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  1. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Classic Internationalist Marxist soft propaganda piece by the BBC. Let the islamification of Europe accelerate, and the erosion of our freedoms continue!

    ”Migrant crisis: Facebook backs German anti-racism drive”

    The German government is going ‘waycist’ hunting. Real News. German government cut a deal with Facebook to facilitate their spending of German taxpayer’s money on ‘experts’ (thought police) to spy on Facebook communications. Hurray, more tax, more government, more spying on the general public! Hurrah!! (A few jobs for some new migrants perhaps?) Potential imprisonment for thought crimes. So, be clumsy with your words and if you liken Islam to a death cult, for instance, or believe that Europe needs de-islamising, for instance, and use words that the ‘experts’ don’t like? Jail. Wish to discuss the probabilities that the Eurocratic dictatorship has allowed more than or less than 8,000 experienced Islamic fighters to enter the Schengen zone, and what the punishment should be for the responsible government officials and ‘representatives’? Be careful, could be jail.). I’ve got a feeling that I wouldn’t qualify for one of Facebook’s ‘protected groups’ either, referred to by Richard Allen, Facebook’s public policy manager in Europe. I wonder if the German’s have jurisdiction in England yet? If Mrs Merkel decides that they do, I guess they would? Isn’t that how the EU works now? And what the EU Army will be for? If the Germans jail me, will they give me a gold star to wear if my racist hate crime is committed with grammatical accuracy?

    But in Beebworld of course, it’s all OK and for the best:


    Government + Corporate giant + thought crimes. What could go wrong?

    Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. G Orwell.

    Free speech. Protect it or lose it. Even if Big Brother Merkel is watching you.

    Germany reverting to dictatorial type. Schengen ripped and in tatters (by dictat – Orders of Herr Merkel!). EU Commissars, the BBC and German politicians slandering Hungarian representatives with irresponsible Godwinian calls of ‘waysist’ and ‘Nazi’. Politico’s, journalists and eurocrats: Ideologues and professional position holders out of their depth, openly engaging in socialist coffee shop talk on a public stage, in their positions of office and ‘responsibility’, promoting the reinforcement of discord and disharmony in Europe through their shambolic approach to the ongoing mass human migration, which their actions, incompetence and foolishness have amplified. And the far-hard-looney left are barking in their echo chamber. Particularly loudly at the moment.

    Yet again, Nigel Farage was right , his detractors were wrong. And many have died as a cnsequence since he warned them. Listen to the women of the ‘left’ as well as Nigel in this clip. The chap at the end of the clip is also pleading with the ‘lefties’ to see sense:

    But we have plenty of useful idiots who will pile on the misery, as this Hungarian writer suggests:


    Useful idiots will promote the UK’s continuing membership of the EU also, ever more so through their TV channel, the BBC. They are paid handsomely, with our money,to do it.

    Is it not obvious? We need to leave the EU.

    True humanitarians and freedom lovers vote UKIP, and will of course vote OUT in the EU referendum. OUT I say! Its for our children! (To adopt a Stephen Nolan / classic lefty approach.) You do think of the children Mr Stephen Nolan? What about the children Stephen Nolan, sat comfortably in your armchair? Don’t you care about the children you filthy Europhile scum! How could a human being possibly vote to remain in the EU without being an utter racist? (Oh no! I’ve sunk to the slug’s belly level of Stephen Nolan of the BBC! – I’ll slap my own wrist and not do it again.)


  2. AsISeeIt says:

    Never expect a balanced debate from the BBC

    Victoria Derbyshire presents us with 5 reasons why we should care about the US elections “We always get complaints about covering this, not many”

    Our Vicky almost let slip the BBC may not always get it just about right in the eyes of viewers – hence her quick qualification there.

    Number one is the US is still a superpower (have to admire that ‘still’)
    2 – Entertainment!
    3 – Celebrity!
    4 – First woman President – eva!
    5 – Have to admit I lost interest after it was clear the Beeb were backing Hilary as their story line

    “Obviously Donald Trump has insulted a lot of people… ”

    Derbyshire checks herself for a moment but her two guests – a Democrat woman and an anti-Trump Republican woman nod their conscent and approval and so the BBC woman goes on

    “Yes, Obviously, he has insulted… women, Mexicans….”

    I know the VD show is not meant for me but occasionally one does check to see it and marvel at where the Licence fee is going


  3. AsISeeIt says:

    It is interesting to try to discern the narrative the BBC and its little brother Channel 4 are using to criticise Hungary.

    We are told the border fence goes against the spirit of Schengen and the principle of open borders in Europe

    – but were the open borders not intendend for Europeans?

    Who said the open borders were for Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners?

    We are then told the restrictions imposed by Hungary threaten Europe’s good reputation for human rights.

    – and what exactly has that reputation ever done for us? Soft touch, more like.


    • AlexM says:

      Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria & Macedonia are not inside the Schengen area, so Hungary has a perfect right to protect its borders. All it is asking is that those refugees who want to cross should register for asylum when crossing into Hungary. What could be more simple for the BBC to understand.


      • nofanofpoliticians says:

        Hungary has worked out that sooner or later Austria will close its borders. When that happens, Hungary (if it doesn’t take pre-emptive action) will be landed with a load of migrants that it can’t get rid of.

        So, they made a decision which is right for them.


      • Guest Who says:

        Having been subjected to an Ozzie harpie from a rights group on Classic FM, I just had again to switch off when a South African whinger was on hand to tell me what the people and ‘internal community’ (who are these paragons on virtue?) think of the mess Hungary has made of their plans.


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        Word has probably got back that Hungary will not let you just cross willy nilly into their country without any papers etc, so this should help Hungary’s migrant problem pretty quickly. Of course it will then become Croatia or someone else’s problem unless they adopt similar measures. But if every country followed Hungary’s example Europe would be able to get a grip on the problem.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I sent an email to the Hungarian Embassy praising their country’s stance and wishing that our politicians had the courage to do the same as their government and stand up for their country instead of cowering away from liberal opinion.


  4. David Brims says:

    From invader to illegal immigrant to economic migrant to asylum seeker to refugee to immigrant to migrant to human being to ” They’re just like us !!! ”


  5. David Brims says:

    ” Zsolt Bayer, a co-founder of the “Fidesz” political party – Hungary’s currently elected political party, has warned of “racial weapons” being used to destroy Europe.

    “There are all kinds of weapons: traditional, chemical, atomic. And now we see that there are also racial weapons. This is the weapon that they, the invisible hands, have employed against Europe and against the white race,”

    “Why has everyone, from everywhere and all at once, decided to start heading towards Europe? Why? Let us declare loudly and level-headedly: this is an artificial, manufactured mass migration.” he said.

