Question Time Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s debacle from Slough. On the panel are Mark Reckless of Ukip, Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, journalist Piers Morgan and Labour’s Emily Thornberry MP. Yes she really still is an MP, her electorate voted her back in even after WhiteVanManEnglandFlagTwittergate. This week’s manadatory SNP representative is Hannah Bardell MP. Thank BBC Scotland for that.

Kick off tomorrow (Thursday) at 22.35

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97 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. cockneyboy says:

    The panel seem to be under represented on the left by a ratio of 5 to 2 . Have the BBC been taking note of this forum or is it part of a cunning plan?


  2. hadda says:

    What has the Scottish National Socialist Party to do with Slough, FFS?


  3. Selohesra says:

    Thornberry is fine example of the red rosette on a donkey scenario – and you could fit a lot of red rosettes on our Emily!


  4. Sluff says:

    Hand up who knew that Emily Thornberry was on the panel the last time QT was held in this multi-culti socialist republic?
    Now why oh why should that be? I mean, what are the chances?
    Looks just too much of a co-incidence.


  5. cockneyboy says:

    Just to clarify I wasn’t including the chairman.
    I’m not aware that Piers Morgan is particularly left wing in his views.


    • Demon says:

      Very left wing.


      • cockneyboy says:

        A left winger who was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher and then went on to support Tony Blair?
        I’d settle for libertarian centrist.


        • Grant says:

          I suspect Piers Morgan has no principles and would just follow the money ! A repulsive man.


          • GRIM REAPER says:

            Morgan is…a crook, fraudster…slimy and treacherous…..goes with the flow, typical change-sides artist….the yanks were fed up with him, kicked him out…..has the face you will never tire of punching.


            • Grant says:

              Grim, Stop holding back and tell us what you really think. But I bet no-one on the panel or in the audience will say a bad word about this vile creature. So any viewer unaware of his background will be none the wiser.


          • Donbob says:

            Much like Dimbleby.


        • Geyza says:

          His support for Thatcher was purely for his own career needs as he was the main writer of “Bizarre”, The Sun ’​s show business column. He soon changed aliegencies and as editor of the Mirror from 1995, he outed himself as a committed Blairite.

          He did not support Blair for long, however and he had a very public falling out with Cherie Booth (Mrs Blair) over it as he “defected” to the Gordon Brown camp. He has remained a Brown supporter ever since. He is certainly no conservative. His political views and vocal opposition to the freedom to bear and carry arms mark him out as being anything but a libertarian. He is a deluded champagne socialist.


  6. cockneyboy says:

    I also meant 3 to 2. Sorry!


  7. Peter Sausages says:

    Thornberry makes me physically sick,will look away when that trollop is on.


    • cockneyboy says:

      Emily Thornberry whose interests include, women’s rights, gay women’s rights, black gay women’s rights and cynical observations of the white working class, in particular white van men who display the cross of St George.
      Notice the list does not include muslim women’s rights (I wonder why?)


    • Julio says:

      Yes, the burkha doesn’t seem quite such a bad idea for the likes of Thornberry


    • Julio says:

      Yes, the burkha doesn’t seem quite such a bad idea for the likes of Thornberry


  8. s.trubble says:

    Here’s a question for the SNP …….is it true you cancelled the unpaid poll-tax ( c.£400m) to bribe the republican vote in Glasgow and surrounds ahead of the independence referendum?


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Aye, it’s true

      ‘Critics fear the amnesty is a cynical bid to appease pro-independence voters who risk being caught by the authorities after registering to vote for the first time in the referendum.’


    • Wiser Monkeys says:

      Yes, that was true.

      But did you hear how, in 2010, the SNP auctioned meals with their government ministers for large wads of cash? This was to help pay for the election campaign of one Osama Saeed, SNP parliamentary candidate, formerly a spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain (a front for the Muslim Brotherhood ), a highly-regarded aide to Alex Salmond, and an Islamic caliphate and sharia enthusiast with known extremist links. Now guess from which religious group the SNP were seeking votes?

      La Sturgeon got into big trouble herself in 2010 by writing to lobby a court to give a constituent, twice-convicted fraudster Abdul Rauf, a non-custodial sentence after he admitted an £80,000 benefits fraud. Convicted before for stealing and forgery, Sturgeon referred to Rauf’s crimes as “mistakes”. There were strong suspicions that her intervention was a quid pro quo for crucial Muslim Pakistani support for her 2007 election win in Glasgow Govan.

      You can read all the ugly details here:


      • Grant says:

        Wiser, In many ways the SNP are even more corrupt than Labour in Scotland. And that is saying something ! Unfortunately the corruption seems to be speading into the Judicial system , especially the police.


