Ok, I am sure you may well have seen the events unfold over the past hour. Labour embraces the hardline marxist Jeremy Corbyn. Thoughts on the BBC coverage?


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  1. Cull the Badgers says:

    I have asked:

    Why is the BBC shying away from the M word – Marxism? Corbyn praised Ralph Miliband, an ardent Marxist, and many have said a subversive and traitor to Britain, at the start of his speech. His son Ed is a Marxist as is Corbyn, and similarly ideologically driven. None of this can be ignored and if you wish to avoid more accusations of bias and partiality you must address and closely question Corbyn’s philosophy, motives and intentions. It cannot be hidden conveniently under ‘anti-austerity’ – you must not play his game.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Norman Smith the other day described Corbyn as ‘left leaning’ and his policies as ‘different’ and ‘appealing to disillusioned Labour supporters who didn’t vote at the last election’.

      Meanwhile, UKIP are ‘far right’.

      In other words now Corbyn’s been elected it will be business as usual for our slippery-tongued, agenda-pushing BBC correspondents.


      • Thaddeus says:

        Norman Smith also described Corbyn as ‘hard left’. Also described as the ‘archetypal “bearded leftie”, ‘a radical left winger’, ‘Firmly on the left of Labour’, ‘a member of the Socialist Campaign Group’, and as reported by the BBC, said of Marx; “He was a fascinating figure who observed a great deal and from whom we can learn a great deal,”.

        He’s not all bad though, he’s also on the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cheese.


  2. Beltane says:

    Congratulations must be offered to the cameraman during Norman Smith’s masterly summation. How he managed to stay dry and keep his lens spittle-free during Norm’s quite absurdly over-enthusiastic reaction to the inevitable deserves recognition.


  3. Beness says:

    Have to admire some of the politicians being interviewed on sky. I think they are trying to explain why an oversteer to the extreme left can still keep their party out of the bushes.
    Stuff that. what about the COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Xavier says:

    If Corbyn becomes prime minister Britain is finished.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Britain finished for me when it takes 3 weeks to see a GP, and then its those on work study !!


      • john in cheshire says:

        England was finished in my eyes when just over a year ago I had to visit A&E in a Manchester hospital and I was the only white person there.


  5. Sinniberg says:

    Something is wrong, and there’s an edginess to this whole issue.

    The BBC don’t really seem to know what to do with it.

    This was reflected in the coverage of the leadership election which was muted and although they’ve given a third of the main page to the result I sense a nervousness with the BBC.

    The one thing Socialists are good at (except for spending other peoples’ money) is tearing themselves apart with in-fighting and schisms.

    The BBC are either still licking their wounds after the General Election or they sense that this could all end in tears with the Labour Party imploding even further.


  6. Alex says:

    The BBC has blown all pretence of impartial reporting. I remember when David Cameron became leader of the Conservatives; the BBC coverage was nothing like this. The BBC is a far-left, metro-trendy Labour loving machine that naturally finds it hard to contain any sense of calm and objective decorum when reporting on their dear leader, JC. The BBC is full to the brim with middle-class Labour voters, and the recent coverage has been testament to this appalling left-wing poopaganda fest.

    It’s been wall-to-wall Corbynmania and at times has resembled the euphoria one would expect to see at the crowning of a monarch or election of a president. The BBC are an utter disgrace, and so are the disgusting Labour party: a party of IRA and Islamic fascist-supporting Costa-coffee drinking scumbags.


    • Grant says:

      Alex, perfect summing -up !


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      I’m willing to bet there have been more hours broadcast reporting the Labour leadship battle on the BBC & Sky than the General Election.


    • john in cheshire says:

      If only JC – Jesus Christ – was their leader, this country would be a far better place.


    • Thaddeus says:

      The BBC coverage of David Cameron becoming Tory leader was nothing like this because this is nothing like that. They’re two different situations.


      • John Anderson says:

        Why is the election of one party leader different to the election of another party leader ? Or do you just try to contradict stuff on a knee-jerk basis ?


  7. Dazed and Confused says:

    Nice to know that somebody is happy with Corbyns victory…


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Someone’s not quite so happy.



      • DownBoy says:

        Hahahaha. Thunderbird puppet Andy, plus Mrs Balls and Liz Kendall all had to keep smiling and beaming for the cameras while screaming inwardly, no doubt. However the camera did pan back in the crowd to show Tristram Hunt, Emma Reynolds and Chukka, all with the expression of a slapped arse.
        As I said, hahahaha.


  8. Guest Who says:

    I have mentioned the ‘assured licence fee/less assured EU’ dilemma already.