    “And its goal is the final and irreversible transformation of Europe’s ethnic and religious composition. And for this, they have already produced the necessary ideologies. According to the Harvard professor, Noel Ignatiev the white race must be made to vanish,”

    “Our leaders in Brussels want to sell Europe from over our heads and they want to destroy our Europe…Anyone who dares to oppose this automatically becomes a Nazi,”

    “But I have some bad news for these criminals, namely for the Austrian chancellor, the French foreign minister, the western journalists, who are liars to their very core, of the 500 million natives of Europe, 450 million do not want to see any more immigrants. The Hungarian prime minister represents their opinion,”

    He is just inches away from calling it White Genocide, probably because he thinks people will still see genocide as violent, despite that not being the case.

    Actually, genocide does not have to be violent – according to founder of the genocide conventions, it could be certain government policies which target a group for harm or destruction.” whitegenocideproject.com/co-founder-of-hungarys-current-government-exposes-white-genocide-in-speech/#comments


  6. David Brims says:


    • chrisH says:

      Great video Mr Brims,,,note the very clever “Triggering Intensifies” subliminal postings throughout the soundtrack…very clever, would not be surprised if the Fairy Dairy Land cucks in the BBC/Eurovision aren`t already working on that.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      They are also no doubt Syrian, despite being black as the ace of spades.


  7. Cranmer says:

    Check out this article from the BBC Hungarian correspondent Nick Thorpe:

    I had to smile at this line: ‘Many Hungarians, especially those fed a diet of anti-migrant vitriol on state radio and television, are suspicious of the thousands of people from other cultures now traipsing through their country.’

    Unlike the British, who are fed a diet of pro-migrant syrup…


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Whoa…. “a diet of anti-migrant vitriol on state radio and television”.

      Who says? It simply isn’t the place of a supposedly unbiased state broadcaster to make a judgement of another country’s broadcasts and present that opinion as fact. If that isn’t a clear charter breach, I don’t know what is. Time doesn’t allow right now, but a complaint will be going in about that.


  8. Cranmer says:

    Any ideas on what we can do to counter the bias? It seems to me that complaining to the BBC is pointless; a letter to one’s MP or the Hungarian Ambassador would probably not be read anyway; posting anything contrary to hive-mind on social media just brings out the Social Justice Warriors with full throated Islington war cries…so what’s to be done?

    At the moment all I can think of is just to keep commenting on news articles to try to keep some sort of counter-narrative in the public sphere. I’ve sold my TV and only watch the BBC online, so no money goes to them. Sounds a bit feeble, I know, but realistically what else is there?


    • taffman says:

      Two things :
      These two petitions are worth re posting (tell your mates!)………………………………
      and ………………………………………………………………………………………


    • AlexM says:

      Don’t give up writing to your MP, but get others to do the same. About 20 letters on one subject is usually enough to get the average MP to begin to take a subject seriously. Firing off letters to the local press is usually a good line if you can get a local angle. MPs read the local press to get in touch with local opinion. Much easier than mixing with the proles.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Perhaps if enough email the Hungarian ambassador to express solidarity, they will appreciate (if they don’t already) that the public generally are behind them, whatever those in charge of the megaphones may say. It’s something I’ve been considering, and I think I’ll point out to them the line about “anti-migrant vitriol” mentioned above.


    • GCooper says:

      I’m afraid the answer to this, as it is with so many other problems plaguing this country, is that it can only be solved politically.

      The BBC will not reform itself and neither will our education system (the fount of so many contemporary problems, as Bishop Hill touched on this week).

      To reform the BBC would take the political will to do so. Labour will never change the BBC for the better and the Lib-Dumbs, like Labour, are part of the problem, which leaves the Conservatives. However, as they failed to so much as challenge the Left-liberal hegemony, even when Margaret Thatcher was in office, we can discount the Tories. Which leaves UKIP – and if UKIP is incapable of getting elected, or is unfit for power, then… who knows?

      My sense is that things will need to get a lot worse before they start to get better. And that quite a few heads will get broken in the process. It is not a happy prospect. All we can do until then is keep complaining, loudly, and at every opportunity.


      • BBC delenda est says:

        Do not agree.
        The problems can only be solved militarily.
        Those I oppose only respond to and recognise violence, so violence it must be.


  9. nogginator says:

    BBC -Heard the UN “uman” rights council, is condemning Hungary again, over illegal immi, er migrants, er refugees, er those fleeing ersecution.
    Yep! the joke cartel, that continually berate Israel, because of the 57 Islamic voting block … not asking why the (vast majority young healthy men) choice of holding babies in front of them to prevent police action as they
    riot and cause trouble
    Why aren t these fury fighters taking on ISIS?.
    Very similar to Pallywood, actions of Palestinians
    Actually talking of the UN where is the Security Council? the border force? over these non EU borders?
    Hmmm UN 57 Islamic voting block, … Islam is to always expand/everywhere else s expense?
    Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is Islamic tradition, (the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina – 622 CE)… anyone?

    Police Fire Tear Gas At Rioting Migrants Chanting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ Trying to Break Through Hungarian Border



  10. shelly says:

    Bill Cash seems to be a lone voice in the political wilderness, prepared to stand up and say what is really going on with all of this. He has described it as a Tsunami that could swamp Europe.
    I’m surprised he hasn’t been arrested.

    Me and the old Man have booked a long weekend in Budapest in November, admittedly booked before all this kicked off so I can’t claim I’m doing it out of solidarity with the Hungarians, I can’t wait to chat to a few locals and let them know how much I admire their stance on the illegals.


  11. chrisH says:

    How did/does Mishal Husain get away with personal abuse of the Hungarian Ambassador then?
    Who the hell researches THAT kind of thing, when their debate is lost-oh, maybe that`s why they do so.
    Unbelievable-that sow is more concerned with getting her hummus with Yentob later that she is with finding out why
    a) The Hungarians are correct
    b) the Hungarians are legal
    c)The Hungarians are honourable
    d) The Hungarians are proportionate and principled all down this sordid line that the BBC are trailing as a Yellow Brick Road for Jihadi Johns triumphant return.
    Husain won`t know-but Hungary is a “bit flat”-so the migrants could nick a Boris Bike or two and be in Vienna by noon…and the Russian tanks appreciated that.
    Who are the BBC to tell other sovereign nations that they need to appear on the BBC to be hauled over the headteachers desk for some serious counselling?…if only a migrant would use that naughty step to smash and chuck at the BBCs gilded twats like Mishal Husain.


