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  • “At the beginning of this month it was notable that the BBC was the about only outlet other than the Guardian to ignore the case of Jay Cheshire, a 17 year old boy who committed suicide after allegedly being falsely accused of rape. It’s particularly notable how this lack of coverage contrasts with their blanket and downright dishonest coverage of the de Freitas case, an alleged false accuser who committed suicide who was to stand trial for the offence. We outlined the issues here:
    Our complaints to the BBC about their lack of coverage of the Cheshire case received a most unsatisfactory repose and so we were prompted to undertake a full analysis of the BBC’s reporting on cases of false rape accusations (and allegedly false accusations) that result in suicide. The findings of the study are nothing short of astonishing, even by usual standards of BBC bias.Perhaps you’d be kind enough to share this with your readers or anyone else who might be interested? The study is here:
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