    There now seems a disturbance in the upper bracket of the market rate Farce that is the BBC on how shared principles may be going a bit further than anticipated, and sweet financial deals may not be as locked down with Jeremy at the helm.



    • Mr A says:

      It will be interesting to see how the BBC deal with Corbyn.

      Their default reaction is to support him as he is a lefty. But at the moment I feel a lot of the BBC excitement comes from those unreformed early 80s Marxists who put on suits in 1997 and are now high up in the organisation and the numerous 12 year old Twitterati interns they have running around who don’t remember the old far left. Once he starts raving in public (and he will – he has both insane policies and a nasty temper on him) and once he starts coming out against the EU and in favour of terrorists etc, I suspect they’ll start to waver.

      The BBC is a leftist institution to its core, but it’s very much a pro-EU, Common Purpose organisation. I think despite their current mania, Corbyn is far too much of an unreconstructed Marxist for them. They’ll be sensitive to him but I doubt they’ll be full-on cheerleaders.


      • BRISSLES says:

        You’ve hit the nail on the head Mr A…………………… the kids who don’t remember the old far left ! For them this is something of a novelty. A lot were still in pushchairs when Michael Foot tried the same thing; now we have the “all right mate ?” types who are die hard white van drivers, or those like Corbyn – to the manor born yet are anti-establishment. I come from a family of generational labour voters, and yes I did love to listen to the articulation of Tony Benn in his hey day. Since then, and with the antics of Blair and Brown, the phoniness of all the leader contenders, the Tories and their priority of gay marriage – like that was important to 95% of this Country, and the nonsense that was the Lib Dems, I was a lost soul in the political wilderness with nowhere to cast my vote. Then I discovered UKIP, and can only hope with crossed fingers they don’t let me down !


  9. Anne63 says:

    Jeremy Corbyn’s success has been made into a BBC feature film already. Here’s the official trailer:

    The Lost World of Jeremy Corbyn

    Warning: very scary!


  10. Dazed and Confused says:

    I see at least one Beeboid was furious at the resignation of Jamie Reed


    • Beness says:

      Yes Vine. He should have waited, Bit like the BBC did with Rotheram.


      • Essexman says:

        If he won , it would be nightmare on Corbyn street , millions of illegals let into the country. I would be fucking frightened .


        • Al Shubtill says:

          I would be too EM, as I am with the Camerloon in charge.


        • DownBoy says:

          Do you have any confidence that Cameron won’t let millions of illegals in, Essexman?
          I’m glad he won the election as opposed to Milliband, but his record on immigration is shamefully bad thus far.


          • nofanofpoliticians says:

            He doesn’t have the choice DB… let’s just take the Syrians as an example.

            Once they get to Germany and Mrs M gives them all their reward in the form of a passport, they will be free to get on a plane and just come here. They can bypass Calais and any more long marches.

            Apparently, by next week 400,000 will have arrived there, so it’s just a question of time and numbers.


          • nofanofpoliticians says:

            He doesn’t have the choice DB… let’s just take the Syrians as an example.

            Once they get to Germany and Mrs M gives them all their reward in the form of a passport, they will be free to get on a plane and just come here. They can bypass Calais and any more long marches.

            Apparently, by next week 400,000 will have arrived there, so it’s just a question of time and numbers.


  11. ObiWan says:

    Hands up anyone who is surprised. This is what you get when you ‘game’ the system with political indoctrination – we know that Chairman Corbyn’s success is in large part due to a younger vote. Two decades of a Marxist ‘educashun’ system indoctrinating kids to the ways of the progressives, infesting every University up and down the country with pro-climate change, anti-fossil fuel, pro-immigration, pro-multiculti, pro EU, anti-English footsoldiers… and the p*sspoor Tom & Jerry show is the net result.

    Well done, Labour: you finally got the result you’ve been working towards so long! Good luck with that.

    BBC hardly know whether to laugh or cry. Hilarious.


    • taffman says:

      I would suggest that there are a lot of N.U.J members who are very happy with the Corbyn result . Many will be ’employed’ with AlBeeb Broadcasting.


  12. Up2snuff says:

    Well, If it’s any comfort to Corbyn watchers of all political persuasions and none, there are two important ‘signifiers’ long before 2020. The Scottish Elections and the London Mayoral Elections.

    If the SNP band-waggon slows significantly or Labour fail to do well in London (historically a tight contest) then Corbyn may have his work cut out to keep the mania going for four years.