  12. David Brims says:

    SKY news, Alex Rossi reporting the migrant porn, camera focuses on a 12 year old precocious brat, bawling his head off ” Pwease open the gate, let us in, we’re just like you.” That seems to be the new script ” We’re just like you.” Camera cuts to wire fence, Rossi shrieks ” It’s Fortress Europe !! ” Gawd, you’d think it was the Maginot Line.


    • BBC delenda est says:

      Whereas was IS needed is a REAL fortress Europe.
      There is an answer.
      If the bodies of all traitors in Europe, Europhiles, Marxists and others were used to create a barrier this would be sufficient to solve the problem.

      OK, it might not solve the problem. But it sure as hell would solve some problems.


    • ObiWan says:

      Sky UK News have been utterly contemptible in their coverage of the illegal immigrant situation – sometimes managing to ‘out-BBC’ the BBC in their craven stupidity. I’m re-examining my Sky subscription and may yet cancel it entirely.

      Absolutely disgraceful.


      • Guest Who says:

        Ditched along with the TVL DD.

        When they asked why, I told them.

        Both can go rot.


        • Mr A says:

          Me too. The BBC website gives an interesting insight into the Beeboid mind. Every link that promises to take you to a “Cancel my Licence Fee” page takes you to a “How Do I renew My License Fee?” page. Every FAQ box or “Contact Us” box comes with the pre-filled question, “How do I renew my license fee?” Took me 30 minutes to actually find the correct page after following false link after false link after false link.


    • Al Shubtill says:

      DB – If they are just like us – why are their countries of origin such s*** holes? You should expect them to be just like our countries, wouldn’t you?


  13. David Brims says:

    We’ve had invaders who are disabled, next up children and baby invaders and now finally invaders with puppies and kittens. Another psyop http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-34257055


  14. BBC delenda est says:

    Meanwhile an obstacle in my path to BBBC today.
    Google today, no Google Doodle.
    Just a banner inviting me to donate to relief for migrants.
    Google will match your donation, thanks Google for doubling the problem.

    UNHCR, well known anti-western organisation, funded by the West.
    International Rescue Committee, international in the title a key indicator.
    Médecins Sans Frontières, no borders, we can all go where we like, naturally the traffic is one way.
    Save the children International, founded in the UK, UK branch recently gave an award to Tony Blair. UK head received ~250,0000 in 2014. Nice work if you can get it.

    No thanks Google, donations are required in the UK, for white people whose lives are being destroyed by your policies.

    Firefox time?


    • Geoff says:

      Nearly as bad as the ad during Sky News this morning, multimillionaire, country estate owning, properties in Venice and America ‘I’m leaving if the Tory’s get in’ Paul O’Grady in his wooly jumper telling to us to dig deep for the kids who are going to be cold this winter because of ‘hard times’

      FFS! Oh and Paul just F the F off!

      It one endless piece of emotional blackmail on Sky, migrant sob stories with charity porn in between…


      • chrisH says:

        Worraprick this man is.
        Has he no idea what the Muslim host will do with all his beloved dogs?
        And-that`s not even including his gay thing?
        Why didn`t he go then?…


      • Al Shubtill says:

        But the tw@t didn’t f*** off though, did he, when the tories got in.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      I think you may find that the head of Save the Children worked at No. 10 in the New Labour years.

      When the Tories try to put their supporters into quangos up goes the hue and cry. Strangely it didn’t when Labour achieved virtually a clean sweep in their time!


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      International Rescue, does that mean Scott and Vergil will come and sort out the problem.


  15. Cranmer says:

    Mr Brims – I’ve been thinking about the Maginot Line myself. Of course, as every schoolboy used to know, the Germans played a ‘shabby nazi trick’ and came round the side. If the migrants do this, they will simply be able to cross into Hungary via Croatia.

    However, Hungary is planning to build a fence on the Croatian and Romanian borders, so this would mean a much longer route through Croatia, to get into the Schengen area via Slovenia.

    I think what we are seeing now is a surge caused by the knowledge that the fences are going up and that winter is coming. Summer is long in Hungary – good weather lasts well into October – but the autumn is short and the winters, which start around mid November, can see temperatures plummet to -20c in the countryside. Sea crossings from Turkey will also become more difficult in winter. So there’s a narrowing window for the migrants to get in and I suspect there’s an element of panic starting, particularly with Germany announcing border closures.


    • BBC delenda est says:

      Stop calling them migrants.
      In fact would Mr Vance suggest a term which would be appropriate here?


    • taffman says:

      Have I missed something? Germany is closing its borders but the migrants are still being told to head there ?
      The EU at its best. Indecision, incompetence and undemocratic. Complete disarray. Fat and bloated by bureaucrats and funded like AlBeeb – By us the British Public.
      Both bodies will push the agenda to stay in the EU in the forthcoming referendum with their propaganda and our money – A taxation without representation.

      Time to get out the unelected body before Germany off loads Merkel’s big mistake on to us with its open borders. We now hear that the UK’s terror alert has taken a steep rise this morning. Now Mr Cameron , its time to grow some balls .


  16. shelly says:

    I just sent an email to the Hungarian consulate (not sure if he is the correct person to email but anyway) stating my admiration for their stance.
    It will probably not even get read, but I think its worth reiterating that the msm is not reflecting the views of many of the people in this country.


    • Cranmer says:

      Shelly, I sent my email to the Ambassador’s office. mission.lon@mfa.gov.hu, 35 Eaton Pl. SW1.
      I think the Hungarian consulate is more of an admin place for passports etc.


      • shelly says:

        Cheers I will resend my email to the correct place.


      • John Anderson says:

        Thanks Cranmer for giving the correct address for emails supporting Hungary. I have just sent the following :
        “Thank you Hungary for trying to keep control of Europe’s external border.

        Please ignore the BBC and others who try to vilify Hungary on this – I believe most people in Britain agree that what your country is doing is legal and sensible. And most people think that Germany in particular is being plain stupid – as well as acting illegally.

        I was 14 in 1956 – I remember the news films and photos of Budapest, of Hungarians being attacked and trampled. I remember thinking how brave Hungary was. Later on, a young Hungarian arrived at the school, was in the same dormitory.

        Present events remind me of Hungary’s bravery.


  17. Thoughtful says:

    All MSM carrying the latest assault on the Channel Tunnel entrance at the Calais end except for one – the BBC no surprises there.

    Migrants are on the tracks attempting to get into the tunnel and to walk across to the UK, French Police had to remove them.