        • Wiser Monkeys says:

          The SNP is going to leave one heck of a Stalinist legacy:

          One-party state, single police force, state guardian for every child.


          • Glen says:

            I see the SNP idiot totally avoided Rees-Mogg’s comment “why does the SNP want independence from the UK but doesn’t want the UK to be independent from the EU”….cue the silence!! Fucking lefty scum just change with the wind to get their own way.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          With a single police force you only have to control one lackey chief constable and you are fire proof. Welcome to the Scottish One Party State.


  9. MartinW says:

    Sports Personality of the year:
    I’ve registered, and am waiting to vote on 20 December for the person most likely to cause extreme grief to the BBC.


  10. wronged says:

    Emily Thornberry.
    Claims to have lived in poverty. Read Wiki, she had a priviliged background.

    She’s a lying, ugly, chain smoking,immoral,lawyer,hypocritical landlord,rich fat phony bitch.

    If she dived into the sea the trawlers would all be beached and the fish die of fright.


  11. Geoff says:

    Strategically placed heavily clad females….


  12. Mr.Golightly says:

    Thornberry – “Slough is an internationalist place”. Well, that’s one way of putting it.


  13. Mr.Golightly says:

    Rees-Mogg and Reckless appear to be soul-brothers! Best applause after Mark Reckless spoke. Morgan is a moron!


    • ObiWan says:

      Reckless appears to be on fine form. Rees-Mogg is also far more impressive than I feared.


      • Mr.Golightly says:

        Yes, Reckless is far more impressive than I thought.


      • Number 7 says:

        I loved the Eton pop at dimbo – “I was with your son”.


        • Geyza says:

          That is the BBCQT comment of the year. The vile arrogant and condescending smear attempt by Dimbleby completely backfired there. WONDERFUL!


          • Grant says:

            Dimblebore is so steeoed in BBC Groupthink he did not even stop to think about his own personal position. What a moron !


            • Pollystuscanyvilla says:

              Dimbleby went bright red and looked, quite rightly, bloody stupid!

              He had nowhere to go and so didn’t get nasty like he did with Starkey.

              Good for the Mogg.


            • Flawedlogic says:

              Dimbleby is a prime example of the left-wing hypocrites who seem to inhabit all of the main political and prime time presenter slots on the BBC.

              I imagine that Dimbleby was astounded that someone had the gall to give him a dose of his own medicine, what a huge shame that so many Conservative politicians allow themselves to be browbeat by a bunch of inferior left-wing media types.


        • AceFlyingPig says:

          Highlight of the year for me. Rees-Mogg delayed his response perfectly before skewering the idiot Dumbleby who almost disappeared below the desk in embarrassment. Imagine one of the BBC’s standard bearers sending his son to Eton ! Not only that, outing himself on his own program (not ‘show’ apparently, the sanctimonious prig). Perfect example of the hypocrisy of the BBC. I suspect that he is one of the many over paid ‘stars’ and executives that do the same for their kids while preaching to the rest of us that comprehensive bog standard schools are the way forward.

          Their salaries and pension perks all justified by the fact that they have to ‘compete’ with the evil private sector for talent. I’ve had the misfortune to have to work with many public sector departments who think in a similar way. Just like the Labour and Liberal parties they have no concept of having to generate money … they just know how to spend (waste) other peoples hard earned cash.


    • wronged says:

      SNP Hannah D quote’ we are attacking an ideology’ –which has its roots in Islam.

      Finish the sentence.


  14. Geoff says:

    The British public only have to visit their local town center or supermarket to see the ‘benefit’ of EU membership, incomprehensible car washers and Big Issue sellers, I’m fooked if I can see any benefits, it ain’t the country I grew up in…


  15. Mr.Golightly says:

    OK. That was UKIP time. Now back to Stop the War. Why is Hannah B in Slough?


  16. Mr.Golightly says:

    Thornberry – “People see Western lives more important than other lives”. Well done Emily. Stir it up.


  17. wronged says:

    Thornberry has lost weight but is still an ignorant beast.

    Incidentally, I don’t particulary like her.


  18. Mr.Golightly says:

    White middle-class men are the enemy and cause says an audience member.


  19. Glen says:

    Look at this SNP c*** and the white dianne abbot defend the muzzers… ISLAMIC state has nothing to do with nazislam? It’s all our fault, we’re radicalizing our lovely friendly muzzers!!

    And the question comes from one of those ‘free’ western muzzers who just feels the need to abuse our way of life by wearing a stupid head scarf…what next? Those poor muzzers are being threatened on the streets by abusive ‘right wingers’!! Not one of them carrying an AK47.