  13. twitteryeanot says:

    I think Albert Steptoe did well for a rag and bone man. Everyone should allow him his moment of glory after all it will be the only one he has.


  14. Alex says:

    I find it utterly loathsome that a rabble of treacherous smelly wooly jumper-wearing filth are marching in London demanding that we open our borders to every tom dick and ISIS recruit. How bloody stupid, naive and irresponsible is that ffs? These sandal-wearing buffoons are basically calling for a full scale invasion and Captain Corbyn was there, too, spouting off his middle class form of socialist theory (you know, the theory that is usually found being discussed in snooty coffee shops frequented by middle class turd brains). Both Sky and BBC were floating on raptures of lefty bliss reporting on this anti-British motley crew of sociology and contemporary drama students, dole scroungers, immigrant parasites and middle class cretins from islington. Scum the lot of ’em! Oh well; at least Plymouth Argyle won, today. I’m off to drink cider.


  15. wronged says:

    Rumours of Ken Livingston to be made into a Peer of the Realm, and then handed the role of Shadow Home Secretary!!

    Labour are finished. -At last.


  16. johnnythefish says:

    I think we might be missing a trick here.

    Watson is a very canny operator and will be well aware of how Corbynite policies will be a turn-off for the majority of the electorate (though give it ten more years of immigration and that might change).

    He is also a very strong character who could well end up being the power behind the throne. To make Corbyn seem like Mr Reasonable Nice Guy and to up the ante on the ‘Nasty Tories’ expect spin and mantras like you’ve never heard before, aided and abetted by the slippery tongue of the likes of Norman Smith (Corbyn is merely ‘left leaning’) and some crafty BBC ‘documentary’ wholesale revision of the 1970s union/Labour nightmare along the lines of ‘ Poor management by industry top brass was equally to blame’ (I’ve seen it before) and he could prove more electable than we think.

    Let’s face it, if it’s a straight choice between a Tory and a hard left Labour government, which one do you think will get the BBC’s backing?


    • BBC delenda est says:

      Stop called this armed invasion immigration.
      We should all be on the beaching killing the ****s as they get off the boat.


    • hippiepooter says:

      You just have to look at the BBC’s general Goebbels coverage of the Israel-Arab conflict to see that Corbyn can rely on the BBC propaganda guns.


  17. Dazed and Confused says:

    Well one part of Corbyns core vote are now coming out to congratulate him….I suppose we’ll have to wait for tomorrow morning before the BBC follow suit..


    • DownBoy says:

      Ah yes the SWP. No doubt Norman Smith would describe them as ‘left leaning’.


      • Dazed and Confused says:

        “Vaguely left leaning” perhaps?…..The BBC have never been ones for taking issue with the terrible Trots, probably because most of them joined the SWP in their youth….


  18. john in cheshire says:

    I’ve listened to LBC this afternoon in the hope of getting a more balanced view of what has been happening today but I had to turn it off because it’s just as left wing as the bbc. Is there no radio station here in England that provides a normal, balanced news service?


    • Geoff says:

      Jon Gaunt is supposed to be launching his own free speech online only station (app based) ‘Talk To Me Radio’ this month.

      He also does daily podcasts, but after listening to him for a couple of weeks, I’ve found him ranty, a little bit thick and full of himself.

      The radio station, if it does come off, will be a live phone in type show, with presenters other than ‘Gaunty’ who promises free speech, that is until it upsets his backers….


  19. Dazed and Confused says:

    Corbyns genuine core vote of the SWP learn live of his victory and celebrate wildly by popping the errr errr..Champagne…


  20. AsISeeIt says:

    Vote for a new fresh kind of politics?

    Wait a minute, haven’t the BBC and Leftist talking heads been telling us that so-called progressive politics required young, ethnic minority and female representation?

    So how come a white middle class 60-year-old career politician suddenly fits the role of new politics?

    Oh, I think I’ve tumbled to what was meant by ‘new politics’ it meant LEFT SOCIALIST MARXIST at all costs – but don’t dare call it that. You must say NEW or PROGRESSIVE


    • wronged says:

      Good point Asiseeit,

      I would love someone from the Liebour Party to describe the difference between the terms ‘Progressive’ and ‘Socialist’.


  21. mikef says:

    I saw just the last part of Panorama the other day when Corbyn was questioned fairly hard and came across as a weasel. (His team have since complained at BBC harassment) so it is not clear cut.


    • wronged says:

      Albeeb are full of Bairites, they know that the Corbynista’s reign is short lived. Today Corbyn criticised the ‘media’. This would almost certainly include Albeeb.-ref Panorama.