    This is the fault of the lunacy of the Socialist President Hollande, refusing to do anything which might offend the migrants despite international law being clear that they should be returned to their countries of origin. As the most unpopular President probably ever, it is extremely unlikely he will be re elected, but the growing popularity of Front National might mean the next president has to take a much tougher line.


  18. Up2snuff says:

    Suitable Semantics #2

    I was struck by this, yesterday or the day before, on BBC Radio 4: people traffickers & people smugglers referred to as ‘private companies’.

    I am still not sure I can believe my ears. Did anyone else note it? I cannot now remember who said it or when as I’ve been saving it for the new Mid-Week Thread. That’ll teach me! It was probably on the TOADY programme or WatO.


  19. Cranmer says:

    I’m writing to HE the Hungarian Ambassador now. I would imagine they have received quite a lot of hate mail from SJWs by now, so the balance is likely to require redressing.


  20. BRISSLES says:

    My education has been expanded. In all my 60 odd years I have NEVER realised there were SO many refugee and children’s charities !!! A new one is coming out of the woodwork every day, the way the media are interviewing yet another Representative/Director/CEO of some unheard of charity or other. This latest migrant crisis must be their Olympics ! Well, with so many in existence they should be able to provide plentiful office work for some of those they’re begging for.


    • ObiWan says:

      Welcome to Common Purpose.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      My daughter in law works for a large one.

      It is a career choice! I expect her to be running one one day.

      I rarely contribute to major charities any more as they tend to be led by Labour luvvies on generous salaries who network with the movers and shakers who can dispense public cash on their pet ideas. Some may be able to think of a recent one with a connection to the BBC as an example!


    • G.W.F. says:

      Brissels, If you see any of these charities on Facebook, which are pouring in, just open the comments section on any and read the negative comments. I have yet to see one of these charities receiving anything other than hostility to the migrants, deserters, illegals or whatever they are called.


    • Lobster says:

      I often wonder where their money comes from – the taxpayer I suppose.
      You never see anybody collecting for them outside Tesco on a Saturday afternoon do you?


  21. David Brims says:

    Off topic, I was in my local supermarket the other day I saw Christmas products on the shelves, mince pies, Christmas pudding etc etc. It’s September the 17th for FFS !!!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Snuffy likes mince pies, David. Snuffy is also extremely partial to Hot Cross Buns, cold or toasted, naked or buttered or buttered and topped as well. HCBuns are available all year round. 🙂 Why are mince pies only available for four months? 🙁

      I think we should be told.


    • Aborigine Londoner says:

      WOW! My local supermarkets only have Muslim holiday foods.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Well, I for one am disgusted that without my knowledge I am eating Halal meat !!! WHY ? a local Chinese take-away now has a sign on the counter saying “Halal meat served here” . We are kow-towing to these foreign peoples in our land, and to appease them we are having their rituals enforced on us with no visible stand against it ! Why the hell should we put up with this ? Jews have their own supply of kosha foods, well labelled, and I have a choice whether to buy it or not. But meat that is slaughtered in a preferred manner due to a religion that is opposite to mine, and is also used in school dinners for all children is offensive to ME !


    • Geoff says:

      Thats nothing, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked past my local theme pub last night, it has two fully decked Christmas trees either side of the entrance!

      I bet those mince pies have BB dates well before Christmas.

      My local supermarket has endless Halloween guff and thats 6 weeks away! As as kid I can’t remember even ‘celebrating’ Halloween.

      I’m still hoping for a few more days of summer before then, it hit 20 degs last year on the 31st October.


  22. Cranmer says:

    Brissles, I am minded of the character in ‘The Life of Brian’, the poor old ex-leper who lost his begging livelihood because Brian healed him! If the ‘refugee crisis’ ever ends we’re sure to see a few ‘poor ex-lepers’ from the charity sector…


  23. seismicboy says:

    I wonder if the House of Lords committee will ask the license fee payers what they think about the future of the BBC. For example, should we be paying to translate bbc.com into 27 foreign languages. If you want to peddle your lilly-livered liberal BS to the rest of the world, do it on your dollar not mine.


  24. Germanicus says:

    Three of the top 4 headlines on Today this morning:
    1. Those horrible Hungarians and their xenophobic frenzy to control their own borders. No mention of other reports whic claim that over 90% of those rioting migrants, sorry refugees are actually from Bangladesh and not Syria or Libya.

    2. Comrade Number One Jez has now stated that he fully support Britain staying in the EU. Bit of a panic at the beeb when they thought he might be for Brexit for a few days. Phew.

    3. Two minutes hate for their current American Emmanual Goldstein, a barely concealed hatchet job on Donald Trump after a televised Republican Presidential candidacy debate. Trump, after more or less winning the debate was called both racist and sexist.


  25. Old Timer says:

    Let the Swarms in they cry.

    The public in Britain are not falling for this crap from the BBC or from any of the other TV stations. Sky and ITV are in fact no better than the BBC and even the other Freeview channels Al Jazeera, RT, Euro news, France 24, and CNN all follow the same script. Let them in, let them in, let them in.

    I suppose if you are on the ground, as their reporters are, then basic humanity would kick in when they see children suffering out in all weathers and with no home. The fact is though that most of them are overwhelmingly young men who will fight to get their way into Europe. They are in fact using the women and children as weapons. They are not stupid they want to go to mainly Germany and then Britain because that is where the cash is.

    Don’t forget as soon as they get their papers in Germany they can go anywhere in Europe, so expect the swarms to come here soon. ‘Swarms’ is of course the official word as used by our illustrious Prime Minister. Better known of course as Mistress Merkel’s bitch.

    So, even though we the public of Britain and Europe are against this invasion there’s nothing we can do.

    An invasion by the way is defined as; “a military offensive in which large parts of combatants of one geopolitical entity aggressively enter territory controlled by another such entity “. The word military could throw you off course here but as we know they are; ‘overwhelmingly young men who will fight to get their way into Europe’. The fact you don’t see any guns or uniforms is because they don’t need them. The quantity will do the job not the quality.

    You ask, what can we do? Apart from grumble on Blogs, the answer is NOTHING! Some have tried and have quickly been vilified and locked up. Ask Tommy.

    Can we march? We are the quiet silent majority and the wrong generation to be kettled by the police and harassed by the UAF. It’s OK for students and the great unwashed on the bennies but people with families and the older generation just can’t do it.

    Can we fight? Not without weapons and those were all confiscated long ago.

    Can we get publicity for our point of view. Not on the MSM in a thousand years. We will just be branded racists, nutjobs or even worse UKIP members.