    • ID says:

      Trump is certainly right to call western politicians cretins.
      They can’t even get a simple lie straight.
      If, as they claim, all British muslims are true believers in the religion of peace, Islam
      then the only answer to the question ” Will bombing ISIS, perverters of Islam, radicalise British muslims?”” must be NO!
      If someone is defiling the ideals you hold dear, and you are a peaceful soul, then you might be tempted to use violence against those doing the defiling, but not against those attacking the defilers.
      Where are all the “Muslim International Brigades” off to destroy ISIS?


  20. Mr.Golightly says:

    Go Reckless. Thornberry is a hypocrite. Terrorism is all down to despair and alienation says bearded chap in audience.


    • Geyza says:

      Then Muslims should stop alienating themselves from British society. Stop creating Islamic only ghettos. Stop imposing Islam on all those non-Muslims who happen to live in and around Muslims dominated areas through “Sharia patrols”.


  21. ObiWan says:

    Just remember, everyone, that Islamic State is ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Absolutely nobody on the QT panel questioned that assertion by the SNP Woman, so I guess it must be true. Funny thing is, though, that against all the odds I listened to a programme last night on Radio 4 in which the entire ideology of Islamic State was examined. Oddly, everyone seemed to be talking about Islam.

    Most strange.


    • Grant says:

      Obi, I would have thought the clue is in the name !


    • Grant says:

      I didn’t see it, but by reading the comments here, I think we can assume that Reckless and Rees-Mogg spoilt the party and , when that happens, you don’t get invited again. Wish I had seen the “Eton put down “. Maybe it will appear on you tube. Dimblebore reoresents everything which is rotten about the BBC.


      • Grant says:

        It is on YouTube. Great . Dimblebores pathetic attempt to laugh it off is funny in itself !


    • Geyza says:

      I defy anyone to watch the following and then still claim ISIS is not Islamic. (NSFW. graphic scenes of heads on spikes)


      • Grant says:

        The BBC should show this as a documentary. I doubt if there will be any copyright problems.


  22. Geoff says:

    Mention Donald Trump cue titters in the audience and a cackle from Emily Thornberry…

    Yea, 500k signatures, wow that must be approx 0.7% of the population…


    • Geyza says:

      Most of those signitures are repeats from people who signed it many many times, apparently.

      When will the mainstream media give any coverage to the other petition calling for Muslims to be banned from coming to the UK until ISIS are defeated? The one which garnered 450K genuine signitures without any blanket mainstream media coverage of the sort which the Trump petition got. The amount of prime-time airtime the Trump petition received across the whole of mainstream media was equivalent to about 100 million pounds worth of free advertising.


  23. Glen says:

    Great quote from the librarian on the front row…”If the U.S. vote for Trump they’ll get what they deserve”…I wonder if she believes that if the UK continue to appease nazislam we’ll get what we deserve? I don’t see Trump carrying an AK and a ticking vest.


  24. Pounce says:

    Sorry in the other room and I am sure I heard that fat racist trout (Against white British men) attack Trump for being a racist?

    Talk about fat ugly kettle black


  25. Mr.Golightly says:

    I’m calling this a big win for Reckless and Rees-Mogg. They were the only ones who spoke coherently.


    • ObiWan says:

      Rees-Mogg wins for the Dimbleby Eton put-down, exposing Dimbledore’s rank hypocrisy at a stroke.


  26. Glen says:

    thornberry is a disgusting excuse for a human, would she go on U.S. Tv and repeat those arrogant and sanctimonious accusations against numerous U.S. presidents? She’s just done more to damage the special relationship in one sentence than Trump could ever do!!

    Racist? And this coming from a woman who despises her own race in particular the working class white van man.

    I’ve just agreed with Morgan? BOOOM, shut the fuck up dimbledore Rees-Mogg has just smashed you to pieces with his Eton put down…brilliant.


  27. Pounce says:

    Anybody else notice when the question was raised about would bombing Syria cause peaceful Muslims to become radicalised just how many people who put their hands up were…….Muslims.
    Yup, the Fifth column within our midst.


    • Number 7 says:

      As raised by Julio on the chat – Which came first, WPC Fletcher and a certain bombed aircraft over Scotland?

      Answers on the back of a postcard to BBC News.


      • taffman says:

        Number 7
        I am still waiting to see hundreds of thousands of the so called ‘British’ followers of the RoP marching through London shouting ‘not in our name’, not in our name’.
        Over to you Al Beeb ………………….