      My guess is that Mandelson has started plotting his downfall already.

      Labour is now a protest party not a political party

      Labour = lots of idealistic thoughts, no solutions


    • wronged says:

      Just a minor adjustment to your comment, Corbyn IS a weasel.He states he wants to rid the world of poverty, hunger, allow all immigrants in while building lots of houses for them, and finally stop all wars rid the world of weapons.

      How Jeremy, How? Complete naivety, well meaning but a stupid idealist.

      My dearly departed old Mum always said
      ‘Never trust a man with a beard, they’re often lazy and difficult’.

      Maybe she died at the right time history what with all these Muslims and now Jeremy Corbyn. She would have been frightened to leave her house!


      • Stuart Beaker says:

        Corbyn..” states he wants to rid the world of poverty, hunger, allow all immigrants in while building lots of houses for them, and finally stop all wars rid the world of weapons.”

        Are you sure he didn’t wander into the wrong contest by mistake? Although his beard would probably be more acceptable in the Eurovision Song Contest, Miss World must be his spiritual home, being the true centre of wholesome ambitions emanating from a fabulous figure.
        I was particularly taken on the news with the passing visual reference to the young chap holding the Che Guevara pic – Mr Guevara, the wholesome, communitarian, completely non-psychopathic prototype of our own two lovable BBC biker-chefs, touring our own dear EU homeland acquainting us with our own dear regional dishes from Bavaria, Romania, Andalucia, and Belgium. Many of which have surprisingly spicy roots in our own Middle Eastern heritage. How satisfying to belong.


  22. Dazed and Confused says:

    So the entire evening news on Al-Beeb was taken up by puff pieces and underlying admiration for the election of Comrade Corbyn…..

    I think we’ve quickly been made aware that the BBC intend to have their newly beloved Marxist dictator elected by any means necessary…


  23. Guest Who says:

    Considering this leadership election was because the party in question was trashed in a recent democratic poll of the actual electorate, despite the best efforts of such as the BBC, and rendered effectively irrelevant, the level of Presidential Coronation for a lame duck in a diseased flock of turkeys does come across as more than bizarre.

    As his administration implodes, as it surely will, we shall likely see Tom Watson manoevre for power not with a shadow cabinet, but a shadow team of BBC market rates who have been itching to act as the official opposition for years.

    All, still, uniquely funded by folk who want nothing to do with either of them.


    • Stuart Beaker says:

      Perhaps the BBC should simply be recognised as HM’s Official Opposition? They could then be relieved of the burden of appearing even-handed, and just be rated on the degree and inventiveness of their partisanship.

      Making an honest woman of Auntie by making her dress in crimson stockings and wave a red flag would actually be very satisfying, if expensive. Much of the BBC’s power is in appearing one thing, while being another. Forcing it to champion the Left would rob it of its pretence of impartiality, and beg the question ‘Where is the Other Side, then – should the Right be forcibly championed by another set of channels?’

      A deliberately adversarial system would be quite fun, although I’m not sure where the children’s programmes would fit in.


      • taffman says:

        AlBeeb the official opposition to the government – I have always said this .
        But when were they elected ?


  24. Up2snuff says:

    The Licence Fee may be a bit of a problem for the BBC with Corbyn. He’s sharp enough to know that it’s a highly regressive piece of taxation for ‘ordinary people’, the people he’s now pledged to help. Yes, I know about politicians’ promises. Don’t write in. But on top of that he may not be too keen on the New Imperialism of the BBC. He will also know from the Islington grapevine of the vast salaries & pensions taken out of the Licence Fee by the top echelons at the BBC.

    The Charter Renewal post 2020, with Corbyn as PM, could be very, very interesting.


  25. NISA says:

    On a day (like many others?) when Labour have been given free rein to say whatever they wished without challenge, the BBC have a different standard for the evil Tories. The Defence Sec gives his opinion of the outcome of Jezzas policies. The BBC man spits back ” So its just like before, you are using scare tactics” (ish)


  26. The Highland Rebel says:

    Any congratulations yet from Hamas and Hizbollah?
    With Groucho the Marxists victory every Islamic terrorist on the planet will be celebrating tonight.

    Treble camel piss all round.



  27. The Highland Rebel says:



  28. Dave S says:

    A bad day for Israel as well. Corbyn will give respectability to the BDS lot and his record on Israel is not inspiring. The left Corbynites are almost to a man opposed to the exisitence of Israel although they will deny it. It is more important than ever that Israel denies entry to the BBC and their fellow travellers in the media.