    Is there a place on this planet where we can escape to?
    Answers please on the back of a postage stamp.


    • Andy S. says:

      According to Sky News reporter Mark Stone, in answer to the numerous tweets he’s received about the majority of these young men being economic migrants, he assures viewers that they are all, indeed, genuine refugees! So a liar as well as a shill for illegal immigration. Sky News has really been crucified for their bias in the comments sections on their News website.


  26. Cranmer says:

    Just a note to anyone thinking of writing to the Hungarian ambassador. Most educated Hungarians speak good English but in my experience they can struggle when reading long winded sentences (their language is utterly unlike any other on earth, so it’s hardly surprising). It’s likely the post is read (if at all) by young staffers so I would advise keeping things simple and to the point to make it crystal clear where you stand.


  27. Sluff says:

    The Beeb has a nice Have Your Say about Trump today. Though my contribution was censored, the top rated has got the idea of BBC bias, as do have quite a few other top contributors. They can’t censor them all.
    The jist being – we know the BBC hates Trump and loves Hilary but we don’t need the Beeb bias. We just want straight reporting and we can make up our own minds. Oh that were the case on the constant battering of pro-refugee indoctrination.


  28. chrisH says:

    Why the hell are Labours IPPR lot on TWATO-and telling me that the Labour party were not left-wing enough in the recent election?
    Why is the BBC allowing this patchwork crap to insult the Tories all the time, and craving new answers and methods to help their beloved Labour Party?..and who gets to call this “newsworthy”.
    I`m sick of this 24/7 Labour Mass Therapy shit…why are be being milked to pay for their fatuous musings?


    • Peter Grimes says:

      The IPPR has long been a far left fantasy organisation. I got tired of complaining to Al Beeb about their constant introduction of this bunch of fuckwits as ‘respected’, never the more accurate ‘far left’, whilst expounding at length about the antecedents of any centrist or slightly rightist think tank. Never forget that assholes like Straw and James Donation Liar Purnell earned their Leftoid spurs there.


  29. logiebored says:

    “this has been a pyrrhic victory for the Hungarian government….. its good name is in tatters ..”
    Nick Thorpe BBC News.
    According to his wiki entry, he worked for The Observer, and has written for The Guardian and Independent. Of course, that could be an error, and someone listening or watching his reports has taken a punt on him working for the three newspapers of choice at the BBC, and been mischievous. I think not. It is archetypal BBC provenance.
    The Graun and Indie represent 3.5% of circulation of national newspapers in Britain. Yet they are by some distance the default choice for the BBC, for editorial and in many cases employment of journalists. Whittingdale, if you want to be seen as robust, you must address these facts.


    • chrisH says:

      Nick Thorpe and the likes of Matt Frei, Mishal Husain make me puke.
      What right has any one of these public pimping suckup spongiforms to DARE to tell us that Germanys response to those migrants “made the world proud”
      But now-the very moral underpinning of Europe is in question as they close a border or two.
      Hungarys good name is “in tatters” is it?…Rather thought that forty years of managing to contain the USSR with its “goulash communism” stands the test of time, rather than whether or not Thorpes balloon needs a puff or not.
      Ditto Frei and his pontifications on Germany,
      These are BBC/Channel 4 monkeys with NO history, NO geography and NO links to planet earth and the rest of us-just a fuckin palm tree, kitty litter bag and a cut onion…before swanning off to the Budapest/Zagreb Marriots on a blagged TransAlpino pass.
      Utter twats-hope to God they end up with a water bottle or two being sent on a slingshot to them-wouldn`t make them see sense, but I`d just be glad that God hates the fuckers much as I do.
      Germany…Hungary?…your Eurovision points depend on your waking up to Nick and Matts pleas….


  30. Peter Grimes says:

    There were posts here earlier this week about the Corbynutter’s chief economist nutter, Richard Murphy. This buffoon is capable of even more Leftoid fuckwittery than Mad Gordo McBroon and Dannyboy’s Blanchflower!



  31. Flexdream says:

    The BBC will get the law changed, but until then, you can undermine its propaganda by legally avoiding the licence fee. I haven’t had one for over 10 years.
    This is all quite legal, unlike the evasion practiced in parts of Northern Ireland and tolerated by the BBC.


  32. Cranmer says:

    Since the election of Viktor Orban, the Hungarian government hasn’ t had a ‘good name’ amongst western liberals, so all this current crisis will do is confirm in the minds of the left how awful he is. Conversely, his actions have gained a great deal of respect from people who hitherto had probably paid no attention to that country’s politics.

    For the record, I don’t particularly like Orban – he did some distinctly odd things when I lived in Hungary, like nationalising the corner tobacconist shops, but in this case I think he’s done the best he could do under the circumstances, so the good name of the Hungarian government (and its people) is not in ‘tatters’ from where I stand.


  33. IsItMe says:

    Haven’t posted here for a while due to technical issues (now sorted – thank you David and Rob).
    To be honest, I have little to add at the moment, mainly because I have more or less given up watching BBC TV or listening to its radio stations. (I enjoy “Would I LIe to You” and most of the foreign crime dramas that usually take up the 9pm slot on BBC4 on Saturdays). The bias during the “migrant crisis” has been off the scale and I can’t take any more.
    We know that most “migrants” are young men – the UN’s own statistics bear this out (13% women, 15% children, 72% men). Yet the pictures we see are predominantly of women and children. It is unquestionably accepted that they are Syrians – even when their appearance suggests they are Pakistani, or even African and when there are reports of a large market in fake Syrian passports. We hear that they are “desperate” and hungry and thirsty – but the BBC suppresses images of them throwing away food and water, throwing stones and basically rioting. Hungary is treated as a virtual pariah state when it is simply defending its borders – at it is obliged to do, under the Schengen treaty.
    I am consoled by the fact that many people seem to have noticed the BBC’s bias and I have heard comments in this vein from a number of friends and acquaintances.


  34. logiebored says:

    BBC lunchtime news excelling itself today. On a report on the civil war in Mozambique which ended in1992, mines have finally been cleared, and apparently these mines came from… wait for it….HUNGARY, Russia and the US.
    That contradicts a Human Rights Watch report (by Mary Wareham) from 2000 which said

    ‘Landmines produced in the following countries have been found in Mozambique: USSR, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Yugoslavia, China, Italy, Belgium, France, U.K., Portugal, U.S., South Africa, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Austria.’

