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Quentin Letts was on Question Time last night….he says…

No surprise there then.


Someone (apologies forget who) mentioned in the comments that Richard Black may have been resurrected and made an appearance on the Today programme.  You can’t keep a good man down.

He doesn’t seem to like Quentin Letts’ piece in the Mail today….note the little attempt to smear with an insinuation that Letts was put up to it by the fossil fuel lobby…who else would  be so evil?

An ‘idiotic programme’ eh?  Funny, informative, true maybe but idiotic? No.  Black could have learned a lot from it had he still been a ‘journalist’ instead of a paid for stooge of the green lobby….bit of an irony considering his last comment about lobbyists.  Yep Black is in the pay of Jeremy Grantham and the EU to produce climate ‘intelligence’ for journalists and other climate communicators…

We support journalists and other communicators with accurate and accessible briefings on key issues, and work with individuals and organisations that have interesting stories to tell, helping them connect to the national conversation.

All of our funding comes from philanthropic foundations. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the European Climate Foundation, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the Tellus Mater Foundation, and, from financial year 2015-16, the Climate Change Collaboration. In financial year 2014-5, we received £210,000 from ECF, $200,000 from Grantham, and £50,000 from Tellus Mater.


Remember that climate PR flunkey, Bob Ward, is also in the pay of Grantham who aims to use his money to silence the sceptics…..

Bob Ward’s paymaster, Jeremy Grantham (investor in Big Oil) doesn’t like climate sceptics:
The [Sceptic’s] misinformation machine is brilliant. As a propagandist myself , I have nothing but admiration for their propaganda. [Laughs.] But the difference is that we have the facts behind our propaganda.

We can try to bypass them on one level and we try to contest the political power of the sceptics.

They are using money as well as propaganda to influence the politicians, particularly in America.

We also fund old-fashioned style investigative journalism which is dying out in newspapers because the newspaper industry has become incredibly tough.
All we were interested in was the net result of whether it could produce a more effective presentation of the facts.


And who advises Black?  Is it a raft of highly qualified climate scientists?  Does he have a stable of the best climate minds and intellectual resources available to guide and inform his accurate and accessible information that he peddles to other journos?

Emmm..not really…just a motley assembly of ‘names’ that he hopes will give some credibility, authority and influence to his project…and of course he hopes that they will open a few doors for him and his climate campaigners.

In reality this is just Black peddling the same old discredited narrative that he pushed at the BBC….he didn’t bother with the science then so why now I’m sure is the thinking.






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7 Responses to Black Thoughts

  1. Old Goat says:

    He and Harrabin are both boring old farts, with vested interests, and I, quite frankly, can’t give either of them the time of day.


  2. Mice Height says:

    They just used the 97% consensus lie on the entirely humourless Now Show, as an excuse to give a piss-taking warmist nine seconds at the end of a five minute alarmist lecture, for the ‘other side of the debate’ to be heard.
    Apparently humans can choose what temperature our planet will be, to within half a degree or so, and it’s not really big government and lobbyists that are forcing AGW policies on us. We all want authoritarian governments, lower living standards, stagnant economies, high taxation, intermittent energy etc etc


  3. GCooper says:

    The only advantage Richard Black has over Roger Harrabin is that at least he has the honesty to admit he’s a shill. Harrabin still pretends he is impartial.


  4. Demon says:

    “the Tellus Mater Foundation”

    As bad for our future health as “Tell Mama”.


  5. Geyza says:

    There really needs to be an independent inquiry into 28gate, where the BBC hierarchy and “green” lobbyists conspired to lend the massive PR weight of the BBC’s priceless impartiality to one side of the debate in order to enrich rent-seeking corporatist renewable firms, completely in breach of their charter. The BBC could ensure the value of so many businesses increase far beyond what the market itself would ensure.

    Sadly there does not appear to be any lawful authority qualified to handle such an enquiry. Looking at each of the five different enquiries into the “climate-gate” email leaks, we discover nothing but overt and blatant one-sided corruption. They were the equivalent of a criminal trial whereby the defence council gets to choose what evidence is presented in court, where the Judge and Jury are close personal friends of the defendant as well as the court reporters and the plaintiff is not even allowed in court.

    The climate-gate and climate-gate II leaks were prima facie evidence of fraud. None of the evidence for that fraud was ever examined. The pro-alarmist establishment just whitewashed the lot!


    • Richard Pinder says:

      There already has been an inquiry, enough is known. As far as I know, there are already contacts between the Labour party, the Tories and UKIP on the matter. Ironically the main problem is Cameron.