenty First Century-so making a Senator of your horse seems not to have been so laughable…sorry Caligula!


  9. Geoff says:

    The jumped up unfunny ‘comedienne’ shows how dumbed down the BBC has become, yes on a supposedly serious political she actually used the Eurovision Song Contest used as a reason to stay in Europe, worse still the audience applauded…


    • oldartist says:

      She also celebrated the fact that our democratic process could be overruled by a German head of state. She can’t help being stupid, but the real villain is the BBC for pandering to this kind of imbecility. Laughably, a few weeks ago Dimbleby got very irate because one of the panelists referred to QT as a “show” rather than a programme. Isn’t that exactly what it is?


  10. Mr.Golightly says:

    The comedienne talks of state-sponsored homophobia. A bearded hipster in the audience talks of state-sponsored murders by British security forces in N.I. in relation to Litvinenko poisoning. We are no better than Putin. Kearney talks of gay rights and equivocates about the murder of the Russian. Liberal hypocrites on display. When did Sinn Fein become rainbow-coloured social justice warriors?


    • chrisH says:

      Oh-like Castro-they used to be good with gays-and don`t let anyone tell you otherwise.
      The IRA were always good with promoting them, and were good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the miners strike.
      And the North East pit yakkas were equally far ahead of the curve…Billy Elliot confirms this, so I myself have no further need to enquire over a few nitpicky details.
      The Left eh?…


  11. yohodi says:

    Did my bullshit deflectors completely deceive me on Wednesday mornings Bbbc toady programme (sorry took me two days to process)…did I hear some mad hatted femininny talking about ‘low level’ isms…as in racism and sexism WtF?…as in innocuous ..innocent..Sounded more like lazy lefty low level logic……
    I knew QT was going to be painful..and the Beeb never disappoints, they even had a ‘not very funny’ school girl on the panel (she’s supposed to be a stand-up comedienne doncha know, pleased to see she had been given a chair)..The first question Vlad the Bad…which was the same topic at the same time on Newsnight …I hopping in despair.
    My opinion for what it’s worth, like him or loathe him Putin is head and shoulders above our Western European leader type no-marks …and in amongst these no-marks why does our very own pm look like a little boy lost?


    • Jerry Owen says:

      I’d sooner have Putin over Cameron. Putin as far as I can tell hasn’t been found guilty of anything in a court, thus he is innocent until proven guilty.


  12. Gunner says:

    Going “gangsta on Putin’s arse”- as Al Beeb cranks up the volume on Putin retribution and Liebor and the SDP load up on rubber bullets, one has to politely question the stunning silence to date from Uncle Jeremy. Come on Jeremy, leaving this to your underlings- surely you could suggest that we move to Devcon 3 and put those Trident missiles on a shorter fuse ?


  13. Gunner says:

    Those much loved Al beeb inverted commas are much in evidence today- used with their usual Al Beeb irony.

    So stuff like “spurious”, “solicited by lawyers”, “ambulance chasing British-law firms” and “fabricated claims”.

    You know the “story” involved. Am not expecting any “in-depth” “Newsnight” investigation” of “ambulance-chasing ” “lawyers” anytime soon.


  14. David Vance says:

    I watched it. It was an embarrassment. A STACKED anti-unionist pro EU Irish nationalist audience bussed in from west Belfast. An Irish “comedienne” no one has heard of. Not sure why they couldn’t find a British comedienne.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      There is no such thing as a comedienne. There is no such thing as a comedian either. All went decades ago when the long march of institutional Marxism began. In an equal, utopian, diverse, progressive society there is no room for p*ss taking and that is what makes great comedy, the observation of different types of human nature, from different types of people of which stereotyping is natural and funny to most of us . And what makes it fair game in my opinion is that this is really open to all races, sexes etc thus cancelling any ‘offence’ that can be taken.
      I listened to a ‘comedian’ being interviewed the other day and he said that now he has to work out if any joke he cracks is likely to offend anyone. This in one fell swoop kills any natural of the cuff comments which good comedy needs for good interaction with the audience.
      Fools and horses for me is the funniest I see now on ‘Dave’ however I reckon a good proportion of the gags would not make it on screen now.


      • chrisH says:

        Agreed Jerry.
        If that poppet could ever raise a smile in anything but an IRA supporting student bar in Cork or West Belfast I`d be very surprised.
        And-for a part of the country I`d have thought would be the last bastion of common sense-the incubator of the vaccine we`re going to need to survive the EU lies, liberal onslaughts and BBC crap-to see such a biased bunch of thick students and welfare ticks was really depressing.
        As if the BBC binned its flytipped “junior doctors” from last week-and went to Larne Poly for its quotient of mental health self harming tubbies to stuff the studio with.
        AND-that “comedienne”-seemed about as funny as Russell Howard channelling Ted Rodgers…and when she shouted something about “the Bible being relaxed about polygamy”-or some such shit-I could have wept with rage…the land of Dr Paisley and Enoch Powell…and nobody ripped her a new ventilator shaft to try and say something that was true…not her being allowed to emote her ignoramus bull, that she`d never dare chuck at the Koran.

        Poor old Nigel Dodds….


  15. oldartist says:

    It’s ok to take the piss so long as your target is UKIP, the Tory Party or any heterosexual white male over the age of forty. All of those “fascists” are legitimate targets. There can be a dispensation for members of the last group if they publicly state that they hate themselves and blame Western culture for all the World’s problems.