    They must have found a hell of a lot since then for Hungary to usurp Russia and the US to be named first in a BBC report.
    Also, Hungary is a FORMER manufacturer of landmines and is not listed as having stockpiles, unlike Russia and the US. However, these inconvenient facts do not play into the current BBC narrative that Hungary and all things Hungarian are evil, so any smear at any time, no matter how oblique, is worthwhile. Despicable.


  35. Guest Who says:


    ‘on reflection James O’Brien feels the interview might have been more productive if he had not made his own frustration quite as evident’

    Which is why market rates are supposedly paid to professionals who interview rather than vent. Apparently.


    • Number 88 says:

      No comment from the BBC, I note, about the follow up tweet from Newsnight Editor Katz, smearing Kawczynski, implying that Kawczynski’s part in the heated exchange had something to do with him being a recipient of Saudi hospitality.

      It was a disgusting and unwarranted smear that illustrated Katz’ bias and why he should step down. At the very least it should have led to some form of disciplinary action (but that of course is reserved for people who the BBC doesn’t like – Tories, whistle blowers etc.).


  36. IsItMe says:

    In the interests of fairness, here is a reasonably balanced – and informative – piece of journalism by the BBC’s Mark Urban.

    “It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that tens of thousands of people from relatively peaceful countries have joined the trek to Germany, which is seen as one of the most desirable places in Europe to live.

    To put it more bluntly: they are taking advantage of and increasing this crisis. Statistics (attached report in German) compiled by the German authorities show that while the number of Syrians went up by 177% during the first nine months of 2015 (compared with the same period last year), the rise from Albania was 631%.”



    • Cranmer says:

      IsItMe, thanks for that – indeed a refreshingly balanced piece. I hope we will see more reports like this, as it becomes clear to the cultural Marxists that the public will not tolerate their misinformation any more. I believe we may also be reaching ‘peak migration’, because people are starting to realise that as winter sets in and the fences go up, this may be their last chance to walk into the EU unchallenged.


      • David Pearl says:

        Good post, IsItMe. I’d like to add to it, at the risk of being vilified on here.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been horrified at growing BBC bias for many years. I never thought it could get worse, until a few months ago.

        The endemic and institutionalised bias since the migrant crisis truly erupted has been breathtaking. Stomach-wrenching moments like the Beeb’s Jenny Hill calling out and gushing “Welcome to Germany!! How do you feel?!!” to the first migrants off the train from Vienna will alas stay with me for a long time.

        HOWEVER, yesterday and today I thought I started seeing the first signs of things changing at the Beeb. I’m assuming that they’ve been inundated with complaints to such an extent that it’s been impossible for even their arrogant natures to be unaffected.

        Either that or they’re starting to worry about the fast-growing campaign to end their licence fee and many of them losing their jobs.

        Anyway, I saw signs of hope today in the BBC’s coverage. Still biased of course, but not quite as abysmal as usual. Has anyone else noticed any slight improvement?


        • Cranmer says:

          Mr Pearl – I have noticed a slight change in the BBC reporting of the migrant crisis, yes. But only very slight. I think what caused it was Germany closing the borders (as well as other liberal countries such as Denmark) because that meant they could no longer claim it was only ‘unenlightened’ countries like Hungary that were doing it. I suspect it was that, plus the huge number of complaints about their coverage, that caused a bit of self-doubt and confusion. But hey ho, no doubt there will be plenty more water cannons and tear gas incidents for them to emote over in the coming weeks.


          • David Pearl says:

            I agree entirely. Still, a slight change is better than none.

            My wife’s in Hungary right now and I’ve asked her to come back with plenty of observations. There may be some things of interest to readers of this site, although I doubt we’ll be too surprised by what she has to say.


        • Mr A says:

          Interesting stuff on R4’s “From Our Own Correspondent” today. They had four BBC Foreign correspondents leading a public seminar on working as a foreign correspondent. When talking about social media, one of them admitted that she had been swamped by complaints on the coverage of the migrant crisis on social media, particularly the BBC focus on women and children when most were men. Her response to this was typical Beeb – firstly disingenuous, “How can I invent women and children who aren’t there?” then secondly patronising and insulting, “We’re humanising a story that some people don’t want humanised” (i.e. you’re all nasty b******s with no humanity).

          When talking about how they work it was also interesting that they are taught to look for “a hook” to a story. It’s not enough just to say, “Here are 300,000 people marching across borders.” You have to give it an angle. Now even if they weren’t as biased as Hell and working to a definite agenda (which is impossible to deny), you can see how this approach will lead to distortion. You’re faced with 280,000 young men. So what do you do to get your “hook”? You head for the screaming child or the person in a wheelchair – bound to be a good story there! So even if you weren’t biased (which they clearly are) your story will end up biased because of the way they are taught to select subjects to report on. Why focus on a 20 year old man when there are thousands of them? Go for something a bit more unique…. in the case of this horde, a woman.


        • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

          The odd article that isn’t outrageously biased is just the tactical tidbit they chuck out to reassure the horrid oiks of their impartiality. I’m sure they consider it an occasional nuisance they have suffer when it’s blatantly obvious that the standard pro-EU/climate change/immigration template isn’t quite gelling with the masses.

          Strategically the BBC is like a massive container ship, takes an age to turn – and anyway the captain and crew have no intention of turning.


  37. mikehunt says:

    In BBC land feminism trumps all.


    We are told “This “self-perpetuating” myth is based on the false notion that running should be about being skinny rather than being healthy”

    And the whole article is essentially premised on ‘I’m a woman and I can do whatever I want’ with no mention of the fact that size 18 is in fact inherently UNHEALTHY, and that fat people who take up running are doing so in order to lose weight.


  38. Dover Sentry says:

    How the BBC discards and ignores complaints. (They receive 3,000 ‘comments’ per day).

    This is the ‘small print’ you may miss:-

    “”In order to use your licence fee proportionately we do not investigate minor, misconceived, hypothetical, repetitious or otherwise vexatious complaints which have not suggested evidence of a breach of standards, or are gratuitously abusive or offensive. When handling your complaint we will treat you courteously and with respect. We expect you to show equal courtesy and respect towards our staff and reserve the right to discontinue correspondence if you do not, and in some cases we may use your personal information to stop such behaviour.””

    So, in order to save our money, the BBC ignores our complaints if they are:.

    no breach of BBC standards

    …..and who decides if the above always applies? The BBC Complaints section!!
    …and they can also use our personal details against us. How? Prosecutions for complaining perhaps?

    Oh, the children! Think of the children! I know Jimmy Savile thought of the children. Thanks to the BBC.



    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC also doesn’t like people pointing out opening and closing HYS’s when most are at work seems pretty devious. Apparently.


