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Lord Hall Hall has spent much of the last year protecting the BBC’s very, very privileged and entrenched position when what he should have been doing is overseeing its news service and reining in the worst excesses of bias and foolishness that results in the BBC defending the mass murderers, killing in the name of Islam, in Paris.

Lord Hall Hall betrays everything the BBC should stand for and should be held accountable for his organisation’s aiding and abetting of the Islamist cause.

Even today we have three examples of the BBC trying to manipulate its audience’s perceptions of events…two by omission the other by a deliberate sleight of hand.

The first is a tale of a BBC star being abused by a Muslim with what can only be called hate speech for the way she dressed and the fact that she was a woman out alone…..if a non-Muslim spoke like that to a Muslim woman in a Niqab that would be classed as hate speech…why the difference?  The BBC would be all over that story.

‘Sharia taxi driver told me I was disgustingly dressed’: BBC star Frances Barber tells how she was accosted by Uber driver after the showbusiness awards ceremony


The BBC has not reported this story of ‘racial’ abuse….even though the victim is one of its own employees….the BBC would rather cover up for a Muslim extremist than defend its own employee in the interest of ‘community cohesion’.

The second example is classic BBC, taking a swipe at its commercial and political rival, the Murdoch Sun, and at the same time promoting the Islamist agenda.  The Sun published the results of a survey into Muslim attitudes which revealed that a large percentage of Muslims have sympathy with Jihadis in Syria….this naturally produced a backlash from aggrieved Muslims and their useful idiot friends on the left.

The BBC published two stories on this…one in BBC Trending, the social media being left-wing dominated BBC Trending is a vehicle that seems designed to give cover to reporting that is predominantly about left wing concerns…mainly race or Islam….BBC Trending is knowingly biased.

Hashtag mocks Sun survey on Muslim ‘sympathy’ for IS

What the BBC doesn’t admit openly is that the protests were organised by  a professional Muslim campaigner…

The BBC also publishes this story on the same subject…

Record complaints for Sun UK Muslim ‘jihadi sympathy’ story


Curious thing that in neither story does the BBC make reference to its own survey of Muslim attitudes towards Jihadis in which 27% were found to be sympathetic to Jihadi killers….

27% of the 1,000 Muslims polled by ComRes said they had some sympathy for the motives behind the Paris attacks.

Of course the BBC tried to downplay that survey as well presenting a rosy picture of Muslim attitudes that are belied by reality….and as nearly 80% of the Muslims surveyed were outraged by cartoons of Muhammed who can doubt that 27% is a rather conservative figure?

A suspected jihadi is arrested EVERY DAY to stop a Paris-style plot on UK soil, says Britain’s anti-terror police chief

The Telegraph got to the point…

Quarter of British Muslims sympathise with Charlie Hebdo terrorists


Curiously the BBC also seems to have ignored another news story about Muslims in the UK that doesn’t fit with the BBC’s own narrative….

Revealed: The three British women ISIS supporters who are spreading extremist ideology in UK and encouraging young girls to join the jihadists in Syria

  • Undercover investigation exposes three British women as ISIS supporters
  • Trio are seen promoting the terrorist group’s ideology and glorifying jihadis
  • They also encourage impressionable young girls in UK to join ISIS in Syria
  • Identified as Umm Saalihah, Umm L and Umm Usmaan in Channel 4 report

You may remember the BBC also totally ignored the astonishing expose by C4’s Dispatches programme ‘Undercover Mosque’ which revealed what the extremists were saying behind the closed doors of British mosques.  The BBC instead spent the same week trashing Jade Goody for a ‘racist’ comment she made in the heat of the moment during an argument in the Big Brother house…great to see what the BBC’s real priorities are….never mind extremist Muslim hate speech, instead launch an all out, week long attack on a white (with a mixed-race father), working class girl.

Odd isn’t it what the BBC prioritises and what it seeks to hide.  Three Muslim girls go off to be Jihadi brides and the BBC is there for them and their families….however, Muslim women aiding and abetting the radicalisation and recruitment of such girls in the name of Islam and the BBC ignores it.


From the Telegraph:

Frances Barber is right – Islamic extremism is changing London beyond recognition

Channel 4’s documentary about British female Islamic State supporters proves that our capital is no longer a byword for tolerance and diversity



Undercover Mosque 2







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6 Responses to Me, Myself, I

  1. Charlatans says:

    During the little time I had the car radio on today, I noticed the BBC woman presenter, (I think it was on Sussex Local Radio), kept referring, in very negative terms, to the terrible Sun front page, leaving me wondering what it was all about since I had not seen or heard what was this papers headlines.