    • Geyza says:

      If ISIS has “nothing to do with Islam”, and indeed are the enemies of true Islam, then why would Muslims be upset enough to become radicalised by us bombing the enemies of Islam?

      By their own behaviour do they expose themselves. ISIS most definitely IS Islamic. It is as Islamic as you can possibly get!


  28. Glen says:

    Really impressed with Rees-Mogg and Reckless, even Morgan was entertaining. I’m afraid thornberry has learned nothing from her white van man humiliation, she is as arrogant as any lefty you’ll see, as superior, as sanctimonious, as egotstical…she’s just an archetypal lefty.

    The SNP? Just irrelevant, a party that hasn’t even got the support from the majority of it’s own people but we have to listen to them.


    • AceFlyingPig says:

      ‘arrogant, superior, sanctimonious, egotistical’

      She is a lawyer. It’s in their DNA. I have the misfortune to have to regularly work with them on occasions. Nearly all believe they are superior, that they are right in all matters even those in which they have absolutely no experience, and are the rightful decision makers for the ‘little people’. I have no idea what or how this comes about but clearly it is a mind set prevalent in the profession. Hence they tend to gravitate to political office.


  29. Glen says:

    This week…have you ever seen an uglier princess than the pig with a tiara? abbott and thornberry on the same night!! I just can’t take it…I’m out.


  30. Jeff says:

    That has to rank as one of the best QT’s ever. Most times I’ve been brave enough to watch I have to remove any sharp objects from my vicinity, but this was different. A near normal audience, not choc a bloc with ultra lefties. The loudest applause for Reckless and Rees Mogg, the two anti EU men. Well I never! Even Peirs Morgan was palatable. The SNP bint was….well, an SNP bint…a typical left wing bonehead.
    Thornberry, smug, charmless and deeply unpleasant. My God who in their right mind would vote for this woman?
    So, a good QT. It won’t last…


    • Geyza says:

      I may be brave enough to actually get onto Iplayer and give this one a watch. I normally avoid BBCQT because I cannot afford a new TV at the moment.


  31. AceFlyingPig says:

    Anyone notice the comment by the SNP economic illiterate that even without oil and gas revenue the Scots are just as well off as the rest of the UK per head of population. They actually believe the drivel they have been fed. Population 5.5 million. Working population 2.5 million. 0.5 million non-revenue earning, public sector workers. So 2 million workers can generate sufficient revenue to sustain all of Scotland’s infrastructure and population …… and pay for free education, prescriptions, social care for the elderly, eye tests, etc, etc.

    Wonder where and who the magic ‘balancing’ figure comes from ….. could that be the back-of-a-fag packet Barnett Formula extracted from English blood, sweat, and tears. Could it also explain why the Scots are not so keen on full fiscal autonomy for the foreseeable future.

    The sooner Hadrian’s Wall is rebuilt the better !!!!


  32. oldartist says:

    I have broken my own promise to myself. I confess I have watched the last three QT’s. Well, this time only the last half. If only there were awards for television put downs, Rees Mogg would be the outright winner.

    Towards the end on the programme an audience member, who appeared on the surface to be the BBc’s personification of the moderate Muslim, stood up. He suggested that supporting Trump, and by extension any criticism of Islam was driving young Muslims into radicalisation. Are the left, and for that matter Cameron, really too stupid to see the blackmail implied in that statement?


    • GCooper says:

      “He suggested that supporting Trump, and by extension any criticism of Islam was driving young Muslims into radicalisation. Are the left, and for that matter Cameron, really too stupid to see the blackmail implied in that statement? ”

      It is a stunning piece of logic, I have to say. ‘Islam is a religion of peace and if you don’t stop dissing it, we will rise up and slaughter you’.


  33. Beltane says:

    Have to agree that this was one of the best QTs ever, almost like the BBC used to be. Rees-Mogg and Reckless in a class of their own – most especially the Eton put-down for Dimwit – while greasy Thornberry and pointless SNP person floundered. My only disappointment was that during the predictable ‘Should we bomb Syria’ blather and equally predictable ‘We started it in Iraq’ nobody on the panel or in the audience pointed out that the 3000 deaths of 9.11 pre-dated Iraq by a muslim mile. The isolated headscarved coven that raised the issue were sadly reminiscent of the screeching harridans who reduced the US Ambassador to tears in the disgracefully memorable QT at the time – and that too was well before anyone invaded Iraq.


    • TrueToo says:

      All true, except for the tears. I watched the show (not programme, since QT is obviously intended to show everyone who agrees with the BBC in a good light and everyone else in a bad light) and him crying is a myth.