      1. Posted bymartoon196
      7 hours ago (after most at work)
      Around 3.40pm (when almost no one has got back).

      I wonder if this one sealed the deal?:

      1374. Posted bysorrysorrysorry
      1 hour ago
      Migrants have broken through Croatian police lines at Tovarnik. Looks like sooner or later they may come in different directions across the english channel with boats and I am sure these people are not an end of the refugee crisis as more will follow their footprints and arrive to Europe and UK.

      What can Britain do about it? Almost nothing but take them in as you can’t just shoot them, right?

      Nice bookend to this:

      3. Posted bytimetosaygoodbye
      7 hours ago
      If I were MI5 I would be more concerned about David Cameron letting jihadis return from fighting in Iraq & Syria and also letting in ‘asylum seekers’ from the Middle East with many posing as refugees who are in fact ISIS fighters


  39. GCooper says:

    The one thing we can be certain of is that the BBC never treats us with respect.


  40. Al Shubtill says:

    I heard Toady’s token Muslima interviewing the Hungarian Ambassador this morning; she said that Hungary was in breach of the Geneva Convention by the way it was treating these “refugees”. She said how can you reject someone’s asylum request in a matter of minute? Quite simply I would have thought, if they have no paperwork to identify themselves with or if they do have identification, but it shows that they originate from a country which in no way justifies their describing themselves as a “refugee”
    She stated that Hungary was breaking international law by arresting and prosecuting “refugees” who entered the country illegally; if these “refugees” won’t allow themselves to be processed (which is suspicious activity of itself) to determine what their status is – they surely aren’t entitled to such protection under international law?

    WTF has the fact that the Ambassador’s parents were refugees who fled the Russians and followed the legal asylum process to go to another country, have to do with the Islamic vermin attempting to illegally and violently enter his country?
    The Ambassador more than held his own and came across as far more reasonable than the creature who was conducting the interview.


  41. nogginator says:

    After another day of more BBC Migrant sob story propaganda.
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34272351 and
    – Disabled teenager’s journey across borders – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34275165

    “Refugees from Middle Eastern countries – like war-torn Syria – are demanding they are allowed to go to Sweden or Finland because the terms of asylum are more favourable for them. Asylum seeker Marwen el Mohammed said there are two reasons migrants do not want to go to Denmark.
    Mohammed claimed the first reason is that “the salary for refugees decreased about 50 per cent from 10,000 kroner (£1,000) to about 5,000 (£500)”. errrr …. “salary”?

    Meanwhile …
    Look on the bright side … the Tories, are lying again (just for a change).
    After lying … not getting immigration down, lying … over our spiralling national debt, lying about growth
    Camoron and Osborne quietly pay the £1.7BILLION bill from Brussels which they dismissed as ‘totally unacceptable’
    PM said he was ‘downright angry’ at the demand in October, Cameron banged lectern and vowed not to ‘to get out our cheque book’ …. ROFL!
    Surprise, surprise … EU Commission says Britain has now ‘paid the amount due’ 😀



    • GCooper says:

      The BBC must be in an awful quandary over that latter one! They will desperately want to shame the Tory government for telling lies – but how do they do it without shaming their beloved EU even more?


  42. JimS says:

    MI5 boss Andrew Parker tells us that the terrorist threat has never been so great and that he needs more ‘powers’.

    Meanwhile our politicians continue to load more Muslim bullets (migrants) into the public Russian roulette chamber, (the UK population) – “most of them are duds, don’t worry”.

    We can’t do ‘fracking’ because it might be dangerous, (even though we have been doing it for 50 years without problem), yet we keep playing ‘chicken’ with Islam even though the consequences are plain. Why?

    The Saudis must pay well.


  43. Cranmer says:

    One crumb of comfort is that online, the anti unlimited migration lobby seem to be outnumbering those in favour of it, even on lefty sites like the BBC and the Guardian. Every other post also seems to point out media bias and manipulation; there’s also a lot of criticism of the obvious playing to the cameras (the brandishing of children, etc) by migrants. It’s getting more and more difficult for the bleeding-hearts to justify their position, if they ever could.


  44. Dover Sentry says:

    I found this comment (HYS) by a Hungarian on the Sky News Website:-

    7 hours ago


    I am a Hungarian who know and see the reality in Hungary that seems to be that the news tend to keep in silence or just don`t know about it.

    First of all, we all feel sorry for these migrants and we know it is a terrible situation they are going through, however if they would cooperate and work together with the Hungarian government they would already be on their way to Germany if not in Germany already. It`s like having action steps you need to take in order to reach your goal. Simple!

    Instead they choose to say “No” to the legal ways of doing things and ignoring all the laws while they creating their life more miserable.

    Second, interestingly no one talks about what the migrants do and did in Hungary so far. Several Hungarian women were raped on trains, 2 weeks ago 4 Syrian men wanted to rape a Hungarian woman on the street in Budapest, but thankfully the police were just around the corner and those 4 Syrian men run away. They go into stores and rob them because they don`t want to pay. They just use their knife and other equipments to scare the cashers. We have never had dysentery illness in Hungary. Now we have…!

    Volunteers give them water, apple and other fruits by the Hungarian-Serbian border and instead of say thank you and eating them they use that to attack the police. They throw baby at the police! They use baby as a shield. Is that normal? A question! Why they don`t want to register in Hungary?

    All those recordings about crying Syrian women and babies are only 2% of reality and the rest are strong young men. How would you know if they are not terrorists merge with refugees? Again we all feel sorry for them but we shouldn`t be naive and blind either.

    Despite all these, all we see in the news is Syrian men showing how they have been injured in the clash with the police. Like with everything. There is a cause and effect. The news about Hungary is distorted!

    Let me ask you a question. If you and I or any other European citizen were trying to go to another country (USA, Australia for example) with the same attitude and approach as these migrants, could we make it?

    Absolutely not. We have to obey and respect the laws. It all makes common sense.

    Thai is it I wanted to share. I just feel that it is a bit unfair what the media and the news present to people.

    Thank you, Zsolt


    • Mr A says:

      And some very telling parallels in that story to what I have seen coming from other people in those countries in other forums. I saw one German poster say that in his town the migrants were going into shops in groups and just walking out with everything. As there were so many of them security and the Police couldn’t do anything so the shops were now closing up and being reimbursed by the German Government. The rape thing is well known wherever they go and we have seen them throwing away food and so on. It’s actually disgraceful that the BBC and its billions is not only not reporting this, it is pushing a puppies and kittens narrative totally at odd with reality! I never thought I’d be scrabbling around for news online, like the Chinese had to do during Tianenmen Square, because the BBC was so appalling.