  29. chrisH says:

    Just heard Laura Kuensberg refer to Corbyn as a “humble rebel”-and Billy Bragg sings the “Red Flag”?Just another day in the impartial BBC.

    Let them fart in the lift until 2020…they are dead, unless the thick and venal Tories screw up…and there`s every chance of that.
    Basically he`s halfway between Benn in his shroud with beard…and clean-shaven Benn.
    S`pose the fact that-again- no women need apply for the smellysocks brigade at the highest level.
    No Womens Hour analysis about why the Labour Party only let a Beckett, a Harman boil the kettle until the men come back to run it all.
    Thatcher seems to have been unincluded in the Womens History as dictated by Labour and the BBC huh?


  30. The Old Bloke says:

    The Ship of Fools has finally run aground.


  31. CranbrookPhil says:

    What bothers me about all this is the mob-rule factor. I see today that along with the Corbyn/Watson circus there has been a rally of lefties in London complaining that immigrants are ill treated.
    The left love to flock together in an overbearing rabble keen on shouting loudest & not tolerating dissent. Corbyn was swept to power by a mass movement – true his election was democratic, but the support for him was engendered by a vast mob of present day marxists on social media. These are naive people who swallow the claptrap that money grows on trees, things have never been so bad, immigration is beneficial, the NHS is free, everyone who doesn’t want to work can be supported by taxation etc etc.
    Large numbers on the left come out in a tsunami of socialism sweeping opposition or rational questioning aside. This is the same as the mass movements of people pushing a collectivist selfishness as we saw in Germany in the 1930s, Russia in the 1910s, France in the 1790s, what was common to all these was that it was not a good thing to be outside the mob. it is worrying.

    Of course all social movements have a prime goal & that is to control the media. Well the BBC was occupied long ago, it has become the mouthpiece of the tribunes.

    Just maybe Question Time audiences are equally balanced (but I don’t believe that) which section make the most noise, shout down opinions they dislike, make themselves & their views most noticeable, show the most intolerance? We all know. These audiences illustrate the noisy mob the left are naturally, a mob that grows & grows like a cancer.


    • Dave S says:

      Sadly true . I have the feeling that Corbyn and his followers believe that direct action is their right and that democracy as we understand it only entrenches a conservative majority in England in particular.
      Thus demonstrations are more legitimate than the ballot.
      Corbyn is bad for our parliamentary sytem. Maybe not personally but his supporters are a different breed.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      It’s the SNP model.


  32. GRIM REAPER says:

    Thought i caught a snatch of conversation with Corbyn in which he stated his intention to let other MP’s stand up at PM’s questions every week….hello? No, he is the leader, it’s his role, he has to prove his capability to lead by holding the PM to account….just shows that he is a backroom boy, fiddling and scheming in the rear, but shove him upfront….he will wilt in the flak….Cameron will destroy him, he knows this… scratch Corbyn and he explodes, worse than fatty Prescott. I give him 6 months, then things will implode.


  33. BRISSLES says:

    I lost interest in Question Time when the age group got lower and lower. I don’t care how loud they shout, teenagers (who most have a mental age of 11) and the 20 some things – who think they know everything and know nothing, are so cringe worthy in their juvenile questioning, but are under the impression they have something serious to contribute. They know nothing of life, except ‘Uni’, or reading off a script in the Call Centre, yet have a look of ‘seriousness’ when on camera thinking it will make a difference. Its the same with all the news reporters who ask the most inane questions; “and how do you feel ?” “give us a sense of “…… just once I want someone to say “how do you think I bloody feel ?”. No, QT is not a cross section audience, its a black/brown and under 30 audience, with a panel of nonentities who we are supposed to take seriously ie Grayson Perry ! Do I need to say more.


    • chrisH says:

      I gave up that day when some spotty student dared to ask Peter Hitchens if he had actually BEEN to any of the countries that he spoke of…Russia, Ukraine, Somalia etc….he said that “yes, he had”….but the damage was done.
      How dare some “passionate member of the public” denigrate a mans argument, without at least checking on his right to speak truth as he saw it.
      Dimbleby smiled on-and I`ve never seen the programme since.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Given the modest range of coverage the national broadcaster has been allowed to devote to this non event, it seems they have been forced to resort to the standby by of one degree if separation quoting approved coverage from elsewhere ..


  35. Guest Who says:

    @MediaLens Tragicomic self-censorship from Roy Greenslade – only the rightwing press has smeared Corbyn, it seems

    BBC gets a mention. Suspect their efforts in the past will be quietly ‘evolved’ away as on their editorial can. With integrity, of course.