    This thread now puts all that into perspective. The deliberate pro-Islamic indoctrination propaganda, trickles down from the BBC main news feeds into the Nations sticks, re-broadcast with enthusiastic left wingery and is very reminiscent of Soviet puppet state misinformation campaigns I personally witnessed during my days spent behind the Iron Curtain in the 70s.

    This very negative, undemocratic ‘liberal left’ indoctrination broadcasting is transparent enough for us all to see through it and winds up the majority in this nation, who lets face it, do not have allegiance to Labour or Liberal left politics, as the majority of elections over the last 100 years in this country confirm.

    That is the main point Lord Hall and his acolytes really need to take on board since, in my opinion, this is the reason the current, enormous, anti-BBC stance has come about.


    • Edward says:

      Local BBC output is more biased than national in my experience. BBC political debate locally is always dumbed down, but never in favour of right wing views – always left – for the sake of keeping the debate ‘upbeat’ by refraining from tackling the ugly truths that need to be confronted. It’s all about putting your rose-tinted glasses on and forgetting about the real dangers out there, because the BBC will relentlessly indoctrinate its audience into believing there is no difference between Muslims and bona-fide peaceful peoples.

      BBC Radio Nottingham – Mark Dennison
      (about 18:20 mins in)

      There is a woman called Beverley on the programme and she works for a charity called “Brooks Charity Solutions” – but I can’t find it anywhere. There are websites and Facebook pages but none of those are functional.

      She talks about Mitzvah Day. Nothing wrong with that, apart from the timing in relation to the recent Paris atrocity.

      Then there’s a bloke called Adam who starts off well, but then descends into typical left-wing rhetoric about “…we shouldn’t have poverty” and “At Cartwright King (Solicitors) we’re doing food banks again for Christmas – why are we doing food banks again for Christmas?”

      Because, Adam, you’re drumming up business for Cartwright King Solicitors you fucking taker of liberties. And BBC Nottingham are giving you the freedom of OUR airwaves to do it!

      And don’t forget Adam, food banks aren’t just for Christmas. Tosser!

      So there we have it – a woman from an obscure charity and a bloke from a solicitor’s company who we are supposed to believe represent a cross section of British viewpoints.

      Listen and weep!


  2. Richard Pinder says:

    The Censorship does make you wonder. Today we made some conclusions through deduction from what was omitted, or by questions not asked.

    (1) The Russians have permission to fly over Iran
    (2) Turkey dared not shot down the Russian plane over Russia or Iran
    (3) Turkey shot down the Russian plane over Syrian territory under Turkish sphere of influence.
    (4) The Liberal Establishment are wanting to bomb Syria to deflect attention away from the half million ISIS supporting enemies in Britain
    (5) The Liberal Establishment think that killing Muslims in the Middle East will bring right-wing support for the Liberal Establishment, as well as help to bring about a more Islamic multicultural paradise to Europe, through even more refuges.
    (6) GCHQ in Cheltenham welcomes the extra work and value lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union
    (7) The Liberal Establishment thrives on the chaos that multiculturalism brings, and would hate the crimeless peace and quiet of a hideously white paradise like the Scilly Isles
    (8) The Scilly Isles proves that it would have been better if the Nazis had won the war and that Britain had done a deal with Hitler to preserve the peaceful Commonwealth. While Hitler ruled over Europe the Middle East and Africa. We could then have had a radically democratic libertarian revolution in Britain in the 1960’s, just as I started School, bringing more Direct democracy than Switzerland for my 18 birthday, and then appointed John Cowperthwaite as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and introduced a points based immigration policy based on the Mensa test.


    • Demon says:

      Richard, I agree with you up to point 7 but no-one in their right mind could have wanted the nazis to have won the war.


    • ID says:

      (4) seems rather odd. The only thing you ever hear from the. Liberal Establishment, and I suppose that includes the BBC, is any form of military action against ISIS is “counterproductive”. I have always taken this to mean that the large Muslim 5th column in this country would turn nasty because nothing enrages them more than kufar killing fellow muslims or “crusaders” defiling their holy lands and places. Surely, the prime objective of the LE is to avoid any negative impacts on their multicultural madness which would be caused by staunch British patriots with Big Beards blowing themselves up in crowded places.


  3. Alex says:

    The BBC really is a disgusting broadcaster.