  45. nogginator says:

    Femen Topless Protest BBC? … hello anything past 2014?
    no? … worlds best newscaster and all that?
    but helpfully BBC in its “elsewhere on the web” section …
    Topless Femen protesters beaten, arrested after disrupting Muslim conference on women

    This was a Islamic conference where they were debating the subject of “should a woman be beaten or not … ?!?*?!
    I can very much understand the femen’s point of view, peruse the end of the clip where they are pulled off stage kicked and beaten,
    Islamic Conference … possible reason?


  46. Mr.Golightly says:

    Zoltan Kovacs, spokesman for the Hungarian government, and what a spokesman he is. In spite of serial attempts by various BBC “journalists” to smear him and his country, the admirable Mr.Kovacs remains courteous and level-headed. Last night on 5Lies “The Late News Hour” Phil Williams took up the cudgel – “Nasty Hungarians use water cannon and tear gas against children, the mob were only throwing sticks and stones (teensy-weensy ones at that), what if the water cannon and tear gas doesn’t deter them Mr.Kovacs, will you escalate to the next level (asked twice), when are you going to fire up the Gatling Guns Mr.Kovac? You know you want to.”

    Meanwhile, at 13.30 today chief bleeding-heart Lyse ‘Granny’ Doucet (last seen about 30 minutes before in the intro countdown wandering around a hole in the ground wearing blue flak jacket and helmet, looking like she’s forgotten where she parked the car) is stationed on the Serbia / Croatia border. “Oh look there’s a baby with a little pink top and blue trousers. Oh look there’s some more babies just over there. There’s a Dad carrying his baby twins. Oh look I’ve just been hit on the head by a baby. Mon Dieu! It is raining babies. And now back to the studio”…….

    ….where Anita is about to embark on a 10 minute interview (regarding radicals on campus) with the BBC’s favourite group of fifth columnists, CAGE. A very nice chap called Mr.Mohammed smiled broadly and dissembled and obfuscated, until you could see poor Anita losing her thread. Credit to her though, she did try to get a straight answer, but to no avail. Mr.Mohammed kept showing those pearly-whites. He knew he’d got the better of valiant Anita.


  47. Jerry Owen says:

    Watching SKY news last night they had a bit on a pregnant woman caught up in the battle with the Hungarian police, of course it was everybody else’s fault she chose to be there! She was later filmed on what looked to me a brand new stretcher on the road, going absolutely nowhere so as not to miss the photo opportunity. She was wearing a bright red jumper ( how convenient )so expect her to be in the future an equivalent to the lone Tiananmen figure in front of a tank type figure whenever the BBC needs to tell us how evil we are.
    Mixed into the fray was a poor young child wailing and crying ( where were his parents ) dropping to his knees raising at the same time his arms to the sky and than coughing and choking, then wailing again all on his own with no one touching him.
    This very very sad spectacle I am afraid to say to all here has made me rethink my views on weather these people need help.
    They do need help and we all need to help them if we are decent human beings.
    I suggest all here find their local drama school and suggest they send out volunteers ( plenty of lefties there ) to give them drama classes, as the acting of these people is cringe worthy and embarrassing beyond belief. I nearly choked on my dinner watching them from the comfort of my sofa, and that just isn’t on.


    • GCooper says:

      You only need to watch a few minutes from the endless news footage of the ‘migrants’ to get the strongest sense of Pallywood.


    • ray_f says:

      So the migrants now consist of the following professionals good for the English economy
      1 doctors
      2 nurses
      3 engineers
      4 barristers
      5 scientists
      6 actors /dramatists
      7 babysitters
      8 sailors
      Maybe not the last two. However, judging by the acting so far, I wouldn’t trust the skills of the other ‘professionals’ either.


  48. nogginator says:

    BBC “over the handling of child exploitation in Rotherham” … Islamic child gang rape?
    Rotherham child sexual exploitation report: At a glance … Islamic child gang rape?

    Judge rules – Asian sex crime victims suffer more than white girls
    Brietbart – Rotherham Child Sex Grooming Probe To Be Biggest In UK History
    I think the lawyers smell a lot of money, over a long period of time … how many years?
    “South Yorkshire Police Still Failing Child Sex Abuse Victims A Year After Rotherham Scandal”
    No sackings, no arrests, no resignations. It stinks of a cover-up and the only people who will do well out of this will be the lawyers.
    The victims?, “the system” continues to ignore, and issue platitudes. Yep! No Twitter campaigns led by politicians, or comedians or Human Rights industry.
    No TV appeals or concerts. No protests by the local community with the sole exception a group called Britain First and the former EDL
    … and of course, years ago the BNP but sadly … they were all “waycist”s, so carry gang raping children, on an industrial scale, for another 15 years.


  49. ray_f says:

    Why do so many of our institutions seem hell-bent on intentionally inflaming the indigenous population of England. Now Asian children are worth more than white English ones. It seems the same is happening in Europe. They will be pushed too far. One thing they will find out, English will not runaway from their responsibilities to protect their own, unlike the shameful Syrian’s and Iraqi’s


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      Why? Because for quite a few years now (even with the Tories in charge) your Government hates you if you are indigenous English. It took me some years to realise it, and wondered long about the whys and wherefores. But you just need to look at what they do, not what they say.

      Their job is to disempower and disadvantage the hard-working, intelligent and resourceful and transfer wealth on the one hand to corporate interests, and on the other to the lazy, criminal and useless.

      Think of your taxes as a continuation of the Danegeld, to be replaced by Jizya in the near future!


  50. Cranmer says:

    I think there’s definitely been a change in the way the BBC is reporting the migrant crisis. I think even they can’t spin what is happening now. This article, for example, details the recent border clashes in Croatia:


    There is only ONE picture of a crying baby. The rest are of crowds of young men overwhelming the police. The report even contains lines such as ‘we saw a group of young men begin to mobilise for a protest.’ and ‘angry young men’. I don’t think we heard descriptions or saw pictures like that a couple of weeks ago.


    • Mr A says:

      Blimey! “Angry young men”!? Easy now, BBC!


      • Cranmer says:

        The reporter probably wanted us to think of them as 1950s angry young men such as John Osborne, Kingsley Amis etc (when they were young of course and before they became right wing).


    • David Pearl says:

      Thanks Cranmer, this seems to back up what I was suggesting yesterday.

      The BBC’s and Sky’s coverage remains totally unacceptable, but maybe those of us who complain in the thousands are beginning to have a small impact.

      Those of you who want to complain to the BBC, the only email address I can find is haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk .